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This takes place sometime after the Witchfinder but before the season 2 finale.


A ragged figure crouched among the dense ferns, hidden between the twisting trees. Dull and ripped clothing that used to have a colour hung off of his dirt caked skin and his matted black hair brushed the ground. His milky white eyes were unfocused where they stared blindly at the object of his attention. He smelled the horses, and the knights, he smelled their blood, and the air that shifted when they moved.

And he smelled magic, sweet magic that had a mouth-watering scent. He had never encountered magic as concentrated and as pure, and as powerful as this. His nose told him that the magic was inside a young man, tall, thin, wearing worn clothes, and smelling like a plethora of herbs he recognized came from those chambers he found in the big stone building.

He barely stopped himself from charging in and seizing the power for himself, but he was not allowed. His pallid face contorted in a grimace. He did not want to wait to rip the magic from the boy. But it would take time, especially for so much magic. And his master would not be happy if he went against orders.

Regretfully, he stole back into the huddled trees, his mouth slavering in anticipation. He hoped that his master would give him permission soon. Longing made his blood pump faster.


Evening settled quietly above the city. The sun was low and the sky was a vibrant periwinkle. The citizens of Camelot were turning in for the night, leaving the streets quiet. The halls of the castle were empty as was the courtyard. Only the guards were out and they stood bored as they looked lazily around the courtyard. Finally, footsteps broke the monotonous quiet and all helmeted heads swivelled to the figure making his way toward the other end of the courtyard.

Merlin jerked his head around upon sensing their gazes and he held up his hand and gave a cheery wave. He continued on and rolled his eyes at feeling their eyes bore into his back. He knew that they were waiting for him to trip. He was very grateful that he disappeared out of their site with nary a stumble and he smiled to himself as he got closer to the physician's chambers- Merlin was very much looking forward to dinner, especially after a long day of hunting.

The stillness of the city rubbed off on him, and he was contentedly calm as he reached the door. Which may have been why he was so shocked to see what was on the other side. His mouth fell open and his eyes widened in shock- the chambers were in complete disarray. All the tables and bookshelves were empty- their contents being spilled across the floor. Sheets of loose paper littered the ground, and shards of glass were scattered everywhere. There was not a bit of clean space in the chambers and it was worse than the time when the witchfinder came.

Shock quickly fled him and worry took its place. Gaius was not in the room. "Gaius?" He shouted and hurried into the chambers. His feet tread over the uneven ground and he felt objects break and crunch beneath his boots. Merlin peered under bookcases, over turned tables, checked in the closet and even in the barrels only to appease his need to search everywhere. Merlin was calling Gaius and working himself into a panic as he turned over the chambers. "Gaius?" He yelled once more and ran to his room, stumbling over the haphazard debris that littered the chambers.

He threw open his door which was barely hanging on by a hinge and Merlin had to blink upon seeing his room. One look told him that Gaius was not here but the devastation was far worse in here. At least none of the furniture was broken in the main chambers. Nothing was untouched and everything was destroyed in some way; his bed was overturned with the mattress slumped out of the frame, and his desk, chair, and dresser were in pieces. His blanket and clothes were strewn across the room and the herbs hanging from his ceiling were fanned across the floor. Merlin bounded forward as a horrible thought struck him, what of his magic book and sidhe staff? His hands flung away the mess and lifted up the loose floorboard. A sigh of relief escaped his lips upon realizing that both were safe.

The only thing missing was Gaius. Merlin licked his lips worriedly and replaced the floorboard, making sure to put the mess back as it was before bounding back out the door and yelling for the guards.

As he was sprinting around a corner he almost ran head long into a guard coming his way and only the hands on his arms prevented him from falling. He wasted no time with gratitude and instead stared beseechingly into the guard's light eyes. "The physician's chambers are a mess, someone destroyed it, and Gaius is gone, and I don't know where he is," Merlin spoke feverishly, his words tumbling over the other.

"Wait, what?" The guard asked him and Merlin grumbled impatiently. He opened his mouth again but was cut off as a familiar voice called his name.

His neck cracked around swiftly, and his eyes centered on Gaius walking toward him with a curious expression on his wrinkled face.

"Gaius!" Merlin laughed relieved, and strode to the physician to engulf him in a tight hug. Gaius patted his back confusedly and then grabbed his arms, pushing him away to better view him.

"Is everything alright Merlin?" Gaius waited and the guard that Merlin ran into turned his gaze patiently to the servant.

