Ok, this is the second fanfic that I'll be writing. As you already read in the summary, Sakura will be in love with Naruto but hides it by pretending to like Sasuke. Let's see how the story goes, shall we?

Chapter 1: Introduction

It was a sunny day in the leaf village, full of civilian walking around, talking to people and buying thing.

It is currently 7:30, a girl with long rare pink hair walk out of her house.

"Bye mom, see you later!" she yelled and started walking; she has a red ribbon on her head. After a couple of minutes of walking, she stopped in front of a school and walked inside, several kids playing with each other, she came to her class looked around and saw just the person she was looking for. Next to Sasuke stood none other than Naruto Uzumaki, the 'village brat', the 'demon brat', or the 'demon' as all the adults call him, she didn't understand why they do that but now wasn't the time to worry.

"Hi Na…" she immediately stopped herself; the last thing she need is for everyone to yell at her for liking the 'demon brat'. She ran to Sasuke, pushing Naruto rather harshly with her hips. 'Sorry.' she looked at Sasuke than smiled. "Hi Sasuke-kun!" she greeted.

Sasuke simply looked at her for a second then he turned back to front.

Sakura frown. 'You could at least say hi you bastard! Shannaro!' Inner Sakura yelled, sakura quickly replaced the frown with a smile.

"Ok everyone; it's time for a review on the transformation jutsu, everyone line up and transform into me!" Iruka commanded. Everyone did what they were told and lined up, everyone transforming perfectly and the last one left was Naruto. "Ok Naruto, show me what you got."

'Come on Naruto-kun, you can do it.' both Sakura and Hinata though.

A huge amount of chakra surrounded Naruto. "Transform!" he yelled, a huge puff of smoke surrounded him and in place stood a naked hot woman in place with huge jugs, everyone's eyes widen by this, Hinata and Sakura blushed.

'Naruto-kun you idiot.' Sakura thought.

'No, Naruto-kun.' Hinata thought.

(Time skip: the next day)
Sakura was walking to the academy again, she was dreading this day a long time, today was the ninja school's graduation exam, and by the way Naruto been acting and his record of failing two times, the last thing she wants is Naruto to fail and for her to past.

She reach her class room and she did her usually thing, push Naruto with her hips and mentally apologize, say hi to 'Sasuke-kun' and mentally call him a bastard for not saying hi back, and sit down and take note like the bookworm she is.

"Ok, for the graduation exam we will do the clone jutsu, when I call your name come down to the next room." Iruka said.

Naruto was currently falling apart. 'Damn it! Damn it! Damn it! Damn it! Damn It! That's my worst jutsu, if I don't pass this time I'll never forgive myself!' Naruto mentally yell at himself.

Iruka called at almost everyone expect Naruto. "Ok Naruto, you're up, make me proud." Iruka said, Naruto could tell that Iruka had a trust in him and he couldn't let him down, he made the usual clone hand sign and concentrated. They were another puff of smoke and turned out the clone was a mess, I mean a complete mess, and it was barely in color.

"FAIL!" Iruka yelled, Sakura eyes widen in shock.

"Iruka-sensei…" they all turned to a man with white hair. "… this is his third time, and he did technically made a clone… we could let him pass" he said, Naruto's and Sakura's face beamed, of course Sakura didn't show it.

"No way Mizuki-sensei, everyone else divided into three. And Naruto only made one and it's a useless one… I can't let him pass." he said, Naruto glared at Iruka with great hatred, Sakura lower her head as she fought back some tears.

(Time skip: after school)
Everyone was celebrating their child becoming a ninja except Naruto of course; he was sitting on a swing set while staring at everyone celebrates.

Sakura was celebrating too until she saw Naruto sitting on the swing, she looked around to make sure no one was looking then she started to walk to him until someone called her.

"Sakura!" Sakura turned to see her mother.

"Hi mom!" she called.

"I heard you passed congratulation!" she said with proudness in her voice. "I knew, without a doubt, that you would pass, I'll make your favorite dinner as a celebration!" her mom said and started to drag Sakura.

"Wait mom I…" Sakura looked at Naruto direction; he put on his goggles and walked away, Sakura looked down and let her mom drag her away.

(Time skip: Supper time)
Sakura had her favorite food in front of her, syrup coated anko dumplings, umeboshi, and amnitsu… but she didn't even touch it, her mom was starting to get worried.

"Honey, are you ok? You haven't even touched your food and it's your favorite." her mom said.

Sakura said nothing, she stood up slowly. "I'm going to sleep." she said and started to walk away.

"Sakura, are you ok? You can tell me anything." she said, the tears Sakura had been holding started rolling out and she dashed to her room, slammed it shut and locked it, she jumped to her bed and cried on her pillow.

She'll never get to see her Naruto-kun again; all the time she being watching him closely, getting beat up, pulling pranks, ignoring cold glares from the so-called 'civilian' and her favorite time, watching him take a bath… yes readers Sakura is just as perverted as Jiraiya and more of a stalker than Hinata, bad combination. She stayed crying for hours until she finally cried herself to sleep.

(Time skip: the next morning)
Sakura woke up, feeling just the same as she did last night… Heartbroken.

She did her daily routine; she brushed her teeth, put her original overly pink clothes then walked to her school, starting her new life as a young ninja.

