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Dean closed his eyes as Castiel flew across the room, launching himself at his brother. The eight year old missed, hitting the thankfully soft couch and bouncing hard onto the floor.

'I nearly had you that time, Gabriel!' he cried, blue eyes shining.

The older brother in question, twelve year old Gabriel, sucked nonchalantly on the lollipop in his mouth, brown eyes narrowed, a smirk playing across his face. 'Too slow, little bro!' he laughed.

Castiel glared at his brother before closing his eyes, screwing up his features and concentrating hard, trying to copy Gabriel.

Without warning, Dean yelped and just managed to stop scalding coffee spilling all over the younger angel as Castiel appeared in his lap, a huge grin on his face.

'Did you see that, Dean?!' he yelled, 'Did you see it?'

'I sure did, Cas' Dean forced a tight-lipped smile, setting the angel back onto his feet. 'Try for a better landing next time, huh?'

Dean shook his head and Castiel took off after his brother again, running a hand through his hair. How he wasn't bald yet still mystified him. Setting his coffee down onto the table, the chipped lurid green mug clashed with the yellow peeling plastic table cloth.

The torrential ran outside had put a stopper to any outside play activities, so the angels and hunters were forced to occupy themselves indoors. And it was driving Dean mad.

Stuck in a tiny, skeevy, mould infested motel for three days was not his idea of a good time, but with the roads flooded, they had little choice.

Picking up a discarded newspaper, Dean was about to check on the baseball news when a huge smash, a scream and the sound of his brother swearing reached his ears.

'What the-?'

The older Winchester raced into the kitchen and stopped short at the sight which assaulted his eyes.

Gabriel was stood by the door, sucking on his lollipop with wide, shocked eyes; Castiel was sprawled on his front of the floor, hands over his head, covered in milk, and Sam was stood over the sink, cold tap on, washing his own blood down the drain.

'What the hell happened, Sam?'

'I was putting milk in my coffee when these two-' Sam sucked in a breathe and let it go through his teeth, closing his eyes. 'lovely angels' he continued sarcastically, 'decided to have a high speed relay race through the kitchen'

'And your hand?'

'Well, I guess I was stupid enough to pour milk into a glass jug, wasn't I? Gabriel ran into my back, Cas into my knees and it just went everywhere. It smashed against the side, glass everywhere and I just managed to stop it hitting Cas on the head.'

Castiel whimpered and didn't move.

Dean took his brothers hand and had a look. 'Looks like you're gonna live, Princess.' He grinned, before kneeling down and bodily picking Castiel up.

'What have you got to say to Sam?'

'Sorry, Sammy' mumbled Cas. Sam hid a grin and nodded.

'Ok, girls, I got an idea' Dean flung Castiel around and seated him on his shoulders, Cas ducking just in time to stop his head hitting the ceiling. 'Who wants an ice cream?'

There was a wet pop as the lollipop was pulled from Gabriel's mouth, the angel walking over the window and cocking one eyebrow.

'You do know it's raining, don't you?' he asked sarcastically.

Dean's mouth opened in a huge 'O' and bounded over to the window, Cas laughing. 'Gee! Sammy get on to Homeland Security! It looks like Tsunami weather!'

Sam shook his head at his brother's stupidity and carried on bandaging his hand.

'Come on,' Dean gently cuffed Gabriel about the ears 'get your coat and lets go'


'Castiel, I swear if you do that again I'm gonna eat all your ice cream myself!'

Dean felt, rather than heard Cas giggle from his seat atop his shoulders, the younger angel reaching up, grabbing another tree branch and shaking the soaking wet leaves all over Dean's head. Rain cascaded down and trickled down Dean's back.

'Will you two just come on?' Sam held the door to the ice cream parlour open and frowned.

'You do know that if the wind changes, your face'll stay that way?' Dean told his brother and he passed him. Sam shook the bitch-face look off and grabbed Cas, pulling him backwards off of his brothers' shoulders.

The parlour was bright, spacey and had a 1960's theme, with vinyl records dangling from the ceiling on strings.

