Savior Unwound

Pairing: Harry Potter and Tom Riddle Jr.

Rating: M

Dark! Harry

Warnings: Slash, sexual content, language, violence.

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter, any of the characters, plots or otherwise associated with it.



"I'm sorry sir, but really, you have to listen to me, the Dark Lord protects him like he's his own life. There's no way I can get close enough to him."

Dumbledore gazed at Draco, his old face devoid of any sort of understanding or compassion. How had this man tricked so many people into believing he was any sort of "grandfatherly" figure? Where the hell did they get the "twinkling" from? As far as Draco could see, Dumbledore could give Lord Voldemort a run for his money on the cruelty scales.

"I don't think you're taking this seriously enough, Draco, and honestly, I doubt you've sincerely tried. Perhaps you need something to motivate you? Perhaps you think it's wise to fear the Dark Lord more than I?" Dumbledore asked, smiling in a way that sent shivers down Draco's spine.

"N-no, sir." He answered quickly, seeing that this was headed in a horrible direction. Dumbledore hummed in disagreement.


White hot, blinding pain seized Draco like a vice. He went down in half a second flat, writhing and screaming on the plush rug of the Headmaster's office. When it was finally over, Draco lifted his teary eyes to gaze at Dumbledore. The man was looking at him calmly, as if nothing out of the ordinary had happened.

Hatred like fiendfyre blazed within Draco. He would kill this man, he would rip and tear and slice him apart until those horrid blue eyes fell out and that fake smile slid off his face.

"I expect Harry Potter to be dead by the end of tomorrow night. He is your responsibility when we attack the Dark Lord."

"You seem calm about their plans for attack tomorrow, Tom" Harry commented, rubbing firm circles into his lover's back as he bent over papers at his desk. Minister's desk or not, his neck was still killing him from the paperwork.

"Hm, that's because I am." Tom replied simply, shuffling a stack of papers into a neat pile and placing them to the side. He pulled the next stack over, flipped through them, scowled, and then threw them into the waste basket dismissively.

"It is rather presumptuous of them." Harry mused, his fingers moving up to knead the knots from Tom's neck. Tom groaned in appreciation, dropping his quill in favor in favor of leaning into his mate's sure hands.

"I am hardly worried. They will attack, we will win, they will look like fools and life shall go on as it should."

"I have every confidence in you, Tom." Harry said softly, his fingers trailing up the sides of Tom's neck teasingly. Tom hummed, turning his face toward Harry's wandering fingers and catching one of them on his tongue. He sucked into his mouth, causing Harry to gasp and then moan as Tom's scarlet eyes locked on his.

Tom let his finger slip from his mouth but caught his hand within his, turning the chair until he was facing Harry. He tugged him neatly into this lap and spun around, resting his lover's back against the finished wood of the Minister's desk.

Harry felt a hot, lazy wave of pleasure wash over him and knew that Tom was doing it on purpose. He gave into it all the same and weaved his hands into Tom's hair. His mate rested his long hands on Harry's thighs, rubbing gentle circles into the firm skin.

-Do you remember when I told you, so long ago, that I was afraid you would unhinge my soul?- Tom asked, his hands inching higher. Harry nodded, resting his forehead against Tom's.

-I was right. Each day you tear me apart more and more. But it is so sweet, Harry. It is so sweet and I cannot get enough.- His hands tightened on his thighs, sliding back to grasp Harry's arse and pull him close, nestling their growing erections next to one another.

-I am possessed by the thought of possessing you.- He said into Harry's ear, the hissing syllables of Parseltongue coaxing Harry's growing erection into fullness. Harry surged forward, pressing his open mouth against Tom's neck and breathing in his intoxicating scent – expensive cologne, dark magic, and the overwhelming scent that said mate. The older man's hips rolled up, pulling a whimper from Harry's throat that only served to make Tom's cock ache.

-You do possess me. Utterly and completely. Forever.- Harry promised, keening as Tom's long fingers traced the outline of his desire through his trousers, his mouth wet and hot behind his ear as he sucked a bright red mark onto his mate.

In a daze of pleasure, Harry's hands smoothed over the taught muscle of Tom's arms, down his chest and into his lap, loosening the fastenings on his trousers and wrapping a hand around his cock. Tom bit down hard on his neck, his hips snapping sharply into Harry's grasp. He could only bear a few perfect strokes before his patience wore thin.

Harry was lifted and spread out on the floor not moments later. His arms and legs splayed wantonly until he was covered by the heavy heat of Tom's body and then they were wrapping and weaving, trying in vain to connect their bodies as they so desperately yearned to. Their bond pulled taut and shuddering between them, urging them closer and closer until they gasped with the need.