She slowly, oh so slowly walked to school, for once not being excited as usual. She made it her class and the first thing she heard was…

"Huh, Naruto, what the hell are you doing here! Only those who passed are supposed to be here." a random student said, Sakura looked up and her eyes shine, there sat Naruto Uzumaki, she could've easily ran to him, gave him a tight hug, confess her love and give him a hot passionate kiss. She retrained herself, as much as she and Naruto would love to have that moment, both her and Naruto didn't want her reputation to be ruined.

"Hey, will you let me through?" Sakura asked politely, Naruto faced her; he blushed and smiles while staring at her. As much as Sakura liked it, she knew her 'Sasuke-kun fan girl' attitude would never let Naruto gawk at her too long. "Naruto! Move your ass; I want to sit on the other side of you!" Sakura yelled.

Naruto was confused and looked to the left and saw Sasuke Uchiha, he then glared at him and Sasuke saw him.

"What?" Sasuke asked rudely.

"What do you mean what!" Naruto asked.

Sakura jumped on top of Naruto. "Sasuke-kun, can I sit next to you?" Sakura made a mental note to apologize but since she can't she just settle to apologizing mentally.

Sakura was staring at Sasuke with loving eyes while the others girl were having murderous thoughts on their head. The more Sakura see Sasuke, the more revolted she is and the harder it is for her to pretend to love.

Suddenly, Naruto went to the front of Sasuke and glared at him.

'Na-Naruto-kun?' Sakura thought in surprised but got over it. "HEY NARUTO! GET OUT OF SASUKE-KUN'S FACE!" but of course what she really thinking is. 'Yeah, Naruto-kun, kick that bastard ass! Shannaro!"

Spark came from their eyes as they glared at each other. "Move." Sasuke said bitterly.

"Bah." Naruto said bitterly.

"Wow, really!" a random guy said and accidentally pushed Naruto. "Oh! Sorry about that." he said.

Sakura and all the others girls who were paying attention were in shock on what just happened.

Naruto was kissing Sasuke!

They both quickly pulled apart and were gagging.

"Naruto you piece of shit, your dead meat!" Sasuke yelled.

"Ahhhh, poison in my mouth!" Naruto yelled, holding his neck until he suddenly stopped. "Wait, danger." he slowly turned around and saw Sakura cracking her knuckles.

"Naruto…" she said in a threatening voice. 'How… How can you kiss Sasuke first! He's not even a girl! SHANNARO!' oh, the 'shannaro' part was louder, this shouldn't be good…

(Time skip: a brutal beating later)
Naruto was lying on his desk with multiples bumps on his head.

'I can't believe Naruto cheated on me with Sasuke! Of all the peoples he could choose he picked a boy!' Sakura thought incredibly.

"Now…" Iruka started. "You will all be assigned duties by the village. So today, we will be creating the three man team… And each team will have a Jonin sensei. You will follow that sensei's instructions as you complete the assigned duties." Iruka explained.

'Pfft, three man team? That's just more peoples in my way.' Sasuke thought.

'I have to be with Naruto-kun!' Sakura thought.

'Sakura-Chan… then… anyone beside Sasuke-teme!' Naruto thought.

"We tried to balance out each team strength." Iruka said.

"WHAT!" was the mutual response in the whole class.

For now, Iruka have been choosing teams for others peoples. "Now, team seven…" he started. "Sakura Haruno… Sasuke Uchiha…" Iruka said.

"HELL YEAH!" Sakura celebrated but inside, she was devastated.

"… And Naruto Uzumaki." Iruka finished.

"YEAH!" Naruto cheered, Sakura sat down, and pretended to be disappointed but a smile went unnoticed by everyone.

"Iruka-sensei, why does an outstanding ninja like me have to be in the same team as this bum?" Naruto asked.

Sasuke raised an eyebrow. 'Yeah, outstanding my ass.'

'Sorry to disappoint you Naruto, but you're not the best ninja… not yet at least.' Sakura added nervously.

Iruka had a questionable look. "Sasuke's grades were the first among all 27 graduates… Naruto… you were dead last…" and now you see where the nickname came from. "We need to do this to balance the team, understand?"

"Mh, just don't get in the way… dead last." Sasuke said.

Naruto had an irritated look. "What did you call me?"

"Naruto, give it a rest." Sakura said softly.

'Well… let pray to kami that Naruto doesn't die in the first mission.' Iruka said. "Well, this afternoon we'll introduce the jonin sensei, take a break until then."

The students went outside, Sakura was sitting on a bench. 'Today, I at least need to tell Naruto how I feel about him, but even if I go after him using my looks… my breast and butt are below average. The only thing above average is the size of my forehead… but I doubt Naruto is the type of guy to care about the girl's breast size… does he…?' Sakura was too focus on her mental debate that she didn't notice someone sit next to her.

"Hey Sakura-Chan…" the guy started, Sakura turned to see Sasuke.

'Sasuke? that's odd, he never act like this in class… maybe he actually likes me and he was too shy to tell me… well, one thing to do but to let him down easily.' Sakura said.

"You sure have a large charming forehead…" he started, Sakura's eyes widen. "… it makes me want to kiss it." he said.

Sakura stared at him for a moment and she felt her cheeks started to heat up. 'No no! I'm in love with Naruto-kun, if I fall in love with Sasuke, I'll become a slut, and trust me, I don't want to be known as a slut.'

"At least that's what Naruto would say." Sasuke said sheepishly.

Sakura lowered her head, but not out of disappointment but out of relief.

