Sins of Our Fathers

It's been almost a year, I know! I feel so bad that I've been working on just about everything else. Man, there is something wrong with me. But anyways I'm doing this now and bringing it to it's much anticipated close.

And was anyone curious how Azazel goes from being a servant to Asmodeus and then turning around and killing Mary, Aria's "parents" and then Aria herself? Lol, if you weren't, I bet you are now.

"I can't believe she did that."

"Father is furious."

"Good riddance. Maybe he'll pay attention to the rest of us now."

"Don't be so conceited."

"She's such a fool, locking herself to a human."

"The only thing they're good for is relieving stress."

She heard it all, every word her siblings had to say as she remained immobile in her own personal prison. Her body was frozen, awaiting that day for rebirth away from Hell. Her mind however, was still working, going over everything that had happened. She would wonder occasionally how long she would have to wait, how long until she could be with her beloved again. She would be patient of course, content for the time being with the fact that they will rejoin eventually.

She thought about his touch, his lips, his words, anything that would preserve her sanity.

Would he recognize her come the day of their reunion? Would she recognize him? Would they even be near each other? It was a dangerously tricky spell, she didn't know what would happen, just that they would relive again together. She pushed aside her fears, her doubts. She'd know him. She loved him. She would have the urge to find him and be with him and she would be. Nobody would stand in her way and freedom would be just at her fingertips.

"Hello Princess, I see your plan has fallen to pieces." Alistair's voice caught her attention and, if she could have, she would have looked at him. "I hope you're not thinking I had anything to do with this. While I am your father's faithful servant, you are my favourite of his children. I've been your teacher on many occasions and your spirit is quite remarkable." He sighed and she heard the shuffling of his feet. She wondered if he was walking around outside her prison.

For a moment, she wondered what the prison actually looked like. She knew no one who had ever done such a thing as she had. Surely though, someone must have at some point, how else could the spells have existed afterall? Her mind created an itch somewhere on her body and she grew frustrated to the fact that she couldn't move to get at it.

"I helped you achieve what you wanted and gave you the warnings." Alistair continued on. "I had hoped for something different for you though, Arianna. On one hand, I'm not surprised that you are the one who did all this. On the other hand, I had assumed assisting you to get to your man...would show you that things were different there." He gave a slight laugh and she imagined him shaking his head. "I never assumed you were so deeply infatuated with the human. This is the only time I will be able to see you, Princess. You're not allowed visitors. Your father is furious and wants to make your imprisonment as difficult as possible. I've offered you so much, and there's nothing else I can do again until you're living and dead once more."

There was silence for a long time and then Alistair let out a sigh, disappointed, before his footsteps carried him away from the trapped Princess. She remained alone, left to her own thoughts and wonders for so many years.


Aria was silent for the car ride. They all were. No one knew what to say or do but somehow they all knew where they had to go, where this drive was leading them.

When Dean finally pulled the Impala to a stop, none of them moved. They all looked up at the seemingly abandoned looking hotel. Several windows on several different levels were broken and the front door had chains and locks on it, a pathetic attempt to keep people out. A sign on the door read that the hotel was for sale, probably hoping for someone with enough money to come around and fix the thing up. Aria was the first one out of the car, the others following suit and circling around to the trunk. They dug their way though the weapons silently and armed themselves.

Dean and Aria looked at each other for a moment, his eyes reflecting his worry for the situation at hand. There was nothing she could do to make him feel better about whatever was going to end up happening so she simply looked away from him, her eyes on the gun in her hand. They could hear Sam and Lilly now whispering to each other, caught the couple kissing lightly out the corner of their eyes. Dean slammed the trunk shut and lead the way into the hotel through one of the broken windows. Lilly had the flashlight and shone it around at their surroundings. A rat ran across the floor, making the girls jump. Broken glass, plaster, and old blankets littered the floor, covered in dust.

"Up." Aria muttered, her eyes at the ceiling. Everyone looked at her then looked around, locating the staircase. The steps creaked under their weight as Dean continued leading them, Sam taking up the rear of the group to try and add some extra security to the women. Not that either of them really needed it, being what they were, but it made each of them feel a little easier.

