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Chapter 1 – Firsts

Hector and Ann have been married for around the past ten years – illegitimately of course in pirate fashion. Each day ensured an argument, a fight in some form or other. Usually ending up with one of one of them throwing something at the other or firing a shot that wasn't meant to hit as such but to caution.

Today was like any other, starting with the loud 'bang' of the cabin door flinging open.

Ann rolled her eyes, ''keep doing that Hector, next time it might actually go through the wall'' she said, not taking her eyes off the map she was currently hunched over.

He gave her a mock smiled and took a seat at the desk, admiring her behind as she leaned over, ''have ye not finished that yet?''

''Aye, I have actually'' she'd been planning their attack on Port Royal for a good few hours now, ''if we wait out in the shallows till around midnight, that should leave us clear to sail from the west straight into port. But we have ta wait at least-, what?'' she asked, noticing the all too familiar grin creep across his face,


''No, go on. Out with it''

He shrugged offhandedly, ''yer a clever wench is all''

She gave him a skeptical look, not really knowing if he was up to something or not, ''that's not what I was…'' she tailed off, taking in the glint in his eyes as he folded his fingers together over his stomach, ''and what've I told ye about callin' me 'wench''' she slid onto his lap, completely abandoning reason and started playing with his beard, twirling the greying strands around her finger.

''Wench…'' he breathed, sliding his callused hand underneath the hem of her white shirt-top and she smiled wickedly.

''Old tyrant''

He looked scandalised, ''less o' the old if ye don't mind''

''Well, I'll have less o' the wench…'' she returned, pressing herself closer until she could feel the soft scratching of his beard on her neck.

She giggled most uncharacteristically before Bo'sun entered through the already open door. He coughed awkwardly, ''Captain, Mrs Barbossa''

Barbossa looked over Ann's shoulder; she was practically straddling his thighs with her knees on either side of his legs and his hands were splayed across the curve of her backside.

''Haven't yer heard of knocking?'' Barbossa spat as Ann removed herself from his lap. Bo'sun just look apologetic, somewhat apprehensive that he was about to be shot for interrupting the pair,

''It's the time sir… Some o' the crew is growing restless with jus' waitin' around…''

Barbossa almost growled at this man's idiocy for not using common sense, ''well, what ye waitin' for then? Hoist the colours then, man!''

''Aye sir, Mrs Barbossa… As you were'' Bo'sun quickly shuffled out of the room. For how intimidating he looked, he still didn't want to get on the wrong side of the Captain…

Their little pet monkey jumped onto his mistresses' shoulder as she rearranged her shirt, pulling it down and tucking it into her weapon belt. Barbossa still sat there, hungrily eyeing her movements.

It didn't take long for her to sense his eyes raking over her body rather than seeing them, ''Hector, stop staring at me and get up''

He took in a slow breath, quite content to watch her a while longer, ''I quite like this view…''

Ann exhaled impatiently, her demeanour falling fast, she didn't mind as such but she wished sometimes he would ogle her like a piece of meat, ''I'm not in the mood ta be playin' yer silly games. We need to get lookin' fer that god dam coin to get all this over with'' her voice had risen steadily but the next sentence came out quietly, showing she was dejected, ''yer a cursed man Hector…''

His expression hardened.

''Aye, and let's not forget that if yer hadn't left me that day, yer would've had an equal share in the curse. Same as me!'' he stood up quickly, he voice risen much louder than hers and little Jack scuttled off Ann's shoulder in fright.

''Don't yer dare turn this around on me!'' she growled, pointing at him accusingly.

''Well, it's true'' he shrugged his arms and took a step towards her, ''if ye hadn't run away when yer was expectin' my child, yer'd be just as dammed as I''

Now he'd crossed the line.

''YOU KNOW FULL WELL WHY I DID THAT!'' Ann's face turned red with anger, her heart pumping alarmingly fast. She had to turn round to steady herself on a nearby chair, suddenly not being able to stand the sight of the man before her, ''…I can't believe yer'd use is against me''

For once in his life he was at a loss for what to say. He knew he had touched a nerve; it was something they never talked about and always avoided when it did creep up in conversation.

''Ann… Ann, I apologise, I didn't-,'' he barely had chance to move before she spun round and launched a bottle at his head, narrowly missing his left ear and smashing against the wall behind him.

Again, not unusual. Her temper had always been something she found difficult to control and after what he'd said, it was expected.

There was a knock on the door and then silence except Ann's heavy breathing, ''enter'' Barbossa called.

