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Chapter 19 – Back to the norm

When she awoke she found that someone had removed her boots and pulled the sheets up over her body, the thought of Hector being the one to have done this made her cringe. She quickly sat up and kicked the covers off, light was pouring in through the criss cross windows – she couldn't have been asleep long.

''Yer could always stay'' the low voice made her jump and she quickly darted her head round the room, sure enough his figure was the one hutched up in the corner, his weathered frame slouched in the chair. Now that she took the time to notice, Ann saw how much he had aged over the years; more hints of silver streaked his once auburn hair and beard, his face baring more scars then she'd ever seen before, even his hands looked wrinkled and worn – he was getting old.

''Something on yer mind, Ann?'' his voice spoke again and stood up, ''you never were one to keep a civil tongue in yer head''

Ann just shrugged, ''there's nothin' to be said'' she sighed honestly and bent to pick up her boots, when she straightened up she felt his presence behind her.

His firm chest was gently pressed against her back and she could feel his warm breath on her neck, it was the most subtle thing that made her heart almost jump. When she felt those devious hands slip round her front and tug on something there –

Corset laces.

Her corset laces were loose and hanging limply from the top of the stiff material just below her now flushed chest.

''Face me,'' Ann did without question; his dark eyes remained fixed onto hers as he started to tighten them with firm tugs. What the hell did he think he was doing? ''I'd have thought that was fairly obvious'' he smirked when she voiced her thoughts out loud.

''Hector, that's not what I meant, I can't forget what yer've done-,''

''Then stop me'' he interrupted.

She remained silent and ignored the smug expression that crept up his face when she didn't reply. It was difficult because she really couldn't forget – how could she? He'd betrayed her trust about the most private thing they shared.

He continued to tighten the laces, tighter and tighter until he was almost pulling aggressively and Ann gasped when he tugged just a little too hard, her right hand flew to the bed board to steady herself.

''There,'' he said lowly, his fingers still on the now fastened lace and of course, her heaving chest. There was a pause when both of them said nothing, Ann's breathing had become ragged and now come to think of it so had Barbossa's. How long had it been since he'd last layed with a woman? She hadn't been the last, surely?

She was brought from her thoughts when one of his hands slipped slowly down over her waist to her hip and she was sure she could feel the warmth from it burning through her corset. She gulped, and he must have noticed because he chuckled.

''Yer've aged'' she said, breaking the heavy silence and he scoffed,

''And I beg ta differ, yer no spring chicken yerself, luv''

She smiled, the ability to insult each other without offence was something she was always grateful for, on board the Governess, the ship she had been Captain of for the past decade the crew had always been somewhat more distant and shifty than the half-wit crew of the Black Pearl.

Moving closer, her hands came to rest on his shoulders; her eyes focussed solely on his lips. They hadn't been in the same room for years let alone stood so close. She felt his hand slide to the small of her back, drawling her closer and something stirred in her lower abdomen, something she hadn't felt with a man since, well, Hector.

Without warning he dipped his head and took her earlobe into his mouth, nipping and sucking harshly on the soft flesh and Ann instantly tightened her hands on shoulders in a vice like grip when she felt her knees almost give way.

There was nothing slow or romantic about the way he was ravishing her exposed flesh, it was all fast and urgent, sharp nips followed by harsh sucking. Her body yearned closer, wanting to be touched by the one she'd craved for so long.

She moaned loudly when his lips latched onto the flushed skin of her chest, just visible over her corset, it was only when she felt him at her laces again did her senses come crashing back and her eyes flew open, ''Hector… '' she tried, half-heartedly nudging him away but he was lost in his own engagements, ''Hector, stop'' she said again, this time more forcefully and he looked up through dark eyes.

It takes all of two seconds for her to fix her clothes and leave through the cabin door without so much as a word.

Throughout the day Ann stays clear of Hector and their daughter, it's a three day journey to the next port but when the time comes to leave the ship she stays.

The days drift by with little change, Ann spoke few words to her daughter and in favour Jemima stayed out of her way. She and Barbossa were on speaking terms but not much else, it's when they cross paths with Jack in Tortuga do things really start to make a difference.

He flirts with her and Ann can't help feel a pang of responsibility for the girl. At first she brushes if off, Jack will flirt with practically anything with a pulse and an ample bosom but the more it continues the more she feels the instinct to nip it in the bud before it can go any further.

However Jack's intentions are clear and Jemima isn't a child, sure he's nearly twice her age but she's in her twenties and old enough now to know how to handle herself.

It's when Jack makes a joke about Ann's 'maternal protective instincts' does she realise that she might actually feel something for the young woman.

''I don't know why yer don't just have done with it and be one big happy family,'' Jack's says matter of fact. He lounging in one of the chairs on the Black Pearl with his feet propped up on the table, ''there's no need to be such a grumpy mummy pirate''

Ann scowls at him, it's not the first crack he's made about wiping the slate clean and at least trying to make an effort with Jemima but she doesn't want to give him the satisfaction and so wants to detach herself even more, but it's hard, they're around each other practically 24/7 and on a ship you can't avoid someone so easily.

They bump into each other on the deck, in the brig and even in the Captain's cabin sometimes. Tonight Ann didn't even move away when she sat next to her for supper, each day their small exchange of words grows into short sentences and then into trivial conversations. They're nowhere near mother/daughter bonding yet but Ann no longer is unable to stick her company, instead sometimes opts to talk to her rather than the others.

They pillage villages, stealing the plunder they fancy, having another female aboard the ship was a refreshing adjustment Ann was willing to regulate with.

She and Barbossa had drank together, having Jack on board was very trying and their patience had worn thin quickly. Their relationship had been withdrawn since the day not too long ago when she washed up in the tiny rowing boat her previous crew had abandoned her with but tonight a romp in the sheets might be just what they need and he had hardly needed much persuading.

Her back slams into the door after they hurriedly swung it shut, her hands immediately fly to his belt buckle, no time for slow and sweet, hard and fast was how she wanted him today.

He slides a knee between her legs whist he gets rid of his shirt (jacket long gone) and she starts to hastily undo her corset, fingers working exceptionally fast to untie the criss cross laces and when it's half way open his hands are already roaming, feeling the flesh he's been denied for so long.

Too long.

Ann's head is thrown back against the door, hands gripping his shoulders as he continues to unlace the material, kissing each part of newly exposed flesh.

''Oh Hector I've missed you'' she breathes without thinking, it not something she's admitted freely lately but with his lips moving further and further down her stomach it's difficult to keep a straight train of thought.

He suddenly stands up and takes in her breathless and half naked form against the door before they both tumble to the bed, her body aches for him to be inside her but it seems he wants to take his time and explore her body properly, ''please'' he hears, it sounds almost painful and now he realises it's one of the first times he's witnessed her nearly beg.

He mumbles something which sounds like ''patience'', his lips are muffled by her inner thigh as he chases the pale material of her underwear with chaste kisses. It's when he hovers over her, both considerably less clothed does she puts a hand on his chest, momentarily preventing his actions,

''It's been a while…'' she says, and of course it clicks in his mind. It had been over a decade since they had slept together, things were obviously going to be a little different but he doesn't reply.

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