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Here's the timeline for this story:


Mid-April: Dean gets turned to a 3 year old

3 months later (late June): Dean is still a 3 year old

June 30- They go to the fair

July 1-8 Sam has a cold and Dean takes care of him

July 8- Sam and Dean go to the movies and find Clare

July 9- Sam and Dean get held up

July 10 *two days before John is supposed to arrive*- Sam, Dean, and Bobby go to the beach and get attacked by the demon. John saves them and takes them to another location.

This take place between the season 1 eps "Scarecrow" and "Faith"

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John took a deep breath and held a hand over the bowl, closing his eyes. Sam and Bobby looked on with trepidation as Dean stood in the center of the pentagram, trembling and sobbing. He held his right hand close to his body protectively. Small blotches of blood stained the light blue shirt Dean had on. It made Sam's stomach feel queasy.

"Daddy, pwease," Dean's voice squeaked through his tears. "Why you's do this? I thought you's woved me."

Sam and Bobby saw that John was doing his best to hold back his emotions the best he could as he focused on the spell. But they didn't miss how his Adam's Apple bobbed as he swallowed hard or the way his eyes glistened with foretelling tears. But being the stubborn hunter that he was, John easily dismissed his grief and the consequences that could happen to his own son as he recited the first part of the spell.

"Cadere et postquam tenebrae dies, sume in manu tua et sit amet ..."

Sam's and Bobby's mouths dropped as the chalk lines began to glow a luminous pale blue. Dean's eyes widened even further, making them seem unproportional to his small face.

"Sammy! Unca B!" Dean screamed, looking up at them through tears.

"It's gonna be okay, kiddo," Sam said, trying his best to keep his emotions under control. But his voice cracked as his fear broke through. There was no way of telling how this would all turn out. But he didn't want his little brother to know that. So he kept throwing comforting assurances to try to keep Dean calm. But so far, it was to of no avail. Sam's whole body trembled with the urge to just yank his brother into the safety of his arms and hold him, never letting go. But at the same time, he knew that this spell was the only possible way of getting his big brother back. As much as he loved and cared for little Dean, he found that it was difficult to cope without his older brother. There was no one around to call the shots anymore, or to tell him what to do. No one to annoy the hell out of him or blast music up so loud, he was practically deaf. As much as he complained and bitched about his older brother's lack of manners, he knew it was what made up most of the personality that made Dean. And that's what Sam loved about him. So, for the sake of getting his hero back, Sam had to let their father go on.

"Diebus truculentus lucis adducerent, ut in mea potestate. Nunc lenis huic infantem crescere usque adhuc, ut magia tua adtendens tole, parvulis frangere iuvenis quis est, spiritus est, spiritu capit."

Just then, Dean's sobbing ceased as his entire body became rigid. His mouth gaped open and began opening and closing, like a fish's. Sam's heart iced over as he realized what was happening. He tried to run forward but was stopped as Bobby forcefully held him back.

"No! Let me go!" Sam cried, tears flying from his eyes. "He can't breathe, Bobby! HE CAN'T BREATHE!"

"Sam! You gotta stop! Let the spell take its course!" Bobby tightened his grip, dragging him further from the spell area. Sam may be bigger, but Bobby was stronger.

"Damn it, Bobby!" Sam screamed. He saw Clare pacing around the perimeter of the circle, her tail raised high, back arched slightly, and her fur standing straight up. She was growling in a way Sam never thought such a tiny thing like her could. He felt a sense of pride knowing that he wasn't the only one who was disliking this plan.

"Boy, if you don't stop your damn thrashing, I will knock you out myself!" Bobby warned. At this, Sam immediately halted and just watched in horror as Dean's knees gave out from under him. The small boy then collapsed, unconscious. Sam sobbed and dropped down onto his knees, being held up by Bobby's firm hold.

"Audite verbum quod vocem tuam tollere, dimitte ex huius iuvenis, ut I adspergine patrium sermonem an puerum istum in nomine Dean. Turn in hoc puero hominem. "John concluded. At the final words, the faint glow morphed into an enormous, bright flash that filled the entire cabin. Sam and Bobby shielded their eyes from the harsh exposure and waited anxiously for the light to vanish.