It was Bo'sun again, ''orders captain'' Barbossa looked back at his wife, she had turned to face them, her chest rising and falling rapidly with each breath. He juggled the idea of staying with her but cowardice got the better of him. He turned and walked out the door with Bo'sun, monkey Jack trailing behind him.

The attack was in full underway and Ann was stood at the helm. Barbossa beside her. Not a word had crossed between them and Ann wished that rum bottle did hit him because he deserved it so she wasn't going to apologise but the silence between the two of them was becoming thick and tedious. ''Ye know, I meant for that bottle ta hit yer'' she started lightly, trying to uplift the atmosphere between them. He just gave her a lopsided smile,

''Oh, I know''

''I only missed because I was so angry…''

''Of course, don't doubt it'' he agreed with her quickly with only a hint of sarcasm in his voice.

They didn't speak for a while after that because the sound of bombs and the commotion on land was too much for them to hear over. Ann decided to go for a stroll along the deck when she saw a young girl being hauled onto the ship wearing nothing but her night clothes and a thin cardigan.

''What have we got 'ere?'' she asked as she came to the crowd that had surrounded her, the woman before her could have been no more than 25 years old. She muttered something that Ann didn't quite catch but Bo'sun didn't hesitate to slap her across the face causing some of the gathered crew to chuckle and snigger.

''Now yer should know not to hurt anyone under the protection of Parley'' Barbossa's voice boomed from being the crowd, ''apologizes miss''

''Captain Barbossa'' the woman began, quickly glancing between the crew for any signs she was going to get hit again, when nothing happened she continued, ''I am here to negotiate the cessation of hostilities against Port Royal''

The crew burst into laughter, even Ann had to choke back a giggle as her husband spoke, ''there be some long words there missy. We be nought but humble pirates'' The crew continued into fits off laughter, ''what is it that ye want?''

The woman hesitated for a moment before answering, probably fearing making a fool of herself even more than she apparently already had done, ''I want you to leave and never come back''

The crew laughed harder than ever.

''Yer not in a position to make intentions, miss'' Ann spoke, bringing the young girls attention to her for the first time, the crew jeered as Barbossa stepped forward,

''I am disinclined to acquiesce to your request… means no'' he added at noting the look of confused cross her pretty features, although he might have regretted saying it because she scurried over to the to the edge of the ship, clutching something very familiar in her small hands,

''Very well. I'll drop it'' she said dangling the medallion over the sea. The laughter abruptly stopped as all eyes darted between her and their Captain. He seemed at a loss for what to say so Ann quickly made something up to stall her,

''Why would we be bothered about that, there's plenty of gold in the holds. That ornament charm be worthless to us''

The woman seemed taken aback, ''It's not a simple 'ornament charm'; it's what you've been searching for. I recognised the ship, I saw it eight years ago on the crossing from England''

Ann's face dropped, this woman knew what she was talking about. If they didn't get her to hand it over fast then it may well end up at the bottom of the ocean and she knew Hector wouldn't think twice before chucking the girl in after to retrieve it – regardless if she could swim or not.

''Fine. Well I suppose if it's worthless then there's no point in me keeping it'' she loosened her grip on the chain, causing the medallion to slip in her grasp,


The woman smirked, ''so it is worth something?''

''Yer have a name, missy?'' the Captain asked and it was easy to tell that she was trying to think up something clever,

''Elizabeth... Turner'' she muttered, ''I'm a maid in the Governor's household''

There were a few audible gasps shared between the crew and the Captain looked at his wife with raised eyebrows, ''Miss Turner...''

''Bootstrap'' Ann stated before turning her attention back to the girl, ''and how does a maid come to own a trinket such as that? Family heirloom perhaps?'' she persisted, holding back a smirk as the girl realised what she was implying.

''I didn't steal it, if that's what you mean'' she said defensively,

''I never said you did'' Ann retorted, holding the girls gaze and she knew there was something she was not letting on…

''Very well'' Barbossa's voice snapped them out of their trance, ''ye hand it over and we'll put yer town ta our rudder and ne'er return''

That was obviously a lie. The crew watched silently as the woman reluctantly handed over the medallion.

