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The proof of Anita Lesnicky's – better known as "Needy" – anger and spite was written all over the room in oozing crimson rivers that stained the walls and the floors of the high priced hotel room Low Shoulder had been staying in. More so, the proof was all over her.

Standing in the middle of the room, a bowie knife clutched in her hand, she stared down at the squirming body of Nikolai, the lead singer, and the man that had ruined her life, Needy was covered in minor scratches that were healing even as she observed them, her clothes were ripped, her skin bloodied; she looked a mess. Blood dripped to the carpet from the pointed, sharpened tip of the same knife he'd attempted to kill her best friend with, and it was evident that it wasn't just his blood on the blade. The bodies of his band members surrounded them in mutilated, bloody piles that could barely constitute as corpses due to the amount of damage done to them; Needy had obliterated their faces in an attempt to make them pay, for they had aided their lead singer.

"This is all your fault you know.." Needy told the pathetic lump of human in front of her, her voice calm and collected as she knelt, her knees going to either side of Nikolai's thighs while one hand caught his chin and turned his head to face her. Blue eyes spiraled into silver, and Nikolai had to bite his tongue to keep from screaming. "If you had never come to Devil's Kettle, you and your cronies might have actually had a future.."

Nikolai's eyes widened as Needy pressed the tip of the bowie knife into his Adam's apple, enjoying the sensation of his legs squirming under her butt, for it showed her that she had all the power. "Please.." He whispered hoarsely, wincing as the knife was dug a little harder into his skin. "..I don't know what you're talking about.."

Needy threw her head back and laughed, allowing the knife to slip away from his neck. The laughter was cut off nearly as fast as it started and her head snapped back up as her hand moved from Nikolai's chin to his throat and she squeezed softly, her nails digging into his pale skin. "Did you know.." She said softly, leaning forward so that her lips were right next to his ear, her words whispered softly. "..that when you sacrifice someone who isn't really a virgin to Satan, that a demon is attached to her soul, and she's forced to feed on human flesh for all eternity?"

As Needy spoke she could feel Nikolai tense under her, with what she hoped was fear. "I don't.. I didn't kill anyone!"

"Liar!" Needy sat back, forcing herself away from him by his own throat, causing him to gag as she forced herself to her feet and stood over him, blood drip-drip-dripping onto his thigh from the tip of the blade. "You and your freaky little band sacrificed my best friend to Satan! And then you threw her into Devil's Kettle waterfall.. But she wasn't a virgin, you twat. How could anyone that looked like her have been a virgin? And because of that, she started killing people to stay alive.. She killed my boyfriend." As she spoke of Chip her eyes closed and a pained look came across her face, her eyes squeezing shut as the pain from her lost lover overwhelmed her, and her broken heart throbbed painfully in her chest. Her free hand rose, and pressed against the spot just above her heart, as though she were physically trying to hold it together.

"She said she was.. She said she didn't even know how.." Realization dawned on Nikolai, Needy could see it on his face as she opened her eyes and looked down at him, the realization that he had been wrong about "girl's like that".

Needy laughed as she dropped back down onto his thighs, the blade of his own bowie knife brought slowly across his throat, leaving a thin scratch that bled only a little, and he screamed at the pain. One small, pale hand clapped over his mouth, her nails digging into the sides of his jaw. "Shut the fuck up!"

When he stopped, eyeliner and tears rolling down his cheeks as all hope left his eyes, Needy grinned a slow, evil grin as she tilted her head into his neck, her tongue running over the scratch she'd caused to his pale, tattooed neck. "I need you hopeless." She said softly, and she moved her head back, blue iris' spiraling into silver once more, and he started to buck and twist, like he could actually get away. Not another word was said to him as she leaned back, changed her grip on the knife, and with her hand still clapped over his lips, she drove the knife forward straight into his heart and twisted it once, feeling the familiar, sickening crack as it sliced through his chest plate. Blood pooled from around the handle of the knife, and stained his clothes, and Needy's hands.

For the first time since the killings began, she felt satisfied, she felt fulfilled, like everything was going to be okay again.

After he'd stopped twitching, Needy climbed from his body and looked around the bloody room before going into the bathroom and turning on the water. A long, hot shower was taken to cleanse her body of the band's blood, before she put on some of Nikolai's clothing – skinny jeans and a belt cinched tightly at the waist, a black t-shirt that was tied in the back to make it fit better – her own bunny slippers slid back onto her bare feet. Looking around the room once more, she yanked on a black hoodie, and jerked the hood up over her wet hair. Nodding in satisfaction, she left, the door closed quietly behind her.