This is another request. I was thinking of rather making this a horror or a comedy. Guess what, I'm doing BOTH BABY! I started watching the Saw since I had never watched it before and yet how many people say that the Shadow Games are a lot like Jigsaw's games? Yeah. I'm surprised there is only one story that's a crossover with Yu-Gi-Oh and the Saw. Just like the movie, there are a lot of twists and turns. Some of the games are based on the movie games. Most are original. Review please!

It was dark and cold, very cold. Yugi was shivering cold and could not reason why. He was also very uncomfortable in the little cramped metal box. Metal box! Yugi's eyes snapped open as soon as he thought of the name. The place was dark... too dark. Yugi tried to get up, but his head bumped into the top of the box he was trapped in. His hands felt the top of the box.

Yugi was scared. He could see he was still in his PJ's and the last thing he remembered was going to bed. This must be a dream... right? Yes, just a nightmare. His hands were feeling around the top of his prison. There was a fist-size hole. Yugi put his hand through it, but then felt a sharp sting on his index finger. Yugi could feel blood seeping out.

"Hello Yugi. I see you're awake," a dark, mysterious voice spoke.

"Who... who are you? Where am I?" Yugi asked scared. 'Yami, I think we're in trouble.' There was no reply from Yugi's alter ego. 'Yami? Hello?' Fear built on the young lad. He then felt around his chest area. The millennium puzzle was gone! Yami was gone! 'NO!' "And where's my puzzle?"

"You mean the Pharaoh? Yes, I know all about your little friend, but I wouldn't worry about him. Right now you're trapped in a medal trunk that can only be opened from the inside out. The key to your escape is in that little hole above you, but as you can see, there's sharp glass that can cut through your hand. If you don't hurry up, you might die from suffocation or the furnace this trunk is on its way to."

Yugi, then started noticing that he did hear machinery noises. He couldn't feel the trunk moving, but he knew it was. Yugi started trembling as his hands started feeling for the hole he found earlier. If he didn't move quick, his friend might be in huge trouble. Maybe he was now. One thing Yugi was curtain about: this was no dream.

Triston felt sick to his stomach, not just the fact that he ate four big macs last night before bed, but also the fact this environment didn't feel right. A chill ran up and down his spine and he was lying on a table. Once Triston realized this wasn't natural, he opened his eyes. It was dark except for a window light and a glimmer of light above him. He also noticed his hands were tied to the table with only his legs free to move around.

A moan was heard as soon as the lights flashed on. Triston looked to his left and saw Duke Devilin tied to the same table by his hands with only his legs free to move too.

"Duke? What's going on?" Triston asked.

"You tell me!" Duke glared before looking up, then his face turning to shock. "Please tell me this isn't the Pit and the Pendulum."

Triston looked up and discovered that the glimmer of light was a reflection made by a large pendulum. He started making the same face as Duke did.

"Oh shit!" Triston responded.

"Hello Triston, Duke," a voice spoke. The boys turned their heads and saw a TV screen with a puppet that was pale white and had red swirling cheeks. It was almost as scary as Chuckie the doll.

"Ok, now I know this is a cheap prank," Duke smirked.

"I was thinking the same thing," Triston agreed.

"I'm afraid this is no prank, but a game, you might call it," the voice replied.

"Alright, so what are the rules?" Duke asked without being serious.

"Above your heads is a pendulum that will slowly be coming down swinging left and right. It will cut both of you in half, but if you want to live, there's a blade on the table between the both of you," the puppet informed the boys to the middle table with a dagger.

"So... we just get the dagger and cut the rope, easy enough," Duke shrugged.

"Generally, I'd prefer Capsule Monsters, but if you want to play it that way, be my guest," Triston shrugged, not taking his situation seriously.

"The task is not as easy as you believe it is. Even when you escape, there another that awaits for all of you. This is only level one. This level is always the easiest. The game will become harder as you both try to fight for survival. Let the game begin," the puppet finished before the TV turned off and the blade started swinging. The blade of the pendulum instantly tore open a cow hanging upside down and flesh started falling everywhere. Triston and Duke gasped.

"Ok, maybe this isn't just a prank," Triston said while avoiding the flesh from the cut-up cow.

"That thing is gonna chop us up like pork unless we reach for that knife," Duke told Triston.

Triston kicked his shoe off and tried to reach for the knife. Unfortunately, the knife fell off the table and onto the floor. Both the boys stared in awe.

"Nice going, genius," Duke glared.

"You're the one who told me to reach for it!" Triston argued.

"I said we both need to get it. Obviously, we need to use both our feet since our toes don't exactly have thumbs."