Tom bared his lover's body, the clothes disappearing to the corners of the office in his haste. His lips followed where the clothes left, sucking and biting at his nipples until Harry was sobbing with it, dipping his tongue into his navel in a teasing promise.

Harry's hands shook with desire, but they still managed to pull Tom's clothes away. He sighed in relief as bare skin met bare skin, the bond humming in approval. Their bodies rubbed sensuously together as Tom lowered, nestling his head between Harry's thighs. He breathed soft puffs of air over Harry's cock, moving away even as Harry strained upward. He continued ever lower, hooking Harry's lean legs over his shoulders as he kissed the patch of skin over his lover's entrance.

His tongue ventured lower, licking light circles over his mate's twitching arse. Harry went taut, desperate whimpers punctuating each flicker and press of Tom's tongue. He nearly sobbed as Tom pressed in deeply, licking the very inside of his lover. His legs tightened deliciously around Tom's shoulders, followed by his hands in Tom's hair.

-Please, Tom, please!- He gasped, tugging weakly at his hair. Trying to urge his lover up and inside of him. Tom obeyed, if only because he himself felt desperate to be inside him. He laid flush against Harry, his cock nestling between his arse and then slipping inside as if it were never meant to be anywhere else.

They connected with a moan of contentment, Harry's legs wrapping snuggly around Tom's hips as they created a slow rhythm. A soft sort of flame was stoked in their bond, keeping their love making slow, but so hot they sweat with the effort.

-If I could do nothing else for the rest of my life, I would be satisfied. I would stay buried within you.- Tom hissed into his neck, pausing to grind hard into Harry's prostate. Harry threw his head back, his fingers grabbing at Tom's biceps. Tom followed the arched line of his body down to his nipples, pulling them between his teeth as he rolled repeatedly into Harry's prostate.

Harry came spectacularly, clenching down and around Tom until he too fell, releasing deep into his mate. Their lips met for the first time since they had started, kissing and moaning as their orgasm swept over them, the bond quivering in pleasure.

"You did well with him." Severus said as they settled on his couch, as if it almost pained him to admit it. Sirius only grinned as he sprawled over the couch, laying his head in Severus' lap. He gazed up at Severus and the potion's master's chest seized at the look of affection on his face. How had he forgotten that Sirius could make him feel this way? As if he was…loved.

"Was that a compliment, Sev?" Sirius asked playfully. Severus' face was sober as he traced the line of Sirius' jaw and replied "yes." Sirius' face softened, his eyes searching Severus' for signs of what he was feeling. It was always so hard to tell these days, but tonight he found no barriers between them. When he looked into Severus' eyes, he saw the sixteen year old boy he had fallen in love with at Hogwarts. The soft, lovely boy who had held him close and whispered 'I love you'.

Sirius reached up, tangling his fingers into the silky hair at the base of Severus' neck. Severus leaned down as Sirius arched upward, their lips meeting with a sigh. They kissed gently, hesitantly, as if they were nervous teenagers all over again. Sirius could feel Severus trembling and so he sat up, pulling Severus to his side.

Severus' face was open and vulnerable, looking at Sirius as if he were drowning. Sirius soothed him with a hand to his face, brushing his thumb gently over the swell of his cheekbone.

"I am so very much in love with you, Severus Snape." He said, his thumb moving down and over Severus' kiss-reddened mouth. To his surprise, Severus' eyes filled with tears, though he blinked them away quickly and surged forward to take his lips again.

It was less hesitant now, but by no means rough like the time Sirius had appeared on his door step. It was neither the nervousness of a boy nor the bitterness of a jaded man. No, this was the kiss of a man who had, at least a little bit, healed his heart.

The next day felt like any other day to Harry. It was hard to get worked up about a battle that Tom was so completely disinterested in. Harry trusted his mate completely. If he said they would win, he believed they would. If Tom was making preparations at all, he had not told Harry about them yet.

He was walking across the lobby of the Ministry when Tom appeared, striding quickly in the other direction. Harry glanced at him and then saw forms appearing from the floo networks along the far wall. He snorted with laughter and turned around, walking back toward the way he came from.

"You didn't even block the floo netwoks?" He asked his mate, who smirked at him as he tugged Wormtail, who Harry had just noticed, toward him. He pushed his sleeve up and pressed a finger to the mark on his left arm. Wormtail grimaced and stumbled as Tom pushed him away again.

"Why would I bother?" Tom asked, drawing his wand as his Death Eaters began to fill in around him. Harry moved to Tom's side, drawing his wand as well but letting it hang casually at his side. Despite his dismissive nature, Harry felt Tom pull the bond snugly around them and suddenly they were of one mind.

