Hi - This was my entry in the "I'm With The Band O/S Contest" hosted by Wayward Pushers back in October, 2010. I decided to turn it into a mini-fic and post it in a total of five chapters. One chapter will post each day for five days.

My Prompt for the story was: "Where words fail, music speaks."

This story is Rated: M; Pairing: Edward / Bella

Summary: By a chance meeting at a concert, Bella found and fell in love with her soul mate. But what happens when her perfect weekend with a budding rock star turns out to be just a sordid weekend fling? What happens when, five years later, she comes face to face with him again?

Disclaimer: All Twilight characters belong solely to Stephenie Meyer. The original plot belongs solely to me.

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All songs mentioned in this story are by the rock group, The Whigs. No copyright infringement is intended. I have taken the liberty to "rename" one of their songs, "Kill Me, Carolyne", to "Kill Me, Isobel", for plot development purposes. I also mention their songs, "Hundred Million", "So Lonely", "In the Dark", and "Dying", and reprint a portion of the lyrics of each song in my story. The lyrics are the sole property of The Whigs and/or their music publisher and the song writer. No copyright infringement is intended by my use of their work. This is simply a plot tool. Their words do not belong to me! All songs mentioned in this story can be found on The Whig's CD – "In The Dark", published in 2010. I don't own, or have any claim, on their music.
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If you follow me on Twitter you may have seen pictures of my lovely daughter taken with the lead singer and the drummer of The Whigs when we met them at a concert in Charlotte. They were the opening act for, who else, the Kings of Leon!

Title: Rewind

Chapter 1

Seattle, Washington, Thursday, December 30, 2010

"Bella, please!" Alice's voice had that whiny quality that I found both cringe-worthy and compelling at the same time. "We really want you to come with us. This will be our last chance to see the Kings for a long time. Now that you've got that book deal you're gonna be traveling all over the country becoming famous."

Alice, Rose and I had known each other since I moved to New York City five years ago and answered an ad they had placed for a roommate. After graduating from the University of Washington, I got a job as a junior assistant editor at a major publishing house, while writing my 'Epic Novel' in my free time. Within the space of three weeks I'd received an advance on my book, quit my job, and was now a free agent. I could finally devote myself to a full time writing career. Alice was a marketing assistant, working her way up to the position of buyer, at Neiman Marcus, and Rosalie worked in finance on Wall Street. Even though we came from three vastly different backgrounds, we had soon become best friends. None of us were native New Yorkers. I came from the small town of Forks, Washington; Alice from Chicago; and Rose from Los Angeles. Each year, we spent the week between Christmas and New Year's Day in one of our respective home towns. This year, we were in Seattle, the closest large city to Forks.

"Alice, give it a rest," Rosalie told her snippily. "If she doesn't want to come we can't force her!"

My heart was waging a war with my head, and my head was winning until Alice pulled out the big guns: Puppy-dog eyes. Just like that, my defenses fell like the Walls of Jericho. She could see the capitulation as it registered in my eyes.

With much hemming and hawing, I finally muttered, "All right, Alice. You win! I'll go to the concert."

Alice clapped her hands with glee and did a little happy dance around my small hotel room as she sang, "We're gonna have some fun."

Still a little peeved at being coerced into doing something, I stated crossly, "I said I'd go; I didn't say anything about having fun."

"But you will!" Alice, ever the optimist, insisted, her dark, spiky hair fanning out in fashionable disarray around her face. "In all the time we've known you, you've never gone to a concert with us, and I know you love the Kings of Leon as much as we do. It will be impossible not to have fun!"

Not willing to be cajoled into a better mood right away, I stated sourly, "Nothing's impossible."

Rosalie gave a snort before saying, "Suck it up, Swan, you're going and that's that. Whether or not you have a good time is entirely up to you. Someday you're going to have to just let go of the past and not let it rule your life. In the meantime, don't rain on my parade. I plan on having an awesome time."

I begrudgingly acknowledged that Rose was right. I couldn't let one bad experience from years ago cast a shadow over my life forever.

