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In the four months that followed that encounter order had been restored to the team. They had apologised for words that they had said and hugs and handshakes were given out. They had rebuilt their friendships and worked as a team once again under Stella's rule. That was, after she had locked them all in the conference room and refused to let them leave until they all made up with each other.

Everyone had gone home and Stella was ready to collapse on her bed and sleep but Flack was keeping her in her office, technically taking her hostage.

'Flack why are you keeping me here?' Stella demanded

'You'll see Bonasera just be patient'

'If you don't tell me right now I will shoot you'

'No need'

She noticed Mac striding over to them he looked a little nervous and she was hoping Flack would punch him but instead he walked over and tapped him on the shoulder and they nodded to each other before Don crept out of the office. Mac never raided his head and shuffled uncomfortably Stella noticed that he was casually dressed in dark jeans, a half buttoned up black shirt with either a white vest or shirt on underneath and smart black shoes.

I didn't know marines dressed like that he looks nice...oh Stella for god sake get a grip...

'What do you want?' she demanded

'I...Erm...Look Stella, I came to say that I am so sorry for the way that I acted before it was totally uncalled for and unnecessary and completely out of line and I know I upset you. Truth is I was hurting because you left and I still am and I chose the wrong way to express my feelings and I apologise for what I said.' He was close to tears and it shocked Stella she walked over to him and raised his chin and looked into his eyes and saw the hurt in them and it was like a knife cutting through her heart.

'It's ok I didn't realise how much it affected you and yes you were a complete ass but it was understandable. Words are said and you can't take them back but you can't keep living in the past so lets forgive and forget and start afresh as friends. We've known each other too long and been through too much together to throw it all away now.' He nodded and they wrapped their arms around each other

'I would have come sooner but I was scared that you would have shot me if I came anywhere near you so I called Don.'

'Ah yes, If I have my way he will be directing traffic for the next month for this' he snorted and squeezed her hand lightly

'Wanna grab a coffee before I have to head back?'

'Yeah but I haven't drank coffee since the eyeball incident so I'll have a tea please.' He laughed again

'Whatever Bonasera'

Flack accompanied them to the coffee shop and had a burning question of his own on behalf of the team and himself.

'Mac can I ask you something?' he asked


'The team and I were wondering...erm..Mac come back to the lab we miss you and Stella's such a bossy boss' Mac was stunned he looked at Stella

'Does this question apply to you as well?' he asked

'Yes and fyi Don, I'm not bossy I'm authoritative'


C L I F F H A N G E R ! ! ! what will Mac say? Terrible chapter I know but I needed to get all of this mushy wushy stuff outta the way before I can get into the action...woops *SPOILER* hehehe

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