"Well the chambers- em- you see- I thought-" He paused upon seeing Gaius' raised eyebrow and then continued quietly. "Our chambers are a complete wreck. Everything is destroyed."

"What?" Gaius asked sharply and Merlin winced.

"I just came back from getting Arthur dinner," Merlin said and then looked to the guard. "Everything is broken, someone ruined everything."

"Everything?" Gaius asked aghast and did not wait for Merlin to look back at him before setting a speedy pace to his chambers. Merlin and the guard followed close behind and when Gaius opened the door, two gasps broke the silence of the room.

"No," Gaius breathed and walked further inside. His shoulders were slumped and his feet were dragging as he turned his head back and forth to survey the damage. His devastated expression made Merlin wince.

The guard made a disbelieving noise as he strode into the chambers and paced around it. "I shall go alert the prince. He will organize a search party to catch the culprit. Do not worry Gaius, I am sure the king will pay for the expenses."

Gaius paid him no heed as he bent to gather loose papers in his hands. The guard turned but Merlin called him back. "Wait, I'll go get Arthur. You get started by looking for something unusual." The warlock did not see the guard's frown as he was already out the door. But then the guard sighed and shrugged, knowing that arguing with the servant was useless because it clearly did not work well for the prince. He then glowered as he joined Gaius in looking around the chambers. An attack on the physician was an attack on Camelot. He was an important part of the society and well liked by many, even the king who considered him an advisor. He and Gaius fruitlessly searched for clues and it was not long until the door was opened again.

Prince Arthur came striding through with Merlin on his heels and four knights following behind. He took one look around the chambers and his frown deepened. "Search for clues. Perhaps an item was dropped." The knights then joined the guard in searching, each fanning out to a different part of the chambers.

"Do you know who could have done this Gaius?" Arthur asked and looked to the physician.

"I haven't a clue Sire," Gaius sighed while he lifted up a fallen chair. He looked hopelessly around the chambers before he sank into the seat.

"Why would they have done such a thing though?" Merlin asked and scratched the back of his head. He turned to look at Arthur and noticed that the prince's expression had turned hard. "What?"

"It looks as if someone was looking for something," Arthur mused and the knights looked up from rummaging through the debris thoughtfully.

Merlin's eyes flickered to his room and a disconcerted expression formed on his face. It did not go unnoticed by Arthur.

"What is it?"

"Oh, it's just... well my room is worse than here. Nothing was spared."

Arthur's brow furrowed and he immediately made for the stairs. Merlin followed him and Gaius got up to trail after them. Merlin found Arthur looking around his room and rubbing his chin restlessly.

"Is anything gone Merlin?" Gaius asked and peered past them to survey the room.

"I'm not sure," Merlin said softly and thought of where he should start his search. His boots then treaded delicately over the mess and he began to pick up his clothes. Arthur took his eyes off of him to further scan the wreckage; he raked over the broken pieces of wood and the crushed herbs, trying to discern any bit of helpful information in the chaos. Both he and Gaius looked to Merlin when the servant gave a doubtful hum.

"What?" Arthur asked and looked at the clothes Merlin was sorting through.

"That's funny, one of my neckerchiefs is gone, the blue one," he said petulantly and began to shake out a jacket. When nothing flew out of it, he set it down and began to look around the chambers once more.

Merlin did not see Arthur's eyes narrow but Gaius did and he looked to Merlin anxiously. "The one you were wearing yesterday?" The prince asked and his jaw became tighter when Merlin nodded.

Arthur cast a final glance around the room and spoke to Gaius when he saw nothing. "There doesn't appear to be anything else missing, but if something does turn up make sure you alert me."

"Of course Sire," said Gaius.

"This could have been the work of delinquents but I shall inform my father. Those five can help put the chambers back together," Arthur stated and strode down the stairs for the exit. "Merlin!"

Merlin shared a glance with Gaius before following Arthur out. He only hoped that this was a one time thing, for he had no wish to see the place destroyed ever again. Twice was more than enough. His misplaced neckerchief was dismissed in his mind but it was at the forefront of the prince's thoughts. Merlin did not think that there was any significance to a lost neckerchief. If he had known that it was taken for his scent, he would have been as troubled as the suspicious prince in front of him. But as it was, he remained blissfully ignorant.


