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Yugi was walking on his way from school. He had such a long day and he was anxious to go back to the game shop, maybe help his grandpa. He had a bright smile on his face as he was skipping along the sidewalk on his way home. In his mind, he was thinking about maybe hanging out with Joey and Triston sometime.

Yami happen to have floated beside Yugi since there was nothing else to do. Ever since Battle City, Yami has been inside the corner of Yugi's mind. Talking with Yugi would usually satisfy Yami, especially since Yugi was his closest companion.

"What cha thinking about?" Yugi asked.

"Nothing," Yami sighed.

"Bored huh?" Yugi asked. "I don't blame ya. We haven't been having any adventures lately."

"You're telling me. I guess we can talk about that article we read about this 'Jigsaw Killer.'"

"Why? Does he interest you or something?"

"Not really, but I'm wondering why he would be playing such cruel games against his victims. It seems that he's interested in gaining something from them."

"People usually say he's crazy."

"You'd have to be called a cereal killer to be crazy. I mean, why cereal killer? It sounds like someone's trying to kill a box of cereal."

Yugi laughed while rolling his eyes. Yami oftentimes came up with the most interesting jokes. Yugi enjoyed that and having Yami for company. Even though there weren't any adventures, Yami always kept things interesting on the saddest of days. Yami thought the same with Yugi.

Yami, then noticed a shadow from the alleyway. His eyes narrowed and stopped Yugi in his tracks. He turned to his friend with question.

"There's a criminal up ahead. Tread cautiously," Yami warned. Yugi nodded and walked down the alleyway. He acted as if there was nobody following him.

When Yami decided the location was perfect to make contact with the cereal killer, he gave Yugi the signal to change.

"Who are you? Appear now!" Yami glared with his arms folded. "Unless you're up for a little game of Hide-And-Seek."

A man appeared from the shadows. He was tall and wore no hair on his head. Yami sensed this guy was not well off in the head. He showed a huge smirk as the cereal killer came closer to the King of Games.

"You must be Yugi Moto. I've heard all about you. We are very much alike in the way we play our games," Jigsaw smirked widely.

"You must be Jigsaw. I can tell that you are a gamer type," Yami said with his arms still folded. "Unfortunately, I'm not the victim you want. He is inside my puzzle and if you want him, you'll have to go through me."

"I see. You must be the one who plays these so called 'shadow games.' How about we play one, you against me. Of coarse, if you're not interested, I might ask one of your friends to join along. The blondie seems like a player," Jigsaw asked with a dark smirk that could kill dozens of kittens.

"Very well. I'll just be glad to watch you in defeat. What are the rules?" Yami asked keeping his smirk. Yugi's spirit was by his side.

'Be careful,' Yugi warned his friend with worry.

"You're a very tough opponent, I will choose my victims to play my games. Though, they will involve your friends. I will set them up on some of the previous games I challenge to some of my victims. Neither of us can be killed, only the players. If your friends escape, you win and if they all die, then I win," Jigsaw explained. Yami kept his smile, knowing that there was going to be more. "Of coarse, I could always set them up anyways without a Shadow Game. After all, challenging one of my games toward the King of Games won't be much of a challenge."

"Take them. I'll except the game under those terms," Yami agreed before turning toward Yugi. 'Yugi, if I don't challenge him under these conditions, everyone will be in danger. The victims would usually die if they are alone, but if I can group our friends together, they stand a better chance.' "I also would like to challenge two of my friends of whomever I choose."

'I know, pharaoh. I promise I'll help you catch this guy,' Yugi promised.

"The game will start in the morning inside the warehouse by Forest Street. Nobody goes there anymore since Joey's former friends were given a penalty game and got arrested. The loser will die," Yami said. "Let the games begin."

When Yami finished explaining to Detective David about how the young pharaoh got involved in the Shadow Game and how Jigsaw tried to make Yugi a victim, the detective nodded. It seemed that Yami's intentions were to protect his friends by any means necessary. Most people wouldn't choose this level, but it seemed wise. Detective David became very impressed. He smiled at the young pharaoh.

"Normally, I would have you arrested for this, but Jigsaw is not one to take lightly. In fact, I'm surprised you were able to do any harm to him. Also, the courts wouldn't believe this anyways. I'll just take Jigsaw with me and make sure he goes to prison," Detective David promised. "One more question."