'Welcome to Ice Cream Heaven, come and have a seat and check out our menu!' A cheery voice belonging to a cheery man guided them over to a vacant table and the foursome sat down.

'Dude...' Dean trailed off as he took in the sheer amount and variation of the ice cream on offer. There were literally hundreds of options. Sam smiled at his brothers eyes nearly popped out of his head.

'I will have-' Gabriel started, looking down at the menu with a look on his face like all his Christmases had come at once. 'Apple pie, hot chocolate, custard cream, French vanilla, raspberry ripple, chocolate fondant and coconut, please.'

Dean watched him with an open mouth. 'You will not' he told the angel, earning an eye roll and a glare.

'Can I have banana please, Dean?' piped up Castiel politely. 'In a bowl, not a cone.'

'Sure' grinned Dean. He turned back to Gabriel. 'You can have three flavours, that's it.'

Gabriel huffed and went back to the menu. 'Chocolate fondant, raspberry and strawberry.'

Sam gave him a look and a raised eyebrow. Gabriel huffed again.

'Please' he finished.

Sam signalled for the waiter, who bounded along to their table with a huge fake smile plastered on his face, in his multi coloured uniform.

'What can I get for you guys?' he asked, all white smiles. Castiel giggled.

'Can I have three scoops of apple pie, two vanilla in a bowl, chocolate fondant, raspberry and strawberry and...'

'Mint chocolate chip' Sam finished their order and leaned backwards in his seat.

Castiel shimmied up the bench he and Dean were sharing opposite Sam and Gabriel and put his head on Dean's shoulder.

'What's up, kiddo?' asked Dean, putting an arm around the angel.

'Nothing' mumbled Cas, smiling. 'I like the rain.'

Dean huffed at the randomness the eight year old was coming out with, smiling.

It didn't take long for the ice cream to come out.

'Wow!' cried Cas, reaching for his bowl. Along with ice cream came a huge array of sprinkles and cream, ranging from chocolate to strawberry to pistachio.

Cas immediately went for the rainbow sprinkles, grabbing the round glass jar with holes in the top. With a massive grin on his face, he shook the jar as hard as he could over his ice cream.


Dean was too late. The lid of the jaw flew off, landing in Gabriel's bowl, throwing ice cream into the older angels face. Castiel's ice cream was covered, the yellow banana cream coated in rainbow coloured sprinkles.

Dean however, along with Sam, was doubled up in laughter looking at the younger angels face. Where there was still some moisture from the rain outside, the sprinkles had stuck to his face in clumps, dangling from his wet black hair and in his eyebrows.

'Oh hang on!' Sam choked, grabbing his phone out of his pocket. 'I gotta get a picture of this!'

As the younger Winchester snapped away, Dean grabbed a napkin and started to wipe the sprinkles off Cas's face.

Cas licked his lips, pushing out his tongue as far as it would go to catch as many sprinkles as he could.

'Yummy!' he cried, grabbing his spoon and digging into his ice cream.

Gabriel mixed up his own ice cream, now spattered with sprinkles, tipping the bowl up and sucking up the liquid as the ice cream melted. 'Mmmm'

Dean ate his before it melted, though by the end he decided he liked actual apple pie better than the ice cream variety. Sam ate his happily, licking it off his hand as it dripped down his spoon.

Dean craned his neck to look outside, noting it was still raining. He sighed.

Sam stood up to pay the bill, Castiel still tipping his bowl up to suck at the remnants.

'You like that?' asked Dean, tipping the last dregs of his own ice cream into Castiel's bowl, the angel happily licking at it.

The look on Sam's face made Dean think he'd seen a demon. As the younger Winchester approached, Dean actually reached for the gun he'd tucked into the back of his pants.

'Dude, we are so not coming back here.' Hissed Sam as they walked out. 'This place is waaay over our pay-grade.'

Dean barked a laugh, ruffling his brothers hair. As the rain started again, Dean looked at the two angels.

'Race you back to the motel'

Gabriel and Castiel raced off, Dean giving them five seconds before following.

Sam followed leisurely behind. The younger Winchester certainly knew one thing for sure.

One of 'em was going to puke.

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