"Then maybe you should be specific!"

The boys were cut off by the sound of the pendulum dropping a level down. The guys knew their death would be near.

"Man, I didn't even start dating Serenity yet!" Triston cried.

"We're about to be chopped liver and all you can think about is being macho?" Duke glared.

"At least I don't flirt with EVERY SINGLE GIRL IN SCHOOL!"

"I can't help it if the ladies think I'm hot stuff besides Tea."

"And Randy!"

"Randy? I thought she was a guy."

"You serious?" Triston snickered. "That's my sister."

"... you have a sister?"

The pendulum fell another level and the boys started focusing again. Their faces were filled with fear as they watched the pendulum swinging left and right.

Yami felt his head hurting like a chemical burn. Speaking of which, the place smelled like a chemical of some sort. Gasoline, that was it! Yami could see he was in a dark room of some sort. He was also aware that he couldn't contact Yugi and had a feeling he was in grave danger. Yami was shivering cold, then noticed he wasn't wearing anything on. No shirt, pants, underwear, or anything. He was completely naked.

On the positive side, there was nobody around except him, but the area he was in was very dangerous. Yami looked around. Not only was he naked, his body was covered in liquid, gasoline. He also saw a candle on top of a safe. There was also broken glass all around him and a hint of large numbers on the walls.

"Hello Pharaoh. I see you've gotten a good look at the situation. Inside the safe lies the key to your escape along with some clothes to wear on your body..." the voice explained that echoed the room. Yami narrowed his eyes even more. "... the combination is on the wall, but be careful of the sharp glass and that candle. If you didn't notice already, which I'm sure you did being the King of Games, your body is completely covered in gasoline. If you don't escape in time, not only will your friends suffer, but this place will be your tomb. Be careful, if you burn alive or bleed to death, then this game will be boring. Let the games begin."

Yami showed a smirk as he gently slid the glass with his hands to create a pathway to the safe. He knew the candle would provide him light to finding the combination to the safe, but it would also burn him alive if he was not careful. The candle was small, so holding it wasn't an option. He watched carefully as wax started dripping onto the safe. Yami sought this as an advantage. His fingers pressed against the bottom of the candle until it stuck in place. He then picked up the safe and carefully lit up the walls to figure out the combination.

There was a lot Yami had on his mind. He knew he had to focus or his friends would pay the price by Jigsaw. Yami remembered reading the newspaper with Grandpa about the cereal killer who played Death Games. Witnesses stated that Jigsaw was technically not a murderer since he made his victims the cause of one another's death. This man was dangerous and ruthless. All he did was kill, because he hated the dark nature of people.

Yami paid attention to the numbers around the wall. The combination only needed three numbers. If there were different numbers, how could they end up being three simple numbers. He closed his eyes and thought hard, hoping gasoline didn't get into his eyes. 'There has to be a pattern of some sort!' Yami thought. Then he realized something. "Wait!"

The spirit got the safe again and looked closely at the numbers. The numbers formed into bigger numbers. If the light wasn't so dim, that could be easily seen. Yami smirked and wrote the numbers in his head: 45... 33... 10. There were six different combinations. Yami took his time into solving the code to the Safe. 'Don't worry everyone, I'm coming.'

Joey woke up while sitting in a chair, which was unusual. He wondered if he dozed off while at his friend's house. Then, he realized he could feel chains wrapped around his waist. The lights immediately turned on. They were so bright, they blinded Joey. One thing was curtain, he was alone.

The teen, then noticed a tape recorder in his hand. He pressed play, but nothing was playing. Joey sighed deeply before digging in his pockets to find a tape that read "play me." Joey wasn't sure what was going on and he didn't like the looks of it.

"Hello? Is there anybody here?" Joey asked, even though he was curtain no one will answer. "Guess that answers my question."

Joey slid the tape into the tape player and pressed play. The tape was rolling and a dark voice said, "hello Joey. You don't know me, but I know you. As you can see, the chains are wrapped around your body onto the chair. Don't try running off with the chair, 'cause it's stuck to the floor. In other words, you're chained up unless you can escape in time before you die. Behind you is a drill, which will drill a hole through your back, into your heart. You must find a way to escape if you want to live. Let the games begin."

The drill automatically turned on and Joey turned his head with a freaked-out expression. That drill was the size of a baseball and was about to cut through him. All he knew was that he had to escape in time in order to find the guy who was responsible for this and give him a piece of his mind.

"There has to be a way out!" Joey shouted to himself while trying to squirm out of the chains. There was no way out and no key to unlock his way. He started panting as he saw the drill gaining closer to his back.