Chapter 15: The Freaky Friday

Matt couldn't believe his own eyes...well they weren't really his eyes. How had this happened? He was in Stefan's body...But that meant...

"Oh God, no." Matt breathed. That meant Stefan was in his body and free to wreak havoc as he pleased.

"Glad you'e awake finally." Matt could recognize that condescending, bitchy voice anywhere.

"Katherine." He grunted. He didn't know when exactly she'd entered the room, but she was there, lounging in a chair across from the slab he was currently chained down to.

"Of course I'm here, Matt" She uttered the last word with a laugh, slowly rising from her chair to graze a finger down his arm. Matt shuddered at her touch.

"What have you done to me Katherine?" He spat with as much venom as his chained down body could exert.

"Me? I did nothing to you. I'm not a witch, remember?" Katherine said, clearly pissed off.

"I can't do anything to make you and Stefan's souls switch bodies. I don't have that kind of power." She was practically fuming now. Matt could hear her heels clicking on the hard stone floor of the cellar.

"I, however, do have that authority" Bonnie said as she slid into Matt's line of vision. Matt's gasp was highly audible, echoing off the walls of the chamber.

"B-Bonnie?" He managed to sputter out.

"Yes Matt, or should I say Stefan?" Bonnie smiled at him.

"What have you done, Bonnie?" Matt asked, trying to sound as strong as possible.

"Little judgy witch over here decided to play Martyr, just not with her own life!" Katherine's glare looked like daggers ready to stab Bonnie at any second.

"I'm sorry Matt" Was all he could hear Bonnie mutter.

"Bon, what's going on? Why did you switch us?" Matt needed to know what was going on. He needed to find Nina. He needed to save everyone from who they thought was him.

"You, you started to feed on Elena, Matt. You were yelling hysterically, saying Nina was attacking, but when we looked over, it was you crouched over her body. I tried to get you to stop, but you wouldn't." Bonnie was full on crying now, her body shaking with every choked sob.

"So I did the only thing I could, I incapacitated you with magic. But we all focused our attention on you, which meant Stefan got away. And we couldn't let him get away Matt, we couldn't. He was going to resurrect Klaus. So I did a body switching spell, because at least we had you knocked out..." Bonnie's sobbing was practically taking over now. Matt could see Katherine rolling her eyes.

"And I, I don't know why but when I switched you guys... You, or I guess Stefan in your body really, woke up and, and, finished Elena off!" Bonnie collapsed to the cellar floor. Matt could barely hear what she said next.

"And that was it, that was the last straw for Damon. He took the stake and drove it through Stefan's, or really your, heart." Bonnie had stopped sobbing now, only letting hot tears stream down her face.

"And so now your stuck in Stefan's body. Dear old Elena is dead. And I'm stuck looking at the body of the man I loved, without him actually in it." Matt could have sworn he saw Katherine's eyes glisten with tears.

"So what do I do now?" Matt said to no one in particular.

"Well, first things first, we need to make sure you aren't going to go on a psychotic blood-sucking rampage again." Bonnie said, trying to sound as calm as she could.

"Right. How do we do that exactly?"

"With a little help from me." Nina came barging into the room, ignoring the death glares she received from Katherine. She wrapped her arms around his neck and he felt tears roll down his cheek from her face.

"I'll of course be willing to help too." Matt saw Caroline enter the room tentatively.

"Anything to help my great Aunt." She smiled and slung an arm around Nina. Matt couldn't help but smile back. It was weird to think that everything had changed so much in the past few weeks.

"So Matt, do you think you can control yourself for a little?" Bonnie said, her eyes shining with unshed tears and hope. Just as Matt was about to nod, Katherine spoke.

"Not to interrupt this little happy fest, but I'd rather be sacrificed in a Klaus-style ritual then listen to all of this sappy nonsense." And with that, Katherine sped out of the room.

"Good riddance." Matt muttered.

"Amen to that" Nina said smiling down at him.

Bonnie and Caroline removed his cuffs and let him stand up. He might not have technically been himself, but he hadn't been all-American, wholesome, jock Matt in a long time. Maybe this would be a new beginning for him. Grabbing Nina's hand and putting an arm around Caroline and Bonnie, he walked out of the cellar, off to a new life where maybe he'd finally be put first.

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