"Welcome to the end." A voice that made three of the four tense up with recognition crept into their ears. The room they had stepped into from the stairs was freakishly cold, enough to frost their breath in front of them. A man stood with his back to them, likely alerted to their presence by the creaking steps. His hands grasped each other lightly behind his back as he gazed out the window before him, the only one around them that wasn't already broken in some way. "So glad you all could make it." As the man turned, they were all staring at the face of John Winchester with pale yellow eyes. He smiled softly at them and made a single step towards them before he let his hands hang at his sides.

And just like that, everything changed.

Heat suddenly surrounded the group and Lilly yelped in surprise as she and Sam were thrown into the wall either side of the staircase. Dean spun around and stared with wide eyes. Aria had changed. Her hair was darker, skin paler, and her eyes...the once beautiful blue-green orbs were now red, black taking over the whites as she glared past the hunter to the demon wearing the body of the father.

"Ari?" Dean muttered.

"There's the Princess." Azazel mused, excited.

"You betrayed him." Aria growled, stepping around Dean. "HOW COULD YOU?"

"Crowley's offer was better." Azazel admitted simply. Aria lifted her hand as if to make an attempt to strike at him but stopped shot as Dean grabbed her wrist, spinning her around to face him.

"Aria!" The hunter snapped. For a moment she didn't seem to register him there. His palm burned as it touched her flesh but he didn't care. He grabbed her other wrist, holding in place, and stared at the woman in front of him. "Please, Aria, snap out of it."

"Dean?" Aria questioned, sounding surprised and lost. The dark visage flickered away, her eyes shifted back to normal for only a second before returning to black and red. Dean's hands tightened on her wrists and he stared at her.

"Well isn't this precious. The Princess and her lover, together again." Azazel taunted. He watched as Aria's appearance continued to flicker, waves of heat rolling off her. Dean's skin had already gone red from it, sweat building up on his brow and rolling down the sides of his face but he wasn't giving up, he wasn't moving away from her. "Trying to tame the beast, Winchester? She'll come out, and chaos will reign down. She'll claim you in, bring her into her world rather than continue trying to fit into yours."

"Dean..." Aria suddenly sounded pained and she dropped to her knees. Dean let go of her wrists, the palms of his hands so burnt by this point, they were almost blistering. He dropped down in front of her and grabbed her head, forcing her to look at him. She was fighting herself, that inner conflict plan to see in both sets of eyes. She stared at him, pain and anger combating along with her two halves. "Please...please Dean..."

"Stay with me, Ari." Dean whispered.

"She can't." Azazel retorted. Aria was suddenly gone from in front of Dean and was being held by Azazel. She whimpered, her appearance still shifting as she grabbed at the demon's arm and struggled. "Play nice now Princess, you're in for big things."

Dean made to jump at them but something caught at him and held him in place. His eyes darted to his side as Crowley stepped up. The demon king straightened his suit and smiled at the hunter, giving him a wink before he walked over to Azazel and Aria.

"Hello my dear, ready to agree now?" Crowley asked.

"Fuck off." Aria growled, her darker visage staying longer than the lighter. "You're nothing but a low bastard with delusions of more." she twisted her head to glare at Azazel as best as possible. "And you...traitor."

"Now isn't that the pot calling the kettle black." Azazel remarked.

"Indeed." Crowley mused. "Did you not turn your back on everyone just for that pathetic creature there?" He nodded back at Dean as the hunter strained against the invisible barrier. "And when daddy dearest killed him, what did you do?"

"Bound yourself to him and took your own life." Azazel answered with a chuckle. "Careful what you say to us, Princess. Anything can be turned against you."

"Why fight me, eh?" Crowley asked, tilting his head. "If you give me what I want...I can take over Hell...and no one will be coming after you." He put his hand to Aria's head and grinned. " need to wake up, Princess. Because it's rightly time to do so."

Aria's scream was painful to hear as it reached such a high decibel that the windows shattered. The room heated up more, making the air wave. Sam and Lilly fell from the walls and rushed to Dean, all three of them staring at the demonic beings before them. Azazel released Aria and she dropped to her knees and elbows, forehead touching the dirty floor, black hair cascading around. The room, or maybe it was just Aria, seemed to glow red as time ticked on with no actions from any of the occupants.