"So, Sakura there's something I want to ask you?" Sasuke started.


"What do you think of Naruto?" he asked.

Sakura's head shot up and she blushed. 'He wants to know what I think of Naruto? Why! Doesn't matter I can't let him know I love him! Ok, I need to think of something bad about Naruto… I can't he's the perfect man!' Sakura couldn't think of anything so she just wings it. "He's always getting in the way of my love…" she started. 'That was good now keep going!' "He enjoys seeing me struggle…" 'That's not true, is it?' "Naruto doesn't know anything about me, he's just annoying…" 'I know he doesn't know anything about me but he is certainly not annoying.' "The only thing I want… is for you to acknowledge me." she said softly. 'Blacch! Someone, quick, get me a barf bag!' she thought with a horror expression.

Sasuke heard the whole thing with wide eyes.

"I'm serious, I would do anything, because I like you…" she said. 'Great, now I need to kiss him, but maybe since they both kiss I'll taste a little Naruto in there.' Sakura thought as she lean closer to Sasuke.

Sasuke leaned closer too. 'Meaby, I finally understand why I like her.' Sasuke though.

(Change of scene: an unknown place)
There, in a random building, there is the REAL Sasuke Uchiha all tied up and all open for any girl to rape.

'Damn it! That bastard transformed into me. What is he doing?' the real Sasuke asked himself.

(Back to fake Sasuke and Sakura)
Their lips were just an inch apart until the fake Sasuke suddenly grabbed his stomach.

'Diarrhea at a time like this!' fake Sasuke asked himself. "I'll be right back!" he quickly said and ran away.

When he was out of hearing range, Sakura let out a breath she didn't even know she was holding. "Thank kami I didn't have to kiss him, that'll be horrible." she said.

Time passed and Sakura was still sitting where she was, bringing up… certain discussion. '… Ok, five children sound alright, I'll need to make sure Naruto-kun has a condom the other time we have sex, I need to figure out how to make my breast bigger too to make sure Naruto-kun stays mine, I could also use some sex lesson to figure out how to further make Naruto-kun… feel good…' Sakura though with a perverted smile. She suddenly saw Sasuke walking by. 'Great, transform into annoying bitch fan girl.' Sakura thought. "Sasuke-kun! You back, are you ready for that kiss because I'm sure am." she said, hiding her true emotion.

"It's time to go, where's Naruto?" Sasuke asked.

"There you go again, changing subject, can we got off of Naruto for one moment?" Sakura asked. 'But I don't want to.' "All he does is get into fights with you. Well, he hasn't had a normal childhood. He doesn't have any parents. He can do whatever he wants. If I acted like that, my parents would get so mad at me. He's so lucky, all alone, parents never getting on his case. That's why he misbehaves all the time." Sakura said. 'Although, I wish… I wish I could help him.'

"All alone…" Sasuke started, Sakura had a confuse expression. "The sadness of having a parent yell at you is nowhere near what he feels." Sasuke said.

Sakura's eyes widen. 'What is he…?' Sakura thought. "What's this… all of a sudden…?" Sakura asked nervously, for once not hiding what she felt.

"People like you…" Sasuke started, Sakura eyes widen. "Have your family, having fun with them and enjoying each other's company… but Naruto… he has no one and you people can't even put yourself inside Naruto's shoes." Sakura started feeling a hint of guilt. "What you did right now, was the worst thing anyone could say about Naruto." he said with disgust in his voice.

Sakura was shock. 'Re… really?'

"Peoples like you don't even deserve to be to be alive if you can't even feel a hint of pity for Naruto… growing up without parents or family… is the worst thing that could happen to anyone…" Sasuke continued, Sakura wanted to cry for never thinking of the pain Naruto must've felt. "You… make me sick… the same probably goes for Naruto…" her head snaps up. "If Naruto heard what you said to him… he'd hate you with all his guts." He finished and walked away.

Sakura stood there for a moment then collapse on the bench. 'Naruto-kun, why… why didn't you tell us about the pain your feeling?... why…?' she covered her eyes with her hands. 'Why…?' tears slowly fell from her eyes.

Minutes passed and Naruto was walking by Until he saw Sakura crying softly on the bench. "Sakura-chan!" he ran to her.

She turned to him. "Naruto…" she said and her eyes turned sadder.

"Wh… what happened… who did this to you!" Naruto asked.

"Sasuke-kun…" but Sakura didn't get to finished.

"Sasuke… so Sasuke-teme did this to you! I'll give him a piece of my mind!" he yelled and jumped away.

"Wait! Naruto…!" Sakura yelled. 'No… if Naruto confront Sasuke… he might tell him everything I said about Naruto… and if he does that… Naruto will…'

(Worst case scenario)
Naruto made it to Sasuke and Sakura made it a couple of minutes later.

"… And that's what Sakura said." Sasuke started.

"Naruto!" Sakura yelled, Naruto slowly turned to Sakura with a hateful glare.

"Is that what you really think of me…? Haruno?" Naruto asked.

Sakura was shocked that he didn't say her name. "No… Naruto I…"

"Don't believe her… does were her exact words… I never lie when it comes to loneliness." Sasuke said, Naruto's glare deepen for Sakura.

"If that what you think, then… grr, screw you! Who needs you!" he yelled, the world were shattering before her eyes. "You can rot in a sewer for all I care, meaby that will show you some of the pain I've been feeling!" he yelled and jumped away.

