Harry was running from a large group of Slytherins all because he managed to survive the first 2 tasks and would go be first to enter the maze. They wanted to make sure he never reached the maze. He was well ahead of them but he knew the main stair well would be blocked and he had no way to get help.

He was thankful for the perfect bathroom and Cedric giving him the password. He stood in front of the door. " pine fresh." The door didnt open.

A figure appered " i am sorry there are females in the bathrooms you are not allowed in sorry."

Theer was a roar as they spotted him the figure did to " my life depends on it let me in please i dont want to die."

The figure looked she wouldnt let him until one of the Slytherins souted " your dead Potter hear me dead when we got ahold of you."

The painting opened he scurried in and it slammed shut behind me. He heard girls scream he then heard Fleurs voice. " i thought said boys couldnt get in here."

He covered his eyes and felt around for a towel and placed it over his eyes. The figure spoke up for him and whoever else was in here. " a large group of slytherin boys where trying to do harm to him. I let him in to keep him safe as you can see he hasnt seen anything."

There was banging on the door and it shock. " girls get dressed i am afraid they will break in."

He Heard them get dressed with some spells one of them ripped the towl off his face. " we need your help Harry."

He opened his eyes he notcied Fleur was in here along with Penelople head girl along with Tonks and also some other french students. The figure spoke up " i will get some teachers to help and maybe put a end to this madness."

Harry nodded his head he decided to show his true knowledge and strength. " alright girls i need you to change some things into animals. No simple first year spells aim to hurt and knock out because they will do them same. " They got to work " dobby winky." The two house elves came before him " I Harry James Potter call the house elves into my service and to serve my family if they so expect."

The two house elves agreed he placed a hand on there heads and his magic took hold in them. " I need you to defend your new master against some evil wizards but doing what ever you can do." Harry saw it give a little " girls have your animals attack as soon as they enter and fire before they can swarm us let the bodies block the door way."

It crashed in and they saw it was Slytherins and some Durmstang boys. They fired and the animals attacked. They fired off spells as fast they could and werent trying to kill them. Until one of the students yelled the killing curse and nailed one of the french students. " change of tatics dont hold back give it everything you got."

Harry was firing off spells he learned this year well ahead of his years. He took some of the water out of the bath and started to shot ice shards at them. They where climbing over bodies and some on the other side of the wall where casting summoning charms to get them out of the way. Harry gathered his strength and unleashed a high wind powered spell. It cleared the door way and took out a whole bunch in front of the doors.

One of the girls created a mist spell abunch of people entered it he hit with a lighting spell a lot of them fell. They didnt learn they kept coming " wink go find a buncch of boggarts and unleash them in the hall."

She vanished and 3 minutes later there where screams and the advancement stopped. " dobby i am sure some of the chess pieces are still down where i told you they where. Go get them."

He brought a few that werent destroyed the girls got it and animated them. The advancement started again. The chess pieces took alot of them out before they where destroyed. The hall went quiet no more screams just dead silence there was footsteps they where prepared but it was not needed for the headmaster walked in.

Harry sighed in relief " Harry i am more most impressed with you here today. You led your team to victory when you where far outnumbered. But why did you start to kill them? They could have been redeemed."

He pointed to the French girl " we knew they where blinded and needed to be brought to justice. But when i saw them kill her i knew this wasnt a game where one or a bunch of us would end up in the hospital we would up 6 feet under."

Dumbeldore smiled " thats what i wanted to hear Harry you know when its time to kill and when it isnt i didnt want you to learn this lesson for a while." he looked around " Harry i can sense you cast some sercious high powered spells. How is this possible?"

" I hide behind bad grades and my laid back attiude i want the enemy when they meet me to under estimate me." He walked over to the headmaster leaned up and whispered in his ear. " This is me just barely grasping my power imagine what i could do when i really try."

Headmaster chcukled " girls you also did well and assassiting Mr. Potter. The painting told me you guys worked well together. You even managed some spells in tandem without a signal."

Fleur couldnt hold in any longer " what took you so dam long to get up here we could have been dead by the time you got up here."

Headmaster sighed " Slytherins are known to be cunning and sly. they bobbied trapped the hall way so no one could get up here fast and also warded the stairways so we had to take time to break them down and ran into more traps and students. There goal was to slow us down but they didnt last long against trained teachers."

Harry was shocked they really wanted to kill him. " dobby winky." they came " you did well i thank you." he tossed them a gallon a piece " go buy a treat and some material to make some proper clothes for yourselves."

They took it without complaint and was gone " i see Harry you used two house elves to help you in your fight most wizards wouldnt have done that."

He smirked and walked over and put a arm around Fleur and Tonks " i fought with a veela and a metamorphgus what makes you think i wouldnt fight with a couple of loyal house eleves."

" Harry you will go far if you keep up your attiude of equaltiy among the spieces." he sighed " now i think its time for you to get to bed and rest up you had a rough day ahead of you tommorow you have the third task."

