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The enemy has hold of the monster inside

Re-Cap on Chapter 5…

"Naraku is no normal person," Lord Segain started once they were all at Kisukes place, "he's an other worldly demon from futal era Japan, same with Captain InuTaisho, and his son Sessomaru. "Let's go!" Orihime and I had both ran out, now looking for the girl with the green hair, "No need to worry, just tell me who sent you and where you're other friends are."

"I have no idea." Lena Lee spat out. "I've told you time and time again I know nothing!" "Listen girl," Naraku started, while walking closer to Lena Lee in the dark, "where you've come from, I've already dealt with your powers and I will kill the other two easily that had came along with you, now decide."

"Pl ease say you can save us. Please."

"Tykki could have killed Kanda at anytime, but he dident…" Lavi started, "But why?""Simple;" Kisuke smiled one eye showing from under his green and white hat, "Azien and the Earl are not the real enemy."

"Naraku. You're a Dead Man."

Ichigo walked down the hallways of his school building, the same thing running past his mind, "Azien and the Earl are not the real enemy."

It bothered him. Azien killed the people he cared about in cold blood, the same for Allen who was walking next to Ichigo, the Earl had killed so many of his friends at the Black Order, and now Kisuke says that their not the real enemy?

"Oi, Allen, Ichigo-san,are you two okay?" Rukia asked concered on what the two had been thinking, "Oh yeah, Rukia doesn't know…"

"Yeah im fine," Allen said, trying to put on a fake smile, "I need to meet Lavi on the roof, see you later!"

"Allen…" Rukia whispered, she then turned around to face Ichigo, "Ichigo, you look like something's on your mind, is something troubleing you?"

"No," he answered blutly.

"He's just being his grumpy self again" Renji said while walking behind him.

"SHUT UP!" Ichigo stormed down the hallway, not noticing he was on his way to the roof.

Lavi POV

I remember chasing a really nice looking girl up to this roof, "Hello~!" I knew she was hiding somewhere, she had the brightest short blonde hair, with brown beads mingled into it, her skin was a bit tan, and I really liked how she smelt… "actually, I don't even know why I was chasing her, and where's Allen?"


"so," the shadowed figured said, "what did Azien say to do again?"

"Hm…it's simple Grimmjow, we just have to tell them what Azien said and see if the'll listen to us" The two figures had continued walking around on the roof, until Lavi with Allen was in sight, the two exorcists turned to face the two Espada's in school uniform.

"And you two are?" Allen said, as the door to the roof swung open knocking poor Lavi smack in the face.

"Ouch! Ow! Ow! Ow!" Lavi yelled while holding his nose, "Ow! Ichigo watch where you swing that door!"

"Oh! Sorry Lavi I was-" he paused at the sight of the two other kids walking their way, "You.." the blue haired one made a toothy smile, the pale colored one with the indecent green eyes said nothing, they were both dressed in school uniform.

"Ichigo, Heh," he said, "we've come here ta tell you and your friends a lit'l somethin'"

"Grimmjow and I were sent here by Lord Azien and Earl-sama, we only wish to talk, no violence indented."

"Ului here is right" said the purple haired girl who came from behind the taller main in front of her, "Me and Tykki were sent here too,"

"Rhode, Tykki…" Allen said, with a hint of anger in his voice.

"Ulquiorria, Grimmjow…" Ichigo said, his anger showed on his face, "what the hell do you two want?"

Grimmjow stepped forwards, "oh, you say that again; Ichigo?"

"Yeah! And I will, what the hell do you two want?"

"Now you're dead!" Grimmjow then lunged forwards, same with Ichigo, (AN:-Grimmjow and Uluqiorra both are now enrolled in Ichigo's school, oh, and there fighting in school uniform)

The two started to throw down, punches were dodged and collided, both of them fell back, Ichigo wiped the blood from his bottom lip, breathing heavily, same with Grimmjow, "ha…your strong, from our last fight, you've been training haven't you?"

"Ha…ha…no duh? Ha…I'm not a blue haired slacker, like you, Grimmjow"

"what you want me to put you outta your miser-"

"Grimmjow shut your mouth." They looked to Uluqiorra, he too wondered who spoke, "Look over here you bunch of idiots" the deep voice struck again, (AN:-Allen is on the roof too you know…hehehe…you know who was talking… )

They all looked to find a darker skinned, golden eyed Allen, a wicked smile plastered on to his face, Allen's white hair slightly turning black.

"Allen?" Ichigo yelled, just as Lavi and the rest of the gang reached the roof, "whats with you?"

He laughed, "Allen? Allen? Who's Allen? Last time I heard, my name was Nia'"

"Nia'?" Ichigo and Grimmjow both said, Uluqiorria stayed silent.

Lavi gasped, "The-The 14th?" he stepped back, "Allen let you out?"

"Why, yes he did, I never even had to fight to get out, it's like a strange pull forced me out, now, here I am…"

"Ugh!" Ichigo fell to his knees,

"Ichigo!" Orihime and Rukia ran over to him.

"Stay-Stay-away!" he yelled, his orange hair dulling in color, to a silver-gray, "A-Araga!"

His brown eyes, turning into a devious gold, his orange hair, a pale white.

"well well," Nia' started, "it's been some time since I've seen you Ichigo, or should I call you, Hichigo?"

"The second one suits me better then the first," came a stren, yet rough voice.


"Did it work? Kisuke?"

'Yup, looks like the Earl was able to take out their inner darkness…"

"This is bad,"

"Very, bad."

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