By the time the light finally dissipated, Sam was already looking to the circle for any signs of his little brother. His heart caught in his throat when he didn't see him. Instead, he saw the familiar form of his big brother. All 6''1, short, spiked hair, and muscular build of him. He was lying on his back, ramrod straight, eyes closed and his face placid. Sam nearly cried out in relief, but something was seriously wrong. Dean's body was still. Too still. That sent of a million red alerts and alarm bells inside Sam's mind. Dean was like a little kid hyped up on way too much sugar. He was always moving and yapping, so seeing him so apoplectic was very unnatural to Sam.

"Nonononono!" Sam wailed, stumbling to his feet, only to fall back onto his hands and knees. So he hurriedly scurried towards his brother. John was already kneeling over him, about to check for a pulse.

"Don't touch him," Sam growled vehemently, shoving himself in between his so-called father and unconscious sibling. It was then when Sam noticed that Dean was buck-naked. The tattered remains of the clothes and shows he wore as a 4-year old was strewn around him. "Oh, Dean," he breathed, removing his jacket and laying it over Dean's body, saving him the remaining dignity he had left. John stood up and watched in silence as his youngest son tried to awaken his big brother. Bobby watched from his position where he had dragged Sam. Tears sparkled in his eyes. His mouth was formed in a tight smile. He was relieved to see that the spell had done what John intended it to do, but now he feared that it may have cost Dean's life.

"Dean. Dean, wake up," Sam whispered urgently, gently shaking his brother. Dean's head lolled side to side with each shake, but he remained dead to the world. Tears gushed from the young hunter's eyes as he continued to rouse his sibling. Clare even seemed distressed. She mewed and cautiously approached Dean's head, licking his cheek and prodding his nose with a tiny paw. But Dean showed no signs of waking up. Quickly, Sam felt for a pulse by placing two fingers underneath Dean's jaw, his own heart racing and beating faster as he found no sign that his brother was still with them. Sam next leaned over Dean and placed his ear over his mouth, but he felt no warm breaths.

"Nononono!" Sam then desperately tried CPR and chest compressions, but those failed as well.

"Damn it!" Sam cried angrily. He whipped his head to glare up at John. "What did you do to him?!"

"What do you mean what did I do to him?!" John rounded back with just as much acrimony. "I did what you wanted me to do!"

"I wanted you to turn him back to his normal age, not kill him!" By now, Sam was standing in his father's face, rising to his full height. But John wasn't intimidated. He just shoved Sam back.

"I didn't kill him, Sam!"

"Oh yeah? Then why the hell can't I feel his pulse?! Why the hell isn't he breathing?" Sam demanded.

This seemed to throw off John, for he fell silent.

Sam angrily wiped away his tears, trying not to show his father any weakness, but more flowed out anyways, so he just resolved to turning back and kneeling down behind Dean. He gently lifted Dean's head and shoulders, laying them across his lap, stroking his hair as he let his emotions take over.

Bobby watched his adopted sons with a sunken heart. He allowed the dam in his eyes to break. He looked over at John, who just stood there, staring blankly down at his lifeless son. He seemed to be lost in thought.

"Well?" Bobby said quietly to him. John looked up. "You have anything to say?"

"What do you expect me to say?" John answered. Bobby was about to yell him, but stopped when he saw the grief in John's eyes. His old friend was close to breaking, so he kept his mouth shut.

Silence fell upon the cabin, the only sounds being Sam's sobs and soft utterances to his big brother as he continued stroking Dean's hair. He had already lost his mother and girlfriend. Now he was losing the only member of his family he really cared about. If Dean left him now, he wouldn't know how to go on with his life. He wanted to leave the hunting business, but he wasn't sure if he could go back to school if he did. What was the point anymore?

