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I was woken early by Emmett as he made coffee and sang really out of tune to the radio. It took me a minute to work out where I was, at first thinking that we'd had a boys night. Then, reality hit me, well more smacked me in the face. Emmett was quick to tell me not to mope and to trust him, reminding me of our talk last night. So after a quick shower he marched me out the door and toward the car. We travelled for some time before he pulled at a roadside diner. Once we were sat in a booth, orders placed as we sat waiting for our food to come I summoned the courage to ask.

"So, where are we going? You obviously have something planned."

He smiled back at me. "I do, and that is top secret." Tapping the side of his nose. "Now stop with the questions, all will be revealed. Let's eat." I knew that I was just gonna have to wait this one out.

After we left the diner Emmett drove us to Seattle which confused me even more, what were we doing here, and how did this fit in with me proving to Bella that I loved her, was right for her? I looked at him, causing him to shake his head and smile. Obviously he had something planned, I just needed to trust him. We pulled into the parking lot of the biggest mall I had ever seen, I mean this place was huge. The sign read Westfield Southcenter. I swear that the parking lot alone was bigger than the school back home in Forks. Emmett's grin threatened to split his face in two as I just followed him blindly, toward the entrance.

"What are we doing here?" I managed to ask. Emmett's response was to get me in a headlock as he ruffled my hair.

"I thought you were intelligent? Well, we are a mall, and there these magical things call stores inside where you give them money and they give you goods." I could hear the teasing tone in his voice and chose not to rise to his taunts.

Once inside the mall Emmett took charge and we went from store to store as he picked me a load of new clothes. I tried to object saying that I couldn't afford this. His response was this was sorted and I wasn't to worry about it. We broke briefly for lunch and after he dragged me to a beauty salon, I stopped in the doorway but he grabbed me and dragged me inside. He was instantly greeted by a tall, slim blonde who rushed over to see if she could be of any assistance. I thought to myself that he was lucky Rose wasn't here as she would totally kick his ass over that. He explained that I needed a makeover, I went to object and he cut me off. "The hair, it has to go. You need a more up to date look." Turning to look in the mirror I knew what he meant, my hair was one length and just kinda hung around my face so I looked like a real geek. The hair combined with my spectacles was part of my disguise. It stopped people from getting too close to me, well most people except Tanya and Bella. One I regretted allowing so close the other I regretted treating so badly.

"I don't know Emmett, it's just a lot to take in." I stammered, feeling my cheeks begin to blush from being the center of attention.

"It's okay, let's just take a minute to talk about this." He pulled me off to one side, sitting me on the couches that were in the front of the salon. "Look, what we talked about last night, the way you feel about… her… well this is all part of the plan for you to win her over."

"What do you mean? It's over, she told me herself that she doesn't love me anymore, we're over." I was fighting back the urge to break down, the only thing stopping me was the fact that we were in the middle of a shopping mall and people would stare.

"Hey, you trust me right?" He put his hand on my shoulder and gave it a small squeeze. I nodded in response. "Good, now with the new clothes, a haircut and some coaching from me she will be putty in your hands."

"I dunno Em, is this a good idea? She was pretty adamant that we were over." I had to make it clear to him that this might not work.

"Edward, if she doesn't want you then there plenty of other girls that I am sure will now fall over themselves to be with you, live a little." I smiled and nodded in response, with that he pulled me to my feet and pushed me in the direction of the blonde from earlier. She quickly whisked me away promising to make me look like a new person. As I reclined in a seat to have my hair washed I thought to myself, what if I don't like the new person? I was afraid that the new and improved Edward would be so far removed from who I was that I would hate him. But it was too late now.

An hour passed where I had my hair washed, conditioned, cut and styled. I felt like I was being primped and preened to within an inch of my life. The whole time Emmett just sat there watching and giving his input into everything. He tried to make me have a facial, at that point I rebelled and threatened to walk out, so he backed down. The one thing that I couldn't get him to budge on was the fact that I wasn't allowed to see my hair being cut and styled. No, he wanted to do a big reveal and after some flirting with the salon staff, not that it was required, he had them agreeing that I could change out of my clothes and into a new outfit in one of the treatment rooms.

When I was pushed inside by Emmett and the door slammed behind me I knew hat there was no getting out of here. Looking at the chair in the corner there were a new pair of jeans, a mid blue t-shirt and leather jacket sat on the chair in the corner. I eyed the items with some caution, debating if I could get away without changing, but then came a knock on the door and in stepped Emmett.

"Are you not changed yet?" He huffed.

"Does it look like it." I grumbled, wondering if there was any way that I could sneak my old clothes back on.

"Okay, I will turn my back while you get changed, I need to check that you look the part before we step outside. All part of the service." He joked, only I knew that he wasn't. There was no way I was gonna get rid of him so I might as well play along for now.

While his back was turned I got changed. The jeans I had to admit were a good fit, although the t-shirt felt a little tighter than I would normally go for. "Em, this shirt feels a bit tight, I think the size must be wrong."

With that he spun around before rolling his eyes at me as I fidgeted. "No, it's the right size, you just need to understand that you are not hiding away anymore Ed, you need to stand tall and proud of who you are."

"So if I just need to be proud, what was with the whole makeover then?" I quipped.