The sound of splintering wood echoed out as Aria dug her pale fingers into the floor. She slowly sat up, straightening her back and lifting her head. The reds of her eyes glowed as she looked around. She slowly turned an irritated gaze to Crowley and rose to her feet.

"Honey...I'm home." Aria ground out before she ram her hand into the demon king's chest, sending him flying into a wall. She whipped around and threw Azazel into the floor before stepping her foot down on his throat. "You wanted me? Here I am. Not exactly as you hoped, huh?"

"Actually...just what I was expecting." Crowley mused. Aria glared at him before she twisted her hand in the air. Crowley coughed, choking. Blood streaked out from the corner of his mouth and he gasped at the air, trying to get what he could.

Beneath her foot, Azazel was squirming in his own pain. He tried to pry her off but she was having none of it. Aria turned bored eyes down to the demon that had once been a servant under her command and pushed harder down on his throat.

"ARI DON'T!" Dean screamed. He was ignored as the hell princess carried on her slow torture of the two demons.

"Dean, she's going to kill dad." Sam realized with fear.

"Any ideas how to stop her?" Dean asked.

"Not ones that you'll like." Lilly admitted.

"We're not killing her." Dean argued. Lilly sighed and frowned, unsure of what they could do.

Crowley's stomach ripped open in a bloody mess and he collapsed from the wall to the floor, grabbing at his insides and coughing.

"Really Crowley, this is what you wanted?" Aria asked. She raised an eyebrow and beneath her foot, Azazel started screaming, veins turning black. "Do you know what it takes to be trained to take over any level of Hell? You have to suffer what you'll put those sleazy slimy scumbags through. Depending on the level, will depend on your pain. Until you feel nothing anymore. Until everything about you is just destroyed. You want all the levels? You can't even handle your own job." Aria jerked her hand through the hair and Crowley exploded into a bloody mess. She dropped her eyes and tilted her head, looking down at Azazel squirming beneath her foot. "And you..."

"Aria, no, please!" Lilly begged. "It's John...John Winchester! He's still in there!"

"You vile, despicable little creature." Aria whispered, ignoring Lilly.

"We have to do something!" Sam insisted. Lilly shook her head, not knowing what they could do. Dean frowned and got up, pushing between them and marching across the now shaking ground to Azazel and Aria. The Hell Princess lifted her eyes to the hunter. She didn't seem to recognize him but didn't stop him as he got to her. He paid little attention to the demon wearing his father and focused solely on the woman before him as he grabbed her head and kissed her.

Everything burned as he held her close to him. For a few seconds there was nothing and then suddenly she was grabbing him, pulling him even closer into the heat. It didn't bother him now though as he buried a hand in her hair and wound his other arm around her waist. They molded against each other, pushing and pulling to get as close as possible. Her foot lifted off of Azazel and the demon lay motionless on the floor, veins still black.

"Dane..." Aria whispered, black and red eyes looking up into green.

"Yeah sweetheart." Dean muttered, nodding once. He kissed her forehead and rubbed her back as she suddenly broke down into bloody tears. "You need to stop."

"I don't know how." Aria whimpered, the pained expression taking hold again.

"Just let it go, baby." Dean instructed softly. He kissed her again and she held onto him tightly as the ground shook beneath them. The floor cracked and Sam and Lilly scrambled to move out of the way of a hole. Aria grew tense in Dean's arms and then suddenly collapsed against him, coughing. He went to his knees, still holding her close. Her hand dug into the ground, splintering the wood before she slowly turned her head.

"Dean...DEAN!" Sam's voice was fearful and Dean looked at his brother. All eyes turned to the hole in the floor led to something fiery and for a moment they all thought that somehow the lower level of the hotel had caught fire. A large black imposing figure rose out from the flames, dark red lines standing out on the otherwise solid mass of a being.

"As...Asmo...deus." Azazel gasped out, accompanied by coughs as he painfully tried to roll himself over.

"Oh my..." Lilly muttered, her eyes wide.

"Filth." The imposing figure of the Hell King growled out as he looked down at the demon on the floor. Azazel jerked and gasped, fighting to breath.

"He's going to kill them both." Lilly gasped, suddenly realizing what was going on. "Azazel and John."

