Second Life

Summary: Slight sort of AU. For years, Dean hunted monsters with John, Sam and Arianna, a young girl John took in after finding her at a scene with her dead family. They slowly fall for each other and get closer after John vanishes and Sam goes off to college. When Arianna dies, Dean closes himself off, vowing to never get close to anyone again. Four years later, after reuniting with Sam and learning that there is one specific demon to blame for the death of so many in their lives, the brothers go for the big bad, only to find that some people don't stay dead.

Rating: M (for the usual violence, mature theme, etc.)

A/N: I haven't quite decided on if this is actually going to be set with the show or have a slight variation over things with Angels and Lucifer and so on so bare with me on this. However I am going to say that Sam never died and Dean never made the deal to go to Hell and yadda yadda. Now let's see how this works out.


The gun shot rang out and Dean Winchester's head snapped up. Five feet from him, a body fell out of a tree and hit the ground, black smoke issuing from it's mouth. Leaves rustled above him and he moved out of the way before another body hit the ground. This one was alive and female, landing on it's feet and straightening up. The girl casually brushed herself off before turning to look at him, a smirk on her lips and blue-green eyes shining with pride and mischief. Her brown hair was starting to come out of the pony tail she had it in, small strands falling around her red face. She looked tired, standing there in her jeans, navy blue hooded sweatshirt and black running shoes but nonetheless, she looked happy.

"Aria, Did you just chase that thing through the trees?" Dean asked, looking up at the branches above his head. Arianna Lewis, Aria for short, shrugged innocently, that gleam in her eyes telling Dean all he needed to know as they both shared a small laugh.

"It's not the main target." Aria reminded him, her happiness dropping slightly as her eyes darted around the forest. She stuck her gun in her belt before pulling her hair from the pony tail to redo it once more. Dean watched her for a few seconds before looking around.

They had been tracking down a specific demon ever since Dean's father, John Winchester, had gone on a solo hunt and never returned. Since they knew the demon he was after had been the one that not only killed Dean's mother Mary but also Aria's parents, they had a vague idea of what they were hunting.

"That one could have been a lead." Dean pointed out, nudging the dead body with his boot.

"I shot before he could." Aria stated, taking her gun back out and moving. Dean followed close behind, knowing what she meant. She had shot the demon before it could have gotten him. He was grateful to have her watching his back. A few years ago he would have hated having a girl be his back up, now he couldn't have been happier. Especially after his brother Sam had just taken off to go to school, Aria had become Dean's constant wanted companion. He was even starting to believe that he might actually love her. Over the course of their friendship, they had shared several kisses and one alcohol induced night of passion that he couldn't get out of his head and he wondered on many occasions if she ever thought about it.

"We're getting closer to something." Dean whispered. Aria nodded, her tongue slipping out to run along her lower lip. She reached back and slid her hand into his and for one moment Dean forgot they were in the middle of a dark and dangerous forest. He forgot they were hunting a deadly demon. Her hand fit snugly in his, her skin soft and warm.

And then he got a shock when she suddenly threw him into a tree, his back colliding roughly with the bark, the air getting momentarily knocked out of him. He groaned and looked at Aria, trying to figure out what had just happened. She stood there with a smile on her face and a dagger in her hand, the Latin symbols carved into the blade reflecting the moonlight that leaked through the trees.

"Aria..." Dean started cautiously.

"Little Aria's not home right now, please leave a message and she'll get back to you...well...maybe." Aria laughed, swinging the dagger between her fingers. She blinked and her once blue-green eyes shifted to yellow. Dean's blood ran cold and all colour left his face.

"How long.." He ground out, teeth clenching.

"Ooh, I'd say since you two split up." Aria remarked cheekily. Dean closed his eyes, taking a deep breath to try and control himself, all the while cursing in his mind that he agreed to split up at the start of this particular hunt. He opened his eyes again to see that Aria had moved to be about two feet in front of him, within grabbing range, but he made no move.

"What do you want?" Dean asked.

"What any demon cause pain and suffering." Aria answered with a girlish giggle.

"Get out of here." Dean ordered. Aria just tilted her head. "Get out or I'll make you."

"She's the exorcist, Dean. I'd like to see you try." Aria challenged. Dean just narrowed his eyes before he started the Latin chanting. Aria stumbled back, looking surprised. Her body convulsed as if she was going to vomit and Dean was starting to feel a sense of success. That was until the dagger spun around and plunged into Aria's chest. His chanting stopped instantly as he stared with wide eyes. "You evict me and she dies."

"You son of a bitch." Dean muttered, feeling his chest constrict.

"You want to see those eyes again?" Aria asked. She blinked once more, her normal eyes shining through again and for a moment she looked just like herself as she smiled sweetly.

"Aria.." Dean whispered, moving slowly closer. Her head tilted and she gazed up at him with her innocently beautiful and curious eyes. "I'm sorry...I'm so sorry." The look of horror that crossed her face made him close his eyes as he started chanting again. He knew the girl well enough to know she'd rather die to be possessed by a demon but it didn't make it any easier. He heard her screaming but kept going, tears falling from his eyes as he turned his head.

The thud alerted him to the body hitting the ground. He opened his eyes and looked down at the small figure lying on the grass. Her brown hair spread around like a dark halo, her shirt stained with her blood as the dagger protruded from her chest. One hand rested across her stomach while the other lay limply at her side. He almost thought she was sleeping, lying there so peacefully. He blinked loose more tears as he stared down at his friend. Slowly he got to his knees next to her and pulled her across his lap. Her head lolled back and Dean looked at the smokey shadow across her eyelids. He never understood why she wanted to wear make up when they went on hunts but she did it anyways. He touched her cheek, letting his hand move across the still warm skin.

"I'm so sorry." Dean whispered, his tears falling more freely now. They fell from his face to hers and he clutched her tighter. He had failed. The one thing he was constantly promising her was that he would protect her...and he failed.

He didn't know how long he was there for but it was enough time for the sun to begin rising and Aria's body to cool. He would have to burn her, couldn't let anything else get their hands on her. He looked at her pale face, pulled his fingers through her hair gently, then leaned down and pressed a final kiss to her lips before he rose with her in his arms and headed out of the forest.

If it be your will to speak
Of memories we often shared
Talk to me of days gone by
Think of love and not despair
And when I'm gone
we'll meet again
As often do the closest friends
So dry your eyes and lay me down
I tell you this is not the end

If some one else must take my place
For I'll be gone the longest time
I'll wait and I will understand
A heart of thorns must leave the mind
But when in time I see your face
The scars will fade
the heart will mend

So dry your eyes and lay me down
I tell you this is not the end

And from today I wish you joy
From this day I wish you peace
I hope this life will pass you by
As softly as the falling leaves
And when your heart is full again
Raise a glass to me my friend
And dry your eyes and lay me down
I tell you this is not the end

Oh dry your eyes and lay me down
I tell you this is not the end

The song at the end there is called This Is Not The End and it's by Clare Maguire. The first verse lyrics are also in one of the banners I made which are up in my profile. Obviously this is not the last of Aria but I think this may be my first story without Castiel in it, I haven't quite decided on him yet. Let me know what you lot think of this story.