"NO! NARUTO-KUN!" Sakura yelled.

(Terrible daydream ended)
Sakura snapped out of it when she saw Naruto already thirty feet away from her. "Wait Naruto!" she yelled, she started jumping towards him.

Naruto made it to Sasuke with Sakura able to get close to him "Sasuke!" he yelled.

Sasuke slowly turned to him. "Hey… dope…" he said.

"What did you do to Sakura-Chan! She was crying when I saw her on the bench!" Naruto yelled.

Sasuke turned to Sakura; her eyes were still slightly red. "She was crying? Mh, how weak." he said.

Naruto deepen his glare. "I'll ask you one more time… What… do you do… to Sakura-Chan!" he asked.

Sasuke stayed quiet for a while. "I did nothing…" he started.

'Fucking lie! Shannaro!' Inner Sakura yelled.

"I was just defending you…" Sasuke said.

"Huh? You were… defending me?" Naruto looked at Sakura for a moment and she had a fearful look in her eyes. "What… what did Sakura-Chan said about me?" Naruto asked, slightly nervous.

Sakura was dreading that question.

Sasuke looked at Sakura for a sec, she was shaking her head no but he ignored her. "Oh, you know… the usual things." he said.

Naruto looked down. "I see…" he took a quick glance at Sakura. "She called me a demon brat?" he asked.

"No… she insulted the fact that you grew up with no family." Sasuke said blankly, Naruto flinched.

Without thinking he quickly turned to Sakura. "WHAT!" he yelled, she jumped and she looked like she was ready to cry again. Naruto quickly caught what he said. "Sorry, I got a…" he said and he turned to Sasuke. "Alright, as long as you did nothing bad to her on purpose." Naruto said and acting as if nothing happened he jumped off.

Sasuke and Sakura stayed there until Sasuke decided to speak up. "You like Naruto… don't you Sakura?" Sasuke asked.

Sakura blushed. "What! No I don't, I love you Sasuke-kun." she said.

"Stop lying, I saw the fact that you were crying when I left and the way you were scared about me telling Naruto what you said…" he said, Sakura blush deepen. "Plus… when we were chose as a team… you pretended to be devastated but in truth, you were happy because I saw you smiling." Sasuke explained, the more he talked, the more nervous Sakura got.

"O-ok, I do love him, I love him more than anything in the world, and I only pretended to love you because I didn't want anyone to know about my love for him." Sakura said.

"So… it's ok to show your pretend love for me… but not for Naruto?... Why?" Sasuke asked.

"Well, I thought peoples would hate me for it." Sakura said nervously.

"A selfish reason… only thinking about yourself… pathetic." Sasuke said.

"Hey! I…" Sakura was saying.

"If you had a chance to confess Naruto your love… would you take the chance…?" Sasuke asked.

"Of course I…" Sakura was saying.

"… In front of everyone?" he finished, Sakura eyes widen, she said nothing after that. "So that's a no? Mh, like I said… pathetic, you would yell to the whole village that you love me… but not Naruto… and why…?" Sasuke asked.

Sakura hesitated for a moment. "Because…" she was saying.

"You're afraid that everyone would hate you… that's the point… you'll be able to know Naruto's pain and get closer to him." Sasuke said.

Sakura nodded. "Hey… why are you helping?" Sakura asked out of curiosity.

"Because… you're the first girl that isn't a fan girl… you and that Hyuuga girl… you are the only two people who actually didn't love me." he said.

Sakura thought for a moment. "Oh, well that's make sense." she said, she was about to go until Sasuke stopped her.

"Hey Sakura, did you see me… before I insulted you?" Sasuke asked.

"Yeah, why?" Sakura asked.

"That was Naruto transformed into me." he said then he vanished.

Sakura stood there shock. 'Wait, if Naruto was transformed into Sasuke… and I told him all about him and Sasuke… oh god! Naruto actually think I'm in love with Sasuke!' Sakura though in surprised. "Why can't I do anything right?" she asked herself.

"Yes… why?" she turned to see a masked man with one eyes covered and reading an orange book.

(Time skip: the next day)
Sakura was feeling confuse about her little… discussion with the strange man, Naruto and Sasuke were waiting next to her, although what worried her is that Naruto wasn't his happy overactive way as usual.

"Grrr, where the heck is that sensei!" Naruto asked.

"I don't know?" Sakura said.

"I wasn't even talking to you." Naruto said, slightly rude, Sakura looked down, Sasuke raised an eyebrow.

After a moment, Naruto put something on top the door.

"Naruto… what are you doing?" Sasuke asked.

"Hehehe, that's what you get for being late." Naruto said to no one specifically.

"Pfft, please, like a jonin would fall for such a simple booby trap." Sasuke said.

The door opened and the eraser fell on the man head.

"HAHAHAHAHAHA! YOU FELL FOR IT!" Naruto laughed, so did Sakura.

'Is this really a jonin? He doesn't seem very reliable.' Sasuke thought.

Sooner, Sakura stopped laughing after she saw who it was. "Wait, you're… I'm sorry, I forgot your name." Sakura said sheepishly, Naruto chuckled.

"Mh, how can I say this…? My first impression is… I don't like you guys." the man said. They all had shadows over their heads.

'That was harsh.' Sakura thought.

'It was only a harmless prank.' Naruto thought.

'I know why he hate them both but why me?' Sasuke asked himself.

(Change of scenery: on top of a... building)
"Ok, let begin with some simple instructions." the man said.

