Me: Well, here is the last chapter for this fanfic. Like I told you or wrote to you, there will be a sequel to this story. A Shippuden one that will get until the pain arc and one of my friends gave me an idea for another sequel for after that. Hope you guys liked this story as much as I enjoyed writing it. Enough of this! Let's end this with a bang!

Chapter 22: This is… goodbye

Sasuke continue to jump from tree trunks to tree trunks. He raised one hand and sipped some of his soda.

"Maybe stopping at Burger King for a quick drink was a bad idea." Sasuke mused to himself. He finished his soda and threw it at the floor.

He finally came out of the forest to a waterfall clearing with two giant statues facing each other.

"This is…" Sasuke at both statues. "The Valley of the end." he looked at them for a while. "Well nothing to do but walk through this terrific monument, such is the wonderful effort the people put into this." Sasuke started walking on Madara's head.

"SASUKE!" Naruto yelled as he landed on the First's head.

Sasuke turned. "What the… how did you catch up to me!?" he asked.

Naruto held an empty cup of soda. "You're the only one in the fire country who like diet Pepsi." Naruto replied. He glared at Sasuke with all he had. "Why?... why would you do this!?" Naruto asked.

Sasuke eyes turned downcast. "Because I…"

"Why would you eat something in Burger King without me?"

Sasuke blinked. "Huh?"

Naruto held the cup of soda higher. "I… have been running for hours! I never had a break! Constantly running to get you back, I had to stop to fight ever so briefly and the last time when he ran off I wasted some chakra on a guy I wasn't even supposed to be fighting! I have a lot of stamina, I'll agree to that but even I need my breaks."

Sasuke stared at Naruto. "You need breaks?"

"Yeah, I know when to take breaks, I'm smart like that."

"You're smart?"

"Yes! I wouldn't exactly call it smart but I am pretty reasonable."

"You're reasonable?"

"RAAAAHHHHHHH!" Naruto jumped towards Sasuke and landed on him.

"Argh! Naruto, this looks so wrong!" Sasuke yelled, out of nowhere, Naruto punched. "Ow, why the hell did you punch me!?"

"Damn it Sasuke! Do you have any idea how much Ino as angry at me!?"

"The hell does that has to do about how wrong this is!" Naruto punched him again.

"Damn it Sasuke! Wake up!"

"I am!" another punch. "Argh, goddammit stop punching me!" Sasuke lifted up Naruto by his shirt and gave him a mighty punch to the stomach.

Naruto gasped as he got pushed off Madara's head.

Sasuke sighed and rubbed his abused cheek. "Tsk, bastard. The hell's his problem, all I'm doing is joining the leaf greatest enemy, I see no reason to…" Sasuke took a thinking pose before nodded. "I think I see the problem."

Naruto came from the water and glared at Sasuke. "The hell was that for!?"

Sasuke popped a vein. "Dumbass!" Sasuke dash towards Naruto as Naruto did the same. As they are about to punch each other, the other quickly blocked the other attack. While they both held the position, Sasuke smirked. "Not so tough now are ya?" Sasuke asked, Naruto said nothing. "I remember you constantly telling me that you are stronger than me."

"I said I was sorry already, what else do you want?" Naruto asked.

"I want you to be begging me to live, for me to let you live after the sound beating that I will give you." Sasuke said.

Naruto snorted. "As if that will happen." Naruto said.

"Oh, but it already STARTED!" at that, Sasuke quickly kneed Naruto and regained his balance, Naruto lost his balance briefly and started to fall but Sasuke came and threw several shuriken with wires around and tied Naruto up.

"You ain't getting away!" he pulled Naruto back and gave another strong push to his stomach and a follow-up kick which sent him plummeting to the water, only this time Naruto was tied up with no way to get out.

Sasuke stood at Madara's leg with a victorious smirk. "Oops, sorry, I never gave you the chance to beg for your life." he said then started laughing.

(Leaf Village)
Sakura gasped, she was suddenly out of breath and was trying to regain it, Ino, who was walking with her, ran to her side.

