I must admit the characters for Birth by Sleep have been my favourite so far and I wanted to write a short something for a while. I apologise if there are any grammatical errors, as I just typed this and uploaded.

I hope you all like! x

"You want me to do what?" Terra asked, his dark blue eyes open wide like he was a deer caught in the headlights of a car. When Aqua didn't answer him he raised his hands and shook his head quickly. "I don't think I'm qualified." He replied as he backed his way towards Aqua's bedroom door.

"Please Terra!" The other teen pleaded. Aqua smiled at him sweetly, a smile she'd discovered in her short time at the Land of Departure could make Terra do whatever she wished. She'd wondered how Terra had kept sane in this world, what with just his master to keep him company. He'd obviously grown up very quickly, however, even their master had commented on how Terra had reverted to acting like how a fifteen year old boy should since Aqua's arrival.

She saw the older teen's face flush red and he coughed to clear the occasional break in his voice; something that Aqua would tease him furiously about. "I don't know…" He mumbled, rubbing his chin with his thumb and forefinger.

"C'mon Terra!" Aqua asked a final time. She flicked her long blue hair over her shoulder as if for emphasis and snipped with the scissors in her hands. "It's getting in the way when we're sparring!" She leapt to her feet, swinging her hair back around and grabbed onto Terra's hand and pulled him forwards. "I cut yours!" She added. Even though she was only fourteen she'd been dubbed the world's hairdresser, mostly because Terra had said she was the only girl here and that instantly made her better than anyone else.

Terra sighed loudly. "That's only because I don't care about my hair. This is different." He answered back, finally accepting the scissors she pushed into his tanned hands.

Aqua sat down in front of him with her back turned. "Cut it short, to my neck." She replied confidently.

"Remember when you first cut my hair?" Aqua asked suddenly as she watched Terra brush the blue strands from his tan pants. He turned and looked down at her, his dark blue eyes narrowed as if to question why she asked such a thing.

"Yeah." He replied before standing up straight. Aqua smirked at him, running her fingers through her hair to feel the new length. "Was about four years ago." He added, his eyes gazing off into the distance as he tried to think back.

"Why were you so reluctant to cut it?" She asked. Now Terra was a lot older, there was barely an occasion when he was hesitant anymore. He was always running head first into things, especially with his keyblade in hand.

There was a short silence for a while and Aqua watched Terra think for a second. A smile formed on his lips and he turned to look back to her. There was a sparkle in his eyes and he leant forwards to her before slowly brushing the cut blue strands from her shoulders. "I liked your hair." He answered with a smile.

"You did?" Aqua asked, surprised the oldest apprentice would say something like that. There was a faint blush on his cheeks, like he'd said something he shouldn't.

"I though you looked-"

"Is it my turn?!" Ventus suddenly ran round the corner and into Aqua's room with a cheery smile and unaware he'd cut his friend off. The blond boy slid to a stop besides Terra and smiled brightly. Aqua smiled in return, even though she wanted to scold the boy for interrupting her friend and then to ask Terra to continue, but knew even if she did Terra wouldn't finish his sentence now.

She watched Terra ruffle the boy's thick blonde hair before announcing he was off to go train. Aqua watched him walk away, whilst Ven took her seat and began to chat away, but for a split second she'd was sure she saw Terra turn back and glance at her.