"What do you need to know?" Sasuke asked.

"How about… your likes, dislike, dream of the future, hobbies, stuff like that." the man said.

"Hey hey, why don't you introduce yourself first!" Naruto asked.

"Yeah, you look kind of suspicious." Sakura said.

The man sweat dropped. "Ignoring, my name is Kakashi Hatake. I have no desire to tell you guys about my likes and dislikes. Dream for the future…? Never thought about it... My Hobbies, Mh… well I have lots of hobbies…" Kakashi finished.

"So, the only thing we learn… is his name?" Naruto asked, they both shrugged their shoulder.

"Now it's your turn, from the right." Kakashi said.

"Oh oh! Me first! Me first! My name is Naruto Uzumaki. I like cup ramen! What I like even more is the restaurant Ramen Iruka-sensei buys me. What I dislike is waiting three minutes for the cup ramen to cook…" Naruto was saying.

'Does he think about anything besides ramen?' was the mutual thought around the 'room'.


Most of them were looking at Naruto as if he was insane; of course the one who wasn't was Sakura.

"Hobbies… pranks I guess." Naruto finished.

"Ok, your pretty interesting kid." Kakashi said, Naruto gave a sheepish grin.

"My name is Sasuke Uchiha…" Sasuke started. "There's a ton if things I dislike, I don't really like anything…" he said, Naruto and Sakura sweat dropped.

"What I have, is not a dream… because I will make it a reality, I wont to resurrect my plan… and kill a certain someone." Sasuke finished.

'Boy, am I glad I didn't fall in love with him.' Sakura thought with a sweat dropped.

'Man, I hope he doesn't mean me.' Naruto thought.

'I thought so.' Kakashi thought.

"Ok, and lastly, the girls." Kakashi said.

"Ok, My name is Sakura Haruno, the thing I like is… well, the person I like is…" she was going to say it but she couldn't spit it out. "Um, my dream for the future is… OH GOD!" she said, they all sweat dropped.

'What is it with this girl?' Kakashi thought.

'I bet the dream is to marry her precious Sasuke-kun.' Naruto said irritated.

'My god, imagine if her dream is to marry Naruto and get one child, no wait, five child and to get Naruto to use a condom so that she can keep having sex with him, she would also want to make her breast bigger so that she can keep Naruto to herself, and I bet she wants to learn how to further pleasure Naruto… man if that was really her dream, then I should stop thinking too much.' Sasuke thought.

"That thing I dislike is Sa…" Sakura stopped herself in the nick of time and without thinking she said. "Na-Naruto!"

Naruto lower his head, covering his eyes. "I see." he said softly.

Sasuke shook his head in disappointment.

"Ok, that's enough of that…" Kakashi said. "We will start out duties tomorrow." Kakashi said, Naruto seem to be the only one excited.

"Really! What kind of duties! Come on, tell us!" Naruto asked.

"First, we will do something with just the four of us." Kakashi said.

"What! What!" Naruto asked excitedly.

"Survival training." Kakashi announced.

Everyone seems confused. "Survival training?" Naruto asked.

"Why is our duty training?" Sakura asked. "We did enough training at the ninja academy." Sakura pointed out.

"I'm your opponent, but this isn't normal training." Kakashi said, they all looked confuse.

"Then…" Naruto started. "What is it?" Naruto asked.

Kakashi stared at them for a moment then started laughing. "Hey, what's so funny?" Sakura asked uncomfortably.

"No… it just that… when I tell you this, you guys are definitely going to flip." Kakashi said, they all looked confused. "Of the 27 graduates, only nine will be chosen as genin. The rest will be sent back to the academy. This training is a super difficult exam with a failure rate of 66%!" Kakashi said.

They all had a comical horror expression, Sasuke seem stoic but on the inside he was breaking down.

"Haha! I told you'd flip!" Kakashi said with a laugh.

"WHAT THE HELL! But we worked so hard… then what was the point of graduating?" Naruto asked.

"Oh that? That's just to select those that have a chance of becoming genin." Kakashi said, most of them were terrified, except Sasuke of course. "Anyway, tomorrow will be graded on the training field. Bring all your shinobi tools. Oh, and skip breakfast, you'll throw up." Kakashi said.

Naruto was trembling. 'I can't fail here, I'll have to kick Kakashi-sensei's ass and have him recognize my strength.' Naruto thought.

"The details can be read on this printout. Don't be late tomorrow." Kakashi said.

Sakura was looking at the paper carefully. 'I can't fail, if I do, I'll be separated from Naruto-kun.' Sakura thought, Sasuke crumbled the paper; Naruto was observing it way too closely.

(Time skip: the next day)

Kakashi came to his future team. "Hey guys." Kakashi greeted.

"YOU'RE LATE!" they all yelled, even Sasuke.

A couple of minutes later. "Ok…" Kakashi started. "The test is set for noon." Kakashi took out two bells, they were confused. "Your task is to take it from me before noon." Kakashi explained.

"Those who can't get the bell by noon… gets no lunch…" Kakashi said. "I'll not only tie you to one of those stumps, but I'll eat right in front of you." Kakashi said.

'So that's why he told us not to eat.' they all thought while their stomach growls.

"You only need to take one bell. There are only two, so one of you will definitely be tied to a stump. And… the person who doesn't take a bell fails. So, at least one of you will be sent back to the academy." Kakashi said, they all stood there, listening to every word he says. "You can even use your shuriken. You won't succeed unless you come at me intending to kill."