''Our bargain?'' Barbossa turned and nodded to one of the crew before walking away,

''Still the guns and stow 'em. Signal the men, set the flags and make good to clear port'' Bo'sun yelled

The woman, realising what was happening made a run for the Captain and started to scream after him, ''wait!'' she yelled, ''you have to take me to shore! According to the code of the order of the Brethren-,''

Ann came up behind her, fisting the woman's long sun kissed locks around her hand tightly, ''first,'' she hissed in her ear, ''yer return to shore what not part o' out bargain – nor our agreement'' she yanked her hair again and the woman winced, ''so we must do nothin'. Second,'' another yank and this time the girl cried out in pain, ''yer must be a pirate for the pirate's code to apply, which yer not – and thirdly-,''

''Thirdly, the code is more what yer'd call 'guidelines' than actual rules'' Barbossa finished; he was standing at the top of the stairs and had been watching this little conversation between the two with amusement but felt that his wife may take things a little too far if she was given half the chance. ''Welcome aboard the Black Pearl, Miss Turner. Ann, c'mere''

Ann disliked being summoned like some pet but the look he gave her told her not to disobey. She let go of 'Miss Turner's' hair, making sure to give it a final tug before walking over to the stairs.

Elizabeth was kept locked in the brig but during the day she spent her time with the crew. She had started to befriend Pintel and Ragetti. Well, by 'befriend' they were the only ones who were friendly enough to talk to her.

''Pintel?'' Elizabeth suddenly said, sitting cross legged by the mast; she'd been sat there thinking about something for some time,

''Poppet?'' he replied, he was rolling a barrel of gunpowder along the deck but stopped mid-roll to see what she wanted,

She pointed to Ann who was holding up a map at the helm, ''who's that woman up there?'' Pintel turned his head in the direction she was indicating but he needn't have bothered, there was only one woman besides Elizabeth on this ship.

''Who, Mrs Barbossa? She's the Captain's wife'' he answered, matter of fact.

Elizabeth gaped before realising it was improper and closed her mouth, ''I never knew the Captain was married…''

''Yeah, her firs' names Ann, but we don't call 'er that o' course. Yeah, they be married some time now. Bin 'ere ever since I can remember really..'' he looked thoughtful for a moment ''Oi! Ragetti!''

''What?'' the other pirate shouted for where he was some 6 feet up the deck,

''C'mere'' the pirate called Ragetti shuffled over to where the two were sat and Pintel shoved his shoulder with his own, ''tell 'er 'bout Ann''

''Who, you mean Mrs Barbossa?''

Pintel rolled his eyes.

''Ye, the Captain's other half-,''

''Well, she's the Captain's missus-,'' Pintel smacked him in the chest impatiently,

''We know that bit. What else d'you know 'bout 'er''

He thought on it for a second. ''Well, she ain't cursed like us'' Ragetti acknowledged, shrugging his shoulders. Elizabeth who had lost interest suddenly jerked her head upwards.

''Why is that then?''

Both pirates thought for a moment… ''T'was about 8 maybe 9 year ago'' Ragetti stared, nodding at his ship mate ''Well, ye know the legend o' Cortes. We went after the gold only Mrs Barbossa fell pregnant but… no one knew 'bout it at the time like''

''Fled she did'' Pintel interrupted

''Why would she do that?'' Elizabeth was interested, the eagerness evident in her voice,

''None of us knows'' Ragetti continued gloomily ''she couldn't o' bin far along when she left. Not even the Captain knew at the time. She just disappeared... Then about a month later she came back-,''

''Only she wasn't expectin' no more'' Pintel finished.

There was a gloomy silence, Elizabeth trying to take all the information in, ''and the curse?''

Pintel let out a weary sigh, ''we found the gold we did,'' he explained, ''we spent 'em, traded 'em –fritted 'em away on food and drink and pleasurable company…'' the two pirates seemed to be in some sort of trance, remembering the past as it was.

''After a while though, we came to realise. The drink didn't satisfy, the food turned to ash in our mouths, and all the pleasurable company in the world couldn't slake our lust-,''

''Aye, that bit was true'' came a booming voice from behind them. Leaning on the rail eating a shiny green apple was Barbossa ''we be cursed men Miss Turner. However, there is a way to end our curse'' the two pirates smirked at each other than scurried off back to work, knowing what their Captain was about to say, ''all the scattered pieces of Aztec gold must be restored and the blood to be repaid'' he smirked, one last bite into the apple, ''thanks to ye, we have the final piece''

Elizabeth's eyes widened, ''and the blood to be repaid?''

''That's why there's no sense to be killin' ye… Yet'' he finished, and with that the Captain threw his apple core over board and walked away chuckling to himself.

Elizabeth's stomach churned, bile rising in her throat as she tried not to think of what was going to happen.

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