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Oh, and I have to say... Chiron. Because Dumbledore is so manipulative. Really. He basically, in the wise words of Severus Snape, raised Harry like a pig for slaughter! Even though Dumbledore probably has greater powers and all...

"Chiron and Dumbledore dueled it out, in our minds, and Dumbledore won in seconds."

"What an incredible conflict, George."

"Indeed, Fred. But I feel something is... off."

"Really? Me too, I don't know why!"

"Where are the girls?"

"That's what's missing!"

"No, I still feel something is wrong here."

"Maybe you forgot to-"

"Don't finish that sentence, I can see the look on your face!"

"...Yeah, I guess this is rated PG, isn't it?"


"Not PG 13..."

"I said it should be because of you, but the producers didn't agree."

"Well, thank you, producers!"

"So, what do you think is wrong?"

"I don't have a clue! Maybe we're accidentally speaking Spanish and don't realize it?"

"No, no, mi amigo. Tenemos que pensar en otra cosa. Por el bien de MerlĂ­n izquierda-"

"Okay, now you're really speaking Spanish!"

"Whoops, sorry."

"Maybe it's the 100th episode?"


"Whoa. Really? I was kidding!"

"It's the last episode of Who Would Win in a Duel, and we'd like to thank YOU for being a SUPERMEGAFOXYAWESOMEHOT voter!"

"In honor of the show, we're going to throw a..."


The screen went black, some dumb commericals played, and suddenly in the room was Fred, George, Bridgette, Angelina, and every single alive person featured in a duel during the show. There were balloons, cake, pranks, and even mistletoe (curtosy of Fred), which Draco and Hermione ended up under. I won't even say what happened...

"This party is incredible! Whoo, I'm on TV! Hello Muggles!"

"Alright, dad! Now, if you viewers want the chance to attend this party now, just floo the address below!"

On the screen, there was an address saying "Weasley's Wizarding Wheezes, Diagon Alley". Seconds after the number flashed onscreen, a group of screaming girls jumped out of the fireplace.


"This could be trouble... until next time, mi amigos! Haha!"

The camera zoomed in to Angelina, who, making out with Fred, was oblivious to George's dilemma. It then showed Bridgette, watching from a distance and shaking her head in disbelief.

"The things a girl would do just for a... oh, Merlin. Well, we are running out of time, I am afraid. Even though it's the last episode, I have one last duel for you lovely voters. Who would win in a duel... this story or Mrs. Figg? It's been awesome co-hosting this show, I promise you'll see me again someday!"

Bridgette smiled at the camera, blew a kiss, and reached out to press a button.

An odd song Fred and George wrote started to play. The two twins alternated between lines, both singing the first, and Fred starting after that. There was a pleasant background sound, a guitar playing flawless chords and drums adding little touches, combined with an enriching bass guitar.

Thanks for all you've done...

Thanks for making us famous!

Thanks for voting on each and every duel!

Thanks for giving us the laughs,

and thanks for watching our... show...!

A/N: Uh, yeah, the Spanish is 'No, no, my friend. We must think of something else. For the sake of Merlin's left-'. Then George at the end is saying 'my friends', and the haha has to be read like some Mexican madman XD I had to include Spanish, because I felt the sudden desire to. I did learn a word in Spanish today- caliente! It means hot. (I searched it for a reason, by the way... ;) )

So, did you like my actual no-dialogue parts? :) I sure did like writing them! After I finish up either The Sorting Hat Adventures or Who is your Favorite, most likely the latter, I'll start to plan an actual story. With an actual plotline. :O Now, I can't guarentee it'll be HP, but if you're interested, just watch out for it :) WIYF will be finished at chapter 40, I forgot what chapter I'm on though.

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