Hey everyone, this is a companion piece of Nightmares (find it on my profile), but this one is told from Emmett's POV. Be sure to check out the other one. :)

I sat on my couch in my room, yet again dreading the day ahead. Alice had said someone else was coming to me, but I never relied on her too much; many things in her visions never happen. Even with Alice's little supposed ray of sunshine, I didn't feel much better after these four years. Rosalie was a far and distant memory by now, her last words always rang in my head.

"I can't believe you approved of Bella being turned. You know…"

"I know how you feel about it. You had no problem making sure I became one of you, so why can't Edward have someone...like you have me."

"I clearly don't have you anymore. You lost me when you said yes to her being turned."

Bella always felt responsible for what happened between us, but I always tell her that it's not her fault.

"Stop thinking about it Emmett. You're going to go mad." Edward whispered to me from downstairs.

"Thanks Edward. Jerk." I scoffed, to which he scoffed right back. I heard a swift tapping coming up the stairs, when Alice appeared a moment later at my door.

"May I come in?" She politely squeaked at me.

"I guess…"

She sat next to me, a huge smile on her face.

"It's today. I saw it a few seconds ago. She's going to be there today."

I sighed. More reason to dread the day. I wished I could read minds like Edward, to see what she looked like.

"Come on, we're going to be late." Jasper called the two of us from the car in the garage. A short bustle followed us as we all made it to the car. Jasper drove out the garage and down the drive that wound around the mountain side. I looked out the window, hoping the weather would break so we could bail. Edward scoffed at me again, this time in a harsher tone. We pulled into the student parking lot, where there were a grand total of 15 cars, hardly any as new as ours. We all got out, and stood beside our car, waiting for the school bell to ring.

"Don't do anything stupid, Alice." Edward mumbled to her. But she didn't pay any attention to what he said as a smile broke across her face.

"That's her." She skipped a little out of excitement. We all turned to look at where Alice was staring.

"Oh my gosh, it's her! She so much…clearer now, actually beautiful." Alice mused. Edward laughed, and whispered to me from where he stood.

"Try not to look so intimidating. She thinks you're the schoolyard bully."

I wanted to reply to him when Alice slipped away from me. She stood there next to the new girl, smiling really wide.

"Hi, I'm Alice. Alice Cullen."

Her reaction said it all; she jumped and swore at once. Alice moved a little too fast for her to notice.

"Oh I'm sorry, I just knew that you're the new kid, and well, could use a friend?" Alice offered up. The poor girl looked shell-shocked to say the least. She stared at Alice for a bit.

"Sure, that sounds…nice." The girl stuttered out eventually.

Alice turned to look at the four of us at the car, a hopeful smile on her face.

"Let me introduce you to my family."

She linked her arm into the girl's and pulled her towards us. The girl looked frightened to say the least.

"Hey guys, this is…" Alice paused awkwardly. She almost spilled out the girl's name herself, when she realized she hadn't asked it. The girl stood there for what seemed forever before she finished Alice's sentence

"Alex." She finished as awkwardly as Alice had stopped. Alice pointed to each of us and introduced us by name. However when her eyes fell across me, she looked scared to even be looking in my direction. She quickly looked away, and back to Alice. She looked at Edward and Bella, and Jasper looking at Alice. She seemed to have a lingering stare between those four siblings of mine.

"We're not related by blood." Edward told her with a light laugh.

"Oh, I'm sorry, I just…shouldn't have stared, I guess." Alex flushed a little red in her cheeks. It was in that moment that I was sure that we all smelt her blood flushing to her cheeks. It wasn't Bella's was at all. It smelt very different, but most definitely stronger and sweeter than the other humans. Edward shot me a look and shook his head at me. I would hear the rest of that story shortly.

"Oh yeah, we're all adopted. Jasper and Rosalie…" Alice stopped and Edward shook his head again. Alice had already forgotten the newly rehearsed story. I tapped Alice with my fist to show my disdain.

"Who's Rosalie?" Alex asked, but almost as immediately she looked sorry that she did.

"Jasper's older sister. But she moved away…a while ago." Alice added in as quickly as she had let it slip. Alex looked like she didn't want to ask anything else; she rather looked like she just wanted to get away from the uncomfortable uneasiness that was now hanging over the six of us.

"So, Alice, can you help me find the reception, I need my timetable." Alex asked slowly.

"Sure sure, follow me." Alice quickly linked her arm into Alex's and led her away from us.

"You smelt that, didn't you?" Edward whispered to me, but almost everyone nodded.

Bella swallowed hard as she watched Alex disappear into the school building. Edward held her shoulders comfortingly and smiled.

"Hold your breath, and just pretend to breathe, ok?" He spoke to her softly and soothingly.

"I guess I'll just have to." She answered.

Bella still had a bit of a hard time with humans, but she was getting better. Well, we've never seen another singer until now. Edward cocked his head a little to the side and listened to something else.

"Well, she's not going to be in our grade, so good luck, Emmett." Edward added a cocky smile and then led Bella and Jasper to class. I sighed and followed behind them, heading to my first class of the day. As I sat at my first class, I heard a faint knock on the door. The teacher brought Alex in and told her to pick a place to sit. Her eyes happened upon me and started walking towards me. Her smell drifted up to me first, and I had to hold my breath for just a few moments. For the first period we didn't speak, as the teacher jumped right into the work. But right after was English, and I knew she'd be seated next to me again. As she walked in, the teacher greeted her, and I silently pulled her chair out. When she arrived at her desk, she smiled at me.

"Seems this is going to be a regular thing." I smiled back at her. I heard her heart literally beat out of time as she sat down. I wondered why for a second, wishing again that I could read minds.

"Sorry about earlier, I know I probably looked upset." I explained softly so that the teacher wouldn't snap.

"No problem. No need to explain." She said quickly. I could tell she didn't want to hear the story at all. I nodded and looked ahead of me for a few seconds.

"So, English. Is that your strong point?" She asked suddenly.

"Sure, I'm a pretty good all rounder." I nodded. Then that sickly scrumptious smell hit me again. I glanced at her sideways and saw her blush. I shook my head and looked back at her.

"And yourself?" I asked her.

"Oh, Engineering. I'm pretty good at that." She startled at my sudden interest.

We were then shushed by the teacher, and then got back to what we were supposed to be doing. Alex seemed nice enough; I just hope Alice saw right when she said what was going to happen.