"Can you do something?" Sam asked, pleading. Lilly looked at him then took a deep breath and was suddenly gone. Sam blinked and looked around, finding his girlfriend crouched by the demon and slamming her hand onto his head. White light escaped his eyes and mouth and then he fell still to the ground.

"Angel." Asmodeus muttered, head tilting slightly in a curious gesture.

"You'd be surprised at the team work put together to ensure Crowley didn't take over." Lilly pointed out, looking at the large figure before her. "And your daughter...just killed him to ensure he didn't. All his plotting, all his scheming, all his work to make sure she could bring Hell to it's knees for him...and he didn't figure she would still have some loyalty to you. Even after what you've done."

"I don't want to take over." Aria suddenly admitted, bringing all eyes to her. Her black and red eyes were only on her father as she carefully got back on her feet, Dean standing quickly to help. "I never did. Even before I saw and met Dane, I never wanted to take over. I have several brothers and sisters who would gladly take that place."

"It is your duty." Asmodeus snarled. "Why do you not understand this?"

"Because Hell isn't my home!" Aria snapped. "I want to be here! I want to I don't want to torture, I don't want to command demons. I just want to live." She put her hand on Dean's arm before she stepped away from him to square off with her father. "Do I ever smile down there like I do here?"

There was silence as father and daughter stared each other down. Lilly looked down when John suddenly gasped, eyes fluttering open. Dean and Sam looked over as well, fear and then relieve filling them when Lilly gave a slight smile. The temperature dropped and the shaking stopped in the few seconds that all eyes were turned elsewhere. The four people in the room looked to where the Hell Rulers once had stood, only to find nothing but scorch marks now on the repaired floor.

"What just happened?" Sam asked.

"Beats me all to hell." John muttered, coughing.

"Ari..." Dean whispered, stepping over to the scorch marks. He dropped to his knees and touched at them carefully. All three Winchesters flinched and grabbed at their heads in sync with each other.

The demon dropping to it's knees in front of Aria.

Aria looking pissed as she fluently exorcises several demons, eyes flashing red and black, before fainting.

Rufus kneeling on the ground, looking at Dean, Sam and Lilly as he holds a dirty and bloodied Aria.

Azazel possessing Aria and slamming a knife into her chest, Dean still exorcizing her then cradling her dead body.

Dean, Sam and Aria doing target practise with John watching over them.

The vampire holding Aria then getting shot down by Dean.

Dean on the ground with Aria lying on top of him, smiling.

The Winchesters walking through the massacre and finding Aria kneeling by her parents' dead bodies before she and the bodies vanish.

"Sam?" Lilly asked softly, crouching over her boyfriend with a hand on his shoulder. She looked around the room, worry in her eyes. "Dean? Mr Winchester?"

"What...the hell...just happened?" Dean asked, wiping at blood as it dripped from his nose.

"We never got her." John muttered, staring blankly at a spot on the floor. "All that...just...reversed."

"But we still remember, how can we never have gotten her?" Sam asked.

"Sometimes these things happen." Lilly replied. "One moment in time gets changed. Sometimes people get to remember, sometimes they don't."

"But why?" Sam asked. Lilly sighed and shrugged, unable to provide him with an answer.


Three Weeks Later

Dean shone the flashlight on the map before he looked up and gazed out the window. John glanced over from the driver seat but stayed silent. In the back, Lilly and Sam were sleeping lightly, resting against each other.

Castiel had been in the motel when they had returned and Lilly had tensed up, fearful that since things seemed to have been solved, she was going to be sent back to Heaven. He had asked her if that was what she wanted and it didn't take even a second for her to shake her head, admitting she wanted to say. Castiel had been sceptical of her decision but in the end had decided to grant her a human life. Her Angelic abilities were taken aware but she honestly didn't care.

Since then, the four of them had gone back to travelling and working, hunting down demons and monsters. Dean had been mostly quiet the whole time and none of them really blamed him.

"Let's turn in for the night, start fresh in the morning." John decided, catching sight of a sign for a nearby motel. Dean nodded his agreement and shut off the flashlight, folding up the map. The oldest Winchester pulled into the motel parking lot and shut off the car, rousing Sam and Lilly. "I'll get the rooms."

