When Love Takes Over

Chapter 8

Rescuing Mai

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"Are we all set?" asked Garu, taking a sip of water before leaving Pucca's home.

Abyo jumped into the air, making a few kicks and showing off. "Yeah, we can take these stupid ninjas! You all ready?" he laughed.

Pucca sighed, but nodded. That was some wicked nightmare she had. Not only that, but she also is getting the feeling that they're being watched.

"Hey, do you guys feel like we're being watched?" asked Abyo. Everyone looked in surprise. Abyo never noticed anything.

Garu nodded. "Yeah, kind of... But I wouldn't worry. If it was one of Tobe's minions, we would know," he said.

"But who else would be watching us?" asked Pucca. There was a moment of silence, the only noise coming from the forest.

"Come on guys, let's focus. Mai needs us right now," said Ching. They all nodded and charged into the forest.

Soft footsteps followed from behind...


Mai slowly opened her eyes to the small amount of sunlight coming into the room. Her blanket wrapped around her like a caterpillar's chrysalis. She sighed and looked down. "I guess they're not coming... Why would they?" she muttered to herself. She messed up everything. Garu fell for her and his relationship with Pucca was ruined. Pucca probably hates her as well.

And now she was trapped. She may even die. Mai slowly reached into her pocket and pulled out a small keychain with Yoshi on it. A small smile was brought to her face. I always keep this with me... she thought.

Her ears perked up when she heard noises from the door. She pressed her ears against it.

"Sir, we've spotted them crossing the Yugong River about five minutes ago. Most likely, they're on their way here," said one ninja.

"Ha ha! So they're deciding to show their faces here? I will have my revenge now..." she heard Tobe say.

Fast footsteps were heard coming closer. "Sir! Sir! One of our ninjas were found unconscious in the depths of the forest!" another ninja shouted.

"What? By who?"

"It wasn't one of Garu's friends. They were too far. It was someone else, but he quickly disappeared and we couldn't get a good look at him."

Tobe most likely had just punched a wall. "This isn't making sense... No matter. When Garu and his friends show up, make sure to keep a good look out for anyone suspicious," he said.

"Yes sir!" The sound of a few feet trailed off and the door opened. "What're you doing, girl?" scolded one of the ninjas. She looked up to him and began to tremble. He grabbed her arm roughly and pulled her, but she bit his hand extremely hard, drawing blood. He pulled back and yelled out in pain and she made a run for it. "She's escaping!" he shouted to the other ninjas.

Just a few more feet...! she thought as she saw the door. A dagger was quickly thrown just past her head and stuck right next to where her hand was on the door handle. "Do you think this is a game, girl?" chuckled Tobe. Mai looked down to see quite a chunk of her long dark hair were cut off.

Tobe pulled a few more daggers out. "So... Do you still want to run?" he asked. Mai slowly turned back around and was grabbed by a few ninjas. "Tie her up!" barked Tobe.


"God dammit, I knew we'd get lost! Why did we listen to you, Abyo?" shouted Pucca. They stood in front of the fourth boulder so far, which was a dead end. "Calm down Pucca..." said Ching softly.

"No, I won't! Mai could be hurt and we're wasting too much time! Where's the damn map?" demanded Pucca, holding her hand out to Garu. He sighed and gave it to her.

"Damn, it's not my fault. I thought this would be a shortcut..." said Abyo.

"That's what you thought the last three times! Look... We made it past the Yugong River, so now we have to make our way through Bamboo Forest. Then there will be a path leading us past Fujikki Lake to Utaka Volcano," she pointed out.

Abyo sighed and walked over to Ching. "Come on, let's go!" said Pucca, starting to run but Garu grabbed her.

"Wait, we need to plan this out. Sit down," he said.

"No... No no no! We need to go. Let's talk about this on the way!" she said hastily, but Garu lifted her up and sat her down on a rock. Pucca crossed her arms with a huff.

"I said sit," he said, talking to her as if she were a child. She pouted and turned her head towards Ching.

"I don't think it would be the best idea to charge in," said Ching, "we may be easily out numbered. So, we should try to find a way inside, but secretly."

Garu nodded in agreement. "I've been there a few times in the past. I'm not sure if it changed, but it's a tower, not too tall. There are some windows to get in through. Most likely the place will be guarded, so we have to watch our backs," he said.

"Then there's the situation with finding Mai," added Abyo and continued, "she'll probably be in a cage or a cell. Or what if she's in a secret room?"

Garu rolled his eyes and said, "She won't be in a secret room. The building is a dojo, not a haunted house with secret passages."

Pucca stood up. "Alright, so we'll try to find a window and sneak in. Then we'll be completely stealthy and search from room to room. Now let's go!" she hastily said and dashed off, with the crowd following behind.

Pucca and Abyo ran through Bamboo Forest, cutting off every single bamboo tree in their way with punches and kicks. Garu stared at Pucca in amazement as he jumped from tree to tree all the way above them, along with Ching. Her chicken squawked and held onto her hair for its life.

They finally saw more sunlight and saw Fujikki Lake, as well as the trail that led to the volcano. Ching and Abyo ran ahead, while Garu stayed behind with Pucca.

"How are you feeling?" he asked as they ran. She just kept her eyes on the trail.

"Like I want to kill Tobe," she replied.

He smirked and chuckled. "Pure and honest ninjas don't kill their enemy. They have mercy... Depending on the situation," he said.