Thanks to Rose's considerable feminine wiles, she'd managed to score all-access passes to the concert from the opening band's bassist. They'd met at a Starbucks of all places. I had to admit my heart was fluttering at the thought of having pit passes and backstage passes to a Kings of Leon concert! Alice was right about one thing - I loved KOL with a passion.

The concert started at seven-thirty, but Rose wanted to get there early. It seemed she had been quite taken with the bassist, too. In her words, he had "the sexiest blue eyes this side of anywhere, and muscles that were drool-worthy!" Her comments had piqued my curiosity because Rose was so gorgeous, we were used to guys falling all over themselves to impress her; seldom was she smitten in return. This guy I had to see.

Alice gave me a quick wink as she commented to Rose, "Hey, maybe your bass guy can introduce me to a friend."

Rose wasn't buying it. "Alice Brandon, don't you dare try to horn in on my territory. Hot-bass guy is mine!"

"Hey," Alice retorted with mock indignation, "I wouldn't dream of trying to steal your guy. What kind of friend do you think I am?"

"There's a first time for everything, especially since you haven't seen him yet." Rose was still giving her the semi-stink eye.

Alice just laughed at her. We all knew they were just joking around. Well, Alice was just joking around, anyway.

I was ready by three-thirty that afternoon and waiting in the lobby of the hotel, leafing through a magazine, when Alice and Rosalie joined me at a quarter to four. We had just enough time to grab an early dinner, before hailing a cab for Key Arena.

The excitement of the crowd at the entry gate was contagious and soon I was as psyched for the show as Rose and Alice. It had been years, five and a half years to be precise, since I had been to a concert, and that long since I had seen the Kings of Leon in person. I forced myself to not think about that concert; this was a new day and I was a different person now. As my mind cleared of the past, my anticipation grew. I was bouncing on my toes with eagerness when the gates finally opened at six.

We showed our passes to the security guard and were escorted to the floor. We quickly found a spot as close to the front as possible and waited for the start of the first show. We talked excitedly between ourselves and with a few of the fans standing closest to us, exchanging concert tales and experiences. I was quiet when it came to sharing experiences; I had no desire to relive my most vivid concert memory. I had shared my story a long time ago with Rose and Alice. I didn't want to share it with strangers. Luckily, no one noticed my lack of contribution, and the conversation flowed easily.

"Have you guys heard this opening group?" one of the girls standing next to Rosalie asked. I think she said her name was Jessica. I saw Rose immediately perk up, and she started to bristle.

"Yeah, we've heard of them," Rose answered carefully, eying her warily.

"Well," Jessica continued in her nasally, valley-girl voice, "I can tell you that they're totally awesome! I saw them last month in L.A., and totally freaked out over the lead singer and guitarist. He is like, totally one of the best guitarists ev-ah; like, on par with Eddie Van Halen. And have you seen his picture? OMG! Totally freaking gorgeous! And, oh my God! Can he ever sing!"

I saw the strain leave Rose's face when she realized that Jessica wasn't interested in the bass player, and her friendly mood returned, even though she cringed a little each time Jessica said the word 'totally'.

"Well, actually, we'd never heard of them until this morning." Rose didn't divulge that she had personally met the bass player. "This will be the first time we've heard their music. I think their band is called Edge, is that right?"

"Yeah, that's right. It's from their initials- Eddie, Jasper, and Emmett - E. J. E., pronounced Edge. I guess they're like brothers, too. That is so totally clever, don't you think? You see the logo on the drum set that the roadies are setting up?" We all looked toward the stage. The logo was a capital E, turned right, another capital E, turned backward, with a capital J between them, with the cross bar at the top of the J level with the middle leg of the Es with the curled part hanging below.

"You're right. That is a clever acronym," I commented. Alice and Rose nodded their agreement. The logo was simple and straight-forward, and the name was unpretentious. I hoped their music was the same.

