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Chapter 1: New world, New fights

-With Naruto-

Naruto was walking on his own. He had no idea what was going to happen but he had an idea. His birthday was tomorrow, but he figured he would be attacked by a mob, as usual. However, for 5 days, something has been nagging at him to remember something. He couldn't remember something, but he couldn't find out what.

Then dawn came. He went out for a walk. He was on high alert, but tried not to show it. Something told him he was going to be attacked today. He didn't know how he knew, but somehow he knew. He felt that it was going to happen this afternoon. Again, wondering why he thought that.

-That Afternoon-

The feeling from that morning came true right on schedule. He began running around the entire village. Hiding where he could, but the moment he left his hiding spot, he was spotted and started running again.

Night fell. He was still running. There was one person left who could protect him now. He didn't realize someone was watching him the entire time.

Naruto got a mere 10 feet from the gate to the Hokage's tower, and then he tripped. The mob was getting closer. He knew he wouldn't be able to get up and keep going. He was going to die right then and there.

He then heard a voice. "Tarot Barrage!" A bunch of cards wing hearts and wings came down like a rain of arrows. They landed directly in front of the mob stopping them momentarily. A little girl in a somewhat strange outfit floated down gently. She turned to Naruto with a frown.

"Are you okay, Naruto-san?" Naruto looked at the girl, scared. Then something came to him. He should know this girl. 'But how? I've never seen her before!'

As if she plucked that very thought from him she spoke. "I see you don't remember me, Naruto-san. Hang on for a second." The girl said to him. He was hesitant, but something told him to listen. 'Why should I listen to her? I don't even know her!' Another voice then told him, 'Yes, you do. Roll with it. Perhaps you will remember.' As much as he disagreed, the other voice had a point. He waited. Her finger touched his forehead lightly.

Naruto saw several images. Most of which looked familiar. He figured out that feeling from earlier was right. He had forgotten something. A lot of things. Then a certain scene came to the front. It explained what was going on. He remembered what he could do, just not how he could do so. He remembered certain people. Their names were Shuuden, Moka, Tsukune, Mizore, Yukari... Yukari! That was who this girl was. "Yu-Yukari Sendo?"

The girl nodded. "I'm glad you remembered Naruto!" Yukari said as she hugged him. He smiled. Remembering how these guys were. The mob was about to charge them. Yukari noticed this, released her embrace with Naruto and turned towards them. She stuck out her hand. "Tarot Barrage!" Cards flew out of her hand and wrist.

"I don't want to hurt you if I don't have to. Leave now, or I will be forced to kill you for harming Naruto-san!" Yukari said. None of the villagers were buying it, but a guy in a mask popped up. 'ANBU. Just like the headmaster said. So far, everything's going as it was planned.'

"A shinobi attacking civilians is against the law." The ANBU told Yukari. Yukari looked at the ANBU.

"Sorry, to say this, but I'm not a Shinobi. You can't get me with that law. In addition, I was doing your job. It was the job of the ANBU to protect him, was it not?" Yukari said. The ANBU tensed.

"How do you...?" This exchange had confused the villagers.

Naruto spoke up. "She knows everything about me there is to know. Even things I shouldn't have been told. One would think you would have enough decency to tell me something that big. It doesn't matter if it's a SS-class secret!" The ANBU tensed up. Yukari continued to speak.

"Naruto-san is my friend, as well. If I left him hanging, what kind of friend would I be?" The ANBU backed off. He didn't want to risk going rogue. But if what she said is true, someone had broken that law. "Who told you any of that?"

"I can't say, because it wouldn't make any sense. Let's just say a friend of mine knows, is not affected by the law, and told me. He should be here in about a year." Yukari said. "In the meantime, Naruto-san and I will be living with another friend of mine who is already nearby. The 3 of us will be living together until my other friend comes by." The ANBU nodded. He turned to the mob behind him. They all left.

"You know, I'm glad you didn't retaliate. Otherwise, I would've had to kill you." Yukari said, earning the ANBU's attention. "If you attacked me, you would have been breaking the law preventing Shinobi from attacking civilians. If you attacked Naruto-san, you would've been going against your orders to protect him. In either of those cases, you would've been labeled a Rogue Shinobi, and I would've had to kill you, if other ANBU didn't first."

The ANBU began to think. 'This girl. She doesn't seem to be from around here, but her knowledge makes that impossible. Her techniques are strange, and don't require handsigns. Something few Shinobi could ever do. I'm not sure whether I could take her on or not.' "Who are you?"

"Yukari Sendo. You should be hearing about me in a few days, if you haven't already. The fact that the villagers attacked him today means he didn't remember. I brought back some of his memories of our time together. It's time we get going Naruto-san. I already found the place we're supposed to go to."

Naruto nodded. Naruto grew 4 wings, but they were relatively small. He remembered the technique, but it was once more powerful than this. He figured it would have to do. Yukari made 2 wings sprout from her back. They were translucent, but gave off a bit of energy. They nodded to each other. They both jumped, and then the wings helped them take flight, without flapping. Yukari led the way, and Naruto followed. They left the ANBU behind.

The ANBU then went poof.

-With Yukari-

"Naruto, how much do you remember?" Yukari asked, still flying.