The sounds of the forest were punctuated by deep breaths. The silver moon overhead was hiding behind the proud trees, providing the two figures within their shelter a meagre light. Moira sat on a heavily patched blanket while Simon was perched on the cold, uneven ground. He did not mind though, he had long learned to settle for discomfort. Life with his master dictated that she was the leader.

Her cold blue eyes glanced at him and he looked adoringly in her direction. His white eyes sparkling unseeingly. "You have the scent?" Her voice was just as frigid as her eyes and the severe planes of her deceptively beautiful face.

Simon gave a jerky nod and went back to rubbing his face in the blue cloth. His small nose was breathing in the magic. "Good boy." Moira smiled covetously and she began to twirl her flaxen hair in her spindly fingers.

"And we have never encountered anything like it?" She asked and received an erratic shake of the head. She eyed the blue material in Simon's hands and thought back to when she had been traveling a disused road on the border of Camelot and Carleon. Simon had suddenly tensed and made toward Camelot; she had a difficult time restraining his haste. He only ever got like that when he had caught the scent of a particularly strong sorcerer, and the further they walked, the more incredulous she became. For Simon to smell such power from so far away, she knew it was something incredible. She had begun to think that it might have been the dragon beneath the castle of Camelot and had tried to stop Simon. But not even a beating which always did the trick could dissuade him.

When Simon had led Moira to a bedroom within the castle, she had been more than pleased. Because that meant whoever possessed so much power was human. And that meant that she could take it. Simon could track whoever it was down and suck their magic dry. She would then rid the world of yet another sorcerer. And a powerful one at that.

She had worked hard to acquire Simon; she had black mailed a sorcerer into making the former man into what he was. Simon was no longer a man, now deprived of his sight, speech, and soul, he was little more than a beast. A creature born of magic that made her quest possible. She knew that sorcerers were evil, and it was important that she saved the world from them.

"Go to sleep Simon," Moira called as she settled into her bed roll. "We have a big day tomorrow."

Simon immediately curled into a ball, still holding the blue cloth close. The night blanketed the forest in silence, and no creature dared come close to such an abomination of the earth.

Simon dreamed of nothing.


Afternoon sunlight trickled through the canopy of leaves, painting a picturesque view of a troop of horses grazing in the grass and of the lone man slumped against a tree, losing a battle with sleep.

A bored sigh escaped his Merlin's lips as he bemoaned yet another hunting trip. If Arthur was just going to leave him with the horses, he might as well have just stayed home and help reorganize the physician's chambers. But he had a sneaking suspicion that Gaius wanted him out of his hair; the old man had all but ordered Arthur to take him on a hunting trip.

He sighed once more and swung his head to view Arthur's horse who was staring at him. His blue eyes locked on the mare's dark orbs and they entered a staring contest. So far Merlin won half of their matches.


Merlin jumped a mile as a voice sounded in front him. He sprang up to see a blonde haired woman garbed in a dark violet cloak. Her long strands of hair were tied in a neat braid which swept out of the hood that cast half her face in shadow. All of the horses snorted uneasily and Arthur's horse bared her teeth.

"Um, hello," Merlin said slowly. He still felt his pulse racing from the surprise. His blue eyes glanced through the trees warily for he was automatically suspicious of suspicious looking women sneaking up on him. Especially ones with suspicious looking smiles.

"Do you come out here often?" She spoke slowly and her wintry blue eyes studied his face.

"Who wants to know?" Merlin asked guardedly. He twitched as he thought he heard a twig snap somewhere to his left.

The blonde woman's smile deepened. "How silly of me, I forgot to introduce myself, my name is Moira."

Merlin's lips twitched as he debated answering her question. There was just something about this woman that reminded him of something or someone unpleasant. He could not recall what or who exactly, but he knew it was nothing good.

"It isn't very safe for a boy to come out here all on his own," Moira said sweetly.

Merlin bristled as he drew himself up. "I am not a boy. And I'm not alone," he said strongly and gestured to the horses. "I'm with a hunting party."

"Ah yes, Prince Arthur does like to hunt doesn't he?" She tilted her head as she spoke and ignored Merlin's deepening frown. "I have to wonder though, does he know his servant is a sorcerer?"

Merlin's eyes widened and he gaped at her. "I'm not- I don't know what-"

"Oh come now Merlin." She narrowed her eyes, "you can't fool me."

Merlin gritted his teeth. "How do you know my name? What do you want?"

"I've been watching you," she said simply and placed her weight on one leg. "And I only want to return something that belongs to you." Moira smirked as she reached her long fingers into the pockets of her cloak. Merlin tensed and readied his magic only to halt in surprise as she drew out a blue cloth.