"Sakura! What happened!? Sakura, breath!"

Sakura had her eyes closed tight as she struggle to breathe but suddenly stop abruptly and looked at Ino.

"Sorry about that, must have another one of my episodes." Sakura said.

"But Sakura, we already in an episode."

"No, we're in a fanfic."

"Whatever, you get my point." she yelled.

Sakura shook her head. "Let's keep going, I promise, nothing like this will happen again." Ino nodded and they continue to walk.

Sasuke continue to laugh before he suddenly stops. He looked down to see Naruto rising up, albeit he was still tied up but still.

"What the… how did you get up?" Sasuke asked.

Naruto glared at him. "I had other people try harder to drown me like this…" Naruto easily snapped the wires. "That's the main reason why I learn how to swim." Naruto made some hands sign. "WIND STYLE: AIR BULLET!" he shot several air balls which Sasuke dodged with little ease. "Stop moving!"

"No!" Sasuke yelled in defiance and made hand sign too. "FIRE STYLE: FIREBALL JUTSU!" Sasuke yelled as soon as Naruto blew another air bullet.

"Shit!" Naruto swore as he dodged the bigger fireball. He quickly jumped back when several kunais and shuriken almost pierced him.

"Man, you're slow." Naruto towards to see Naruto having his cursed mark spreading through him slightly. Sasuke kicked Naruto to a giant boulder and quickly tied him up.

Naruto was about to break them before Sasuke tighten the wires. "FIRE STYLE: FIREBALL JUTSU!" he blew a giant fireball just for Naruto, isn't that nice… wait.

Naruto screamed in shock and in pain.

Sasuke smirked evilly. "I don't hear you begging!" he said; to his surprise, Naruto came through the fire like it was nothing.

"Here's your plea!" he punched Sasuke in the cheek with all his might.

Sasuke fell into the water. "Ugh, you bastard!" Sasuke jumped before Naruto could punch him again and kicked the back of Naruto's head and grabbed one of Naruto's shurikens.

"If you really want to beat me…" Sasuke reared the shuriken back as Naruto grabbed a kunai. "I'll give it back tenfold!" and with that he threw the shuriken.

"Right back at ya!" he threw the kunai and almost immediately called a clone and started to form a rasengan in his hand.

Sasuke quickly did the same except he's making a chidori, activating his sharingan.

Does two lock eyes for a brief moment before Naruto made his clone throw him for his boost of speed and Sasuke used the speed training that Kakashi gave him and dash towards Naruto.

They both dash with incredible speed at each other before thrusting their signature jutsu at each other.

Their jutsu clash in a swirl of tremendous chakra and pressure with both of them trying to overpower the other, sadly, chidori and rasengan had other plans as they suddenly pushed them back as Sasuke and Naruto skidded through the water like skipping stones.

They puttered water from their lungs.

Sasuke glared at Naruto hatefully with Naruto doing the same to him but Sasuke then smirked evilly and his cursed mark spread through his whole body.

"Screw the begging." Sasuke said. Naruto was slightly taken back. "I want to see the life slowly leave your eyes as you choke by your own blood." Sasuke said.

Naruto actually looked scared by Sasuke's dark thoughts. 'What? What happened to Sasuke? This isn't… this isn't him…' he thought.

Sasuke suddenly kicked his stomach, knocking the air out of Naruto before punching his cheek, throwing him away a couple of feet before he right himself.

Naruto grunted and held his stomach. 'Sasuke is… serious?' Naruto jumped back when Sasuke tried to punch him again but Sasuke suddenly appeared behind him.

"So much for being stronger than me huh." Sasuke said.

"I said I was sorry!" Naruto yelled.

"The damage is already done!" Sasuke yelled and kicked Naruto into the water a third time. "Do you have any idea how much that irritated me!?" he asked Naruto, despite Naruto being under water now and not being able to hear him. "I trained my whole life to get revenge for my brother's betrayal! For scaring me with the death of my whole clan! For treating me like I'm weak!" Naruto finally resurface.