"I remember everyone, the wings, and the plan the headmaster had. I remember the other forms, but not how to go into them." Naruto replied, flying right next to Yukari.

"Looks like I couldn't bring back any more memories than that. But it was enough to get you to remember me. That's good enough for now." Yukari said, smiling. "Here we are. Casa de Tsukune." Yukari said, as she went down. Naruto went in after her. She landed and her wings went back in. Naruto landed and did the same. Naruto started to collapse. Yukari caught him.

"Tsukune-san! I have Naruto out here." Yukari said as she lumped over to the door. Tsukune had come to the door. He knew that voice. When he opened the door, he went over to the 2 of them. "I'm glad you got to him before the mob. It looks like he was running for a while."

"Well it took me a while to find him. His memories of us were wiped. I managed to bring back his memories regarding the plans, his wings, and who everyone is. He also knows about his other forms, but doesn't remember how to go into them. That's all I could bring back. He should remember you, but I'm not sure, since your body has changed. You remember the code word?" Tsukune nodded. Naruto was being put into a bed.

"It is Oozaru." Yukari nodded. "Hopefully, he remembers the codeword. I didn't ask if he did."

Tsukune nodded. "First things first. Naruto needs to rest. You look like you're about to drop as well."

"Okay, Tsukune-san. I will take a rest. Room 2."

"Got it." Tsukune said.

-the next morning-

Naruto woke up in a bed. He was seeing things he usually didn't dream about. It was almost like it was real. Then he realized where he was. It was real. Then he remember what he saw after he passed out. He remember something Shuuden said. It was about his eyes.


"Your eyes are special. They are known as the Spirit Eye. You can use it by using your Chakra. Just channel your Chakra into your eyes. You should be able to do so. As far as anyone knows, this is an ocular jutsu that allows you to copy other ocular jutsu. You can any ocular jutsu you see in action, and you can even have it used on you. Illusions, or Genjutsu where you're from, will not affect you, and you will even be immune to the Tsukuyomi. The nightmare realm. That jutsu, normally it wouldn't matter if you can defeat the Jutsu. With the Spirit Eye already active, you won't be affected. Sharingan won't affect you, Byakugan doesn't do anything to harm you itself, but it will slow down their reaction time."

"There is also another ability you can gain. I will show you how it works now."

Naruto looked at the flame. He saw what looked like 6 guys going up against a guy with three heads. "That guy with 3 heads is Jiraiya. Perverted, but powerful, he is of the Legendary Sannin, along with Orochimaru, and Tsunade. Their sensei, Hiruzen Sarutobi, is the 3rd Hokage. Jiraiya also is your father's Sensei. The other guys, however, are doing what I want you to see."

"They're looking for each other. Their minds are connected, aren't they?" Naruto said.

"Correct. The Spirit Eye also has a similar feature. Their eye is known as the Rinnegan. The Spirit Eye can do so with another user of the Spirit Eye."

-Flashback end-

Naruto tried doing as Shuuden said. He managed to do so and noticed the change in both eyes. He didn't make a single handsign. He then remembered something else. "I wonder..."

Naruto closed his eyes, when he opened them, he looked into the mirror. His form changed, his clothes changed, and he had 6 tails. His eyes were the same, except they had the Spirit Eye active. His form looked familiar. He was in his Half-Fox form.

He went out of his Half-Fox form, and didn't feel tired at all. He realized that the form didn't do much but expand his book of moves and jutsu. He went outside. He saw Yukari, and a guy that looked similar to Tsukune. "Hey, Yukari. I take it he knows the code word?"


Naruto nodded. "Oozaru."

"It's a good thing you remembered the code word, Naruto. Otherwise, it would've been hard to prove to you I was who I am." Tsukune said.

Naruto shook his head. He activated his Spirit Eye. Tsukune's Spirit Eye activated, as well. Someone had activated it by activating theirs. "No way... You already remembered about the Spirit Eye?"

Naruto smirked. "Yea. I remembered that you and Shuuden have it. I remember the abilities it gives as well. Along with the fact that when one activates it in a certain area, anyone else who has it will also have it activate, it won't be of their own will either. They will also know one is in the area. It's a handy feature to tell you and Shuuden apart without remembering the code word. It also means it will be easy for me and you to find out when Shuuden arrives."

"No kidding. I'm glad about that as well. Well, we'd better start training. You have a lot to re-learn." Tsukune said.

Naruto nodded and they went outside. Yukari went with them.

-Hokage's office-

The Hokage was meeting with the ANBU that was supposed to be protecting Naruto.

"Sir, I ran into someone last night. It was a little girl. Her name was Yukari Sendo." This sent a chill down the Hokage's spine. "She said something about a friend arriving in about one year. She already knows about the Kyuubi being sealed within him. She knows that there are supposed to be ANBU protecting him. She used that against me, along with her not being a Shinobi. Somehow I doubt she was not a Shinobi, based on what she did. She didn't look older than 12, but something told me she was telling the truth."

"This girl, she touched Naruto Uzumaki's forehead with a finger did she not?" The ANBU nodded. "She did. Do you know what happened, sir?"

"Tell me the whole story." The 3rd Hokage said. The ANBU proceeded to tell him everything.

-1 story later-

"I see. She was, in fact, not a Shinobi. That technique she used was not a jutsu. She wasn't even using Chakra for it. She is from another dimension. Yukari Sendo was not joking when she said she would've killed you if you attacked. Someone had come to me a few days ago with a warning. He was a weird one, but he told me of this Yukari Sendo. From what he told me, that young girl is more dangerous than a Jounin when provoked. She is only 11 years old, but she is different from Shinobi. She will not be joining our Shinobi ranks, but she will be staying for the time being. I would not provoke her if I were you. You are still to watch over Naruto, but if Yukari is there, anyone who goes after Naruto will be taken care of by her. When she does, you head in, acknowledge her, and take the body out." the 3rd Hokage told the ANBU.

"Is there anything else we should know, regarding her friends?" The 3rd Hokage nodded. "Tsukune Aono should already be here. He is more like Naruto than anyone else here. How much, however, is unknown to me. Shuuden Sol is another of her friends. I didn't get much information on him, but he is supposedly is strong than the 4th Hokage himself. He should be coming in about a year. He will come to me himself. He is to be respected, but do not engage him. I was told of a Code Word they came up with. Supposedly, Naruto knows the code word. Only those who know about it will know what it means. I was told of the code word. It is 'Oozaru'. If someone comes claiming to be Shuuden Sol, one of you 3 are to head there immediately. You are the only ones to know what the code word is."


"You 2 are Dismissed." He pointed to the two male ANBU.

"Is there something else for me to do?"

"Yes, Hinata Hyuuga and her father Hiashi Hyuuga are to come here. Yukari and Naruto are also supposed to come. If what I was told is true, and so far it has, Hinata will have some memories that need to be awakened. I was not told what they are, nor was I told why she has them as well. Bring them to me."

-Hyuuga Household-

Hinata was trying to train, but something was telling her she was forgetting something.

'What exactly am I forgetting? I know it's something important, but I can't find out what. It's affecting my training.'

"Hinata, you aren't doing anything right. You are being distracted. Put everything else out of your mind and focus on training." Hiashi said with a steely tone. An ANBU agent had appeared.

"Yugao? What business does the ANBU have here?" Hiashi asked.

"The Hokage has ask for the presence of you and Hinata Hyuuga, Hiashi." The ANBU, now known as Yugao, replied.

"I see. Did he give a certain time?" Hiashi said.

"Right away. There is something he wishes to discuss."

Hiashi nodded. "Hinata, we're stopping the training for the time being. Let's go."

Hinata nodded. 'Finally. I can think about what I had forgotten.'

Yugao then said, "I must gather the other ones he had requested. I will see you there." The cat masked ANBU then went poof. Hiashi knew better than to stay after this.

-With Naruto-

Naruto and Tsukune were training their Chakra control. Yukari was practicing her spells.

The ANBU agent, Yugao had appeared. Yukari took notice first. "May I ask what you are doing here?"

"I am an ANBU sent by the Hokage himself. He has asked that I bring Yukari Sendo and Naruto Uzumaki to him."

"It will have to wait, when Naruto and Tsukune start training it's hard to get them to stop." Yukari said.

"Is it possible to get their attention?" Yukari nodded. "There is but it requires an attack on them."

"I see. Can I do the honors?" Yukari shook her head. "They don't know you're here yet. They know I am, so the might see it coming and dodge." She pointed a hand at each one. "Tarot Card!"

A card launched from each of her wrists. One would have reached Tsukune had he not dodged with the afterimage. Naruto released his grip and landed on the ground, with his feet.

"What's the big idea Yukari?" Naruto said, but then he realized someone had come. An ANBU, and he recognized her mask. "Yugao? Does the old man want to see me?"

The ANBU nodded. "Yukari is also wanted. He has told us of the code word you had come up with, but we are not to tell anyone." Then Tsukune spoke up.

"What is it then? If you know, then tell us."

"Oozaru." All three of them nodded. "Inu and Tenzou already know of the code word, but no one else is to know." All three nodded again.

"All of us will come, seeing as somehow I am connected to this, if Yukari is wanted." Tsukune said. Yugao nodded. They all left.

-Hokage's tower-

Hiashi and Hinata Hyuuga had already arrived they were waiting on the others.

"Who else is supposed to be here, Lord Hokage?" Yukari, Naruto, and Tsukune landed right outside the window. They hopped in one after another. Yugao had went in with a puff of smoke. "They decided to bring the other one that was with them. The one known as Tsukune."

"Lord Hokage? If I may, why are these 3 here?" Hiashi asked. Something in Hinata's mind told her she should know them. How she would, she doesn't know. (A/N: Sound familiar?) "Hey, Hinata-san." Hinata looked at the girl who had called her. "I take it you feel like you know me, don't remember me?"

Hinata looked surprised for a moment, but then nodded. Naruto had explained the feeling to her last night, so she knew what was going on. "Hang on." Yukari walked up to Hinata, and touched her forehead. Hiashi was about to slap the hand, but Tsukune had grabbed his hand without anyone else realizing he had moved. "I wouldn't do that if I were you. She is awakening sealed memories. If the connection is disrupted, then some permanent damage can happen to her nerves. You don't want that to happen, do you?"

Hiashi looked surprised. "What memories have been sealed? When did this happen?"

The Hokage looked at Hiashi. "I would suggest you listen to him. Few things can compare to their abilities. You are Tsukune Aono, are you not." Tsukune nodded without moving his eyes from Hiashi's.

"Hiashi, I wouldn't get him mad either. From what I heard he is more powerful than the Kyuubi himself."

"I take it Mikogami came to you? How much did he explain? I may be able to fill in some gaps."

"he told me of certain events, and when they shall happen. Who to look for, and a code word only to be shared by those protecting Naruto. Supposedly, Hinata is supposed to know it, but if your memories of it were sealed, then hers was also sealed. I still don't see how you got here from another Dimension."

Yukari removed her finger. "Yukari? I take it I didn't remember anything after I came back?" Yukari nodded. Then she hugged Hinata. Hinata hugged her back. "I'm glad you helped me remember. I also remember what Naruto-kun is. Tsukune-san?" Tsukune nodded as he let go of Hiashi's hand.

"Am I missing something here?" Hiashi asked, but no one answered. "Hinata-chan, I had to get some rest before most of my memories came back. It may be possible you'll need some rest as well."

Hinata shook her head. "No, I remember everything already. Also, Tsukune-san, do you still have that Scroll?"

"It's back at the House, why?" Tsukune said. Hinata looked at him. "That scroll should have something in it. Did you find out what it was?"

Tsukune nodded. "There were seals in them. One said Naruto, another said Weaponry, and a third said Gale Cutter. Naruto is the only one who can open them. He hasn't seen they are yet and neither have I. We will be waiting for a few months and get his abilities back to where they were back at the Academy." Hinata nodded. Then she thought about something.

"Don't you think that would be a little much? I mean his abilities back then were far beyond Kage level."

"I know, but this will make it easier for him to do some of the things he will need to know. A second scroll from Shuuden also appeared when I went through. That one is for you. It's also at the house."

"Can you still use the warp?" Tsukune nodded. "I'm not going to do so unless I have to, though. Mikogami made some things off limits until certain points, remember?"

Hinata slapped herself mentally. "I completely forgot. Sorry, my fault. Those requirements were brought back but I didn't pay much attention." Naruto grinned.

"Don't worry about it Hina-chan. Things will be okay." Naruto said earning a smile from Hinata. (A/N: I said I was getting rid of the fainting Hinata didn't I?) Hinata nodded.

"I say we wait before the scrolls are handed out. However, for the time being, Hinata should train with us." Tsukune said. "She needs to learn more than what the Hyuuga clan can teach her. We can help with that. I also studied several fighting styles, and can help her out with the Gentle fist, as well. Heck I used it for a while, but then I got stronger with Shuuden's help."

"His training regimen was torture." Naruto said.

"No kidding. At least he produced great results, and he warned us that we'd go to hell and back 3 times during the course of it all." Tsukune continued.

Naruto nodded. "True, and since we can't really follow that regimen to the letter, we have to make do without the Gravity Enhancements."

"I have the weights he gave me still. They'll help out." Tsukune said, earning 3 nods.

"Since that's out of the way, Lord Hokage, is there something else you wanted to now?"

"Yes, there is. I was wondering about that warning he gave me."

"I see. That warning is completely true. Where Yukari and I are from, Naruto happens to be well respected. If Naruto goes dies before his time, not only will you have several hundred beings attacking the village, none of them will really be human. If Shuuden is already here at that point, you can count in a few others that will make the fight one-sided. C-class there could easily take on the average Chuunin. Naruto was considered a 3-star, as was I, when we left. When Shuuden was born, he was the equivalent of a lower-end Jounin. He can be your greatest ally, or your worst enemy. Don't mess with his friends, or you're going to die. He knows the situation so he will try to restrain himself, but it won't be easy." Tsukune looked at Naruto. Naruto nodded.

2 chains of seals were made and the walls glowed green and blue. "What did you 2 just do?"

"Protective barriers. What we are about to tell you is not to leave this room. It will be considered a SS-class secret." Hinata realized what this meant. "I take it you're going to tell him about Shuuden's eye?"

Tsukune nodded. "Got it."

"As you wish. What is said here will not leave this room." the 3rd Hokage said.

Tsukune and Naruto started to explain the abilities of the Spirit Eye. They purposely left out the Super Spirit form. They didn't need to know about that until Shuuden came along. "Wow. This Spirit Eye can do that much?"

Tsukune shook his head. "It can do more, but the rest is dependent on the user. After all, it manifests differently for each person. And always in 1 eye at first."

Hiashi was wondering something. He asked them, "How is it possible for you to use the Byakugan through that eye?"

"As long as you see it in action, you can use it. Shuuden can also look into the time-stream. Through which he has seen the Sharingan, the Byakugan, and another form which none of you have heard of. It is known as Geass, and it isn't even an jutsu. The Spirit can only be achieved by certain people, and it is not Chakra based." Tsukune said.

Naruto continued. "That doesn't mean you can't use Chakra to activate it. I mean that's what I do." This caught everyone off guard, but Tsukune hit Naruto in the head. "You idiot! We haven't told them who else has it."

"Hey, I figured they would have figured that out, anyway. Tsukune and I can both use the Spirit Eye. Aside from Shuuden, Tsukune, and myself we met one other who had the Spirit Eye. He doesn't know the code word, and I doubt he will come here." Naruto said, rubbing his head where he got hit.

"Other than that, there is nothing else that you really need to know at the moment. When Shuuden comes in, you should let one of us know. Naruto and I will be able to see for sure, and if he activates his, ours will activate as well. His is in the shape of and 'F' but it can change into a 19-point star. If it does, be careful, and don't attack him. You run, no questions asked." Tsukune and Naruto activate theirs.

"Mine is a '+' normally, but I have already attained the upgrade. My upgrade is the 9-point star but I can only do that when I transform. That form has be marked off limits until 2 conditions are met. First, Naruto, Hinata, and I have become Genin. Second, Either the village is under attack, which will require the other form marked as off limits, or we are not in the village at all. We are not to use it unless needed, either."

"Mine, as you can see, is made of 3 ovals surrounding a diamond at one point. I have yet to upgrade it, and I don't know how that happens. We haven't seen the last one in action, but other than the personal abilities, there's not much else that you don't know. We don't even know his personal abilities ourself, so if he comes along with the attack, the village won't stand a chance. No ifs, ands, or buts." Naruto said.

"That's all there is to know right now." Tsukune said. Yukari shook her head. "Tsukune-san, I think you forgot something."

"I didn't forget. That much is not needed to be known by anyone else. I was told by Shuuden to leave that specific part out until he gets here." Tsukune said, earning a nod from Naruto and Hinata. They remembered this from the meditation room. "In the meantime, that information will be known only to those who know the code word, and those who are here at this point in time. If word gets out about this, people will gain an incentive to attack Naruto. That is the reason no one is to know. In addition the Hyuuga clan will try to make us a weapon to control if their council finds out."

"I agree wholeheartedly. If they found out about the Spirit Eye, they will be after whoever has it. They will think it's a Kekkei Genkai. They will do anything they can to get it within the clan as a weapon. I will keep them out of the loop. If it is not a Kekkei Genkai, then there is reason to believe it is more powerful than an actual Visual Kekkei Genkai."

Yukari nodded. "It is, being as it can combine several different ocular abilities, such as the Sharingan and Byakugan, and use them simultaneously through it. There are more combinations, but some of them can't be used by the 2 present. In truth, the abilities gained weaken, but can be combined with others. Side effects are only that of the Spirit Eye, meaning Chakra isn't drained anywhere near as fast as the Sharingan normally would. In addition, the blind spot for the Byakugan is no longer there, but the maximum sight range is halved."

Hiashi looked incredulous. This was becoming a problem none would think of. But if this eye were with Konoha, "What would happen if the Spirit Eye were used in a war?"

Tsukune spoke up on this. "It's already been used in a small scale war. Twice actually. Both times I was there, only once was Naruto there."

"Oyakata?" Naruto asked. Tsukune nodded. "That's the one you were there for. I'm sure you heard about the utter annihilation of the PSC at the hands of the newspaper club, did you not Naruto?" A nod.

"That was the other time. I was participating in that as well. I went full out. Vegeta was pissed, Goku was having a blast, the others were thinking it was too easy. I even told Kuyou before we even began to go all out from the beginning. He'd live longer. With an Angry Vegeta as his opponent, he's dead either way." Yukari and Naruto shuddered. They'd seen what happens when a Sayian gets pissed.

"Not a good thing. If he comes, and he's pissed: This village is as good as gone." Naruto added.

"Back on topic, the Spirit Eye would easily make a war one sided. It's not even listed as a Jutsu, for the simple fact it's not originally Chakra based. It is actually Spiritual based. This makes it a hard technique to gain through sheer power." Yukari said.

"Is that all?" Tsukune asked the Hokage, who nodded. The barriers went down.

"I guess it's back to training. Besides, Naruto has a few things to learn. Or rather, re-learn. Hinata will be able to learn how to do them as well do to a certain thing that the 3 of us share. She knows what I mean. I feel Hiashi does as well." Hiashi looked at Tsukune. "I only know this because she told me... or rather, Shuuden told me after he found out. A 4th Jinchuuriki will come as well when I am older. Her name is Kyoko Aono. She's my cousin." Naruto grabbed Hinata's wrist. Naruto, Tsukune, and Yukari warped out.

"That is all, Hiashi. Nothing else can be done here, and he does have a point. There are things only they can teach her."

"That's not what I'm worried about. It's the what the council will do if they find out she is with Naruto. Would it be okay for me to say it was a direct order from the Hokage for them to train her?" Sarutobi nodded.

"That would make it easier. I still wonder what he meant by a fourth. Does that mean Tsukune is another one?" Hiashi asked. The Hokage sighed. "I don't know. If he is, it is one of the things we will find out later." Hiashi nodded and went out.

-with Naruto-

"Hinata-chan, The first thing we have to teach you is your Half-Form. It will increase your senses, but you should not rely on that alone. Tsukune and I have the Half-Fox as our Half-Form. Before we go any further, you'll need to know how to do this. No one else is to know. When we're done you will be able to go into that form at will. You may be able to do things in that form you couldn't do beforehand." Naruto said. "That's definitely the case for me."

"There's also one technique you can only do in Half-state or after taking on Neko's form entirely. The Tailed Beast Bomb. That will come later, though. You'd half to be at least in your Half-state in order to use it. Naruto and I can use it already, and can do so with one tail for each. With 6 tails, in our Half-state, we can use it 6 times at once. We use it just like we'd use another technique, known as the Rasengan. We even upgraded it where the original creator of it couldn't." Tsukune said.

Hinata nodded. "If I may, who created the Rasengan?" Naruto and Tsukune looked at each other. The former answered her question. "My father, Minato Namikaze. The 4th Hokage. He created the Rasengan, and taught it to his sensei, Jiraiya of the Sannin. I learned it from Shuuden, as did Tsukune. We both managed to work on upgrading it ourselves. One of which is to use it as the Tailed Beast Bomb, using the tails."

Hinata gasped. 'They succeeded where the 4th Hokage failed. They really are powerful.'

"I believe you're thinking that we succeeded where he failed because he couldn't upgrade it himself. There is a bit of truth to that, but it's not because he didn't have the capacity. What he lacked was time. He sacrificed himself before he could finish it. The two of us worked together to finish it. It took a while, but we managed to do so, and get rid of the negative effects of it." Tsukune said. Hinata was a lot calmer than before.

"I think we should start. We have to keep on schedule, don't we?" Naruto and Tsukune nodded at Hinata's suggestion.

"Why don't we start with 200 each here, at least until Shuuden gets here. Then we'll pick up where we left off back at the Academy. Hinata will be a little behind, but maybe she'll be able to start at 300x by the time he gets here." They all nodded. They all knew they needed to be able to control what they could do.

They started off by climbing the trees without their hands. Naruto had made 3 Shadow Clones to catch them should they fall. They all started off with 200 squats. They did so upside down, using only Chakra to cling to the tree. Next was 200 sit-ups on the trunk. They did this with their heads going to the ground at rest. After that, they started doing pull ups only using the palms of their hands. There were 200 of those, as well. Then came the Push ups. 200 of those, also only using the palms and toes. In addition, only the nose can touch in order for it to count.

Yukari did the same exercises but instead of 200, she continued until the rest of them finished each set. She managed to get over 600 squats, 524 sit-ups, 559 pull ups, and 464 Push ups, in the times they got to 200 for each.

-4 months later-

Each one was doing their exercises early in the morning, every morning. It was at this point, however, Hiashi got up early. He was walking around and noticed that someone else was up.

'Someone else up? At this hour?' The sun wasn't supposed to rise for an hour or so at this point. He decided to see who was up and he found out it was Hinata.

"Hinata, what are you doing?" Hiashi asked.

In between each repetition, she said one word. "Exercising. It's for the training Naruto-kun, and Tsukune-san are going for."

Hiashi looked at Hinata quizzically. "Why would they be doing this at this hour? You should get into your bed."

Hinata replied somewhat bluntly. "I've been doing this every morning since we started. I'm up to 500 each. When I can do that with ease, and under 30 minutes total, I add 50." She switched from sit-ups to pull ups. Hiashi was watching her determination with renewed interest.

"Why push yourself so hard? It's not like it will do you any good." Hiashi said.

"Ask Tsukune-san how much he managed to gain from doing this at gravity levels above 300 times that of here. Then tell me it doesn't work." Hinata shot back without missing a beat.

Hiashi was shocked, but it only showed for a second. 'My own daughter telling me I'm wrong?' "I'll buy. How is this supposed to help?"

"With the weights I have on, it increases stamina and endurance. It also increases Chakra control, and thus the amount of Chakra you can use. This is due to the fact you have to use Chakra to cling to the tree at several points. I started off at 200 each." Hiashi nodded, and then realized she said weights.

"How much weight are you wearing?"

"4 tons. I've been doing so from the beginning. It's split into 4 places. Both wrists, and both ankles." Hiashi's eyes went wide. "How...?" he didn't finish.

Hinata cut him off. "It's all a part of the training. I'm on the third set now. Last thing on the list is Push-ups." Hiashi nodded. "I'll have the servants make you breakfast for when you finish. Before I go, how many do the others do?"

"Last I checked, 750 for Tsukune-san. 700 for Naruto-kun." Hiashi went wide eyed even more. His eyes threatened pop out. "I'd better get going. Just keep going until you're done." 'Damn! I must inform the Hokage about this. He needs to know what the training is, and how effective it could be.'

-Later that day-

When Hinata told Naruto and Tsukune that she told her father, they just nodded. "I can only imagine what was running through his head. Being up as early as us and doing some exercises that even Jounin would have trouble doing every day would probably make him tell the Hokage, or wonder how we do it." Naruto said.

"If I had to guess, not only would he tell the Hokage, he will try doing so with other members of the Hyuuga clan, if it works out the way Hinata said. For the time being, though, he won't be able to do so. Anyway, the scroll Shuuden gave me for Hinata finally opened last night. A seal appeared and I was able to unseal it. I found out soon it was a portal. When I went through I ended up in an area similar to Shuuden's training grounds. There was a white area and everything. We'll be using that area for training from now on. Also, we'll be able to get Hinata to go into her Half-state there." Tsukune said, earning 3 nods. "Well then, let's go."

Tsukune had taken out a Dynocap. He pushed the plunger and threw it. A portal similar to the one Shuuden had on the 3rd floor of his place popped out. It activated, and all 4 of them went in.

On the other side, it looked exactly like Shuuden's training grounds.

"See what I mean?" Naruto and Yukari nodded. "You may want to take off your weights. We'll head to where we were before we came here. Agreed?"

Everyone nodded. "Hinata, since you are at 300 already, I'd say you'd start at 150x, with 50 of each set." Hinata nodded at Tsukune's suggestion.

"The rules for each set are the same, however now you only increase the amount of each set by 50 when none of them are holding any difficulty. Once you reach 500 reps, you upgrade the gravity by 50x, and start over at 50 repetitions for each set. Other than that, there are no differences. Is everyone clear?" Tsukune asked, earning 3 nods. "Then let's get to work. Hinata, once you reach 300x we will teach you how to go into your Half-state. Not a moment sooner." Hinata nodded and they all went to where they were supposed to.

-Hokage's office-

"Lord Hokage, I have some information regarding the training my daughter has been going through." Hiashi said after he gained the old man's attention.

"What did you manage to find out?" Hiashi explained everything that Hinata told him that morning. "Don't you think it's a little much for children?"

Sarutobi sighed. "She has an unusual amount of determination for this, does she not?" Hiashi nodded.

"Then it should be alright. I've heard of some of this, but not how it is supposed to work. If the results are what I think, Hinata would be at Chuunin level in a few months of this kind of training."

"I have told you that Hinata is a Jinchuuriki, but still it's too much for her." Hiashi said, clearly concerned. The cat masked ANBU, Yugao, had come in. "Lord Hokage, I have some news."

"Is it about the Jinchuuriki?" Yugao nodded. "Proceed."

Yugao told him what he saw a few minutes earlier. "I would have gone in myself, but as to what's there, I have no idea. Tenzou and Inu have both gone in there to watch over them. It appears that they are continuing their training on the other side. I will be heading in soon, as well."

"You figured that this portal should be reported?" Sarutobi asked.

Yugao nodded. "Not only that, but the training they do on the other side will also be reported. We will need to find out what they are capable of, and from what I've seen so far, their endurance and stamina seem to be far beyond Jounin level."

"Very well. Hiashi, your daughter is in good hands. There is no reason for alarm just yet. Yugao, you are dismissed." Yugao nodded and went out. "Is there anything else you wanted to report?"

"No, Lord Hokage."

"Then you are dismissed, as well. I have paperwork to do." 'I wish I didn't, though. It gets tiring.'

-after training-

"Wow. Hinata could do all of that with ease?" Tsukune asked no one in particular. She still nodded.

"I even went back for another 100 of each. 150x is nothing compared to the weights I was using."

Naruto whistled. "I figure if you're that far along, you'd be ready for the next step in about a month." Tsukune nodded in agreement. "We both set ourselves at 600x and went for 100 each. It was a bit easy, so we went for a little spar at 500x."

"It was easy enough, and he still gives me a workout." Naruto said. The 3 ANBU that's supposed to watch over Naruto were waiting by the portal. Tsukune had told them not to leave the white area for their own safety. They listened, but only because they heard what he had done.

"I'm glad you didn't leave the white area like I asked. I didn't tell you why you shouldn't, did I?" The tiger masked ANBU, Tenzou, shook his head.

Naruto explained the gravity warp past the white area. All 3 ANBU went wide eyed, but thankfully for them, it was hidden behind the mask. It didn't fool Tsukune or Naruto due to them having their Spirit Eye active. They knew how they really felt about that. They didn't call them on it. It was a natural reaction.

"Come on guys, let head out take a walk around." Hinata suggested. Yukari didn't really look thrilled. She agreed nonetheless.

Naruto noticed this. "Yukari, don't worry. You can handle everything the villagers can throw at you and more. Besides, the ANBU are probably going to follow us as well. With all that, I think we're good. Besides, we've been doing all this for all of us." Yukari nodded. 'I never realized how much Naruto is like Shuuden. He's giving me encouragement the same way Shuuden did.'

They all left, and Tsukune found the panel and pushed it in. The portal went poof, and a Dynocap appeared in its place. Tsukune grabbed it before it hit the ground. None of them had their weights on anymore. Tenzou said he had to take care of something and left.

-30 minutes later-

Hinata, Tsukune, and Naruto were playing on the playground. As they were playing, Tsukune realized someone was about to get bullied. He recognized this feeling from when Yukari was being bullied.

Tsukune stopped what he was doing to find out where it was happening. The other realized what he was doing. They saw 3 boys picking on a girl with pink hair. Tsukune and Hinata tackled 2 of the boys. Naruto jumped in front of the 3rd and caught the fist as he was about to punch the girl. The kid was surprised he caught the fist. Naruto cocked his own fist, and the kid closed his eyes, trying to get away.

He realized it was futile, but the fist never connected. The next thing he knows, there was a poof. He opened his eyes and realized everyone else was gone. The other 2 were knocked out. The girl was gone, and so was the one who had him in a vice-grip.

Behind a tree, Naruto was trying to calm the girl down. (A/N: yes, I got this from Junior the Wolf. I figured it would help out Sakura, in the way I want her portrayed. Meaning: Not a bitch.) He was calming her down telling her everything would be okay. 'This girl is Sakura. She doesn't know me yet, so it's best if I don't let her know that I know her.'

This girl looked up at the smile Naruto gave her. She went for a hug, which he returned. Hinata and Tsukune arrived not long afterwards. "The others high-tailed it out of there. They won't be back for a while. How is she doing?" Hinata asked.

"I-I'm fine." The girl, Sakura said, tears still in her eyes. Tsukune realized that she had yet to meet Naruto at this point so he asked the natural question. "What's your name kid?"

"S-Sakura Haruno." her tears were drying up. "And you?"

"I'm Tsukune Aono. This is Hinata Hyuuga, of the Hyuuga clan. She's not like most of them, though, which is a plus." Hinata nodded. "And this is Naruto Uzumaki. You could ask around about Naruto but I doubt you'd find out much." Naruto nodded.

Sakura was a little confused about Naruto. "Why is it I wouldn't find much?" 'She's curious.' was the collective thought. Naruto spoke up. "The Hokage made it so no one would find out anything about me. He did so to protect me, but the word got out. These 2 knew more about me than most, and this was before I even met them. This is because the 3 of us share something in common, and that keeps us together." Sakura nodded. It made a little sense. Then something got into her eye. She closed it, trying to get it out.

She opened it up when she thought it was gone. Tsukune and Naruto felt their Spirit Eye activate on their own. They looked at each other. They realized something. Someone else had activated their Spirit Eye. "Tsukune, is it possible he'd come 8 months early?" Tsukune shook his head. Hinata realized what this meant. She looked at Sakura's eyes. Her eyes went wide.

"Guys, it isn't Shuuden." This caught their attention. They looked at Sakura's eyes. "No way..." Tsukune said, though the others were thinking it as well. "What?" Sakura's eyes started to water as she said that. "It's nothing bad, Sakura. None of thought anyone else here could have that eye." Naruto said as he pulled out a mirror and handed it to her. "Look at your left eye with that."

She took the mirror and did what he asked. Her left eye had a blue pupil in the shape of an 'X'. "What does this mean? What kind of eye is this?"

Tsukune nodded. "This is to be expected Naruto. Her gratitude to us for helping her seems to have harnessed into her eye and gave her the Spirit Eye."

"I didn't realize that it could be activated like that. Either way, I think she should train with us. We could teach her more about the eye at the same time. It helps us all out. Not to mention it would give her some friends for her to count on." Sakura saw several ways this could go. 'Are they saying they are training to become ninja?'

"It's worth a shot. She'd have a good advantage. Hey Sakura. Would you like to become ninja like we do?" Sakura nodded. 'So they are training to become ninja.' "I'd like to. I just don't have any skills."

"There's nothing to worry about there. We all can help. In fact, we've been training for a few months physically and mentally. We still have to have fun every now and then." Hinata said. She had a lot more confidence in herself ever since Naruto and Tsukune started training her. "I've changed a lot, and we all have to hide what we can really do. If not... well, things wouldn't be good, that's for sure."

Sakura looked surprised. "How bad could it be?" Naruto and Tsukune looked at each other. "Jounin would have some trouble with us at this point. We train all out, and surprise ANBU at how much we can do. Then when we're done, we hide what strength we can through a Genjutsu, that hides our physical appearance. This also keeps others from questioning us." Naruto said.

Sakura went wide-eyed. 'If these guys are this powerful from their training alone, just think how good I could get.' "I'll do it." Naruto did a double take. "You'll do it? The training is rough, to say the least. This kind of training has sent me and Tsukune to hell and back 5 times already. Hinata had just started 4 months ago, but he determination to keep up with us has kept her going. Do you have such determination?"

Sakura didn't know that. "I'll never know if I don't try." Tsukune liked her answer. Naruto nodded. "First things first. You have to de-activate the Spirit Eye. Normally, calming down all of your feelings work. Sometimes, it has to be thoughts that need to calm down." Sakura nodded. She closed her eyes, cleared her mind, and opened them. Needless to say, the Spirit Eye went away. They all nodded. Sakura was relieved. "I'm glad I made some friends." She muttered under her breath.

They continued playing for a few more hours. Sakura's mother came up, wondering where she had gone off to. "Sakura?" She noticed her daughter was playing with Naruto, Hinata, and someone she had only seen recently. "Sakura, it's time to go!" she called out.

She looked at her newfound friends. "Don't worry Sakura. I'll meet you and Hinata here and we'll start training tomorrow. You should be here at 10 AM. I'll be waiting for you." Naruto said, earning a nod from Sakura. "I'll hold you to that, Naruto."

Sakura left with her mother, telling her what happened. She left out the part about what happened to her eye. She didn't know what to make of that. Her mother was still surprised to say the least. "And you accepted?" Sakura nodded. "I want to be a ninja like you were, but I don't have any skills. They said can help, and I think they really can. They did tell me it was a little dangerous, but the results are in the risk. At least, that's what they said."

'She's growing up. I'm surprised. Wait, are those ANBU?' "Sakura, did they say anything about ANBU?"

Sakura shook her head. "They said that Lord Hokage had made some laws preventing certain information about Naruto-san from getting out, but that was it. Why?"

"Just curious. I thought I saw a few ANBU earlier." 'I'll have to ask the Hokage about that other one. If the ANBU tells him about Sakura gaining an invitation for training, he would probably know why.'


Chapter end.

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