The Things He Knew

Funny story: This started out as Rory/11, but did not end up there. Maybe later?

(I actually love the fact that Rory's last name is Pond, but I feel that he doesn't.)

Sometimes he thought (no, he knew, Rory knew) that the only reason the Doctor paid attention to him was because of Amy.

It was there in the way he addressed them.

He still thought of himself as "Rory Williams" and he thought of his wife as "Amy Williams" and he thought of his daughter (when he thought of her, that was a whole mess that made his head hurt) as "Melody Williams".

But the Doctor called them the Ponds, and Amy called him Rory Pond and their daughter (a headache waiting to happen) Melody Pond, and yes, Rory was sick of it.

He was a simple enough man, he thought. Was it too much to ask that his wife take his last name? It's not as if he asked her to change everything for him. Just her last name.

He gave up his life for her, and she couldn't do that one measly thing for him. And she claimed to love him.

But he knew he hadn't had her love for a long time.

Before the wedding, when they would just chat and hang out, she seemed... distant. Rory brushed it off as pre-wedding jitters, but he knew that wasn't it. He saw the way she looked at the Doctor, laughed with him, admired him.

And he had thought for a while (or, really, hoped) it was just admiration. Though he knew deep down it wasn't.

And then America came.

When she called out for the Doctor to save her, when she told the man who wasn't (and never will be, if Rory has a say [though he doesn't]) her husband she was pregnant.

Yeah, she tried to pass it off by saying she and the Doctor were 'best friends', but he knew better. After all, wasn't that how they had started off? Best friends?

And he looked into her eyes, and he studied at her when she thought he wasn't looking, and he knew. Amy didn't love him. She might have, at one point in time. But not anymore.

Now, instead of her husband, Rory was a tool.

A means of making the Doctor jealous.

It was obvious, the way she was cold and angry when the Doctor wasn't around and switched to flirting and openly affectionate when he was.

Now, when she kissed him, it was only when the Doctor could see.

Sometimes he thought (no, he knew, he really knew) that Amy only paid attention to him because of the Doctor.