Naruto looked up at Sasuke only to receive a kick to his chin.

"He could've killed me too, but he let me live… because he saw me too pathetic to kill!" Sasuke glared at Naruto with more hatred. "I consisted myself to be stronger to pump myself into training. Seeing you defeat opponent that I couldn't bother me but not a lot, I took that to training twice as hard."

Sasuke punched Naruto's face twice before doing a drop kick.

"But being defeated by him again proved to me that I didn't get strong at all, I was still as weak and pathetic as before. But seeing you get stronger than me and actually laughing at me for it… you just unleashed my entire hatred not only on Itachi… but you too." Sasuke walked towards the weak-minded Naruto.

Naruto gripped his head in a dizzy manner. 'Ino was right… this was my fault… If didn't make fun of him, if I didn't show off my strength so often, Sasuke probably wouldn't have run away.' Naruto turned to Sasuke again but got kicked to the air.

Sasuke jumped towards him and started to punch and kick Naruto repeatedly.

Naruto did his best to block them but Sasuke's speed far surpasses his so he got hit more than he blocked.

Sasuke gave an axe kick which threw Naruto to the water.

Sasuke landed where Naruto was and picked him up. Creating a chidori in his left hand.

"Have fun in hell." Sasuke thrust the chidori at Naruto.

(Leaf Village)
Sakura screamed which made Ino and several other villagers jump from surprise.

Sakura grip her chest and fell on her knees.

"Sakura, I thought you said you wouldn't have another episode!" Ino said.

"This… is a… fanfic." Sakura said weakly.

"THAT'S NOT WHAT I MEANT!" Ino yelled. She quieted down when she notice civilian giving her disapproving looks. "But seriously, what's wrong?" Ino asked again.

Sakura panted heavily, she couldn't even answer Ino. The sharp pain she was feeling at the moment prevents her from answering. It was so sudden, it felt like… something was piercing her.

The pain soon disappeared and was replaced by exhilarating power. Though she didn't let the power get into her.

"Sakura?" Ino tried again, Sakura suddenly stood up, making Ino fall to her bottom. "Ow…" Ino moaned in pain while rubbing her soar butt.

"Come on Ino, stop falling behind!" Ino blinked and looked ahead of her and was surprised to see Sakura a good thirty feet away from her.

'What the… what is wrong with her!?' Ino thought before running to try and catch up with her friend who was walking faster than she could run.

Sasuke grinned victoriously. "Ah, I see you still want to beg me for your life." Sasuke looked at Naruto's hand which redirected Sasuke's hand at the last moment to his right shoulder. "Well… what are you waiting for?" Sasuke ripped out his hand from Naruto's shoulder. "No begging? Then I'll end it here." he reached out to choke Naruto before Naruto grabbed Sasuke hands and barely succeeded in crushing.

"Gahhhhh!" Sasuke jumped back in pain and gripped his left wrist. 'Good, not broken… but…' Sasuke looked at Naruto right hand. 'He shouldn't even be able to move his right hand let alone his arm because of the hole in his-' Sasuke gasped in shock when he saw the hole rapidly close.

Sasuke took a step back in fright. "What the… how did you…" he glared at Naruto. "What the hell are you!?" he yelled.

Naruto looked up and glared at Sasuke with red slit eyes, extended fangs, lengthen claws and messier hair.

"I am you friend… your best friend!" Naruto yelled. Sasuke took another step back. "And as your friend, it's my job to keep you out of the darkness… no matter what!" Naruto punched forward and it made a shockwave that threw water everywhere.

Sasuke covered his eyes before gasping in pain when Naruto abused his stomach with several powered up punches.

Sasuke looked down slightly at Naruto only to receive a kick to the chin which forced him to do several back flips in the air before forcing himself to stop at the water.

Sasuke sighed before noticing shadows in the water; he looked up to see Naruto's coming down on him and punched him to the water.

