A/N: Yes, this is a game. Fred and George are going to explain the rules. Cast your votes in a review, and if you have questions or comments, include those in your review. Don't really go to an owlery, lol! Okay, hope you have fun!

"Hey, Fred, I've got an idea."

"What, George, who are we pranking now?"

"No, not a prank. Why don't we start a daily game show where we ask voters who would win in a fight? Real wizards, witches, and muggles, plus fictional characters!"

"…Great idea!"

*2 weeks later*

"Welcome, all, to 'Who Would Win in a Duel?'! I'm your host, Fred Weasley, and this is your other host, George Weasley! Give a round of applause for the Weasley twins!"

"Well, Fred, I can't believe we're finally starting! So, I'll explain how this show works. Every day, we will have an episode. We'll ask 'who would win in a duel?' and give two options. They could be a real person, magical or muggle, or they could be fictional. They could be dead or alive. If you've never heard of the fictional character, either don't vote, or choose the most intimidating name. Leave your votes at your local owlery, and whoever wins will be announced on the next night's show."

"Also, at the beginning of the show, we'll give a brief definition on each of the contestants. Almost like a Chocolate Frog Card, but… not. Then, we'll announce the winner, give our opinions, and give the next contestants. The cycle starts over."

"So, Fred, who do you think would win in a fight: Albus Dumbledore or You-Know-Who?"

"I'll say on tomorrow's episode, but it's obvious."

"Stay tuned, and good bye for now!"

A/N: The underlined characters are the choices. Remember, leave them in a review! Also, in case you are really that daft (er, no offense if you really didn't know), You-Know-Who is Voldemort. Also, please note- not all characters will be from Harry Potter. If you don't know who they are, do as George said and choose the most intimidating name, or don't vote. But I need to have at least one vote for each chapter or this won't work out so well, so PLEASE review/vote!