It wasn't like he had imagined. There were no distracting thoughts blaring in his head, instead he got hints and nudges of Tom's intentions and feelings. He felt as if they were to engage in a duel they would move together and he would know which spells Tom would use before he used them. He could also feel Tom's magic joining and flowing through him. They were twice as powerful like this, if not thrice. It felt comfortable, as if their thoughts and magic were always meant to be bound together like this.

But Dumbledore and the Order were coming closer, so Harry focused. There were not very many of them, and a large majority looked far too young to be facing an army of Death Eaters. Harry's eyes rested on Sirius Black for just a moment, and then looked over the rest of them. He recognized some of them. Mad-Eye was hard to miss, and he saw Nymphadora Tonks as well as a large group of red-heads he knew to be the Weasleys. He also spotted Draco, who met his gaze steadily. He turned his attention back toward Dumbledore as he began to speak.

"This doesn't have to end in bloodshed Tom, we could resolve this peacefully." Harry rolled his eyes.

"I don't believe we could, actually." Tom replied simply.

"If you would just step down, and let us take Harry, all will be well."

"Why in Merlin's name would I do either of those things? I am Minister, and last I checked, a well-liked one. Harry here, is my betrothed, which he quite happy about, isn't that right, Harry?"

"Extremely happy." Harry agreed, smirking. Dumbledore looked at him sadly, shaking his head.

"My boy, you don't have to do this. You would be safe with us."

"You are incredibly thick for someone once called the Greatest Wizard of our Time." Harry snapped.

"I thought I made myself clear the last time we met. I am not joining you and I never will. I belong with Tom."

"He is only lying to you to keep you loyal, dear boy. He is not capable of love."

"Ugh, he's annoying Tom, can you please take care of him before I jump out a window?"

"Certainly, dear." Tom said with an amused smile. He looked back at Dumbledore and gave a little sarcastic shrug.

"Harry doesn't think we should negotiate, so I suppose I shall have to kill you." Tom raised his wand and then suddenly the hall broke out into a blur of spells. The Order surged in front of Dumbledore, just as the Death Eaters closed in and around Tom and Harry. The pair moved as a unit, avoiding Draco and Sirius as they cut a path toward Dumbledore.

With the Death Eaters outnumbering the Order, it didn't take very long to reach Dumbledore. They fought viciously, and Harry could see the shock on Dumbledore's face as he realized that he and Tom were no longer an even match. He looked between them as he blocked and ducked away from their spells.

"You've really done it." He said in bewilderment. Tom threw his head back and laughed, looking crazed with triumph.

"Yes, you old fool. I really did it. And you know what the best part is, I really do love him. It looks like I've beaten you on all fronts, Albus. I've got the power, and the boy. And really, the power tastes much sweeter with Harry. Where is your Gellert now, Albus? Was choosing the almighty Light side worth losing your love?" Dumbledore's eyes widened and he stumbled backward, tripping and landing hard on his back. Tom and Harry started to close in on him but there was a blur of movement and then Draco was looming over Dumbledore, kicking his hand sharply to knock his wand away.

"My Lord, I do apologize for my intrusion, but after being tortured and manipulated by this man for so long, I can only ask for permission to kill him." Draco said, glaring at Dumbledore with such hatred that Harry was taken aback.

"Do as you please, Draco. You have proved yourself very loyal. It is only fitting that I reward you." Draco smiled horribly down at Dumbledore.

"This is for trying to make me kill Harry," he said, slashing at his stomach, "and for threatening my family," he slashed again, "and for insulting my Lord," he slashed violently at his face, "and for torturing me, you horrible bastard." He slashed again and again, even though Dumbledore had stopped moving a while ago. Tom stepped forward, and placed a firm hand on his shoulder.

"He's dead." He said, and then he turned and spoke louder.

"Your leader is dead!" Movement stilled, all eyes moving to rest on the bloody form of Albus Dumbledore. The Order retreated, significantly smaller in number. They all stared at Draco in horror, and then at Sirius when he stayed at Severus' side.

"You have been defeated, but you are great wizards. I will offer you a chance to join me before the Aurors come to arrest you for trespasses against the Minister and the Ministry of Magic. Will anyone join me?"

Percy, Charlie, Fred and George Weasley stepped forward, to the horror of their mother, who burst into tears. After that, no one else moved and Tom nodded. Aurors, seemingly from nowhere, rushed forward and took the remaining Order away.

Tom turned toward Harry, his hand reaching out to cup his mate's face.

"You fought brilliantly." He said gently. Harry smiled and kissed his palm.

"You mean we fought brilliantly, Tom. There is no you and I anymore. Just us."