Family Matters

Summary: A powerless Raven returns to only place she's ever called home. Where she finds out that she's not as alone as she thinks. Charles may still be alive.

"Other things may change us, but we start and end with family" - Anthonay Brandt

Ch 1: Home Again

It was a large room with a high angled ceiling; a beautiful brick fireplace sits unused in the far corner. An oriental rug sits on the floor in front of it. Beyond the rug, there are two old-fashioned red arm chairs between them was a table with an unfinished chess game. An oak bookcase filled with books on biology and genetics stood tall next the massive four poster cherry wood bed.

She smiled it was the room of an old man and wasn't very different from the room he had when he was a boy. She walked over and slid her hand along his dresser passing a lamp with a statue of a DNA strand next to it. She paused when she sees it, a picture she picked it up and stared at it, smiling at the memory of happier times. The two young smiling faces of children are suddenly replaced by her own reflection, her shoulder length black hair, blue eyes and a face that wasn't hers. The mask that she once hid behind, the face that disgusted her now because it wasn't real, it wasn't hers.

"What are you doing here?" A deep voice growled into her ear as she felt the cold tip of a metal against the back of her neck, startled she dropped the picture and the glass shattered as it hits the ground. She moved to throw him which was stupid she had no powers. She had been fighting for so long it was reflex to attack.

Logan easily flipped her around, she continued to fight him, she was trained but he was stronger. He pushed her and they crashed on to the bed. The bed she's fallen asleep on many times when she was little. It was funny how used to having someone else to turn she had gotten in a short amount of time. She had been living on her own for two years before she wandered into in this house. His house was huge and more often than not it was just the two of them and even though her room was across the hall she felt alone. So she'd walk into his room and crawl into his bed and she'd fall asleep curled against him.

Wolverine's other two claws slid out and touched her neck while his hand held the collar of her shirt. "That was the issue then, you like to be on top" she said to him with a sly smile. She felt the pressure of his claws just above her skin, a little more would be all it took to pierce it.

Logan glared at her and looked down at the photograph that fell out of her hand. The splintered glass made a web over the picture but it was still intact, it was a picture of a young boy with a mop of brown hair; he supposed it was a young Professor Xavier. He was smiling with his arm around a young blond girl who was also smiling at the camera. He could never really imagine the Professor being a child; he would believe the Professor was born an old man. He turned his attention back to Mystique "Since I'm in a good mood, I'll ask again. What are you doing here?"

She kept her eyes locked on to his and pressed her hips against him and smiled she remembered the way his lips felt, the way his hardened muscles felt against hers. He thought she was that demented Jean Gray but still he was a good kisser. She sighed he still wasn't interested. "I'm not here to hurt anyone; I couldn't even if I wanted to. I'm human" Logan still glaring at her raised his eye brow. "I got injected by the gene suppressor, I've lost my powers"

"That still doesn't answer my question?" Logan snarled not caring. This woman had caused as many problems as Magneto.

Raven closed her eyes. "I'm here for him" she said to Logan, her eyes going to the broken picture on the floor.

There was sadness evident in her voice but he couldn't trust her. "Him, you didn't even know him"

"Actually she knew him long before any of us, Logan" Another deep male voice said from behind them. He padded into the room and looked at her. "She's his sister"

Logan tilted his head to make sure he heard correctly then turned to look at Beast. "His sister?" Logan repeated.

"Hello Hank" Raven greeted the blue Beast.

Hank padded over and with his furred paw picked up the photograph. "Yes, the girl in this picture is her" he told Logan handing him the picture.

Logan took it while still holding his claws against her throat. He studied the picture and stares down at her. Mystique copied the smile the young girl is making. Even without her shape shifting abilities she can still mimic people perfectly. "Impossible he never mentioned you were his sister"

"Did you ask?" Raven said to him. "You wanted to know your past did you ever ask Charles about his?" She knew he didn't, none of them did. Charles was all about helping everyone else over himself. "It's the same with all men; they'll stare, think lewd thoughts, shag you and never get your first name let alone the last." She said to him. "Raven Xavier" she said, holding out her hand to him in the small space he had left between them. "It's a pleasure to meet you."

Wolverine climbed off of her and stood up, unable to take his eyes from the picture. They were both smiling brightly; the boys arm was secured tightly around her shoulder, protecting her. The girl was leaning against his arm knowing she was safe. He didn't remember the Professor ever smiling like he was in the picture. "You think he would've said something"

"Why would he, I've disappointed him the most. I was his oldest friend, his family and his very first student and I betrayed him." Logan just kept looking at the picture then back at her. She pulled herself into a sitting position and looked at the two of them.

"Why are you here, Raven?" this time it was Hank who asked.

"She's human" Logan replied. Hank looked at her, brows furrowed.

"I didn't want it, you know that." She told him. "Mutant…and proud" she said with a smile that gets her a little smile from Hank and a confused look from Logan. "The soldiers they were aiming for Erik…I jumped in front…"

"You took it for him" Hank finished.

"Yes, and afterwards he looked at me like I disgusted him because I was now human, normal. He left and didn't look back" she told them. She didn't know why she would've expected more from him, but she did. She had been by his side for years, helping him, killing for him. Then he just left, she wondered now if that's how Charles felt when she left him that day on the beach. After everything they've been through, everything they've done it was that easy to walk away. She still believed that the humans would never truly accept them it was exactly like he had written in his thesis the dominant species will eventually push the weaker one out of the way into extinction. Why would we need to cohabitate with them when we could rule them? "They've suppressed my abilities but I am not one of them"

"I don't trust you" Logan told her point blank.

She laughed. "I know. But this is the only place I've ever called home"

"We can't let her stay here" he said turning to face Hank.

Hank looked over at the woman sitting on the edge of the bed, without her abilities she couldn't hide behind her mask and when he looked into her eyes he saw the young girl he met that day in his lab. The young girl that looked at him and told him he was amazing. He knew what she'd done and he was disappointed as well. However if Charles were here he wouldn't push her away, he would take her in. "We can't let you wander around the mansion" he said her. "I don't trust you for that, we do have somewhere we can put you for now" Raven appreciated that Hank was speaking to her when telling her he was going to lock her up. Raven nodded her head in understanding, got up from the bed and followed them.