A/N: Truth or Dare, epic edition. I suppose you could call it a parody of all the T/D fics out there - this is certainly not an actual story in any way. Yes, there's a plot, and yes, it's more than just questions and answers, but this is not to be taken seriously in any way. Reviews and suggestions are always appreciated!

The Ultimate Truth or Dare Challenge


V75T the automaton scurried around the headquarters of HephaestusTV anxiously, looking for Hephaestus. The bi-monthly viewing report had just come in, and things were looking bleak.

Finally, he found the smith god working at a tool bench in his forge on Olympus.

"Lord Hephaestus," V75T said in his robotic voice. "The numbers for the last two weeks are done."

"Well?" Hephaestus asked gruffly. "How are they?"

V75T's circuits began to reach unhealthy temperature levels. He was never good under pressure.

"They are… not good, my lord. Our ratings have decreased ten percent."

The god cursed. "Hermes and his internet… What are people saying, V75T?"

The poor automaton stuttered until Hephaestus got up and rearranged his speech wires. "Thank you, my lord. We are losing people because of the lack of new shows, predominantly."

"What, they expect us to invent something one week after a war?" He snorted and stroked his flaming beard thoughtfully. If he did a new show, it would have to be a cookie-cutter reality series, but entertaining at the same time; there was no way he could pull together writers, actors, producers... He shuddered just thinking of it. Meetings were heinously boring - he was a mechanic, not an executive. He shook his head. What hadn't they done before? Olympian Spin the Bottle had been a hit, and spying on the demigods was always fun... He grinned. Bingo. "Fine. They want originality? We'll give them something original, all right."

He limped over to his bench and began working away at something furiously.

"My—my lord?" asked V75T.

"We're going to have a challenge," he said, eyes glinting mischievously. "A challenge for the demigods."