Titel: The Warbler Handbook

Chapter One: Prologue

Summary: The oddities of our favourite Warblers, as explained by Nick and Jeff to a disbelieving Kurt, who wonders why he's only hearing about all this five months in.

Categories: Humor/ Friendship/ Romance

Rating: T fors ome potty- mouthed Warblers

Pairings: Blaine/ Kurt. I'm not sure on anyone else yet, but I'm open to suggestions…

AN: Well, hello there!

As I wrote in an AN in the thirteenth chapter of 'Of Warblers and Woods', I'm starting a story filled with interconnected one -shots about the Warblers. I'm sticking with most, if not all, the characters I thought up for OWW (the acronym used to be WW in my head, and then I noticed that that might not be the nicest acronym), because I've grown strangely attached to them, even though they haven't been very prominently featured in the story yet. I love them and I refuse to let go of them right now.

This story will be updated whenever inspiration strikes and time allows it. Could be three times –unlikely, but still- a week, could be three times a month. I can assure you now though, that no month will go by without at least one or two updates. Also, they'll be longer than the prologue, since it's depressingly short.

This story will follow Kurt as he's being instructed further in the ways of Dalton by Nick and Jeff. In my head, this falls after the second story in my three story arc ( of which only one is being written on at the moment and is being posted. An arc for which I have no name for yet, by the way. Note to self: Think up a name), but it can be read without having read 'Of Warblers and Woods'.

I'm thinking of taking prompts for this story. If any of you (here I am, arrogantly assuming that people will actually read this…) would like to see a special Warbler- rule written, no matter how silly, feel free to prompt one in a review.

For those of you who made it this far: Yay you^^ On with the prologue now then :P Enjoy!

"Wait, so let me get this straight," Kurt said as he was dragged into a side room by two grinning Warblers, ignoring the grins on their faces at his poor choice of words.

"There's an actual handbook the Warblers live by? Why has no one told me about this? I've been here for almost five whole months!"

Nick shrugged, taking a seat on one of the couches in the small common room Jeff and he had dragged Kurt off to. This room was sparsely populated, most Dalton students preferring the larger common room three halls down.

"It looked like you were doing fine without knowing the actual rules—"

"- Wait, there are actual rules?", Kurt interrupted, an eyebrow raised in disbelief.

Here, Jeff came into the conversation, reluctantly tearing his eyes away from the way the light from outside his the glass figurines in the room, his fingers itching to catch the moment on camera:

"Not rules per se. Guidelines, maybe."

Nick shot Jeff an unimpressed look, quickly working to take the look of slight relief on Kurt's face away by saying: "Don't listen to Jeff, Kurt. These are rules to live by. You follow the handbook, or you'll be one dead Warbler."

A pause followed wherein Kurt looked at Nick disbelievingly, taking a seat himself across from the brunette Warbler. Jeff, staring trance- like at the play of light again, said automatically, as if the two of them had given this speech many times before- and seeing as they'd been on the Warblers since Freshmen year, they might as well have- :

"He means it figuratively of course. It's very unlikely that you'll be lynched if you don't follow the handbook."

"Practically improbable," Nick added.

"Utter humiliation is more likely."

"Yeah. Hey, remember when they took Blaine's gel in retaliation for him breaking rule number 12 and didn't return it for a week?"

"Good stuff. Good stuff."

"Wait," Kurt interrupted, dying to know which rule had made Blaine go gel- free for a week. Something Kurt believed should happen every week, since Blaine looked absolutely delicious without his gel in. In a purely platonic, friendly way of course. Right.

"What's rule number 12?"

"All in good time, young Warbler," Nick answered, trying to smile mysteriously, and failing. "You'll know all of the rules by heart soon enough. Most of them are common sense rules anyways."

"Not all of them, mind," Jeff added, trying to unhook the complex lock he had placed on his camera bag to prevent people from doing damage to, or using, his camera.

"Okay…" Kurt said, dragging the word out a bit. "Where can I get a copy of this handbook then?"

Jeff turned back to them, looking disappointed that a cloud had dared to move in front of the sun just as he had taken his camera out of its bag to capture the beautiful play of light.

"Oh, but the rules aren't written down anywhere else but in our minds! That's what Nick and I are here for, Kurty- bear. We're your walking, talking handbooks!"

Nick nodded in agreement, grinning wickedly. "Exactly. No worries, Kurt Warbler. We'll guide you through the oddities of Warbler- life."

For some strange reason, this didn't really help take away the apprehension Kurt felt.

So, thoughts? I know it's short, but it's just the introduction. The actual chapters will be longer, of course.

Do you think you could like this?

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