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Chapter 1: A fated happening?

(Story begins just as Kira and Athrun are meeting on the battle field as Le Creuset tries to cut off the Archangel from reaching Artimis.)

Kira's POV:

How can I do this? I'm no soldier... No I have to, for my friends. I though as I slowed the Strike down to survey the coming enemies and try to think of a good way of intercepting them.

I noticed an incoming ship, and saw it was the Aegis. The Aegis... That's... Athrun!

He was heading straight for me, and for the moment I forgot all about the Archangel and the other 3 Gundam's, I watched as the Aegis drew its sword, I was slower to respond, and as it came at me I knew I would have been to late. But the expected hit never came, the Aegis flew straight past me, positioning itself between me and the Archangel. I waited, not sure what to do...

"Kira!" Athrun's voice sounded over the intercom, and his face came up on the video screen.

"Athrun!" I responded, not entirely sure what to say.

"Stop this!" Athrun said, determination in his voice "Please put away your sword Kira. We are not enemies, am I right? Why do we have to fight each other?"

For the moment I was stunned, I hated fighting at the best of times and I hated it so much more now because it was Athrun on the other side. What do I say? How can I make you understand why I'm doing this? I think.

"Athrun..." I reply lamely.

"Your a Coordinator just like us. Why would you wana fight against your own kind?" Athrun continues.

Grrr, I just cant do this, not now I think. I am spared further thought, as an explosion near the Archangel draws my attention. No! How could I forget?

"Archangel..." Is all I say aloud, I instantly head the Strike in the direction of the Archangel, but the Aegis cuts me off. He was intent on making me listen. Athrun... Please...

"Kira enough!" Athrun shouts through the intercom.

"Athrun." I say softly. I realized then, that I had been saying the same thing over and over; Athrun. I really needed to snap out of it, the only reason I was here was to protect my friends, and I wasn't doing a very good job right now. But... Athrun is a friend too, isn't he?Why him of all people?

"What are you doing with the Earth Forces? Why are you siding with the Naturals? Tell me!" Athrun pushed. As he spoke something in me snapped, I was not part of the Earth Forces, why would he think that? I guess it does kinda seem that way though... I thought after.

"I am not part of the Earth Forces. But people I know are on that ship, they're all good friends of mine. Besides, what are you doing with ZAFT? Why'd you get involved with the war? You used to tell me you hated the whole idea of war, so why did you attack Heliopolis?" I replied, finally breaking my silence in a rush. As I spoke Athrun seemed to flinch when I mentioned him joining ZAFT, but I couldn't be too sure.

"Because that's where the naturals built these things, they turned it into a target." Athrun replied heatedly.

Anger rose in me, most of the people on Heliopolis had no idea these things were being built. That was hardly fair! A smaller part of my mind realized that he had skipped most of my questions.

"But Heliopolis is neutral, and so am I." I countered angrily "Yet you..." I was interrupted by warning scanners going off, some one was firing at me! I quickly dodged...

Athrun's POV:

I watched in surprise as the Duel began firing at Kira, one part of me wanted to stop Yzak and tear him to peaces for trying to hurt Kira... But I couldn't, not without throwing everything away.

"Your not fighting Athrun, Why not?" Yzak's voice cut through my com, venom in his voice. I distantly heard Kira mutter; X102 Duel, that one too?. I didn't think he was even aware that I could still hear him. I realize a bit late that I never answered Yzak, so I just left it and watched with conflicting emotions as the Duel continued to fire at the Strike; who kept dodging effectively or using its shield to deflect ones that couldn't be dodged. I also took note that the Blitz and Buster were still working at the Archangel, which was very well equipped.

Again Yzak's voice cut through my com, this time not directed at me though; "Grrr. That coward! All he can do is dodge!"

Things continued that way for a while longer before the Strike began returning fire. Kira... I thought You really have no clue do you? Yet even with no battle experience you are doing well... It was obvious that Kira didn't want to fight and that it took a lot of will power for him to return fire. Again I was left with conflicting emotions, I wanted so bad to make Kira understand and keep him from harm. Why did he have to be so stubborn?

"Dammit, Dammit. Dammit!" Kira muttered to no one. I still couldn't bring my self to intervene, if I helped Yzak, Kira didn't stand a chance and if I helped Kira in anyway I would be considered a traitor. What the hell can I do? I though furiously, if only I could convince him, Or even capture him I added as an after thought.

I continued to watch as Yzak gave up his gun in favor for a sword and began another relentless attack on the Strike, who blocked with its shield or dodged. Yzak gave a cry of anger; he has never been good at controlling his temper, and now was no exception.

I was so intent on watching the events between Yzak and Kira that I never noticed the Blitz and Buster approach.

"Athrun, Yzak, what are you guys doing? Lets surround him!" Dearka said to all of us. Not good! My mind was racing, how could Kira match all of them?

"Dearka!" I said, I wasn't even sure if he heard or not.

"Athrun!" Nicol's voice broke through my frantic train of thought. Maybe... Maybe its for the best if its done quickly... I thought.

I decided not to respond, I just couldn't trust my voice right now. I was thankfully spared having to respond by a message appearing on my screen. My happiness was soon devoured by disbelief and shock.

"The Vesalius was HIT?" Yzak yelled.

