Sibling Rivalry

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Chapter 19

(Day 1 – Late Night)

Normal POV

Po and the Five stared in amazement as they watched the party go on. It took all of Lily's strength not to start burst out laughing at them. It's like as if they've never been to a party! Lily thought.

"C'mon! We don't have all night!" She said, as she went first through the bush. At first all Po and the Five could do was look at each other, expecting someone else to take the first step. The one who finally did was Po and the others followed. They were now standing just outside the main party with Lily, who was smirking smartly.

"What?" Po questioned, wondering what she was up to already.

"Oh nothing. I just know a few people that could help you make friends with everyone here," she explained. Po cocked an eyebrow at this.

"Oh, yeah? Who?" He asked.

"My-Oh! I mean, our cousin," she explained with a smile growing on her face then yelled, "Tung!" Out of the black and white mass of partying pandas, came one tall panda. He wore a badly-attempted paper hat and seemed to be slightly thinner than Po but didn't contain as much muscle as Po gained in the past couple of months. His brown eyes widened and a smile instantly grew on his face as he cried, "Lily! What's up?" During this greeting, he had given Lily a one-armed squeeze of a hug and pounded their fists together.

"Nothin' much. Just got here, but I do have a few guests," Lily said, gesturing to her brother and his friends as if it were nothing huge. For a moment, Tung gawked at the sight of five new species in his presence and then looked at Po.

"Hey! Tung Verdana's the name. Although, it wouldn't hurt to know yours or your lady friends..?" Tung asked, raising his eyebrows at Tigress and Viper. Viper was having trouble trying to decide to either be flattered by this or just plain be offended by first impressions. Tigress, meanwhile, only growled as her amber eyes narrowed dangerously into slits.

"Tung!" Lily scolded, laughing also as she punched Tung's shoulder half-heartily. "What would Lin-Lin say? Hmm.." Lily started, cocking an eyebrow as well but letting it drag on but Tung was only half-listening.

"Po. I'm Lily's brother," he said looking Tung up and down. The look on his face was clear as he was wondering whether he was really related to this go-with-the-flow party panda. Tung's smile turned into such a goofy grin, all Lily could do was laugh.

"What! No way- Radish basket brother? Cousin!" Tung yelled even more happily, as he pulled Po for a big bear hug that surprised the Dragon Warrior, despite you know – his training. After letting Po go (and then Po indulging himself in a desperate gasp for breath), Tung turned around and whistled so loud – the loudest party that made the Five wonder how the village didn't hear – quieted within seconds, each head and eye giving their undivided attention to them. "People! Lily brings guests – and her radish basket brother PO!" If the group had thought it was loud before, the crowd roared with cheers and excitement rippled through like waves between the joyous yells. Within seconds, groups of girls were making their way to the front to get a better look at the men while the guys in the front just stood there and gawked at the -ahem- dangerous, exotic, but beautiful women.

"Let's get this party started!" A fellow party male yelled and the crowd cheered in agreement. Just like that, the music had started again as did the dancing and laughing. Tung turned around to face Po with a wide grin.

"Tung, if you could do me a favor and do find them some friends their age. You know the right people," Lily gestured and Tung smiled genuinely in agreement.

"Of course! First family, then friends though!" Tung said joyfully with a certain, mischievous glint crossing his brown eyes.

"Of course. But do keep Sheila away from Po. If I hear one word from that-" Lily was about to start, strangling an imaginary being before being cut off by Tung.

"Yep, yep, yep! Will do! Now go have some fun, princess," Tung joked as Lily punched him over the shoulder again. After laughing, Lily turned and disappeared into the crowd.

"Now Po, I'm going to introduce you to some trustworthy cousins of ours that you can rely on to get you to the right people – especially if you know what I mean," Tung smirked, raising his eyebrows. Po facepalmed. How the heck, out of all people, am I related to him? Po thought. "Just kidding," Tung apologized quickly but Po doubted he meant it.

"Ah yes! My sister! Yeah, she's about your age – what are you, twenty? Yeah, I'm the older, smarter, bigger, braver-" Tung started before his sentence being cut off, er, continued by someone else.

"annoying, self-absorbed boy of a man," a female finished for him as she walked up behind him with sarcasm dripping off every word she said. Po made a connection, remember the girl from the previous day.