"But, you'll be in danger!" Sakura said.

"Yeah, you're so slow you can't even dodge a black board eraser!" Naruto said. "We'll kill you."

"In the real world, those with no talent often bark the loudest. Well, ignore Mr. Dead last here and start when I say…" Kakashi was saying.

'Dead last, dead last, dead last, DEAD LAST!' Naruto repeated in his head.

Naruto grabbed a kunai from his pouch and spin it before charging at Kakashi but Kakashi quickly grabbed the kunai, grabbed his head and pointed the kunai on the back of Naruto's head.

"Slow down… I haven't even say start yet." Kakashi said.

'Naruto!' Sakura thought.

'So this is a jonin.' Sasuke thought with a smirk.

"Well it seems you're prepared to come at me with intent to kill." Kakashi said. "So you've finally acknowledge me? Hehehe seems like I'm beginning to like you guys." Kakashi said. All of them smirked. "Ok, let's get going. Ready… START!" they all vanished in a blink of an eye.

Kakashi stopped at the middle of a random clearing. "The basic of a ninja is to be able to hide yourself well." Kakashi said, Kakashi looked around but found no one. 'Good, they have all hidden well.'

"COME HERE AND FIGHT ME, ONE ON ONE, LET'S GO!" Naruto yelled everyone sweat dropped.

"You know, aside from the others you're a little bit… weird." Kakashi said.

'Pfft, Naruto... weird? That's an understatement.' Sasuke thought.

"THE ONLY THING THAT IS WEIRD IS YOUR HAIR CUT!" Naruto yelled, charging at Kakashi until he reaches for his pocket, Naruto immediately stopped.

"Ninja fighting lesson #1, taijutsu… I'll teach you about it." Kakashi said.

'Taijutsu is hand to hand combat, yet… he's going to use a weapon?' Naruto wondered, Naruto then saw Kakashi take out a book that is something about icha icha. Naruto had a question mark pop on top of his head.

"What's wrong? Hurry and come at me." Kakashi said.

"But… Why do you have a book?" Naruto asked.

'Yeah, why does he have a book?' Sakura asked.

"Why? Because I want to read what happens next. Don't worry about it; it won't make a difference against you guys." Kakashi explain, Naruto stared then shot him a comical glare.

"I BEAT YOU TO A BLOODY PULP!" Naruto charged blindly at Kakashi. Naruto tried to punch Kakashi but he blocked it with one hand, he tried for a kick but Kakashi ducked, Naruto tried another punch but this time Kakashi vanished and appeared behind him, Naruto looked back and jumped away.

"Mh, you were smart enough to jump away when the enemy gets close to you." Kakashi said.

"Heh…" Naruto made a cross. "SHADOW CLONE JUTSU!" ten Narutos appeared around Kakashi.

'Solid clones? This kid got some skills.' Kakashi thought.

'So much Naruto-kun... so much… Possibilities.' Sakura thought.

"Let go, attack him!" the real one yelled. All the Narutos charged at Kakashi as he, with one swift move, kicked them all and they all disappeared. Everyone just stood there, looking at the smoke that had once been… Naruto's clones.

"I'm sorry; if that was your full extent then… you suck." Kakashi said.

Sakura reacted to that and… yelled a specific outburst. "NARUTO-KUN DOESN'T SUCK! TAKE THAT BACK YOU BASTARD!" Sakura yelled.

Everyone stood there looking at Sakura, she immediately caught what she said and she blushed. "Uh… what I meant was… I didn't… Naruto…" Sakura whispered, getting lower the more she talked.

"Well look at that Naruto… someone have a crush on you." Kakashi said.

"What! N-no, I-I…" Sakura stuttered, she looked at Naruto and blushed.

"Come on Kakashi-sensei, she doesn't like me, she likes Sasuke… she probably said that as a… defensive way." Naruto said, Sasuke wanted to impale himself in the face, Kakashi sweat dropped, Sakura looked down.

"Well…" Kakashi started. "We are wasting time, if this keeps up, you'll fail." Kakashi said.

Everyone immediately snapped out of their current thought as Sakura charged at Kakashi to get herself out of the situation as she threw punches and kicks at Kakashi who either dodge it or block it without getting his eyes out of his book.

Similar to Naruto, Sakura tried a kick but Kakashi ducked and appeared behind Sakura and was crouch down, Sakura didn't notice this.

"Just for the record… a ninja isn't supposed to get caught from behind." Kakashi said, before Sakura could react, he muster the deadliest word human kind ever heard. "HIDDEN LEAF SECRET FINGER JUTSU… A 1000 YEARS OF DEATH!" Sakura was about to react until she felt the most uncomfortable thing going up her rectum. Sakura screamed as she went flying holding her injured butt and flying to the pond of water.

'Did he just…?' Naruto thought.

'Oh no he didn't.' Sasuke thought.

Sakura was sinking in the water as she rubbed her violated anal. 'THAT FUCKING BASTARD! HE VIOLATED ME! I WAS GOING TO SAVE THAT FOR NARUTO-KUN!' Sakura thought. 'Me and Naruto-kun will kick his ass! Shannaro!' Inner sakura yelled.

Sakura arose from the water with a hateful glare.

"Ah, Sakura, you up! How's your butt?" Kakashi asked with a smug grin.

