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Yoshimori's POV

Lately patrolling has been getting less and less exciting, not many ayakaishi have been popping up. When they do, Tokine and I take care of them as soon as possible – it kinda is our job. Every now and then I bring my latest creations – of cake – and share them with Tokine. Tokine isn't really my BIGGEST fan, but she still takes them and will say I did a good job. Right now I'm just sitting at the base of some tree near the front of the school, waiting. We only have had to deal with just one ayakaishi so far, and it was just a little one. It was a turtle looking thing that was sky blue and had yellow designs that looked like some ancient writing. The eyes were the weirdest thing about it – they were a piercing red. Tokine said she could deal with it, so I let her. The thing couldn't possibly do any harm. She was probably getting annoyed anyways from me always telling her I would do it.

Now we are just sitting here by the tree, I'm staring off into space; she is talking to Hakubi, her demon dog. I could care less about they are talking about though. Knowing Hakubi, it's probably about how he's better than Madarao. LIES! Madarao way better than that old mutt!

No one's POV

All of a sudden, Hakubii and Madarao start their loud, wailing howl. An ayakaishi has been tracked. Tokine snaps her head in the direction that the demon dogs are howling at. Yoshimori shoots into a standing position.

"Where is it?" Yoshimori quickly asks, slowly lifting his staff off the ground.

"Follow." Yells Madarao, speeding along to the area that he senses the ayakaishi are, along with Hakubi next to him. Yoshimori looks over at Tokine who nods at him. With that, they both bolt after the demon dogs. They swerve around the building to the rear, trying to get to back of the school. As they reach their destination, they hear a deep roar, but see nothing. They try to breath and catch their breath, which doesn't take long.

"Tokine… where is it? Do you see anything?" he asks, looking around. Tokine nods no, there is nothing. "I can't see anything. Hakubi, are you sure your right?" She shifts her gaze to Hakubi. He shakes his head up and down, "Yes. Honey, I have never been more sure about anything. Except for the time…" he continued but was cut off by Madarao telling him to shut his trap.

The group continued to look around, sometimes looking through the windows of the school. They looked up high in the trees, in the areas of long grass, everywhere. They couldn't find it anywhere.

Tokine's POV

God, this ayakaishi is REALLY starting to piss me off. The stupid thing is nowhere. According to Hakubi, it's huge. So it should be easy to spot, right? How hard should and could it possibly be? I can tell Yoshimori isn't so happy either. His eyes are narrowed and he looks like he's about to collapse from annoyance and exhaustion. His hair is everywhere- well, it always is, but now it looks like he ran into a building while flying. It kinda looks like a tree. I started laughing at the thought, and then he looks at me like I am losing it. "What's so funny?" He asks, obviously confused. "It's nothing." I say, serious again and looking away so he doesn't get the wrong idea. Not that it's not true. I guess I like him, sure. I'm not sure if I like him more than a friend. But, isn't it wrong for a girl to like a boy younger than her? Sure, some might think, 'It's only two years, come on, you've known each other for like, ever.' -well, it's actually me saying that-

It's like there is two of me, both saying something different. What one do I thing is right? Anyway, gotta keep looking, this is no time to be thinking of things like that. So, I started looking and walking away. Then, I bumped into "it."

No one's POV

GWAHHHH! The Ayakaishi roared, but something was wrong. It was there, but yet it wasn't. Tokine couldn't see it, so in a panic, she quickly jumped away. "YOSHIMORI!" Tokine shouted, she had no idea where he was. "Yea, I'm here." He replied and before she knew it, he was beside her. "So, the beast is invisible…" Yoshimori grumbled. "No, it's right here." Hakubi noted, nudging Madarao. "You shut up, idiot." Growled Madarao, who was now attacking Hakubi, who kept saying, "HONEY! HELP! Madarao, you idiot, get off me, it was a joke." The two broke it up and got serious again. "Yes, it must be. We could help detect it." Hakubi said. "Good idea." Yoshimori and Tokine agreed.

"Tokine, because we can't see it, we are going to have to create Kekkai and destroy them randomly. But make sure your careful, and make them as big as possible. Double layer if you can." Yoshimori told Tokine. "I'll try. But you should know by now that I can't really make big Kekkai, or double them that well…" She retaliated. "Yea, but get try your best." He supported, and grabbed hold of her shoulders, causing her to blush. "we need to get this done, this might be the biggest ayakaishi yet." He continued, looking into her eyes. After realizing what he was doing, he too blushed. He let go of her shoulders and looked away. After regaining their composure, they both shouted, "LETS DO THIS!"

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