A/N: Hello! This drabble, like the others, is based on a prompt (a song: "Drumming Song" by Florence + The Machine) someone gave me. I hope you enjoy it! Also, "Doe" is an affectionate name for Dorcas Meadowes :)

Disclaimer: All characters belong to JKR.

"Oh, stop your fussing, Lily," Marlene yelled over the cheering of the crowd. "It's the last match! Show some House spirit!"

But Lily crossed her arms begrudgingly, resenting Marlene and Doe for dragging her out to the Quidditch field. It didn't help that Lily was already in a bad mood. She had been since Thursday, when Professor Slughorn asked them to brew Amortentia for their final and once more, just like the first time she brewed it half a year ago, the smell of it confused Lily. It smelled of many different things to her like pine and the pages of a book, but one scent prevailed over the others.


Lily spent a good amount of time thinking about what it could possibly mean. Why leather, of all things? Her desperation was such that she even attributed it to Sirius Black's stupid leather jacket, but only for two seconds before dismissing that as the most ridiculous thought.

The crowd's cheers broke her out of her reverie as the announcer, a burly fifth year, introduced the Gryffindor team. "Corner…Walker…Thomas…Graye…Black…and the Gryffindor Quidditch Captain, Potter!"

Lily saw him, shooting into the field on his broom, only stopping to wave at the throngs of cheering Gryffindors. His eyes scanned the sea of scarlet and gold briefly and when he saw her, he did a double take, as if he wasn't expecting to see her there. Meeting her eyes, he gave her a small side smirk before flying off to the center of the field to start the game. And there it was again- the stupid drumming she heard as her senses went array whenever she saw him.

"Oh my," Doe said twenty minutes into the match when a Ravenclaw Chaser missed the Quaffle and it hit him square on the shoulder.

"I bet it didn't hurt," Marlene said dismissively. "Those Quaffles are only made out of leather. It's those bloody Bludgers they ought to look out for."

Lily's drumming heart stopped altogether. Those Quaffles are only made out of leather. As if automatically, she looked up to see James throwing the red ball with enough precision and strength that the Ravenclaw Keeper stood no chance in stopping it.

Lily scowled when the drumming began again, more erratic than ever before.

Damn it.