Fleur and him groaned and headed off by the time word got aound the next day of what happened they where shocked. They looked over and saw the Slytherin table was empty expect for a selecet few including Krum. Him and Fleur hung out until the task going over last minute spells to use they didnt use magic trying to rest up from last night.

Finally the time came for the task to start Harry entered the maze and took off. He was going for a half hour when one path over he heard a scream he doubled back. It was Fleur she was facing down Krum. " you should have died last night."

It was good thing he was behind Krum he stunned him Fleur looked and beamed at Harry " thanks..." He hit her with a leg lock curse and ran past her because he saw the cup.

She cursed at him in French and forgot to undo the spell he reached the cup he saw Cedric struggling along anther path with a spider. He sighed and grabbed the cup this would end it and they would save him. Harry though was whisked away he looked around and it was a graveyard. " capture him."

He saw a spell fly towards his head he ducked and fired back. He saw a large cauldron on a giant fire. He cast a silent but strong tiping spell the cauldron spelled over and he heard twins screams and a black mist raise out of some baby. There was anther body he ran over and it was Pettigrew with third degree burns. He bound him and stunned him he grabbed him and summoned the cup.

It brought him back to the begining of the maze where the rest of the competiors where. They where shocked when Harry arrived with anther body and gasped when they saw the face. Amelia Bones who was watching the event due to last nights events and Krum actions came forward. " i will take him Harry."

He nodded " madam you may want to look at Mad eye he was the last to touch the cup and thats what brought me to the graveyard where i found him. It also contained some wierd baby thing with the soul of Voldmort in it i dont know what that was about."

Amelia was taken back in shock " I ran into one of those before if a wizard is a shade because they used a Horocrux they can took over a body and use it until they regain there body. But that potion takes 13 years to sit to be ready and then you would need Bone of the father. Flesh of the servant and blood of the person who destroyed him."

Harry nodded " He had all that until i tipped the potion over and destroyed the baby thing and nailed him with it. So i think it best to find that graveyard and dig up Thomas Riddle Sr Voldmorts father just in case he has a back up potion."

Amelia summoned a bag Harry out the cup in it " we will look into all of this Harry and we will find his Horocruxes."

A dreamy looking student came down out of the stands " Madam you have one right in front of you." she pointed to Harry's scar.

He gasped he didnt see that one coming the crowd gasped. " i have been looking into for years how to get it out without killing him. I have been making pleas with the Minstry to have the Unspekables look at it but they refused and finally put me under restrictions not to bring it up again." Headmaster said.

Harry was mad not at the headmaster the minstry he was thinking Voldmort soul was put in there by accident. He focused his magic on it but it refused to let go and realized that way he always felt so weak his magic and body where constanly trying to push it out. " Headmaster can you call Fawkes here please."

The Phoenix didnt wait to be called it showed up with anther Phoenix like it knew his request before he did. The bird landed on his shoulder leaned down and peaked his chest and a connection went out like it did when he gained Hedwig as a familar. Speaking of her she came down and landed on his shoulder she wasnt jealous she knew this bird was going to help her master.

Headmnaster had to ask " Harry what are you going to do?"

Harry shock his head " the impossible i need you to get everyone out of here i do know what kind of damage this will do."

People scattered at those words after a while all that was left was Harry and his two familars. He closed his eyes and concertrated he entered his mind and finally came to a place where he saw a Black shadow thing trying to get in and his magic trying to push him out. Harry ended it and the creature charged in.

Harry meet the creature to fight it and he was losing but then he felt Hedwig nuzzling him that gave him strength and then he heard a Phoenix song not just from fawkes but his new pal. He also felt his pal giving him strength to use. The creture was being pushed back but Harry knew he didnt want that. He reached out with his magic to stop them.

The creature grabbed Harry and started to absorb him he knew what it felt like and was almost taken he reversed it and absorbed the creture he reached out and they started and finally the shade stopped fighting and was absorbed it and it was no more. His magic and body didnt sense the invader anymore so his magic drew back in the magic that was being used to keep it out.

Outside unknown to Harry there was a Brilliant flash of light. His magic unleashed to prevent to much power from building up. It destroyed the stands and half the maze was ripped up. His magic reached the castle and powered up the wards long since deplated. Harry opened his eyes and collopsed to the ground his body was changing because his magic needed to fix the flaws and under devolpment caused by this invader and his family.

Harry he fell to the ground unconcious but his magic created a dorm around him to protect him. No one saw him until he walked into the castle the next morning. They where shocked at his apperance. He was now 6 foot 3 inches tall well muscled and also saw the wild hair was tamed and his scar was gone.

Headmaster stepped down and greeted him " what happened ou t there last night we felt your magic reach the castle?"

He smiled " well i dont need to die to destroy the evil thing i knew i couldnt release the evil into the world. So as it was about to consume me i reversed the process and consumed it. My body used the engery that the creature had to survive the battle with my magic to fix my body and expand my core."