Sibling Rivalry

A/N: Note to Readers: This is set after Kung Fu Panda 2.

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Chapter 1

Way to the west there was a hidden civilization. Past the hills, rocky terrain, and snow-covered caverns was a hidden civilization. It was sitting in a similar valley to that of the Valley of Peace. The citizens of the civilization grew crops for food and helped each other, as well as formed their own economy and market place. They had few messengers that told them of important news of the outside world that they were forced to hide from.

Way to the west, there was a hidden civilization. Who lived there? Pandas. What was it called? Pandania. Twenty years ago, Lord Shen, was the peacock prince of Gongmen City. He attempted and almost succeeded in wiping out the Panda race. For twenty years, he killed nearly every panda in his sight. Whenever Shen had heard of a panda out and about, he sent for someone to kill them. Now Lord Shen is dead. Thanks to the Dragon Warrior. He saved China and most of all - the Pandas. Pandas can now officially come out of hiding!

Over the past few years, the Panda nation had few messengers to tell them of important news and happenings of the outside world. None would be safe until Shen was dead. Now he was. Of course, thanks to the Dragon Warrior. Who was this Dragon Warrior? Who was he? He saved all of China! He saved the Panda race from hiding! Why, the Dragon Warrior himself, was a panda. He wasn't the last panda! Oh no, not in the very least was he the last panda...

Klu Verdana (1) was one of the most important leaders of Pandania. Some might consider him a king, or just as important as one. In a way, he was. His wife was Cari Verdana(2), a beautiful panda, had twenty-two years given birth to a healthy and hungry baby boy. They had called him Li Dung Verdana(3). They were living peacefully and happily when all of a sudden, without warning, Lord Shen had attacked them and nearly wiped them out. Klu at the time had told Cari to take Li and run away. Klu almost died protecting his son and stalling the canines. For a while, whoever wasn't killed was captured and imprisoned. Klu had done a jailbreak with some other fellow pandas and miraculously got out alive and started their own civilization in a "hidden" valley. For years, they were kept off from the rest of the world but slowly and gradually got back on track as they grew food and built shelters.

One day Klu heard screams and cries and got some of his men to investigate with him. They saw a female panda begging some of Lord Shen's canines to let her go and not to kill her. Klu and his men killed the canines.

"Klu?" the women said. Klu knew that voice too well. It was Cari-his wife. The village rejoiced at the return of their leader's wife and yet another survivor! But Klu also noticed Cari didn't have Li with him.

"What happened to Li, Cari?" Klu asked. Cari's face fell and her eyes became full of sorrow.

"I had to leave him in a basket of radishes. There was a cart full of food. The canines were so close to catching me. I had to leave him there Klu. It was either give him a better life than running or both of us die." Cari had explained. They both weeped over the loss of their son. For twenty years they had been unsure and so sure that their son was either dead or alive. But that was over now. They no longer had to wait-for now they knew.

Klu - Pronounced like the English Word, "Clue"

Cari – Pronounced like the English name, "Carrie"

Li – Pronounced like the English Surname, "Lee"

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