"R..Oh, I know this! You''re Rayne, right?" Po asked to make sure. The female nodded.

"Ah yes, the younger but way more good-looking of-" Rayne started to brag -

"And you're calling me self-absorbed?" Tung cried, interrupting but Rayne paid no attention.

"the two of us, obviously. But you already knew that. Anyway," Rayne continued without pause as she turned to Tung, "where is Lin-Lin?" Tung's eyes widened in realization.

"Oh! She's around here..somewhere.." Tung said the last part quietly as he looked around almost frantically but tried (and failing) to stay calm.

"Boo!" came a female voice that made Tung jump. But as he saw her, his fear subsided and he smiled an even goofier grin than before as his black arm and paw snaked around her waist. The female giggled as she leaned into Tung.

"Guys, this is Lin-Lin (2)! Officially, the most beautiful, funny, outgoing lady in the world!" Tung announced very loudly as his grin got wider, and his eyes fell more longingly onto her. Lin-Lin flushed and laughed with little indignation, "I am not!"

"I beg to differ," Tung argued, smirking. Lin-Lin only blushed with a big, happy smile on her face.

"Lin-Lin is Tung's fiance. Those two are two peas in a pod!" Rayne explained. Po made an 'O' shaped with his mouth, like as if he understood while the others just nodded.

"Ah, I couldn't help but walk in on my cousin and his lover girl snogging," said a droning male voice. Po turned around to see a male, taller than him by no more than a few inches but thinner and with even less muscle than Tung – arguably as much as Lin-Lin.

"Mu," Rayne droned back, rolling her eyes as well. "Can we help you?"

"Yes, you can introduce me to our cousin but I can do that – just to save you the trouble. Wouldn't want you to get hurt now would we?" Mu mused. Rayne rolled her hazel eyes. This was the most attitude Po had seen from her, besides the fact that they had met only the previous day for a very brief time.

"Whatever. This is Po. Lily's brother-" Rayne attempted to explain calmly but it blew over the instant Mu started talking.

"You don't say! You know, I think he'd get along quite fine with Yuàn-" Mu tried to start a conversation before Rayne started blowing up. Meanwhile, Tung could figure by the look on Rayne's face that she was about to blow up – again.

"Hope! She likes to be called Hope!" Rayne protested angrily. Mu lowered his eyes and his cunning smile faded to a pressed line.

"I am aware of that Miss Verdana. What made you think I did not?" He asked calmly but he also had a hidden but to any kung fu master, an obvious sign he was becoming increasingly mad.

"Nothing but -" Rayne tried to explain.

"But what-?" Mu challenged.


"Oh, you think so really?"

"Oh, SHUT UP!" Rayne yelled angrily. A few heads turned their way but most just turned back around to the party than to linger on a cousin-in-law argument. But now she had grabbed onto Mu's shoulders and was shaking him back and forth. Tung, who had been lost in Lin-Lin's eyes, was now quite aware of reality and broke away from his girlfriend to stop his sister from murdering their cousin-in-law.

"No!" Tung yelled at Rayne.

"Yes!" she yelled back. Tung was trying to pry Rayne off of Mu, as Mu himself was trying to push her off or away but was failing as she was grabbing anything she could to throw at him – even if it meant his own hand. Meanwhile, the Five just stood by watching the family members argue and Po was trying to decide whether to interfere and risk getting attacked by Rayne or not.

"Uhmm...guys?" Po tried to ask but they didn't hear him. Not with all their own ruckus! "Guys? GUYS!" The three pandas stopped to look at Po and slowly let go of one of the other – but not before Rayne could punch Mu in the shoulder that is.

"Sorry Po. As you know, I'm Rayne. This idiotic boy-" Rayne started.

"Ahem! I think you mean: MAN-" Tung interrupted and tried to correct.

"-is my hopelessly lost brother Tung. And this even more hopeless cousin-in-law of mine, cousin to you sadly-" Rayne continued on.

"Hey!" Mu protested, his eyebrows in a deep furrowed V as he glared at Rayne. She didn't seem to care as she went on.

"is Mu. He's Hao's son – your mother's brother's, yes, you do have uncles and aunts Po! We're Re Lin's kids-" Rayne tried to clear things out once again before Tung 'rudely' interrupted her.