"That's mine!" He shouted and looked from his missing neckerchief to Moira's smirking face.

"Yes it is."

"It was you who destroyed my chambers!" Merlin accused.

"No. And it is not I that you should worry about," she said cryptically, "be wary Merlin, you never know who may wish you harm."

Merlin's eyes narrowed as she dropped his neckerchief to the ground. When he looked back up she was gone, and the branches were swaying where she retreated. The warlock then ran to the tree line and past the thicket to follow her. But he stopped when he seen that Moira was gone. Merlin frowned at the unassuming trees and bushes, trying to listen for any noises that were out of place. He reluctantly turned back into the clearing when he noticed nothing and he bent to pick up his neckerchief. Merlin inspected it as he walked back to the horses, turning it over in his hands. His eyes kept on switching between the tree line and his neckerchief disconcertedly and this was how the knights found him when they came back only moments after.

The prince of Camelot marched past the trees with a prideful glow in his eyes. He noticed Merlin and did not recognize his unsettled expression. "Feast your eyes Merlin!" He called and smirked, throwing his arm back to point to the following knights who were carrying large dead carcasses on their backs.

Merlin looked to see two deer, innumerable rabbits and pheasants, and one boar, but he had far more troubling things on his mind than dead animals.

"I should leave you behind more often," Arthur declared and stopped a little ways in front of Merlin. His eyes then flicked to the servant's hands and he stared.

"Don't tell me you had it on you all this time," Arthur growled, far more irritated than he had any right to be Merlin thought. The prince waited with his hands on his hips. All of the knights were trying to make themselves scarce as they readied the horses.

"No," Merlin replied hesitatingly. He glanced at Arthur, wondering the wisdom of telling him the truth.

"Well what? One of the horses stole it then?" Arthur asked loftily.

Merlin scowled and decided he was done being patronized for the day. "For your information, some woman just appeared out of the trees and gave it to me."

The knights turned a disproving eye to the servant, but Leon and Arthur frowned.

"A woman?" Arthur asked. Leon paused in buckling his horse's saddle and he waited for Merlin's answer.

"Yeah, she was creepy."

"How so?" Leon asked before Arthur could and winced at his mistake. The prince didn't look like he even noticed though and the tall knight breathed a quiet sigh of relief.

"Well she said she had been watching me," Merlin shrugged. "And I'm pretty sure she threatened me."

"Don't tell me you are scared of a girl Merlin," Arthur grinned, and if Merlin had not turned to go ready his own horse, he would have seen that it was completely fake.

"She said it wasn't her I should be worried about," Merlin mumbled. He climbed onto his saddle and sighed before looking down at Arthur. "But she was probably just some crazy woman."

"Possibly," Arthur mused and he climbed atop his mare. "Let's go!" He called out to the knights and they rode forth. Merlin slowed his horse and pulled her to the side to let the knights pass as he waited for Arthur.

Just as Arthur's mare started walking, Sir Leon led his horse to walk alongside his.

"Do you think it was a sorceress Sire?" The knight asked quietly.

"I am not ready to discount that possibility... Leon, I want you to have somebody shadow Merlin. I do not care for this situation." Arthur spoke just as quietly and Merlin craned his neck as if it would help him hear what they were saying.

"Of course Sire."

When they got to Merlin, Leon nodded to him and then fell back to ride with the knights that were behind them.

Merlin contained a pout as Arthur did not enlighten him as they rode alongside each other. It was only a few moments before Merlin filled the silence.

"I beat your horse in another staring match."

"Impossible," Arthur groused. "No one can beat her in a staring match." He patted his mare's neck and she whinnied in what Arthur took as agreement.

"No one doesn't mean you Arthur," Merlin smiled smugly.

"I have never once seen you win," Arthur maintained.

"That's because you always cheat and make me lose."

"I do not cheat Merlin."

"Yes you do."

"Do not"

"Do to"

"Do not"

"Do to"



"Shut up."

Merlin in fact did not shut up, and he was in a considerably better mood when they reached the courtyard. The sun was shining brightly even as it made its descent to the horizon. Leon rolled his eyes good naturedly at the warm blue sky as the prince and servant continued to trade witticisms. Even as they descended their horses, the sharp words never stopped their continuous exchange.