"Hey, don't start getting smart with me. You hide behind your appearance, hoping no one would look at you twice. This allows you to sneak below the radar and go unnoticed. Yet you still managed to bag two hot pieces of-" He stopped when I glared at him quickly changing what he was going to say, replacing it with, "two of the finest women around, apart from Rose of course, cause that would just be wrong as she's your sister. Anyway, you managed to hook them both without making any effort on your image. Now imagine the devastation you can cause now that you have been polished up."

I wondered how he would feel if he knew how wrong he was about me going unnoticed if he knew the truth. I had been a figure of fun and ridicule for so long at school that I'd got used to it. I debated how this magical makeover would change things for me, part of me worried that it would make me more of a target for them, but things really couldn't get any worse, could they?

Emmett turned me around to face a full length mirror and I had to do a double take. The person staring back at me, looked like me, but wasn't someone I recognized. "Holy fucking shit!" Was all I could manage to utter. The person in the mirror looked like me, their lips moved when I did but there was no way that it was me I was seeing. "What have you done to me?" I choked out as my throat went dry and the room felt like it was coming in on me.

Catching my breath a hand went to my hair and found it just like the person in the mirror staring back at me, mine had been cut and styled giving me a whole new look. The shaggy, locks were gone, my hair was now short on the back and sides but some of the length remained on the top, where it was forming a messy quiff. I just knew that there was no way I would ever get it looking this good again so I took in my reflection slowly, afraid that if I looked away for a moment when I looked back, all this would be gone.

"Shit, that's me? I look… different." I stammered. " I really don't know what to say to you." I mumbled, and it was the truth. I was a new person on the outside, the old Edward was gone and replaced by someone I didn't recognize. The love affair with the mirror continued for a little while longer as I took in the changes that had happened.

"There is nothing to say. You look good, and don't you forget it." Was all Emmett said in response. With that he guided me out of the back room much the delight of the salon staff who gave me a small round of applause, which of course, caused me to blush bright red.

As we made our way back through the mall to the car I noticed that women were looking, normally they would be eyeing up Emmett, I was used to that. This time the eyes were on me and I didn't know what to do. Sensing my discomfort Emmett whispered in my ear."Stand tall, shoulders back and don't make eye contact."

"But they are staring at me." I shot back.

He laughed."I know, they are probably just wondering who those two really hot guys are." He nudged me. "Just enjoy it, this is good practice for when you go back to school."

My heart sank at the thought, I knew that Mom planned to keep me off for a couple of weeks until things 'calmed down' as she put it. At least I would have some time to come to terms with the new look Edward Cullen.


The drive back home was long and I was exhausted causing me to fall asleep. I woke with a start when we pulled into the drive of my house. Emmett just grinned at me. "C'mon man let's go show your adoring public your new look."

Getting out of the car I felt like I had lead in my new sneakers as I slowly made my way inside. Hearing the voices of my family made me feel slightly safer but the nerves were still there. Emmett walked into the lounge before me announcing.

"Here he is, the one that you have all been waiting to see." Then he stepped aside to reveal the expectant faces of my parents and Rose who as the first one to approach me. She squealed as she threw her arms around me exclaiming.

"You look fantastic bro, I knew you would I have the best ideas."

"What do you mean? This was your idea?" I was confused.

Releasing me she held me at arms length."Hell yeah! You think that Emmett came up with this idea all by himself?"

Emmett came over to Rose, wrapping his arm around her waist and placing a kiss on the top of her head, she pushed him away playfully.

My dad stepped forward, "You look good son. It suits you."

I just smiled at him, before my attention turned to my mom who was sitting on the couch, wiping tears from her eyes hoping not to be seen doing so, I hated that she was crying again, because of me.

"Mom, what's wrong?" I rushed to her, kneeling on the floor before I threw my arms around her.

"Nothing sweetheart, it's just you look all grown up." She started sobbing again. "You look great though, really handsome." I pulled back from her and she cupped my face in her hand. "Emmett and Rose did a great job, thank you."

Emmett mumbled something under this breath before he headed outside, I assumed to get the bags from the car.

I sat down next to my mom, she had a smile on her face. "Did you have fun today?"

"Not really. Emmett dragged me around and then I was subjected to having my hair styled." I grumbled.

"I know, you were never one for shopping trips and being looked after. I hope you didn't mind too much. I would've taken you myself but I think that you would've run for the hills."

She was right, I would've done. With Emmett there was no way out of it, I certainly wasn't going to argue with him.

Once Emmett brought the clothes in from the car, under Rose's direction he took them straight upstairs and left everything on my bed. Mom and I followed them upstairs where she immediately went through the new purchases while Rose went through my closet and put the clothes that she deemed unworthy into trash bags. In fairness this was the vast majority of them. It was decided that I needed more clothes, rolling my eyes as another shopping trip was quickly planned. My dad came in and muttered "Like you mom and sister need an excuse to do more shopping."

I laughed at his comment, of course mom heard him and playfully slapped his arm before she said. "You know it makes me happy to shop darling." Whatever she whispered afterwards caused my dad to blush, and there was no way that any of us wanted to know what she had said to him.

My dad was clearly trying to take the focus away from him and his blushing by announcing that he would be ordering take out for us. We all laughed at his attempt to distract us from his embarrassment. Once it arrived we all sat down to eat as one big family. Looking around the table, I knew that no matter what happened next, my family would be there for me regardless. In all honesty I had no idea what the future held for me, Bella told me that it was over and I had to put my faith in Emmett and his hair brained scheme to try and win her back.

All I could have now was the hope that this would work. Right now I would do anything to make this right and attempt to win her back.

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