There was a melodious tune from outside that caused Aqua's concentration to break as she read. She lifted her head and listened to the tune as she slowly closed the book in her hands.

She stared out through the open the window at which she sat beside and gazed at the orange coloured sky from the setting sun. The tune stopped suddenly and Aqua lent forwards to stare out of the window more to see where the noise had come from.

The tune began once more but wasn't as continuous and peaceful as it had been before. The notes seemed disjointed and almost clumsy, like that the notes being used could make a song but weren't being played in the correct sequence.

When Aqua couldn't source the noise she chewed on her bottom lip and fell back into her seat. She'd never truly heard that kind of noise before in the Land of Departure. Her curiosity caught Aqua pushed herself out of her seat and headed out of the library. Her metal boots echoed throughout the stone corridors and Aqua wasn't sure if the tune had stopped or if her boots had drowned the tune out.

She jogged down the white staircase to the main hall within the castle. The stained glass window shone brightly and lit the room up in various colours. She half expected to see Terra, her fellow keyblade wielding apprentice here training but the young man wasn't, neither was their newest friend Ventus.

Where are those two?

Aqua thought, when she realised she hadn't seen the pair for a while. She walked down another few steps and she could suddenly hear the tune clearly for the first time. The relaxing beat made her feet keep moving, like the pied piper himself was sat outside and bringing her out.

The double doors that were the main entrance to the castle were wide open and Aqua was instantly hit by the evening sun. She narrowed her eyes against the glare and spotted the source of the noise.

She couldn't help but let out a small short laugh in surprise at her two friends.

Ventus was sat besides the oldest teen on the stone white wall, his eyes wide with amazement and his mouth in an open smile. Terra was slightly bent over the acoustic guitar he held close to him as he played a peaceful and relaxing tune.

Aqua walked down the steps towards the pair, watching the brunette's fingers move with precise skill, like he'd been playing every day in his life. Occasionally he'd speak quietly saying something to Ven, causing the young boy's eyebrows to furrow as he watched his friend play a single note over and over again.

Terra's head slowly turned up and he looked to Aqua, she couldn't help but smile with complete surprise as he continued to play the same song without looking where he was placing his fingers along the string. There was something strangely comforting watching Terra play the guitar and the way the sun shone behind him made him look even regal.

He slowly stopped and turned to the youngest teen before passing him the instrument, muttering a quiet "you try." Ventus eagerly took the guitar into his arms and began to try and copy his friend, the same disjointed notes Aqua heard earlier being repeated.

Terra turned to look to the blue haired girl and shrugged slightly.

"Who knew." Aqua said with a smile.


I haven't posted anything for a while here and now with university finished for a few months I need something to do to pass my time. So I'm back with these short (and very short at that) stories to try and get back into writing.

Hope you liked this one, first thing I've written for a while. I'm thinking of expanding this into like a collection of short stories just so you know, but we'll see.