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Deidara woke up due to his head bumping against something, making it impossible to sleep. He rubbed the hurt spot on his forehead lazily, opening his eyes unwillingly. It took him a minute to figure out where he was and once he remembered, it made him want to facepalm himself. Whose brilliant idea had it been to send him into a summer camp as his birthday present? To make things even worse and the summer last even longer, he had been sent in advance. Just to make sure you have enough time to settle in, his mother had said. Just how slow did they think he was, that he needed half a month to settle in?

Just what kind of camp was it anyway, that allowed kids to be sent there half a month earlier, Deidara thought to himself, looking out of the window. He really hadn't paied any attention, when his father had explained it. You'd think it was a discipline camp for kids with extremely bad behavior, possessing only two goals – firstly, to teach the children some manners and secondly, to give the parents some seriously needed peace and time to relax without their troublemaking children – the second goal probably being the better seller. Deidara smiled at that thought. Even though he could've definitely be categorized as one of the troublemakers, that wasn't the kind of camp he would be sent to. Ever.

Not that his parents hadn't known about half of his actions. His parents were the ones encouraging him to break all the rules possible. Deidara's mother had even sent him to his previous school in order the make the school principal's life miserable, with little Dei blowing up his office several times. Her son loved explosions and she loved her revenge for being rejected during the high school. Of course, now she was relieved she wasn't married to someone working at a school , but she still wanted to have her fun. Every note Deidara had brought home, about him demolishing the school, had made his allowance increase and his mother laugh out of joy. Can you blame her? To sum up, Deidara had grown up in a really twisted family, always being encouraged to be a rebel and to go against all the rules possible. Except for one – study hard. Didn't matter if he studied during the classes or at home, what was important was that he learned and passed all the tests composed by his parents, both physical and intellectual. Because a stupid rebel, was as good as dead.

Deidara opened the annoying piece of paper, he presumed to be the camp's brochure. On the cover, there was a big yellow sun, smiling. Deidara loved the sun as much as he loved coffee. Frankly, he hated coffee. Well, it didn't matter. It wasn't like Deidara had planned to enjoy the time in camp to begin with. As much as the brochure gave away, the camp didn't seem to have a name. In fact, the brochure gave away almost nothing. Neither camp activities nor the menu had been added, let alone the date when all the horror would finally be over. What kind of mess had his parents gotten him into this time?

The bus came to a sudden stop, throwing Deidara against the seat in front of him, hitting his head against the female sitting in front of him. Deidara hadn't noticed the blonde, long-haired girl sitting in front of him nor the pink haired girl sitting next to her.

„Uhh, sorry 'bout that, un!" he said, smiling apologetically.

Both of the girls turned around, also smiling. „Nah, it's okay," said the blonde one.

Nice girls, thought Deidara when the girls turned back. He watched them whispering and giggling, when the blonde pulled the other into a sudden kiss. Deidara automatically turned away, stunned. Awkward and gross. Well, whatever. It was better than one of them flirting with him, he thought, while looking out of the window again. It took him some time to realize they weren't moving anymore. Deidara looked around and saw everybody getting up, ready to exit the bus. He followed their example and got out, stretching out a little after a 3 hour long bustrip.

Deidara was suprised to see so many kids with him, even though he had been sent in advance. He had expected to be alone, perhaps with two or three kids to accompany him. He had been wrong. The whole crowd was chatty and noisy, making it clear that he was one of the few who didn't know anyone here. There was a ponytailed man in front of him, his clothes showing he was probably one of the camp's staff. There was a huge scar running vertically over his face.

The man coughed slightly with an attempt to get attention. He failed miserably.

„Welcome everyone!" he shouted, the whole crowd being muted instantly. He seemed proud.

„Hey, I am Umino Iruka, one of the instructors in this camp-" he was cut short, when a shark-headed boy ran across the field, dressed in a black cloak, a cook following him, yelling: „COME BACK WITH MY FISH, YOU BRAT!"


Silenced by the incident, Iruka smiled at the kids awkwardily, willing to start his speech again.

„As i was saying, I'm Umino Iruka, one of the instructors, and if you have any questions during your stay here, feel free to come and ask. You will find me in the teacher's house." He pointed at a three-storey house behind him. „The cafeteria is in the same house, on the first floor. Any questi-"

Deidara was already getting tired of all of this. He was hungry, he was sleepy and he was bored. What else did you need to die? „When is the breakfast?" he asked, cutting Iruka off mid-sentence. He wasn't usually so impolite, but this was really getting on his nerves.

„In an hour," Iruka answered calmly, ignoring his rudeness. Deidara just nodded.

„So, everybody, listen carefully. I'll call out all of your names. When you hear your name, come to me and i'll give you your schedule, map and a paper with the details of the group you belong to and the key to your house." Deidara waited paitently, while all the others were called out. He learned that the blonde girl, from the bus, had been Yamanaka Ino and the pink haired girl was called Haruno Sakura. After hearing his own name being called out, he went to get his stuff, returning to his previous spot in a second.