She turned her head and smirked back. "Who said I'm a ninja?"

His smirk suddenly turned into a soft smile, making her blush. "Hey, whatever happens, just be careful, okay?" he said. She looked back ahead and nodded.

"BRACE YOURSELF!" shouted Ching, her and Abyo making a sharp stop. About six of Tobe's minions appeared in front of them and began attacking. Ching's chicken squawked as she pulled her sword out, knocking one of the ninjas to the ground.

Abyo ripped his shirt off. "HIYAH! Let's get this started- AGH!" he was cut of by being tackled. Garu ran in and began to join the fight.

After five minutes of fighting with not much progress, Pucca huffed and screamed, "I'M NOT GOING TO FIGHT HERE FOREVER WHILE MAI'S IN TROUBLE!" She charged herself at the six ninjas and knocked them all out, her adrenaline rushing. "Whoa, Pucca..." gasped Garu.

Abyo looked down at the unconscious ninja. "Man, they've gotten stronger..." he muttered. The ninja suddenly opened his eyes, startling Abyo.

"H-heh... If you think w-we're strong... We're just the r-rookies..." he stuttered and fell back into unconsciousness.

Ching paled. "R-rookies?" she said.

Pucca rolled her eyes. "They're all rookies. I'm sure we'll be fine..." she said, her voice showing a hint of nervousness. "Let's go!"

They all charged to the path again, this time even faster. They ran into a couple of more ninjas, but easily took them out. Garu smirked at the pleasure of throwing them into trees.

"Guys, look!" exclaimed Ching, pointing up. They saw the top part of Utaka Volcano.

"Follow me," whispered Garu. He led them past a few boulders and deep into the forest, but closer to the volcano. They were so deep that the sunlight was beginning to be blocked out completely. Now Pucca understood why they never came here often.

Finally, they came to an old dojo. They quickly, but quietly, hid behind a few boulders. There were five ninjas guarding the doors.

"We need to find and alternative entrance..." whispered Abyo.

"Thank you, Captain Obvious," said Garu sarcastically.

"You're welcome, Lieutenant Sarcasm."

"Shh!" shushed Ching.

Pucca growled. "Guys, focus! Ching and I will go around the back to see if there's a window. You two will go around the side," she whispered.

They nodded and split up. Ching was smart to hide her chicken in her jacket, because he made a small squawk from the speed and was almost heard by the ninjas.

Pucca slowly and quietly climbed onto Ching's shoulders and peered through a window. She gasped and saw Mai tied up to a pole, just like in her dream.

Pucca jumped down from Ching's shoulders. "We... We gotta do something... This looks exactly like me dream..." she said, shivering.

Ching gave her a small hug. "Don't worry, Pucca. I promise you this will be different. It's just a coincidence," she said before running back to the boys. "We found an open window that's not too high. Shall we?" asked Garu. The girls nodded and began to follow them. Garu jumped up high and landed right on the edge. He carefully looked in to make sure nobody was inside. When it was safe, he signaled Pucca to grab his hand and climb up.

Pucca's POV

Once we were all inside, we stealthily began to make our way to the first floor. Thankfully, there were enough shadows to keep us hiding for a moment. It took about five minutes for us to make it to the second floor. For some reason, a lot of the guards began to run up to the top floor. We shrugged it off and finally found Mai tied onto the pole on the first floor. She was facing the door, as if expecting us to come in, which meant they knew we were near. Four minions were guarding her, but their uniforms were blue instead of black. We made sure to hide behind the railing and in the shadows.

"That's strange..." Garu whispered. "Does that indicate that they're stronger?"

I shrugged. "Should we take them out?" I asked.

"It would signal the other guards though..." whispered Ching.

Garu sighed. "Looks like we need another plan... Okay, Abyo, you'll distract them while Pucca and I get Mai. Ching will guard us incase of more ninjas," he said.

Abyo gave a thumbs up. "Got it," he said. He jumped out from the shadows and right in front of them. "HIYAH! Hey you stupid ninjas! It's time for a daily dose of Abyo!" he shouted.

I face palmed. "He's so stupid..." I muttered. Ching giggled.

Two of the four ninjas sprung forward to tackle him, but Abyo jumped out of the way in time. Meanwhile, Garu and I snuck our way past the other two and began to untie the ropes holding Mai. A large smile was planted on her face when she saw us.

"Hey, she's escaping!" called one of the ninjas before we could finish untying Mai. He leapt forward and kicked Ching in the face, sending her into a wall.

"Ching!" I gasped. I roared in anger and punched the guy in the face, leaving him with a bloody nose. I saw Garu take out the other one and I smirked, helping Ching stand up.

Just when I thought things were getting better though, it wasn't.

The two other ninjas were holding Abyo down, punching him one after another. Soon, more of Tobe's minions were coming after us, and soon enough, Tobe arrived himself. Him and another blue minion kicked us away from Mai and we fell to the ground.

"Pucca!" Mai screamed. I rubbed my head and sat up. We were absolutely surrounded by ninjas and definitely outnumbered.

Abyo was thrown right against the wall. He let out a yelp and sat up with a groan, just to be kicked in the stomach again. I gasped, recognizing this scene in my dream. The blue ninja pulled out a long katana and held it above Abyo with a dark chuckle. "Goodnight, weakling..." he said.

"NO!" I screamed. He swung the katana and began to bring it down to Abyo's head...

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