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Genre: Romance, Mystery, Drama, Horror(just abit), Hurt&Comfort, Supernatural, Angst

Paring 1st SetoxYami/YugixNeko

Paring 2nd Yami/YugixNekoxBakura(Later on)

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Chapter 1: Blood

It was a dark night as it was raining very hard as Kaiba Seto was working on his laptop as he was in his bedroom as he'd wasn't alone though. Yami and Yugi was there as he was on Seto's bed cuddled up with their girl who was so very cute and very beautiful too. She was sleeping so peacefully in his arms as she'd didn't move from his side as Yami and Yugi just smiles at her all lovingly. Her name is Neko no last name she is so very fucking beautiful that both Yugi/Yami and Seto fight over her but all playful though but Neko loves them both. The rain keeps on going as it falls even more hard soon Yami and Yugi hears the sound of thunder coming now. Just then Yami heard Neko's cell go off but she'd didn't bother to wake up to answer it as Neko kept on sleeping as Yami/Yugi answered her phone for her. Yami heard heavy breathing and then after that he'd heard a loud bang in the background and then the phone went dead. As soon as he'd puts Neko's phone away Neko on the other hand was crying tears of blood as she'd slept. Yami and Yugi looked at her and were worried as they saw that so they called Seto over and he'd came to his bed where they were laying or sitting on as Seto was abit tired but it didn't matter to him. Seto saw Neko crying as she was crying tears of blood as she'd kept on sleeping not even bothering to wake up Seto looked at Yugi and sighs as Yugi/Yami sighs abit too but all worried as they watched Seto go to their Neko. Seto all of sudden reached out to her but all carefully and gently he'd then holds Neko in his arms as Seto said not again and sighs.

~Next day~

~It was nice Fall Winter day~

Neko was playing Duel Monsters with Jououchi-kun as Neko was so winning as she'd was smiling so very happily.

"Hey Yug! Why is your girl beating the crap out of me?!" Jououchi replied with a laugh.

"Will I told you not to duel her Jououchi-kun but did you listen? No" Yami replied as he'd laughs and watches them duel.

Yami's aibou Yugi was smiling as he'd too was watching them duel but then without warning Neko passed out onto the classroom floor. Yugi and Yami where by her side in a flash as both Jououchi-kun and Honda-kun went to go get the school nurse. Yami was so shock to see that Neko passed out like that so they stayed with her as Yugi was so worried about her too. They were so very lucky that Seto didn't come to school with them today because he'll be like what the fuck! Neko then opened her eyes slowly and smiled warmly at them as if nothing happen after that she'd then slowly gets up but Yugi/Yami told her not to get up just yet. Neko looked up at them and then without warning cried tears of blood again.

"I'm going to die tonight" Neko replied all sadly as she'd looks at Yugi/Yami.

After Neko said that to them Yugi and Yami were like what the hell as Neko's tears of blood didn't stop Yami then went up to her and pulled her into their arms. Yami/Yugi then told Neko that wasn't going to happen to her but she'd told him that she'd saw it in her dream just now when she'd was passed out awhile ago. Yami and Yugi looked at her as the tears of blood didn't stop falling as that scared both Yugi and Yami just then Seto came in and saw Neko crying her tears of blood again as he'd sighs and goes to them.

Seto carried Neko out of the Nurse's room and then out of their school as some of their classmates looks at them as Seto leaned them to his limo. Seto told the driver to take them home and not the hospital why because they couldn't do that anyways because Seto and Yugi/Yami knew what their Neko was so it out of the question. Seto was holding Neko on their drive home as Yami and Yugi were watching them but mostly Neko as once they got home Yami/Yugi got out of the limo first and then Seto who was carrying Neko as they walked to the front door to their home.

Suddenly without warning Neko was feeling sick that she'd went and coughed up blood now as that scared the crap out of both Seto and Yugi/Yami as Yugi opens the door and Seto goes in carrying Neko up the stairs to his and Yugi/Yami's bedroom. Seto and Yugi/Yami looked at Neko and they were like fuck as Seto went and place her into his bed as he'd told Yugi to watch over her and Yugi and Yami did. After about a few minutes Neko open her eyes slowly and looked around and then spotted Yugi and she'd slowly tried to smile at him but then without warning she'd coughed up blood in it's place as she'd then moans in pain. Seto came over to the bed and sat down and he'd gently picked her up and place her onto his lap, Neko looked at Seto but then look back at Yugi, she'd looks so weak to Yugi/Yami that tears came falling down their face so slowly, Seto looks at Yugi.