Merlin grinned and laughed when Arthur twisted his face into a pondering expression. He thought for a moment before opening his mouth again. "Alright Merlin, tell me the answer."

Merlin launched into his explanation for the clever riddle he thought of before he cut off. The words just died in his throat.

He felt... funny. Like something foreign was tipped into his veins. The world around him became flat- the colours greyed, the smells muted, the sun cooler, the wind on his skin dulled.

"Merlin?" Arthur's voice sounded as though he was listening to it underwater. Merlin spun around to look for a threat but his legs buckled and he would have fallen if Arthur had not caught him; his limbs felt like they were being pulled down by weights. "Merlin!"

He blinked slowly at the blurry world above him, dark shapes were filling his vision. Blood was rushing into his ears and Arthur's voice faded from his hearing. Merlin's eyelids were getting heavier and he struggled to keep them open.

Suddenly he gasped and he found he could breathe a lot easier- only when he was drawing in gulps of air did he realize what a challenge it just was. He winced as the sky flared bright as his senses returned to him. He moved his hand to cover his eyes and then up to cradle his abruptly pounding head.

"Merlin? Can you hear me?" Arthur's worried voice asked.

"I'll go get Gaius," said Leon.

"No," Merlin forced out and pried his eyes open. The first thing he was greeted to was Arthur's concerned eyes. "I'm alright," Merlin told them and he tried to get up, but was halted by the prince's hands pressing on his shoulders.

"Stay down." Arthur was kneeling beside Merlin who was lying on his back.

"I'm fine," Merlin groaned but did not try to get up again. He squinted his eyes as his vision swam.

"Go get Gaius, Leon. Now."

Something in Arthur's tone made Merlin open his eyes once more, and this time he succeeded at keeping them open.

"Just help me up, I can get there myself."

Merlin did not need to see Arthur's unconvinced face to know he didn't believe him. Heck, Merlin wasn't sure he believed himself.

"What happened?" Merlin asked instead.

"Sir Lucas spotted someone hiding in an alcove. A sorcerer."

"You're sure?"

"He said his eyes were set aflame with a red light. The knights are chasing him down."

Merlin tried to get up again but was stopped once more by Arthur. "Can I at least sit up?" He snapped and blinked when he realized that he felt a bit better. "I feel better."

Merlin stared at Arthur who appraised him seriously. "I don't think so, you're not going anywhere until Gaius says you can.

Merlin heaved a sigh and sniffed as something tickled his lip, he brushed it with his hand and stared at the red smearing his skin. He blinked and swiped a finger across his nose, affirming that it had bled. His ear then itched and his stomach sank when his fingers contacted something wet. Merlin brought them back to see blood shining on them and he gulped and looked to Arthur.

"That's not good." Merlin blinked. Arthur gritted his already tense jaw; unsurprised for he already witnessed the blood seeping out of his friend's ears and nose.

"How are you feeling now?"

"Tired," Merlin admitted. He tried to see across the courtyard but he was too tired to hold his neck up for long. However, he did see that it was deserted which was a relief to the warlock.

"Did anyone see?" Merlin felt his pale face heat at the thought.

"Not many. And they were quickly sent away when we seen the sorcerer. Tired? What else?"

Merlin thought. "I feel funny," he said quietly, and his blinking started to become longer and slower.


"Tired and my head hurts. Feel funny."

"Merlin!" Arthur barked sharply and Merlin was startled into opening his eyes.

"I feel...wrong. Something- something's not right," he tried to work it out. "So tired." Merlin's eyes fell shut and he felt the irresistible pull of exhaustion bring him into darkness. Arthur's loud shouts did nothing to wake him from unconsciousness.


The wind breezed through the tree leaves, sounding as if rain was pouring on the canopy. Smoke from a dying wood fire wafted up from a small pit dug in the ground, and Arthur breathed in the smoky scent. He crouched amongst the clustered trees and fallen leaves, studying the smoking remains of the fire. "It's a few hours old at least," he called out to the patrol of knights that were with him. "Are there any more tracks?"

The prince got up and looked to Sir Leon just as the knight turned his way. "Here Sire."

"And here," Sir Emmet declared and beckoned past a fallen tree.

Two other knights also spotted tracks and Arthur nodded to himself.

"You know, this may not even be the sorcerer's."

"Why thank you Merlin," Arthur said sardonically. He turned to the raven haired servant who shot him a look.

"This is where the tracks led to and from seeing others travel away from it, we can assume that this is a base of some sort."

