Shopping with Alice was long and arduous. Alex seemed to enjoy it a little more than Bella though, especially when Alice offered to buy her a whole new wardrobe. Alex didn't agree to Alice's offer, as some of the clothes were a little way out for the little town of Valdez. Alice still bought her some wardrobe staples, so Alex didn't go home disappointed. We found a place to stay over for the Glennallen fair, and drove through on the same day that it started. Alex looked happy enough to go, so I was happy to tag along with her. We drove through right to the fair, to stay as long as possible before staying over for the night. Alice opened her wallet and shelled out $300 to Alex as we got out the car.

"Don't spend it all on the games." Alice joked with her. Alex forced forward the money Alice gave her, but Alice just pushed her hand back.

"Come on, I know you spent all your money at the shops." Alice smiled. I wanted to chuckle at that comment; Alice made Alex spend all her money, so it seem only fair that she gave her more.

"Don't worry about it." Alice shrugged. Jasper handed me the car keys and whispered to me.

"Be responsible, would you?" Jasper asked jokingly, but he was quite serious. Alice took Jasper by the arm and walked away with him. Alex set her eyes on me, and looked at me with hurt puppy eyes.

"I still wanna play games." She mumbled to me.

"You know, you can kill someone with that look." I laughed at her, but she didn't stop with the puppy eyes.

"Come on cutie. Let's go gaming." I gave in, and took her small hand in mine. Her hands were warm in mine, but she didn't comment again on my cold hands. I took her to the classic games stands, and she won herself a huge panda plushie. She asked me sweetly to walk with her back to the car so we could put it away. We went back to touring the fair, but now we were looking for a souvenir for her mom. We happened across a prank toy stand, and we both knew we couldn't just pass it by. We looked for a few minutes when Alex called for me again. She was holding a black sticker with two day glow eyes reflecting back at me.

"Hey Em, how about I put these on the tree in the front yard?" She joked, and held it to her face and roared at me.

"Hey not a bad idea! Come, let's go try it out." I jumped at the chance to play a prank so spontaneously. We got a few and I grabbed her hand again and led her to the edge of the fair. I led her quickly into the forestry plantations and down the hill. The sun was barely gone, and the mist was rolling in between the trees. I led her across a little forestry road and then up another hill. I nodded to her and stopped.

"Put it on that tree over there, let's see if anyone stops." I grinned at her, and she smiled right back. She complied right away, and peeled the sticky backing off of a sticker and stuck it to the nearest tree. She smiled as she stood back looking at her handiwork. I heard an engine rumbling nearby, and then the tire screeching. Both Alex and I observed as an old blue Chevy truck stopped on the road below. An old man bailed out the cab, drunk as a lord, reaching for something in his cab. Alex smiled at me, when it hit me like lightening. We were in a forest. The forest that Alice told me to stay away from; and I screwed it up. Alex looked at the cab and she saw the old man taking aim at her with his rifle. She froze as I did, but her heart was racing. I dared look down and saw she was still holding the other stickers.

"Sir, it's just a prank, calm down." I explained loudly too the old man, but wouldn't hear of it.

"Careful boy, those beasts will take you down."

Alex tried to speak for a moment, but no words came out. She croaked out an incoherent word. Then it all happened. I shouted at him to stop. The old man took aim and pulled the trigger. I ran at him as fast as I could, but the buckshot was already halfway to Alex. I bent the rifle out of shape, and then Alex screamed. I wasn't fast enough. I stood next to the old man, his rifle in my hands. The old man scattered when he saw what I did; into his car and down the road. Alex tried to speak, but I could hear the blood already filling her lungs when she did. Alex looked at me, touching her mouth. She heard the bubbles, but the adrenaline was keeping her from feeling the pain. I threw the rifle to the ground and went back to her.

"Alex? Let's get you to the hospital!" I tried to speak without breathing in that smell, but it was hard.

"Ha. I'm fine." She chuckled once, but then she went pale. She looked down at the blood streaming out of her gray jacket, and wrapped her arms around herself before sinking to her knees. It was agonizing for me to see her hurt, and to know that this was my entire fault.

"Good aim for a drunk." Alex joked lightly, but smiling right now seemed idiotic.

"Alex, come on…" I tried to urge her to stand up, so we could get her to the hospital. But she couldn't make it. She fell back, and I held my arms ready to put her down as she fell. Alice and Jasper arrived at my side, and Alice was livid. Jasper looked like he was in as much pain as I was, but his was for other reasons.

"I told you not to go into the forest! I saw this, and now what are we going do?" Alice seethed at me. I looked down at Alex, and she stared at me with watery eyes.

"Hey Emmett…" She whispered to me, but barely. I knelt down closer to her, and tried to listen as well as I could. She smiled at me for a brief second.

"I think it would be a safe time to say…I've kinda had a crush on you…for a while." She gasped in between every few words, which made it even harder to bear to listen to her.

"Alice knew that. She saw you coming." I tired to smile at her, while trying my best not to smell her blood. She smiled back at me for a brief moment, and I knew I had to do this just once. I lifted her head a little higher, to meet her lips in a kiss. It felt like a sweet eternity, until she started spluttering. Some blood landed on my face, but I didn't notice it. I had to make a spilt second decision. Either that was a goodbye kiss, or the first of many. She closed her eyes under my watch, but that couldn't be the last time.

"I'm not going to let you go. Not ever." I whispered to her, and I knew she heard it. This would be so hard to explain later, but I couldn't care less right now.

"Emmett…are you sure you want to…"Alice whispered soft enough so that Alex wouldn't hear.

"I can't just let her go Alice…you said she was meant for me…"

"Yes, I know…but…"

"But nothing. I'll deal with the consequences."

"I'll bring the car round." Jasper walked over to me, and stuck his hand into my jacket pocket before disappearing. I lifted her off the ground again, pushing her hair aside in a spilt second. I thought for a second if it would be hard to stop, like Edward with Bella, like the last two singers I killed, but more than that I didn't put thought into. I put my mouth to her bare neck, and let my fangs slice into her delicate human skin. She sounded blissful for one moment, and then the next she screamed. It wasn't loud, but she felt the pain already. I forced myself to stop before her heart stopped. Her eyes opened, and she looked shocked when she caught sight of my bloody mouth. I couldn't help but smile. It was going to be over in a few days, but at least she wouldn't die. I pulled her gigher into my arms and whispered to her.

"See you a little later."

I held her tight and walked down to Jasper waiting in the car on the road below. Alice quickly cleaned up the mess and walked down with me, putting the protective sheeting down in the backseat.

"We'll have to take her home this time. Esmé will be happy to finally see her." Alice smiled at me. I sat in the back seat, yet again dreading the day ahead. But at least Alice was right, and Alex was mine.

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