Chapter 1: Of Roses And Blood

What's the point of life, if all we do is cry?

Where is the light after the fight?

Peace does not last

Cries can be heard from the past

You begged me to stay

But I ran away

My blood was shed

Brother, does this mean I'm dead?

I walked silently through the forest surrounding me. I have no memory on how I got here, or why I'm here. All I have is a silver pocket watch that I can't bear to leave, and a black cloak on. No other clothes.

The sky is dark and something wet is falling from the sky. It's making me cold, I don't like it. I place the hood of my cloak over my head, but the droplets from the sky can still hit my bare legs and arms.

"I'm cold," I whimper, knowing no one can hear me. "I'm cold . . ."

All of a sudden, a large crash catches my attention. It comes from behind me, but . . . should I go?

Awooo! a piercing cry echoes through the trees and before I notice it myself, I'm running toward a sound. There's another crash, and then . . . Silence?

I peek through the trees. The only thing visible to me is a pack of large wolves. Five of them is all I see. Then, a large black silhouette aims at them and they all move away quickly. One wolf, a grey one, bites the silhouette in the arm, causing it to roar.

I gasped. "A . . . demon!"

I step into the clearing before another wolf can get hurt and raise one hand in the air. The large demon just stares at me with its red eyes. The pupils in slits like a cat. Its fangs dripping with saliva and blood.

This thing has a sudden interest in eating me.

"Rosa sanguine. Lacrimis nonummy. Monstrum nulla anima mortis est!" I said softly and snapped my wrist in it's direction.

Vines shot out from the ground and wrapped around the large demon. He tried to break free, but my power was too strong for him. I stared up innocently at the monster and closed my hand slowly, causing the vines to squeeze him tighter and tighter until he hollered into the night sky. His head rolled before falling forward, and he went limp.

Now was my chance.

I clapped my hands together and watched as the large demon before me turned into millions on red rose pedals. He was dead, and that's all that mattered.

I smiled at my accomplishment, but a growl behind me ruined my moment of praise. I turned and noticed the largest wolf out of the pack, with cherry wood color fur. I stared at the wolf for a long moment, not really sure what to do at this moment.

Only one thing to do, I thought.

I looked above me and noticed a rather large tree limb. My weight wouldn't mean much to it. I jumped on it and looked down at the wolves. A gust of wind blew, blowing my long bronze hair to the side, revealing my blue eyes just a little.

I didn't bother smiling. I didn't bother sneering. I didn't bother frowning. I held a blank expression before I left, jumping from tree to tree as I went to no place in particular. There was nowhere for me.

(Jacob P. O. V)

Who the hell was that?

For the millionth time, Seth, I don't know! I snapped at him. We were running back to the Cullen's house and he wouldn't stop thinking about that girl.

She defeated whatever that thing was. Leah thought.

I know. And since we couldn't even beat that thing, she must be really powerful. I thought.

That was pretty cool how to defeated that thing in less than a minute.

SETH! We all shouted.

What? I'm not the only one talking about her. You all are too.

Yeah, but we don't have a crush on her. Embry teased.

I don't have a crush on her! I just thought it was cool is all.

I sighed and ran faster, wanting to make it to the house as quickly as possible so I wouldn't have to hear this conversation anymore.

I have to agree with Seth a little. Quil spoke in. That was like something you'd see in the comic books. Ya know?

I sighed again. Whoever she was, we have to watch out for her.

Why would she hurt us after she saved us? Seth asked.

You never know. A person can change no matter what. I said before changing into my human form. Leah and Seth did the same as Quil and Embry went to patrol the perimeter.

I knew that bloodsucker had already explained everything to everyone, so I didn't have to do anything. Now, all we had to do was figure out who that girl was.

(? P. O. V)

The rain had stopped, but my cloak was wet and I was left feeling cold with each passing wind. After taking care of that monster, I found shelter in a hollow tree. It was small, but I was able to sit in it and get away from the harsh conditions. I curled into myself, trying to feel warm. That's when I felt the pocket watch I was carrying.

I pulled out the silver watch and opened it. A light tune started to play from it, and words appeared in my mind. Lyrics to the song.

Hiding our tears

Running from fears

Time never went by so slowly before

When you were here

You held me near

I always felt safe with you

But then you were gone

I cried till dawn

Remembering our sweet memories

Why did you leave?

Where are you now?

Loneliness scares me

Please, don't let it end like this

Seal my sorrow with a kiss

The tears that ran down my cheeks caused me to stop singing. I cried myself to sleep that night. Unable to remember where I had heard the song from, who had sang it to me, and why it seemed to make my heart break and soar at the same time.