"But how do you know it was the sorcerer?" Merlin followed him and bent to study the tracks.

Arthur gave him a long look before sighing. "Look," Arthur gestured to which Merlin rose an eye brow at him.

"There are two sets of tracks," Sir Leon enlightened Merlin. "One we believe is the sorcerer's. When we trailed him yesterday out of the west gate, there were footprints that match these ones."

Merlin looked at the tracks again.

"And the other set is slim. They belong to a woman," Arthur said suggestively.

"Oh, you think it was that woman from-" Merlin broke off to give a huge yawn.

Arthur frowned at him but Sir Leon voiced what he wanted to say. "Are you certain you are alright Merlin?"

"Yeah, I'm fine," Merlin smiled, "Gaius gave me a clean bill of health."

"He said that your life force was stolen." Arthur's frown deepened. "I hardly think that makes for a clean bill of health."

"But I got it back. I'm fine now Arthur," Merlin said sharply. Sir Leon frowned at him but said nothing upon seeing the prince subtly shake his head.

"And if you say that one more time," Arthur threatened and jabbed his finger at Merlin.

"Well what? Did you want me to lie about it?" The servant smirked.

"Please, we all know that you can't lie to save your life." Arthur rolled his eyes.

Merlin huffed and yawned again. When his mouth was closed enough to give Arthur a glare, he did.

The prince cast an eye about the area. "Alright, we'll split into groups and see where the tracks lead. Leon, Emmet, Ian, you're with me. Be on your guards."

A chant of "Yes Sire," was emitted from the knights before everyone stalked off to follow the trails. Arthur led the way along the trail that led to Camelot and Merlin followed immediately after. Emmet and Ian went behind him and Leon was at their back. They moved stealthily through the forest, slinking their way past the projecting branches and leaves. Even Merlin was managing to keep relatively quiet and this time the prince did not begrudge his occasional stumbles. Arthur was careful in his pace, wary of a potential threat.

They encountered nothing for an hour, but then when the castle came into view, Arthur stiffened like a hunting dog. In that moment a line of scorching flames shot across the forest floor in front of them. The prince jumped back and hauled Merlin behind him. A loud clang rang out as all the knights drew their swords; Merlin was left to ball his hands into fists.

They were not searching for a threat long when two figures appeared from behind the trees, past the waist high flames. Arthur flicked his narrowed eyes between the smaller form of the woman and the hunched figure of the man. The woman wore a closed violet cloak and her long blonde hair was tied in a neat plait that was tossed over her shoulder. Arthur held back a shudder when he looked into the man's eyes- there was an emptiness there that had nothing to do with their sightless white colour. He was sallow skinned and had tangled, lank black hair that reached down his back.

"Come no closer!" The prince ordered them. The blonde woman smiled and held up a long hand which caused the man to stop.

"That's Moira," Merlin whispered to Arthur.

"State you names and your business in Camelot," Arthur said coldly.

"I'm sure Merlin told you my name, and this here is Simon," Moira told them uncaringly. Arthur's hand tightened on his sword from hearing the way she said his servant's name. Behind him, the knights mimicked the action. "As for our business, well..." She pulled her cold gaze to Merlin. "It is my duty to rid the world of his ilk."

"What have I ever done to you!" Merlin shouted. Leon took a step forward to stand slightly in front of the warlock.

Simon drew back his lips and gave a feral snarl but ducked his head like a chastised child when Moira clicked her tongue at him.

"It isn't personal boy. But you and your kin deserve to be cleansed."

"You are mistaken," Arthur jumped in. "Merlin only has one family member- you would punish him based of the deeds of people he doesn't even know?"

"I have no illusions on what he is, but you clearly seem to."

"You don't even know him!" Arthur growled. Merlin would have smiled at him if it were not for the situation.

"I have no wish to harm you Arthur Pendragon. Simply leave Merlin here with us and be on your way."

"Over my dead body."

"Arthur," Merlin hissed.

"As you wish then. Simon," Moira said softly and crossed her arms over her chest.

Simon extended his hand and gave a wordless snarl. The knights tensed but there was nothing they could do as wind blustered from the feral man's hand and toward them. The rushing wind covered their alarmed shouts when it crashed into them and sent them flying backwards. Arthur landed heavily on his back and his head thumped onto a moss covered rock. He gave a grunt and his head gave a massive throb, rendering him too stunned to move. Lights exploded in his vision and he was deaf to Merlin's shouts.


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