Another Update! Yes, I know, these are probably getting annoying. Like, WTF VICTORIA, why are you writing stupid updates when you could be writing fic? GOSH.

Well too bad. Enjoy my rambly ramblings.


In case anyone was wondering about the other stories I didn't mention in my update, I thought I'd just let you know where all my stories stand as of now.

Staying Strong: Is being completely revised and will be updated with the next two weeks.

Trusting Love: Completed. I will not be updating this. I know some people have suggested I continue, but I'm sorry, I like where I left this story and I'm going to leave it here. My apologies.

You Move Me: Completed (most likely). Some people have suggested I write another chapter with the New Directions reactions. If I were to do this, since There's Only You is based off of You Move Me, I feel continuing would make me obliged to turn this into a verse. I'm not opposed to this, but it's not a priority at this time. For now, You Move Me is completed. I may or may not add another chapter in the future. We'll see what happens.

You Promised: You Promised is actually a story I was quite excited about, however, the deciding factor in whether or not I continued was people's interest levels. There is an entire story planned out behind You Promised, but I also left it at a point where it could stand on its own as a one-shot. Because I write these fics not only for myself but for you guys, I want to make sure I'm writing things that interest you. I would love to continue this story, but as of right now it is not a priority as it didn't receive much response.

Rumors: Completed.

There's Only You: There's Only You is currently my priority, and I'll be updating as much as possible over the next few weeks. I'm anticipating this story to have around 10 chapters or so, maybe more or less. Nevertheless, it should be completed within the month, but no promises.

Untitled Reunion Fic: In the works. Following There's Only You and Staying Strong, this is another priority. This is one idea I'm very excited about and as it encompasses many ships, I feel it will be very long and hopefully get a good response. I hope to start publishing within the month.

Untitled Zombie Apocalypse Fic: In the works. This is another story I'm doing based off of interest level. I plan to write the first few chapters and get them published, and see how they are taken. If there is a lot of interest, I'll continue. But, seeing as this is quite uncharacteristic for me, I really have no idea what to expect from this story. Hopefully it will catch people's interest and get a good response. I hope to publish within the next month or so.