"Are you okay Yugi?" Seto asked as he'd holds Neko more.

"Huh? Oh yea I am okay Kaiba" Yami replied as he'd wipes the tears away and went and sit next to Seto on the bed.

Seto gently place Neko's head on his right shoulder as she'd slowly lays her head there, Seto then tells Neko to go and bite him and drink his blood and Neko looks up at him and softly and cutely.

"N-no I can't do it I don't want to" Neko replied all so sickly.

"Neko do it now or you'll going to die!" Seto yelled all worried for her.

Once Seto said that both Yugi and Yami were surprise to hear that because that's what Neko said at school that she'd was going to die but it wasn't tonight it was when Seto came and got them, Neko tried to pull away from Seto but she was way to weak. Neko hadn't been drinking blood from them in like four to six weeks all she'd been eating was nothing but human food and drinks, she'd stop drinking human blood because she'd loves human food so that's why she'd stop drinking blood. Both Yami and Yugi would kept on telling Neko to drink their blood so they would fight abit about it to would like this between Yami/Yugi and Neko.

"Neko please you need to some blood" Yami replied as Yugi agrees with Yami.

"No Yugi-kun I won't drink blood" Neko replied.

As Yugi and Yami remembers that Seto on the other hand was trying to made Neko drink his blood, Yugi then saw that and got so very worried towards Neko, Yugi looks at his other self and ask.

"Why is Neko-chan not drinking our blood or Kaiba-kun's?" Yugi asked all worried.

"I don't know aibou" Yami answered Yugi back as he was too was worried.

Just then both Yami and Yugi heard a soft but loud ow coming from Seto's side and sure enough it was Neko as she'd bite him hard on his neck as she'd drunk Seto's blood as Seto moans.

Neko's P.O.V

As I drank Seto-kun's blood but I didn't want to but he'd told me to and if I didn't then I'll die and that's not cool I didn't want to die so I drank Seto-kun's blood. I was now feeling much better as I was now resting on his chest and it felt so soft and warm. I looked around abit and I saw Yami Yugi-kun I know it's silly of me to call him that when his partner is spirit of the Millennium Puzzle but I don't care I love them both. Suddenly I felt Seto-kun's right arm wrapped around my waist as he'd pulls me close as that made me blush so badly, Seto-kun then goes and licks my lips that still has his blood on it and I badly again after that he goes and holds me more.

End of Neko's P.O.V

Yami and Yugi watched Seto do that to cute Neko as Seto licks Neko's soft and gentle lips that had his blood on them and then holds her close. Yami/Yugi looks at Neko and saw that she was blushing all cutely but then he saw that she was trying to hide it from them and it was so cute. Yugi and Yami went over to them and once Yugi got there Seto went and grab him. Now Seto had both Yugi/Yami and Neko with him as Seto was holding them and wasn't going to let them go. Both Neko and Yugi/Yami look so cute in Seto's arms as Seto holds them close as they both Neko and Yugi/Yami blush so very cute but then there came a knock at Seto's bedroom door.

Seto yelled gently come in and there came his cute baby brother Mokuba as Mokuba looked at them but then at Neko. Mokuba loved Neko very much she'd was like a mother and sister to him as he'd came in and once he'd came in he'd ran to Neko and his big brother Seto as Seto let him. Mokuba hugged Neko tight.

"Are you alright?" Mokuba asked all worried as he'd hugs Neko more tight.

I guess he'd heard from Jououchi that Neko passed out at school today and Mokuba got so very worry about Neko as she'd was a mother and sister to him.

"Mokuba it's okay Neko-chan well be alright" Yugi replied as looks at Mokuba as Yami agrees with Yugi on that.

Mokuba nobs his head and keeps on hugging Neko as Neko only just smiles at him as Seto just sighs as Yugi and Yami smile too.

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