„Look through the papers i gave you and ask, if you have any questions. If not, you may go to your house, where your belongings will be waiting." Iruka finished.

Deidara looked through the details of his group. Something called Akatsuki. In the member's list, there were ten names, along with his own. He looked on the map given to him. In the left corner was written his name. He could spot the cafeteria and his own house, which were marked with a red pen. Not exactly paying attention to where he was going, he started walking towards the house, eyes on the map, trying to memorize it.

Before long, he was standing in front of a one-storey house with huge darkened windows. Even though Deidara hadn't known what to expect, this was definitely beyond his imagination. He unlocked the door with the key Iruka had given him and stepped inside. What he found was a lofty room, with two beds, two desks, a large sofa and a plasma screen. Those being only the first things he had noticed.

Deidara gasped in amazement. „Oh my-"

„-motherfucking GOD! LOOK AT THE LITTLE FUCKER!" Someone had finished the sentence for him. He obviously hadn't realized he wasn't alone in the room. In fact, there were three other people with him. All of them seemed a little older than him and wore black cloaks, with red clouds on them. One of them was a red-headed boy, looking nothing but ordinary, next to him was the guy who had shouted, a little taller, gray-haired guy, all of his hair combed close to his head. The last one was... well... he looked like a damn ninja for all Deidara could tell.

An awkward silence took place. Deidara wanted to exit the house to make sure this was the right one, but decided it to be pointless. If it had been the wrong one, the key wouldn't have opened the door.

Deidara felt himself blush a little while looking at the red-head. „Un.. Hey," he said to break the silence. Nobody answered.

At last, the gray-haired guy started to laugh.

„We'll go and leave you two fuckers alone," he said while passing Deidara and going out of the house, the ninja following him.

After the door closed behind them, just standing there began to feel awkward again. With a miracle, Deidara started to lose his usual confidence, feeling a little uncomfortable. Since the other boy wasn't going to say anything, he tried to start a conversation once again.

„I'm Iwaga Deidara," he intoduced himself. „Friends call me just Deidara."

„Akasuna Sasori," the red-head spoke up.

„Um, is it okay if i just call you Sasori,un?" just in case, Deidara wanted to be sure.

„Since I'm compelled to live with you here, i guess i don't have a choice." Sasori turned away and sat behind his desk and started to work on one of his huge puppets.

Deidara just shook off the comment and took a better look at the room. It seemed to be divided into two, both of the sides being identical, with the difference that one of the sides was filled with Sasori's belongings, the other side was full of free space. On the side Deidara considered to be his, there was a made bed with some clothes neatly folded on it, a completely empty bookshelf, a desk with a laptop and some papers on it and a wardrobe. Right between the two imaginary sides, there was a plasma screen TV and a red sofa. Besides the wardrobe, Deidara recognized his bag. Relieved to find at least something familiar, he opened it and started the unpacking. After he'd finished, he went to check out the clothes on his bed. He found a long, dark cloak with red clouds, a red interior, and a chin-high collar.

He took it and put it on, taking the paper with group details, reading it over again. Soon he found what he'd been looking for, the description of the uniform. All the members were supposed to wear the uniform on all of the days, except for the weekend. In addition to the cloak, there was also black nail polish, which, much to Deidara's suprise, was bounden, and an optional headband, which Deidara decided to wear.

After polishing his nails, he laid down on the bed, closing his eyes for a moment, letting the nail polish dry off.

Deidara heard Sasori stand up. „Time to go, brat."

Deidara sat up, his eyes wide open. „Who the hell allowed you to call me brat?"

Sasori just turned away. „I don't need your premission."

„Well, i don't need to come anywhere," said Deidara, laying down again.

Sasori looked at him again. „You are either coming or i'll just have to carry you outside bridal style."

Deidara snorted. „I dare you to."

Before he was able to say anything, he had already been carried outside, thrown onto the ground and the door had been locked, Deidara's keys being left inside of the house.

„Better hurry," said Sasori as he passed the stunned blonde.

Relax, breathe, stay positive. The first hour could have been worse. Somehow. At least now you can eat something, Deidara thought to himself. He stood up and followed Sasori.

They stepped inside the cafeteria, Deidara stopping immediately. The place was packed and he didn't know anyone there. Where on Earth was he supposed to sit?

Sasori grabbed his arm, pulling him to the table where there were sitting people, wearing the same cloaks as Deidara and Sasori. Appearantly all the groups had different uniforms.

They sat down, causing another awkward silence to be born. Since nobody said or did anything, Sasori grabbed the last two cups from the centre of the table, placing one of them in front of Deidara, the other one in front of himself.

„That's pretty much for the breakfast today," he said.

Deidara smelled the brown liquid and groaned. Coffee.

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