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Chuck Vs. The Return From Walkabout - Chapter 1

Chuck walked away from the bar after speaking briefly with Colonel John Casey. He scanned the crowded club while he wondered, for what seemed like the millionth time, what had happened to the smiling Casey he'd seen in Sturgis. 'Oh, that's right' he told himself, 'that Casey and …and my wife weren't real.'

Shaking his head in attempt to chase away the dark thoughts that always threatened whenever he thought of his lost 'life', he resumed his search for a glimpse of his angel.

It had been over six months since he awoken in this world. He refused to claim this world as his own because he refused to believe that the world where he and Sarah had been married, however briefly, hadn't been real. He allowed his mind to drift back, replaying for him the moment when he'd opened his eyes and found himself in a strangely sterile looking white room. The man he'd often cursed but had recently found forgiveness for, Bryce Larkin, was seated against the wall with his arms hanging loosely at his sides. His open and lifeless eyes seemed to be staring at the stark, white floor. Turning slowly, Chuck noticed the five strange men surrounding him, their guns aimed at what Chuck was sure to be vital parts of his anatomy. Beyond the men he caught sight of Colonel John Casey, leaning against the wall, looking confused and pissed. Finally, he found the blue eyes of his blonde haired angel…Sarah Bartowski. He looked into her eyes and couldn't believe what he saw…there was fear…and worse that that, disappointment…making him wonder what he had done wrong, what he had done to hurt her.

Chuck was suddenly shaken from his thoughts when the crowd in front of him seemed to pert, magically. All thoughts left his mind as he caught sight of the blue eyes that had been haunting him for months. He watched as Sarah slowly got to her feet, her eyes never leaving his as she started to move. His strength seemed to fail as he willed himself towards his angel, finally feeling his feet respond to his commands as Sarah seemed to float towards him. As he got closer, he could see the disappointment flash in her eyes again. Moments later he was standing closer to her than he'd been since that horrible day on the train platform, wondering if he had misread the look in her eyes…'no', he told himself, 'definitely disgust' he concluded.

"Kiss me Chuck!" she demanded.


"Kiss me now!" she demanded again and he couldn't say no. Pulling her to him, he did as he was told, kissing his angel…hoping she would feel all the love and hope he put into the kiss. He was in heaven with his angel and then suddenly, he wasn't. Sarah had stepped back, breaking the kiss. The love he wanted to see flashed in her eyes briefly, only to be replaced with disgust…again. Before he could ask what he'd done wrong, before he could beg for her forgiveness, the sound of a slap and a sudden explosion of pain overwhelmed him. 'Why had his angel struck him?' he asked himself as he fought the darkness that was crowding the edges of his vision. 'I can't live with her hatred anymore' he told himself before the darkness won the fight.


Chuck was swimming through molasses…his eyes felt like they had been glued shut and his ears felt like they were stuffed with cotton. He remembered the club, he remembered Casey's look of disdain and worst of all, he remembered the look of disgust in his Sarah's eyes. His heart broke again and he knew he was crying, great wracking sobs shaking him. He struggled to gain control of his traitorous body, fighting to open his eyes, fighting to hear, fighting to move…anything. Suddenly, he could hear. "Chuck" a voice called to him. "Chuck, please" the voice called again and he struggled to get to the voice because he recognized the sound of his angel. "Chuck, please, come back to me" the siren called again, closer this time.

"Sarah, I'm sorry" he tried to scream, despite the pain that suddenly flared. "Please, Sarah, don't hate me" he tried again to speak around the sandpaper in his throat. "Sarah" he called again, using the last of his strength to force his eyes open. Blinking his eyes in an attempt to shed the tears still pooled there, his vision slowly cleared and his breath caught in his throat. He finally focused his sight on the most beautiful blue eyes in the world that seemed to be floating just inches away and his smiled when he saw the concern and, much more importantly, the love he had been aching for, reflected in them.

"Sarah…" he started, only to find a finger placed gently on his lips.

"Shhhhh…" she whispered. "Here, drink some water…your throat probably hurts." She held a straw to his lips and watched as he struggled to swallow. "Slow down, stud…not so fast" she told him with a small smile.

Chuck couldn't believe that water could taste so good and he smiled as it seemed to quench the fire in his throat. His eyes never left Sarah's face. He wondered about the tan that he didn't remember seeding at the club…thinking about the club reminded him of the kiss…and the slap. He connected the dots after realizing that he was in a hospital bed but before he could ask Sarah why she'd slapped him so hard…he slid back to sleep.

"Chuck…" Sarah asked quietly, not worried about his quick descent back into sleep. Ellie had told her that coma patients often fell back to sleep once they'd emerged from the coma. Leaning down, she placed a gentle kiss on his lips before using a damp washcloth to wipe the tears from his face. "Chuck…what happened in there?" she asked, not expecting an answer right away but willing to wait…as long as it took.


Chuck opened his eyes and noticed right away that the lights weren't as bright as…before. Not sure how long he'd been asleep since the last time he looked into Sarah's eyes, he started to take notice of his surroundings. The first thing he noticed was the warm body that molded to his side. He wondered why Sarah was in bed with him…didn't she hate him. He remembered the disgust in her eyes before she'd hit him. Before he could wake his bedmate to ask the questions he wasn't sure he wanted answers to, a gruff voice from the doorway distracted him.

"So, numb nuts, you're awake…ready to get back to work? At least, let Walker take you home so someone who really needs it, can use the bed. I'm sure she'll be happy to continue the sponge baths at home" Colonel John Casey said with a smile.

Something was wrong but before Chuck could put his finger on it, Casey stepped aside after someone slapped his shoulder.

"Hey B…looking good. Glad you're back with us. There's a ride in two weeks…you and the wifey gonna make it?"


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