"You… you bastard… I'll make you pay for that!" Sakura yelled.

"Oh? Is that so, why don't you come at me again." Kakashi said, Sakura glared at him.

'An opening, now!' Sasuke threw some shuriken and kunais hitting Kakashi right in the face.


Sasuke sweat dropped and rubbed the back of his head. "Sooorry, I didn't mean to."

"Mh, yeah right." Naruto said, suddenly Kakashi transform into a log.

"Substitution! Damn it! I fell for his trap." Sasuke said.

"Ok guys, don't worry, as long as we're together, we'll be able to…" Sakura was saying, until she notices that they were already gone. "Damn it." she ran off. She looked around, trying to find her Naruto-kun and she almost tripped and saw Kakashi in a clearing. "Whoa, that was a close one, he didn't saw me." Sakura said.

"Sakura, behind you." she turned to see Kakashi behind her. She screamed.

(With Naruto)
He was walking until he heard a faint scream. "Wait, was that… Sakura-Chan? Where did that came from?" Naruto asked, he frankly looked around to find Sakura but he just can't figure out where it came from. "Don't worry Sakura-Chan, I'll get to you."

(With Sasuke)
'Mh, that's sound like Sakura… nh, dope will get her.' Sasuke thought.

(With Sakura)
Leaves were flying around Sakura, she had emotionless eyes as the leaves died out and she was left at an open field.

"H-hey, where's Kakashi-sensei! What just happened, I was pretty sure I was in the bushes!" Sakura yelled.

"Sa-Sakura-Chan…" someone said.

"Naruto!" she quickly turned and her eyes widen, Naruto had no left arm with several kunais and shurikens stuck to his back, he was bleeding all over the place as he was on his knee, laying on a tree.

"Sa-Sakura-Chan… please… help me." Naruto said.

Sakura had a look of horror in her eyes as tears slowly formed in her eyes, this time her scream was loud enough to be heard by everyone.

'Mh, I may have gone too far…' Kakashi said.

Sasuke and Naruto reacted to that scream.

'That was… Sakura-Chan/Sakura.' Naruto and Sasuke thought.

"Ninja fighting lesson #2… genjutsu… Sakura easily fell for it." Kakashi said.

'Genjutsu… a form of hallucinatory hypnotism… she'd fall for that but…' Sasuke was thinking until Kakashi appeared laying on a tree. "I'm not the same as them." Sasuke said without even facing Kakashi.

"Say that after you get the bells… Sasuke-kun." Kakashi said mockingly. They stood there for a moment. "The strength of the village #1, the Uchiha clan… this should be interesting." Kakashi said. Sasuke stared at him hardly and quickly threw some shuriken at him, Kakashi easily dodged it. "Such obvious attacks are useless!" Kakashi yelled, Sasuke smirked as one of the shuriken hit a wire and some knifes flew out. 'A trap?' Kakashi thought before he decided it was a good idea to dodge. Sasuke appeared behind him and was about to kick him but Kakashi blocked it then grabbed it, Sasuke tried a punch but Kakashi also blocked that one, he tried another kick but Kakashi also blocked that one, Sasuke notice the bells and tried to touch it but Kakashi quickly push him away. Sasuke swiftly landed on his feet. 'Wow, his incredible! I barely have time to read my icha icha novel!' Kakashi thought.

(With Sakura)
Sakura woke up from her shock and looked around. "Wha… what happened?" Sakura asked herself, she was thinking until. 'That's right, I saw Naruto-kun near death and I… I FAINTED!' Sakura hit her head repeatedly. 'That hell is wrong with me! For all I know that could've been real! And Naruto would've been dead by now.' Sakura mentally yell at herself. 'Naruto-kun…' she reminded herself. "NARUTO-KUN! DON'T DIE AND LEAVE ME BEHIND! WHERE ARE YOU!" Sakura yelled.

(With Naruto)

Naruto looked around. "Ok, I'm positive that was Sakura-Chan." he said, he looked at different direction. "There!" Naruto yelled as he ran in a random direction.

(With Sasuke and Kakashi)
"Well, I will acknowledge that you are different from the other two." Kakashi said.

Sasuke made some hands sign. "Horse, Tiger… FIRE STYLE: FIREBALL JUTSU!" he yelled.

'What! A genin shouldn't have enough chakra to be able to use that jutsu!' Kakashi thought.

Sasuke shoot a giant fireball at Kakashi, the fire engulf him as Sasuke kept the fire going for a while until he decided to stop, when the fire vanished, Sasuke was surprise to see no one there.

'What's! He's gone! To the side? No, above?' Sasuke thought as he looked around for him, but he couldn't find him.

"Below you." someone said, suddenly, someone grabbed Sasuke leg, he looked down and was shock to see a hand.

"EARTH STYLE: INNER DECAPITATION SKILLS!" Kakashi said before Sasuke was pulled down. Kakashi jumped out and took out his book. "Ninja fighting lesson #3 Ninjutsu. Well, you've already head above the others in this area." Kakashi said with a smile, Sasuke had an annoyed face. "But hey, they say an expose nail should be hammered in… hahahaha." Kakashi laughed as he walked away.

"Damn you." Sasuke said with hate in his voice.

Sakura was running around the place, looking for Naruto until she found Sasuke's severed head, they both just stared at each other, Sakura looked around to check of anyone was around, no one was. She walked towards Sasuke's severed head and started poking him with an annoyed face then punched his head.

