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Sasha's POV

She's quiet, I know she's trying to decide what the best thing would be, she was so relaxed when we were on the couch watching a movie, but I don't want her to have a hard time falling asleep if I do leave. She hesitantly nods, and looks at me.

I gently rub her shoulder, "it's alright if you do, I'm not gonna do anything you don't want"

She gives me a small smile after I reassure her that nothing will happen that she's not ready for, and I'm gonna respect her.

"yeah…" she says, and yawns again.

I nod, and rub her shoulder. "I'm gonna make sure things are all locked up, alright…"

She nods and I fix her blankets, and make sure her doors are locked and turn off some lights that we'd left on. I come back in her room and she's already asleep. I turn off the light on her side of the bed and climb in next to her. She rolls over to face me, "Sasha…" she mumbles.

I brush some hair from her face, "yeah sweetie, just sleep"

I let her curl up next to me and I wrap an arm around her. She relaxes a lot once she snuggles into me, and I smile, pulling the sheets over both of us and eventually fall asleep myself.


Sasha's POV

Summer and I had been dating for around eight months when I decided to ask her to marry me. We'd been dating on and off before this and I knew how much she wanted to finally start a family. She was ecstatic, it was the happiest I'd seen her since I met her.

The wedding was set for a few months later and it went off without a hitch, she was beautiful and everything was exactly what she wanted. We decided to keep her house and sell the airstream, since it was more practical if she wanted a family, and she didn't have to worry about moving.

It's been about eight months since the wedding and she's been trading days with Kim at The Rock. I come home from one of her off days and she's quiet when I come in. She wasn't feeling well this morning so I wouldn't be surprised if she was asleep. I hear her coughing in the bedroom and find her in the bathroom, leaning over the toilet with her hair hanging by her face. I kneel down by her and rub her back, "sweetheart, what's wrong?"

She jumps a little but relaxes when she realizes it's me. "ugh…" she moans. I know she hates throwing up, so I grab one of her hair ties from the counter and pull her hair back. She whimpers and gags, it reminds me of when she got sick that first time around this time last year.

I gently feel her forehead, "you're not warm honey, how long have you been feeling like this?"

She leans on me and shrugs. She gags again and whimpers, I know she's probably trying to hold it in. "it's okay sweetie, if you feel like getting sick it's better to just throw up than hold it in"

With this she leans over the toilet and throws up, I gently rub her back as she keeps gagging, "I hate this Sasha…" she moans.

"I know you do honey, do you wanna come lay down?" I ask her, still supporting her back.

She nods, and leans into me. I help her get in bed and she whimpers, "water…"

I smile and bring her a glass. She sips the cool liquid and forces a smile. "is that the first time today you've gotten sick?"

She shakes her head. "all day…"

I sit by her and rub her back, I can tell she's miserable. "want me to call your dad?"

She shakes her head, "not yet…"

I nod, I know she can be so stubborn when it comes to people taking care of her when she's not feeling well. This is when I realize it's been a week or two since the last time we had sex, there's a possibility she could be pregnant, but I don't want to bring that up if she doesn't think so. I don't want to hurt her if it's not the case. She just snuggles into me and I continue rubbing her back.

"Sasha…" she quietly mumbles.

"yeah sweetie…" I say, brushing a piece of hair away from her face and smiling.

"What…. What if I'm pregnant?" she hesitantly asks, I wasn't sure if the thought had crossed her mind yet, but it obviously has.

I keep rubbing her back, "that's okay, I'm gonna be here for you, and the baby. And you know your mom and dad will be here too" I knew she needed that reassurance, she snuggles into me and rests her head on my shoulder.

"I dunno yet though…" she mumbles.

I just hold her until she falls asleep, I help her through the night each time she gets sick. I convinced her she needed to call her doctor in the morning, or I would call her dad.

She was able to get herself an appointment later in the afternoon, I had to be at the gym, so her mom agreed to take her. I come home and she's sitting on the couch, with an anxious look on her face.

I sit by her and she looks down at the floor. "how'd it go today?" I ask, putting my hand on her shoulder.

She sighs, I can tell she's been thinking, I'm not sure if what the doctor told her was good or not.

I give her shoulder a gentle squeeze, "it's okay, you can tell me"

"I'm… uhm, I'm pregnant" she replies, still not looking at me. I know deep down she's excited, but is probably a little worried about my reaction. I can't help but smile, she's going to be a great mom, and I want to be there to help her.

I put my hand under her chin and gently turn her head so she's looking at me, "that's great sweetie, everything's gonna be alright, I'm gonna be here"

She leans into me and I pull her close, she relaxes when I start rubbing her shoulder and I can tell a big weight has been lifted off her chest just by telling me. She sighs and snuggles close, "love you…" she mumbles.

I hug her, "love you too sweetie, you're gonna be a great mom"

She smiles, and rests her head on my shoulder. I know she's tired, she didn't sleep well last night and hasn't been feeling that great, I hope she can get some rest tonight.

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