"Haha, you just admitted you're a kid-!" Tung teased which only irritated Rayne even more. More than Po would've pushed that's for sure.

"Shut up Tung!" Rayne yelled, furious at this point. "So yeah." She turned to look at Tung then back at Po. "Welcome to Pandania!" Her face showed no expression at this point except boredom. Tung seemed to come out of nowhere as he came up behind Po.

"So, Po! Nice name by the way – maybe you'd like to introduce Mu and I, well Mu anyway," Tung said as he noticed the look Lin-Lin was giving him, "you know since he needs help with the ladies and all-"

"I do NOT need help! Especially from you!" Mu disagreed angrily. Po agreed that Mu was very scary angry – but not nearly as scary as Rayne. Po made a decision not to find out what happened when his mom and Lily were that mad.

"Anyway, you've got to meet some of my friends here Po. You will find friends, family, and maybe even find a little fun if you catch my drift-" Tung was raising his eyebrows now before girlishly squealing, "OUCH!" Tung turned and glared at his sister who was glaring right back.

"Tung! Just listen to the poor dear! He might already have a girlfriend, or have his eyes on someone, okay? So why don't you lay off and-" Rayne tried to defend Po. Meanwhile during this, Po had turned a light shade of red and was nervously looking back and forth between them and the forest deciding it wasn't too late to go back to the house, sleep, and pretend nothing had happened. But Tigress changed that as she came back, putting a paw on his shoulder in the process and reminded him why they were there in the first place.

"Po! We need to figure out what else Lily is hiding and why. At this rate, we'll never get past a few introductions and more arguements. DO SOMETHING!" Tigress had whispered impatiently. Po nodded vigorously and stepped towards the arguing siblings.

"Now about those introductions?" Po asked. Tung and Rayne both turned to look at him and Tung was the first to grin at Po before clapping his paws together and grabbing Po and inviting the others to come along with. Almost leaving his dumbstruck sister in the process but she wasn't about to give up either. Mu and Lin-Lin came along too.

"Hey! What's up dude! Yeah, I'll totally call you – oh hey!" Tung was greeting every other person that either walked by or caught his eye and if anything-there were lots of pandas. Po had noticed there was a relatively large table full of food. He decided to make a beeline for that, seeing as he still liked midnight snacks and a way to escape the crowd. Tigress, Monkey, and Mantis followed Po. Viper and Crane were just..elsewhere.

"Dude! Look at this party! This is awesome! We should totally sneak out more often!" Mantis exclaimed, well as much as he could to try and hear himself over the music.

"I know right!" Monkey agreed, eyeing a couple of overweight yet fine-looking panda girls. "What do you think Po?" When Monkey heard nothing he asked again. "Po?" Again nothing. He turned to find Po already scarfing down half the food on the table. "Po!" Po turned around with a mouthful of dumplings saying, "Mwarf?" Tigress shook her head at the sight. Monkey shook his head muttering, "Nevermind." All of a sudden, Tung came up from behind Po, yelling "Po! Hey!" as he smacked his back. As a result of that, all the dumplings in Po's mouth had spewed out nearly hitting Mantis and just barely missing Monkey while Tigress blocked a few.

"Hey.." Po managed to mutter back after coughing a few times.

"Dude! Tell me, have you seen your sister dance?" Tung asked Po. This caused all four heads to turn towards the cousin.

"What?" Po asked again, with no dumplings in his mouth this time.

"Your sister. Have you seen her dance?" Tung asked again. Rayne came up behind him and exclaimed, "Of course he hasn't! He's only been here for a day! What would he know about Lily?" She meant it to be scolding at her brother but the last sentence had punctured Po right through the chest. What did he know about Lily? Would he even be able to relate to a girl like her? To anyone like her?

"Well, dude c'mon!" Tung exclaimed, tugging on Po's arm trying to drag him the crowd. "C'mon!" He yelled again and Po followed suit as did the rest.

After pushing past many more pandas, they came to the smallest little clearing in the center of the party. Po couldn't tell what the heck a small opening in the center of it all was doing because Tung was in front. Tung turned to the side, facing Po as he said:

"Po, welcome to your first dance battle."

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