"Not so fun getting thrown to the water now is it!?" Naruto yelled at the water, he turned when he heard splashing and saw Sasuke surfing through the water. "Mh… not bad." he vanished at that moment and appeared at a wall near Sasuke and tried to kick and punch him with Sasuke barely avoiding him and he even tried to fight back.

Sasuke almost tripped so Naruto used Sasuke as a spring and jumped off of him and to another Wall and jumped up, looking at Sasuke from the air.

Sasuke smirked. 'Dumbass!' Sasuke made three simple hand sign. "FIRE STYLE: FIREBALL JUTSU!" Sasuke used all his skill with the jutsu to make the biggest fireball he ever created. He smirked victoriously when he heard screaming but to his surprise the fireball dissipated and he was hit with crushing pressure.

Sasuke lay in the water in a dizzy state, he wasn't able to dodge or block Naruto when he landed painfully on him.

Sasuke gasped in pain and tried not to swallow water. That proved to be difficult when Naruto swam around and continue to punch him around before Sasuke got his bearing and swam as fast as he could to the surface.

Sasuke looked down at the water. 'Where is he!?' he asked him.

"Looking for me?" Sasuke looked up to see Naruto's foot coming down on him, he was able to block it but before he knew it Naruto grabbed his foot and started to spin around rapidly.

"Ahhhhh!" Sasuke screamed as he got hurled into a giant rock wall, rather painfully if I may add.

Naruto landed there and glared at Sasuke with those red menacing eyes. "Did that wake you up?" he punched Sasuke's cheek. "Or did that!?"

Sasuke looked at Naruto in a dizzy manner. "Why?" he asked. "Why am I this weak?"

"You are not weak!"

"OPEN YOUR EYES!" Naruto was taken back slightly. "Don't you get it Naruto… you have no idea the pain I'm feeling, you have no idea the bonds I had just for them to be driven into the ground. I trusted my brother with my life and he went and stabbed me in the back, and I can't even get revenge for my family. You will never understand the feeling of hatred that lives inside me!" Sasuke glared at Naruto with everything he has.

Naruto gave Sasuke a pitying look.

"Don't give me that look like you feel sorry for me!" Sasuke yelled.


"Shut up! Just shut the hell up!" Sasuke yelled. "Don't start blabbering about how you understand me because no one could ever understand my hatred. Having the one person you would trust with your life betray you, how could you ever understand that?" Sasuke tackled Naruto out of the wall and they both landed on conveniently placed logs.

Naruto looked sorrowfully on the water. "You wrong…" Sasuke looked confused. "I do understand you." Sasuke glared at him. "Because you are my best friend."

"What the hell does that has to do with anything!?"

"Because… I trust you with my life." Sasuke was slightly taken back. "We're teammates, we're friends, we'll always watch each other's back… I'll always trust you to prevent anyone from stabbing me in the back… by doing that, I gave you the possibility to stab me in the back, that's what you're doing right now."

Sasuke narrowed his eyes.

"So you see… I do understand your pain at being betrayed… because you betrayed us." Naruto said.

Sasuke continue to glare at him. "I'll admit… you have gotten stronger…" Sasuke reach into his back pocket. "That's why I must defeat you… I'll prove that I'm stronger and keep training until I can kill Itachi." Sasuke put on his headband, Naruto looked surprised. "But for now, I'll consider us equal. Two powerhouses fighting for their own rights." he pointed at his headband. "But don't expect me to keep this for long, I am a missing-nin after all." and with that, his sharingan evolved into its final stage. "Let's go… Naruto…"

The log Sasuke was standing on snapped in several pieces, Sasuke grabbed a single piece and threw it at Naruto's log which also broke in several pieces.

Naruto glared at Sasuke before in blinding speed that could probably beat Sonic (Though not making any promises) Naruto was on Sasuke in no time. What surprised Naruto is that Sasuke was having a surprisingly easy time with him; Dodging attack that could normally beat Sasuke was having no effect on him now.