"What is it?" Yami asked.

"You used Yugi in third person. What is he to you?"

"A very dear friend. He's also my partner and I'll protect him with my life and soul."

"I've never heard of a second personality talk about their other half like that. You're very unique."

"I'm actually not Yugi's second personality. I'm merely an ancient spirit who lived 3000 years ago in Egypt as pharaoh. I don't have any memories, but I'm on a journey to retrieve them back."

"I doubt the courts will believe that either, but after this ordeal, I'll believe anything. I'll tell the courts know that you were a victim that merely survived a game by Jigsaw by playing a game of your own. As for your previous games, I'll let the Japanese government deal with that."

Yami showed a smirk while crossing his arms. He automatically changed into Yugi and he showed a huge childish smile.

"Thank you so much, Detective David," Yugi grinned.

"No problem. Just hang onto that puzzle of yours. From the looks of it, it seems expensive. You're more than likely gonna run into trouble with that thing. Jigsaw is the least of your worries," Detective David said before taking Jigsaw into his car and leaving.

The others returned from the building, having missed the conversation with Yami and the detective. Yugi's mother came rushing in and held her son in her arms. Yugi held his mother back with a small smile on his childish face. Yugi's mother felt joy inside her heart. Her son was safe and not harmed by Jigsaw.

The ambulance came by to pick up Seto, who was injured from the furnace. He held burns on most of his exposed skin and the doctors were able to treat him. Mokuba tagged along with his brother with tears streaming down his cheeks. Yugi assured the little twelve-year-old that Seto would be okay. Mokuba believed Yugi and left inside the ambulance with Seto.

Joey came outside along with his sister Serenity. She was crying on her brother's shoulder and felt terrified. Yami felt guilty for being part of the problem.

'I wish there was something I could do. I don't think Joey will ever forgive me,' Yami said saddened.

"Serenity," Yugi called as Serenity turned her head to see the Yugi she knew. The young girl wiped her tears and stared at Yugi. "Please don't hate Yami. I know he can be scary at first glance, but he's not a bad guy. He challenges Shadow Games to judge criminals like Jigsaw. That's his duty as pharaoh. He was only doing his job. He never meant any harm."

"Were you scared of the other Yug?" Joey asked with a small smile. Serenity stared at the ground before Joey brushed his sister's hair from her face. "It's okay. Yugi was scared of him too, at first. Come to find out, he's only scary when you get on his bad side, but when you get on his good side, he's the coolest guy on the planet. I think this is the first time some of us have seen the other Yugi judge criminals into shadow games and not the other way around. Most people would think he was like Jigsaw."

"Now that I think about it, he could be mistaken for acting like Jigsaw when in that state," Tea chuckled.

"Yeah, but there's a difference. When Yami challenges someone to a shadow game, he judges their hearts. To do that, he has to be at a curtain state-of-mind or he will easily lose. One of the most important things to playing the game you challenge a criminal to is to have fun with it," Yugi said.

"Well, you can tell that Yami of yours that I wasn't having any fun whatsoever and if he shows up, I'm ready to kick his ass," Mai glared with her arms crossed.

"Well, I don't know about you guys, but I'm ready to go home," Bakura mentioned.

"Me too. That was one heck of an adventure," Joey agreed while stretching.

"Yugi, tell Yami I said 'thank you' and 'I'm not afraid of him,'" Serenity told Yugi as he showed a childish smile and his millennium puzzle glowed before changing into Yami.

"Your welcome," Yami said. Serenity turned her head and smiled.

"So, you must be the other Yugi. Let me tell you one thing I..." Mai started angrily.

"We all know Mai," Joey said while rolling his eyes. "Yami was a jerk for putting us into this mess, blah, blah, blah and we almost got ourselves killed, blah, blah, blah."

"And I truly am sorry, Mai. It's not easy having responsibilities and if Jigsaw was to be stopped other ways other than involving all of you, I would've chosen that rout. I doubt if I'll have to involve you guys again to any shadow game unless I'm not the one challenging it," Yami promised. "Anyways, I have to go visit Seto and see how he's doing. I owe him my life."

"Uh Yug," Joey called with a dumbfounded look.


"Did you just call Kaiba Seto?"