"How?" Nicol said in unison.

"They're ordering us to retreat?" Dearka stated with obvious disbelief.

I was just pondering how the Vesalius had been hit since it had hung back to prepare a long range attack, and also wondering what to do about Kira, when the powerful low hingrins from the Archangel were fired in the direction of the Vesalius. No! Was all I thought.

"Oh Shit!" Yzak exclaimed. I was glad when the Vesalius dodged the attack, but it was obvious that it had sustained a lot of damage. Another surprise came in the form of return flares from the Archangel, and a muted Huh? From Kira

For a moment relief replaced all other emotions, maybe Kira can be convinced another time. However that thought was soon shattered;

"A return signal? He's not going going to! Not if I can help it!" Yzak shouted, fury all through his voice.

"Yzak! We've been ordered to retreat!" I said finally finding my voice again.

"Keep your mouth shut you coward!" Yzak spat, This is not good, Yzak is to worked up. I watched again as the Duel continued its assault on the Strike, soon the Blitz and Buster joined in too.

"Dam! This is ridiculous!" Kira shouted in frustration. "Huh? Outta power! Uh no way, my armor!" he said his voice going from frustrated to a mix of fear and desperation. I watched in mute horror as the Strike's phase shift powered down and Yzak moved into attack the now weakened Strike with a triumphant "I've gotcha!".

I had to think fast; the only think Kira could do was fly now, he had no weapons, and practically no protection. I looked around my cockpit, as if my answer would be there. That's it! I thought when an idea hit me. I just hoped I could get there in time...

Kira's POV:

No! This couldn't be happening! I don't want to die, not like this... I was terrified, the Duel was closing in and I had no way of getting back to the ship. So I done the only think I could think of; I put my head in my hands and clamped my eyes shut, waiting for the inevitable. Not very dignified but oh well..

It never came... I felt an impact rock the Strike and when I looked up I was moving. What the? I thought then I caught sight of one of the monitors; The Aegis had transformed into some kind of mobile armor and had captured me. I heard a voice and realized that it was coming from the intercom, but it was soft and it most certainly wasn't Athrun;

"What are you doing Athrun?" The voice demanded.

"I'm capturing this machine." Athrun replied evenly. What? I thought No way!

"What was that? We were told to destroy it, your disobeying orders!" Came the heated response. I had never heard anyone speak with so much venom in their words, who ever this guy was, was not someone to mess with. He must be the pilot of the Duel I thought thinking of how the Duel's movements seemed to match the temper of the voice.

"If we have the chance to capture it all the better, now lets go!" Athrun pushed, it was clear that there was no second option in Athrun's opinion.

"Athrun!" The voice yelled again, this time getting no reply "Damn! That bastard!" the unknown speaker continued.

"Athrun! What are you up to?" I asked, unable to bear staying silent any longer.

"I'm taking you to the Gamow." Athrun replied flatly.

What! The Gamow! I though, fear again threatened to engulf me, but I pushed that down instead letting my earlier anger to come back.

"Get Serious! I'm not gonna step foot on any ZAFT ship!" I said angrily.

"You are a Coordinator! Your one of us Kira!" Athrun returned, his voice spiking a bit in anger.

"No! I wont join ZAFT!" I replied stubbornly.

"That's enough Kira! Quiet!... Just let me take you, otherwise... Otherwise I'll have no choice but to shoot you..."Athrun said. Even though he was trying to hide it, it was obvious that it hurt him to say that. His pain caused something in me to soften as I understood why he was capturing me instead of letting the others kill me; even against orders.


"I already lost my Mum in the Bloody Valentine... So I... huh?" I was shocked at Athrun's words; I already lost my Mum in the Bloody Valentine... His words echoed. I faintly heard sensors going off in the Aegis as shots were fired. La Flaga's voice came through my com;

"Hey Kid!"

"Lieutenant La Flaga!" I replied. Relief flooded through me, I wouldn't have to step foot on the Gamow, I wouldn't have to face Athrun in person...

"Get ready to get outta there, I just gotta get one good hit and he will have no choice but to let you go. They will be sending out the launcher striker pack for you..." La Flaga said in a hurry, while still firing at the Aegis.

"Ok." I said. I got ready, planning to go full speed towards the Archangel.

"Ok this should..." La Flaga started before cutting out.

"La Flaga?" I Asked worried, I began searching for him through the Strikes monitors. When I found him, my heart sank; he was heavily engaged with the Duel and the Buster. This is not good, the pilot of the Duel alone is relentless, and with the Buster against him as well... He has no chance of getting to me in time. I realize with rapidly sinking hopes.

I can see the Gamow now, it appears damaged. Must be Mwu's work I muse. The Aegis quickly made its way into the docking bay. All I could think of were my friends on the Archangel. Why? Why me? Why now?

"Kid!" La Flaga's voice was like ice cold water splashed on my face, breaking me out of my thoughts

"Y..Yes?" I asked.

"Put a lock on the OS, make it good. Hurry" La Flaga said "... I'll find you, I promise..." He finished in a hurried tone before cutting out.

I quickly began placing the lock, I would only need a few minutes... I worked fast, and managed to complete the lock moments before the Gundam was secured... Now, next task; fear for my life, pretty easy I thought...

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