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'Dean, where's the bubble bath?'

'It's in the bag!'

'What bag?'

'The bag on the side!'

'What side?'

Dean huffed and marched into the sitting room of the motel, Castiel wriggling in his arms. His black hair was everywhere and his big blue eyes were scanning the room, looking all around him. He flexed his little feet, toes scrunching up.

The oldest Winchester gently put the baby angel on the bed and rifled through a Baby Store bag, emerging with a bottle of purple liquid. 'What the hell do you want bubble bath for?' he asked his brother as he picked up his angel again, placing a fond kiss on his forehead. Castiel yawned, bringing up his hand to rub his eyes, emitting small bleating noises which made Dean's parental instincts shine.

Sam gave him a I-cant-believe- you- just –said-that look and stated 'To drink it', watching his brother's reaction.

Dean sniggered and ruffled Gabriel's hair. The small brown haired archangel grinned up at him, making big O's with his mouth at his brother, who gurgled and dribbled in response, nestled in Dean's arms.

'Well good luck with that, Sammy.'

'Me gonna have bubbly bath!' squealed Gabriel, his eyes bright and shining, still fixed on his baby brother.

'You sure are' grinned Sam, wrinkling his nose and smiling. He put a gentle hand on his archangel's shoulder and steered him towards the bathroom. Gabriel grabbed the bottle out of Sam's hand and tried to unscrew the tightly screwed lid, eager to get at the strange purple semi-liquid inside.

'Hang on there, eager beaver!' grinned Sam, yanking the bottle back out his hand and unscrewing the lid and passing it back. 'Don't squeeze.'

'Wow' whispered the archangel, gently squeezing the bottle, giving careful looks at Sam. 'It's all slimey!'

Sam laughed and started to run the back, putting on the hot tap for a few minutes before adding cold water; the last thing he wanted to do was scald the small angel.

When the bath was half full he held out the bottle of liquid, bending down to kneel next to the archangel. Gently, with both his hands around the smaller hands, Gabriel grinned as he tipped in the purple bubbles. Slowly, pristine white bubbles started to appear, in his bath water, making Gabriel stare in wonderment. He turned to Sam, who quickly put up a hand before the angel could get any words out.

'Don't ask.' He said, smiling. 'I don't know how it works.'

Gabriel smiled and quickly his small hands scrabbled at the bottom of his t-shirt, eager to pull the clothing over his head. His trousers, socks and underwear soon followed and Sam helped him step gingerly into the bathwater.

'Ooh...it's warm.' Grinned Gabriel, not daring himself to sit down. Sam sat on the toilet seat to watch him, grinning as Gabriel tested the water again with his hand, pulling it back and squealing when water flicked everywhere. He really was a cheeky toddler, with an attitude to match, Sam thought fondly.

Finally, after much water flicking, Gabriel fell silent, before bending his legs and slowly sitting in the bath water, the bubbles rushing up to meet him. Gabriel shrieked with laughter, gathering lots of bubbles in his hands and blowing as hard as he could, small balls of the stuff flying everywhere.

'Look, Sammy! Me got a beard!' Gabriel grinned, face covered with white foam. The angel grabbed more bubbles, plastering his face with them before throwing more into the air, looking up, blinking rapidly as bits of it hit his eye lashes. He opened his mouth to catch some, regretting it when the soapy taste hit him. 'Bleargh!' he shouted, throwing more in the air, kicking his legs wildly, making water splash about.

Sam smiled at him, nodding his encouragement. He looked up when he heard his brother's voice.

'Room for a little one?'

Dean had already obviously already anticipated the answer because Castiel was already undressed, wrapped in a towel, kicking his little legs as hard as he could in his eagerness to get to his brother.

'Is Cassie gonna have a bath?' asked Gabriel, scooting forwards in the back, the water sloshing around him.

'Yep, so you gotta be real still.' Warned Dean, a gentle smile on his face. With utmost concentration and as gently as he could, Dean gently placed Castiel in Gabriel's wet lap, with the baby's back to the toddlers body. Not letting go of Castiel (Dean knew better than that), the eldest Winchester made himself comfortable on the floor, Sam watching every movement with beady eyes.

Cas' eyes widened when he first was placed in the bathtub, the warm water surrounding him like a cocoon, but he soon got used to it, gently flexing his fingers under the water, Dean's steady hands under his arms, around his tiny waist. He screamed in delight as he kicked his legs, arms gently hitting his brothers legs and he thrashed in the warm water.

'What's this, Cas?' Cooed Dean, gently scooping up a handful of bubbles and placing it on top of the angel's head. Castiel's eyes widened and he gave a gummy grin, eyes shining. 'Aren't you a good boy?'

Dean started washing Castiel's body after that, taking care not to get any in his eyes. Gently, he lifted the angel out the water, wrapping him in a soft, fluffy towel. Sam did likewise with Gabriel; both the angels had started to crinkle in the water.

Castiel yawned happily in Dean's arms, the hunter putting a nappy on him and putting him in a yellow all-in-one, his little feet barely scrapping the booties at the bottom. Sam dried off the archangel before Gabriel dressed himself in his brand new Superman pyjamas, barely disguising his own yawns.

'Time for bed, buddy.'

Gabriel, too tired to argue, surrounded by the gentle fragrance of the bubble bath, just nodded, holding his arms out to Sam, who picked him up and carried him into bed. He tucked in the little archangel, smiling as Gabriel started to suck his thumb, semi dry hair sticking out at all angles.

'Night, Gabe.' Whispered Sam, smiling.

He turned back to look at his brother, grin getting wider when he saw Castiel asleep against his chest, Dean grinning dopily down at him. The angel felt warm on his shirt, a welcome weight. The older hunter manoeuvred himself into his bed, lying in a semi-circle, carefully placing Castiel next to his body.

The baby angel sniffled for a moment at the loss of contact before smiling contentedly and falling back into sleep.

Dean grinned at his brother, who settled into his own bed.

'Night Sammy.'

Sam grinned before reaching over to turn out the light.

'Night Dean.'


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