"I'm gonna get a drink." Dean announced, eyeing up the bar across the street.

"You sure?" Sam asked. He received a nod from his brother and gave a nod back, watching the older of the siblings cross the road.

"Is he ever going to be okay?" Lilly asked.

"He was pretty torn up the last time Aria..." Sam faded off, not even sure what to call what had happened.

"How long until he bounced back?" John asked.

"I don't think he really did." Sam admitted, sighing. "I think those four years, he just...lied. He hid it really well after a while, or I just...stopped noticing. It became so normal, I didn't even really think about it."

"Poor Dean." Lilly muttered.

Across the street, in the bar, Dean sat at the counter and picked up a coaster. It's black and red colour scheme made him frown as he tossed it down the bar. He glanced around at his surroundings, tapping his fingers on the bartop. He sighed and glanced down at a big guy at the end of the bar, wondering vaguely what it would take to start a fight with him.

"Here you go, pal." The Bartender spoke up, putting a beer in front of Dean. The hunter blinked and looked at the man, eyebrow raising. "Some woman paid for it."

"Huh...well tell her cheers then." Dean muttered, picking up the bottle and taking a heavy gulp. He wiped the back of his hand across his mouth and looked thoughtfully at the label.

"Well hey there stranger, what brings a guy like you out to this sort of place?" A light female voice laughed from behind him as a finger tapped his shoulder. Dean paused for a moment, wondering about turning around and what he'd say when he did. He grinned slightly, figuring this had to be the woman who bought him the drink. He supposed the least he could do was thank her if nothing else. So he turned around, ready to turn on the charm, and froze.

What he saw, he didn't expect. The woman there was dressed in black biker boots, a midnight blue dress with a white belt hanging off her hips, and her brown hair was lightly curled, flowing around her face softly. Her painted red lips parted in a smile as she watched the confusion and shock roll over his face, her blue-green eyes sparkling gleefully.

"No way." Dean whispered, still not believing it.

"I've been waiting for you." Aria admitted, putting her hands on his chest then running them up to his shoulders. She laughed slightly then hugged him. Dean blinked, stunned, then wrapped his arms around her tightly, breathing in her scent. It was lighter than he remembered, a mix of vanilla and melons.

"How...what?" Dean asked, trying to figure out what was going on.

"Alistair." Aria explained. "He had one more trick for me. Life. I'm not the Hell Princess anymore. It was really complex but anyways I remembered and I convinced my parents to move before the demon attack and we just..." The rest of her words, whatever they could have been, were forgotten as Dean grabbed her head and kissed her. She moaned softly into his mouth and held his face in her hands. Leaning her forehead against his, she looked at him carefully as best she could. "I'm all yours now."

"Please say you got a room across the street." Dean demanded thickly. Aria grinned and held up a motel key. She took his hand and pulled him out of the bar.


"Where's your brother?" John asked, standing in Sam's doorway.

"He didn't come back from the bar?" Sam asked, scratching at his chest and frowning.

"No, I haven't seen him all night." John replied. He frowned and looked around. "I even checked the car to make sure he didn't just pass out in the back seat."

"He's gotta be somewhere." Lilly insisted softly, leaning around Sam to look outside the room. "Did he call or anything?"

"Nothing." John informed them. "Shit! Where the hell is that damn boy?"

Almost as if to answer the question, a door opened a few rooms down from them and Dean walked out, pulling his shirt over his head. He paused and looked at them and then waved, smiling slightly. The trio blinked and slowly waved back, unsure. Their eyes all grew wide when Aria stepped out of the room next, carrying a bag and smiling brightly. Dean looked at her and draped his arm around her shoulders, tugging her into his side and kissing her forehead before he led her to the family. Everyone just stared at them, too shocked by the turn of events

"So...any news on the next job?" Dean asked, a cheeky grin on his face. Aria laughed under his arm and leaned more against him.

Oh yeah, this was going to be fun to explain.

The End

Although...I may do an extra bit if I get hit with the right sense of inspiration to further explain what happened with Aria. But I hope this extra long chapter is a good finish for this story. It really is creeping me out how much of a good guy Alistair actually is and that I got the inspiration for his part of this chapter from watching him torture Ruby lol.