"Ow! The hell was that for!" Sasuke yelled.

"Just trying to see if you were alive." Sakura said with a grin.

"Well, as you can see… I'M BURIED UNDERGROUND!" Sasuke yelled with the legendary giant head jutsu.

"Mh." was Sakura only response before she turned to walk away.

"W-wait, where are you going!" Sasuke asked.

Sakura turned. "I need to look for Naruto-kun; I want to make sure he's still alive." Sakura said.

"And your just gonna leave me here!" Sasuke asked.

Moment of silent. "Yes." Sakura replied.

"Come on! Get me out!"

"Not with that attitude!" Sakura scoffed and again turned to walk away.

"How about if I help you find you precious Naruto-kun?" Sasuke asked.

Sakura quickly turned to him and tried to dig him out.

After a while, Sasuke was finally out.

"Thanks." Sasuke said.

"Whatever, come on, you promise me that you'll help me find Naruto-kun." Sakura said, running towards a random direction, Sasuke reluctantly followed.

(With Naruto)
He was jumping from tree branches, looking for Sakura as he jump to the ground and continued running, he then made a sharp left turn and he bump into someone, he rubbed his head in pain.

"Ow." someone said, Naruto opens his eyes to see Sakura.

"Sakura-Chan! You ok!" Naruto yelled with a wide smile.

"Good to know people ask about me." Sasuke said with an annoyed face.

Sakura opened her eyes and saw Naruto. "Naruto! Your alive, I thought Kakashi-sensei killed you!" Sakura said.

"Huh? You think I'm that weak? That's not nice Sakura-Chan." Naruto grumbled.

"N-no, that's not what I…" Sakura was saying.

"Look, we need to get the bells, do any of you two have a plan because I got nothing." Sasuke said, they both thought for a moment.

"Oh, I got it!" Sakura said.

She told both of them the plan, when she was done, both of them smiled.

"Heh, not bad." Sasuke said.

"That's an excellent plan Sakura-Chan!" Naruto said with his fox grin and thumbs up. Sakura blushed because of that and Naruto started to wonder why she blushed but no time to think, it's time for action.

Kakashi was standing in the three stumps as he watches the alarm clock.

"Only two more minutes to go, they'll never get it." Kakashi said.

Suddenly, all three of them came towards him.

"A frontal attack? Getting a little cocky now are we?" Kakashi asked.

Naruto made his traditional hand sign. "SHADOW CLONE JUTSU!" at least 15 Narutos appeared.

Sakura blush. 'No time! Think about it later!' she mentally told herself, she made a random hand sign, Kakashi didn't notice because he was paying too much attention to Naruto (or should I say too little attention).

"Use as many clone as you like. You cannot beat me." Kakashi said while reading his book.

Just like last time, all the clones charged at him and he took them out one by one without taking his eyes out of that book, they all vanished eventually. "What did I tell you?"

"FIRE STYLE:…" Kakashi turned to see Sasuke inhaling.

'Oh no! The book!' Kakashi thought as he turn to put his book away but it was too late.

"… FIREBALL JUTSU!" a giant fireball came from Sasuke's mouth as Kakashi just barely dodged it.

'Phew, well at least the book as alright.' Kakashi thought, and then to his horror, he saw a smile spark on his book which then became a small fire. 'What! NO!' Kakashi threw the book at the ground as it burned to pieces. "No… no… NOOOOOOOOOOO!" he yelled to the heavens as Naruto grabbed the bells.

"Ha! Kakashi–sensei, we pass!" Naruto said.

"On what circumstances?" Kakashi asked. "You guys burned a beautiful piece of literacy!... how could you do this!" Kakashi asked as tears fell from his eyes.

"Hehehe…" Sakura giggled. "Kakashi-sensei, look." she said, he looked at it and saw the book perfectly fine.

"The… the book… it's…" Kakashi was saying.

"Fine, I know a little genjutsu and seeing as your very fund to that book, I knew I had to trick you to believing it got burned, so I got Naruto to use his shadow clones to distract you so I can get the genjutsu on you, then I had Sasuke-kun use the fireball jutsu and pretend to burn your book and I use my illusions to trick you into believing your book burned." Sakura explained.

Kakashi stayed there for a moment then he turned to Sakura. "You're pretty smart." he said, Sakura smiled. "And seeing as Naruto and Sasuke did what you said, I probably need to make you part-leader." he said, Naruto's and Sasuke's eyes widen.

"Part-Leader! Really? Do I get to do whatever I want?" she asked.

"Yep." Kakashi said with an eye smile.

"Even to… a certain someone." Sakura said looking at Naruto, Naruto looked around and figure she was staring at him and he gulp nervously.

'Ah no… don't tell me she's planning to rape Naruto!' Sasuke thought.

'Meaby this was a bad idea.' Kakashi thought.

'Please kami, let me do at least one mission.' Naruto prayed.

'So many possibilities.' Sakura thought.

"Well, congratulation, you worked as a team and got the bells from me, tomorrow, team #7 starts its duties!" Kakashi said with a thumb up.

"YEAH! YEAH! YOOHO! I'M A NINJA! NINJA!" Naruto celebrated, Sakura could only giggled silently to Naruto cheering as Sasuke sigh annoyingly.

'Well… let see how long they can last.' Kakashi thought.

Well, this is the end of my first chapters, tell me what you think, tell me what's wrong and I'll fix it, until then, see ya next time.