Sasuke had this smug grin in his face the whole time, redirecting Naruto's punches then kicked Naruto's chin into the wall. Sasuke quickly ran at the wall and towards Naruto.

Naruto continue his assault at Sasuke.

'No way… he's actually beating me!' Naruto thought in shock when Sasuke again kicked him in the chin. 'Shit!'

Sasuke smirked at Naruto. 'I can actually detect his movement… the speed that I couldn't see are now visible… this battle is in my favor again.' Sasuke watched as Naruto ran towards him before swiftly vanishing and appearing behind him.

Naruto threw a punch but Sasuke grabbed it and threw him over the cliff and jumped towards him.

Naruto fell into the water while Sasuke landed on it.

Several Narutos flew at him like missiles; Sasuke threw punches and kicks that barely nicked the Narutos but just enough to make them vanish.

Sasuke started to laugh victoriously in being able to handle so much Naruto with little ease. Soon the relentless attack stops.

Sasuke breathed deeply. "What exhilarating power, I am getting stronger." Sasuke said. He felt something grab his leg and he got lifted off the ground.

Several Narutos connected themselves to make a lasso with Sasuke at the end.

"Think again teme!" Naruto shouted before smashing Sasuke in another wall.

The place where Sasuke crashed burst into flames. "FIRE STYLE: DRAGON FLAME JUTSU!" the flames engulfed all of the Narutos; slowly they fell and popped out of existence, the real Naruto hanging limply from the cliff.

Naruto looked at Sasuke with some struggle. "Damn it…" Naruto glared at him.

Sasuke grabbed him. "It's over!" he threw him and quickly followed him, grabbing him and crossing his legs to make his head pointing to the ground. "SAY YOUR PRAYERS!" he smashed Naruto to the hard rock ground from several feet and tremendous speed.

(Leaf village)
Sakura stopped and gripped her head, pointing heavily and screeched.

"Argh!" she screamed again and fell to the ground.

Ino finally caught up and put her hands on her knees, also panting heavily. "God that was tiring." she said.

"It hurt."

"I know… it really does. I'll get over it though."

"Gaaahhh, the pain!"

"Don't worry, I can handle it."

"My head's going to explode!" Sakura cried.

"Wait, my head doesn't…" Ino looked at Sakura. "What's wrong with you know?" she asked.

"I… don't know… but my head is dying." Sakura whimpered.

"I see, well just take nice and steady breathe in…" Sakura did so. "Now let it out."

"AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!" everyone around jumped a good five book in the air for three seconds before landing on their bottom.

Ino looked worriedly at Sakura and everyone around. 'Why is Sakura acting like this?'

Naruto floated limply in the water, surprisingly no traces of blood floated into the water but Sasuke thought nothing of it.

Sasuke currently sported an evil smirk, looking at the dead Naruto. 'That's one obstacle out of the way. Now for…' Sasuke had a confused looked when red stuff covered Naruto.

"What the… red chakra?" Sasuke, being the unreasonable fool that he is, started to walk cautiously towards Naruto, ever so slowly he gotten closer to Naruto who started to get lift from the red chakra.

Sasuke wanted to step back but the red chakra held so much power that it prevented him from even moving a muscle.

Naruto suddenly looked at him and gave him a mighty punch to the face.

Sasuke grunt as he flew into the water, he put his hand into his face. "SON OF A FUCK!" Sasuke cried.

Naruto looked at his hand before gripping his chest and gasping in pain.

Soon the red chakra covered him and Naruto roar with power.

Naruto crouched to all four and glared at Sasuke who already stood up and glared at Naruto more hatefully.

Naruto crossed his arms and swiped with both, making a tsunami ran down on Sasuke.

Sasuke when through the tsunami with some Struggle before noticing Naruto charging at him with renewed speed (Not faster than Sonic that's for true). Naruto did several scratches which Sasuke dodged but before he could get cocky, he noticed the fact that the chakra separated from Naruto's hand and hit him, throwing near the wall.

Sakura touched the scratch mark on his cheek.

'The hell… how did he do that!? