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Info: You are in the night class, friends with all of them mostly close to Rima and Shiki. You can imagine it is you in the story so I won't give the OC a name. all you need to know is that everyone knows you and Takuma have this 'thing'.

Enjoy Takuma lovers.

"It's my birthday!" He beamed stood in front of everyone in the main hall; we all sat and slouched down.

Takuma was always the only one wide awake early in the night, it irritated others but I found it cute.

"Happy birthday." Some of the others murmured at different times, slowly and in between yawns.

Takuma's face turned disappointed at the 'happy birthdays' he received, I giggled at his cute face, sprang up and walked over to him, hands behind my back, and he looked at me like I was hiding a present.

"My present?" he grinned.

"Yeah, sure." I beamed, I revealed my empty hands and he frowned, I kissed him on the cheek. "Happy Birthday Vice President."

His eyes lit up and he let out a happy sigh, before watching me walk away to the door as Kaname waited for the others for us to leave.

"Wow, Ichijo-sempi, that must be the best present right?" Aido teased him. I turned to see what Takuma's reaction was and he was blushing. So cute.

We all got seated in class, surprise, surprise I had to sit next to Takuma again. Listening to the teacher go on and on about something that we already knew bored me, I listened to Shiki and Rima argue behind me who got the last Pocky, Aido was doodling again and everyone else just stared bored at the teacher.

Suddenly I felt paper slide into my hands on the table, I looked down to neatly folded paper and looked up at Takuma, he looked down at the paper and then up at me and smiled, not just a kind hearted smile like he usually gave, this one made my heart race, gave me butterflies.

I opened it up when he looked away, it read: Maybe you owe me one more kiss. I scoffed at how cheeky he was being.

I wrote back; what makes you think I will? And slid it back, I watched him smile and write something, he came back with; You like me.

I coughed nervously and he grinned at me, I shook my head at him, cheeky little…

I wrote bravely: Yeah but I still won't kiss you. He read it and snickered, he wrote before me; I can make you. I felt my insides tighten and I opened my mouth, slightly shocked.

I raised an eyebrow to him, and he looked down in front of him biting his bottom lip.

"Why don't you just get together?" Aido asked, I was walking in front with Rima listening in to their little talk.

"Aido." Takuma said with a warning.

"It just annoys me how you two act like it anyway. And most of all I can feel the energy." Aido stated.

"What energy?"

"You know," Aido began to whisper, "The sexual energy."

"AIDO!" Takuma nearly squealed, "She's just in front of us!"

"So? Let her know buddy!" Aido patted his back and gave him a little push forward towards me.

Takuma walked beside me quietly and he took a deep breath, he was nervous I could feel it. I took his hand and held it tightly.

"Is this what you wanted?" I asked, he looked down at our joined hands and smiled.

"Yeah. It is."

Takuma's party began and we all started to drink, not the best idea for Aido who gets a little carried away on blood wine.

"You and Takuma should just do it." He slurred. "I mean come on, you like him and I can tell you he really, really, really likes you…and ..and he.." he leant forwards to me with a finger on his lips, and whispered, "and he told me that he imagines you…"

"Ok!" Shiki and Kain came and held up Aido, "I think someone has been drinking too much."

"Who?" Aido hiccupped and looked around, "Is it..it that guy with the ..the blonde hair?"

Kain looked up at Shiki who shrugged.


"That's the guy!" Aido raised his hand, "Now.. now HE is a drunken idiot!"

Shiki sighed, "Tell me about it."

I watched Aido being dragged up by Kain and Shiki who were probably going to put him to bed.

"Wow, that could have been embarrassing." Takuma said behind me.

I smiled and turned to him, "For Aido or for you?"

He rubbed the back of his neck blushing, "Well, you know he is drunk, I wouldn't listen to him."

"Really?" I pouted and faked a sad face, "So you don't like me?"

"Of course I like you." He blushed harder.

"So that was true, so I guess what he said about you imagining me… it was true too?" I grinned, I got him!

"I..i don't know what he means about that." He looked around avoiding eye contact.

"Oh so maybe we should go and ask him about it right?" I asked, pretending to be serious.

"No!" He reacted without thinking, "I think we should let him sleep."

He drank the rest of hi wine in one big gulp and he bravely took my hand and led me to the gazebo out in the back garden. He sat me down and looked around before letting down the white see though sheet at the entrance, I'm guessing he didn't want anyone to see.

He sat down and took the bottle of wine filling up two glasses; he looked at me and smiled nervously before gulping down the wine. Wow, he was anxious.

We sat for a while just holding hands, I watched him drink quite a lot of wine, before he sat nearer to me.

"You have drank quite a bit haven't you Takuma?" I asked wearily.

"Nothing I can't handle." He said, suddenly his hand was in my hair. "I love you."

I smiled and laughed, "You are drunk Vice president."

He shook his head, "I love you." He meant it, he really did, his eyes were saying it to me too.

I felt myself blush and look down at the floor, he gently put up my head with his soft hands, his eyes loving and his lips close to mine, he hesitated a bit before he gently brought our lips together. I let out a deep breath out of pure excitement. He took this as permission to continue and our mouths joined again, his tongue traced my bottom lip before I let him into my mouth. Our tongues rubbed against each other and I gave out an involuntary moan. He stopped and grinned cheekily before gently pushing me backwards on the seat, my back was met by big pillows and he hovered above me just watching me.

"You are so beautiful." He whispered, his green eyes were lit with lust and yet again our lips met.

Aido stood at his window, looking upon the sight of the gazebo, the candle light went out inside it and the two entangled shadows disappeared.

"Ah, finally!" He sighed and fell sloppily on his bed.