Sam closed his eyes and lifted Dean's body up further so that his head was resting upon Sam's shoulder. Sam cried as he rested his head on top of his brother's, the spikey bristles of Dean's hair tickling his nose and cheek. Dean felt cold to him, but he figured the close contact would somehow allow Sam to transfer some of his own body heat into his brother, even though he knew that tactic wouldn't work. Clare was meowing in anguish, rubbing her face against Dean's limp hand.

"Sam," John began softly. Sam looked up at him through puffy red eyes. "We, ummmm...we should get Dean...out of here. We have to, burn his body."

At this, Sam's eyes widened and his grip around his big brother tightened into a possessive hold. "What? No!"

"Sam," John said through clenched teeth. "It's standard procedures and you know it!"

Sam was about to retort when he felt slight movement. He looked down at Dean in shock. It felt like the movement had come from him.

"Dean?" he whispered in awe. "Dean? Are you awake? Are you okay? Dean?"

"Mrow?" Clare climbed up onto Dean's chest and poked his nose with her paw again.

This time, Dean's face scrunched up, as if he was in pain.

Bobby and John were dumbfounded as Sam's face broke into a vast smile. He laughed in relief.

"Dean! You're alive! Are you okay?" Sam shook his brother hard, trying to rouse him from the darkness that struggled to hold onto his brother.

But Dean just moaned and moved his head, trying to clear the cobwebs from his mind. His head hurt like a bitch. There was immense pressure building up behind his eyeballs, making it feel like icicles were being jammed through them. Blood dribbled from one of his nostrils but Sam was there, catching it with the cuff of his hoodie.

"Dean? You okay?" Sam asked again, starting to panic.

"S'm'y?" Dean moaned, his eyes squinched shut. His voice was hoarse.

"I'm here, bro, I've got ya," Sam hugged him to assure him.

"Sam?" Dean's voice had a panicked edge to it. Sam nervously looked up at John and Bobby. He didn't like the way Dean sounded. It seemed like he was a bit unsure of something.

Suddenly, Dean grasped the collar of both of Sam's jacket and undershirt, nearly choking him.

"Whoa! Easy Dean!" Sam gasped, gently prying Dean's fingers off and holding his hand, giving it a comforting squeeze. "Dean?"

Dean's eyes slowly opened, and when they finally did, Sam, John, and Bobby couldn't suppress the gasps of horror that emanated from each of them.

The whole of Dean's emerald green eyes and pupils were coated in a milky white film. Dean was blind.

"What the hell?!" Sam exclaimed. He was about to demand John to explain why his brother couldn't suddenly see when Dean squeezed Sam's hand. Sam could feel him begin to tremble violently.

"S-Sam?!" Dean cried, his voice cracking with fear and confusement. "Sam! Where are you? Why can't I see anything?"

"Dean! It's okay! It's okay!" Sam tried to assure his brother, who began to squirm from his arms. But Sam held on even tighter. "Dean! You've gotta calm down now!"

"Dean!" John barked loudly in the deep voice that would normally have his oldest son halt in place and stand at attention in a matter of seconds. But not this time. Now Sam began to really worry.

"I'm sorry, Dean, but this is for your own good," Sam said, regretting what he was about to do next. He raised his right hand and swiftly brought it down across Dean's cheek. The effect of the sudden, sharp blow made Dean still as his head snapped to the left. His breathing was sawing in and out. He slowly turned his head so that his blind eyes were looking up at Sam, though he couldn't see his brother.

"Sammy? Where are you?" he moaned, a teardrop trickling from one eye. Sam gently wiped it away with his thumb.

"I'm right here, big brother," he replied, "and so are Dad and Bobby. How are you doing?"

But Dean remained silent.


Dean inhaled a shaky breath and let it out. "Sammy, I can feel your girly hands on me, so I definitely know it's you groping me and not some hot chick instead, and I really wish I could see your face. But, I think there's a new problem. I can't hear you. In fact, I can't hear anything."

That's when Sam's heart shattered to a million pieces. Not only was Dean blind, but he was deaf as well. Sam felt more tears well up in his eyes, and he did the only thing he could do at the moment. He held Dean closer to him in a hug of condolence and cried. And while he cried, he could feel Dean crying along with him soon enough.

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