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Don't Speak

The boy with who taped a red X on his mouth.

Taisho Inuyasha.

Kagome had the sort of interest in him – the sort of fascination – that couldn't be appeased by looking on from a distance. She watched him pull out his bentou and felt the temptation to join him, to sit over there with him. With an almost morbid fascination, she watched him rip off the tape and take a bite out of some onigiri, getting a quick glimpse of his lips.

It had been a month since he had transferred in – a month since the second semester started – but Kagome's interest was only starting now which was, ironically enough, when everyone else's was waning. She had known of him before, after all, he taped an X over his mouth and they were in the same class. But she had been too wrapped in her own world to pay much attention, catching up with her friends over their summers. She did know of him though, even when involved in her own world.

Like, she did know that he had been a target of bullying when he first transferred. However, that didn't last long, this she knew as well. With a crack of his knuckles and, from what anyone could guess, a smirk on his face, he proved that he could hold his own against humans and demons alike, time after time. And thus, his challengers decreased as time went on and now, they've completely left him alone.

Kagome, on the other hand, has only just readjusted to being at school. And as such, has only just taken notice in the clearly somewhat eccentric Taisho Inuyasha. And boy, had she taken interest.

With her friends chattering in the background, she watched him eat, trying to summon the nerve to join him. Trying to find the will to finally quell her interest in him.

"Kagome, where are you going?"

Kagome didn't want to waste time explaining herself to them and pushed herself to keep walking, lunch in hand. She took a seat by Inuyasha just in time to see him cut the tape, his red X reapplied.

He watched her cautiously from the corner of his eye, not fully acknowledging her presence.

"Taisho Inuyasha, right?" Kagome found herself asking in attempts to start a conversation.

He gave her a look, as if to say why do you care? but nodded, slowly.

"You may not remember but I'm Higurashi Kagome," she continued, laughing nervously. He turned his focus back on the table, apathetic.

She was losing him. Her chance was slipping out of her fingers.

"Why do you tape your mouth like that? Are you trying to make a statement or something?" Kagome asked, thinking of things like a Day of Silence or a Vow of Silence.

He gave her another look, one that grated her nerves. One that said you're not very smart, are you? He sighed, reaching into his bag and pulling out a pen and paper. After Kagome was sure that he had decided to completely ignore her in order to do some work, he tapped her on the shoulder and held up the sheet of paper.




"Oh, so that nobody comes up to you and tries to...start...a conversation..." Suddenly Kagome understood why he had given her that 'are you stupid?' look.

He rolled his eyes and in those golden pools, Kagome saw the hint of a smile. That made her smile.

Then she realized she needed to say something.

She leaned her head on her hand, smiling at him. "So you adjusting well?"

Inuyasha blinked. He let out a breath through his nose and his gaze became distant. It wasn't really an answer, but at the same time it was.

What do you think?

Kagome's gaze fell to the ground, she bit her lip as she recalled all the harassment he'd been facing. And not just for being mute. "Sorry for asking."

He looked at her out of the corner of his eye.

You should be.

Kagome sat there for a few moments before clearing her throat and awkwardly gathering her stuff. Maybe she shouldn't have tried this after all. She felt a tug on her arm and turned to find Inuyasha looking away from her, hand on her arm. There was a slight blush on his face.

Hey, who said you could leave?

Kagome rose an eyebrow. "You don't want me to leave?"

Inuyasha retracted his arm quickly, tossing his head up defiantly. His hand fell to the table, tapping it impatiently.

Keh, it's not as if I care.

Kagome broke into a smile and sat down. "You know what, I don't see the point in leaving since lunch is half over. I'll stick around."

Inuyasha kept turned away, his body rigid as though he was struggling not to turn back.

Suit yourself.

Kagome had to try not laugh out loud. He was so adorable. She stretched her legs before swinging them. This was a good idea after all. "So how is this gonna work?"

He turned around, looking puzzled.

How is what going to work?

"How are we going to talk?" Kagome explained, "Are you gonna write things down? Or do we just sit quietly? After all, all you want is my company, right?"

Inuyasha blinked, eyes wide and face red. He turned away defiantly again.

W-what? That's not true!

Kagome rolled her eyes. He was so easy to read. It didn't make a difference if he could speak or not. She found that aspect of him endearing and amusing. Despite his cold demeanour, Kagome could really tell that beyond all those layers of bad ass strong and silent type, there was a really guy. A really nice guy she wouldn't mind spending a lot of time with.

My exams start tomorrow and end on Monday so, to be honest, I doubt I'll be writing fanfiction in that time. So, to help you all through that, I'm posting this. It's a short story, only six chapters, and is based off a very good original short story of mine. So I hope you guys will like it!