Jessica continued, "The lead guitarist also writes most of their stuff, at least the lyrics. He is like, so totally talented. The rest of the guys help with writing the music." She dug an iPod out of her pocket and handed the ear buds to us. "Here, give a listen. This is my favorite song of theirs. It's called "Kill me, Isobel."

Rose picked up one ear bud, while Alice and I shared the other as she hit play. The opening bars were simple, but catchy, and the drum beat made you want to move with the music.

"Oooo, I like this," Alice gushed. "I want to meet this drummer."

Rose and I snorted at the same time. Alice had a thing for drummers. She said there was something so sexy about a man that could use his hands independently while still keeping perfect rhythm. We knew what she meant.

We listened to a short portion of the song after the vocals began. I couldn't hear the lead singer clearly, as I was sharing an ear bud, but I really liked the masculine cadence to his voice.

We handed the iPod back to Jessica who carefully placed it back in her pocket. Then she leaned toward us, looking cautiously around, like she was planning to divulge national secrets or something.

"Now, I don't know how much of this is true and how much is just gossip, but they say the lead singer wrote a lot of the songs on this new CD like, four or five years ago, after a totally bad breakup. This is the band's second CD and they say Eddie was so totally destroyed when his girlfriend walked out on him that he couldn't put any of those songs on the first CD." Jessica looked at each of us in turn, waiting for us to comment. Alice spoke up first.

"Oh, that's kind of sad," Alice always had a tender heart and could empathize with anyone.

Rose nodded her agreement as I chimed in, "Maybe this album is kind of a catharsis for his soul."

Jessica looked at me blankly, before simply nodding her head. I could see Rosalie struggling to hide a smirk as she simply looked at Jessica with a touch of pity.

"Anyhoo," Jessica continued, "I've heard that he ends every show by telling this girl that he still loves her. I heard him do it myself at the concert in Los Angeles. Can you imagine?"

"I guess he must still love her a lot." Alice answered. "Did you say they broke up five yearsago?"

"Yeah, that's what the gossip sites say," Jessica confirmed.

Well, I could certainly sympathize with him. Suddenly the house lights dimmed and we moved up as close as we could get to the stage. Rose wasn't above using her drop-dead looks to get guys to move aside and let her in front of them. One swing of her long, blond hair and a bat of her blue eyes and guys usually fell at her feet. Alice and I were happy to tag along, reaping the rewards of our friend's persuasive abilities with the opposite sex.

The lights were suddenly doused completely and a single guitar note reverberated throughout the stadium. Strobe lights began to flash and multicolored flood lights bathed the stage. We saw two figures run from stage right. One grabbed the bass, while the other jumped behind the drums. As the guitar note continued to shake the rafters, the drummer began a beat that was quickly picked up by the bassist, and bright white spotlights focused on their figures. I heard almost simultaneous gasps of "Oh my God" from both Rose and Alice as they beheld the two musicians on stage.

As the music continued to swell around us, the guitarist started picking out the opening notes, the re-verb from the speakers pounding through my chest. I saw another figure walking slowly from stage right, head down while his hands plucked out a jarring rhythm on the guitar slung low across his lanky body. The applause was deafening as he was welcomed to the stage. With his back to the audience, he nodded first to the drummer and then the bass player. When the beat picked up, he turned to face us and stepped up to the mic. The main spotlight flashed brightly, illuminating his handsome face as he began to sing...

"Shock me into town, everybody wants to take me down..."

Shock! Yes, that's what I felt. Total shock! I couldn't move; I couldn't breathe. All I could do was stare at the face I hadn't seen in five and a half long years: Stare and remember...

. - . - . - . - . - . - . - . - . - .

A/N – This will be a very short story – only five chapters. Little bit of angst, but it's over pretty quickly. Please remember, this story was written originally as a one shot, so the whole story was told at once. I probably could have fleshed it out a little more, especially in EPOV, but I just didn't want to write all that angst!

Hope you enjoy the story. Chapter 2 will be posted tomorrow afternoon.

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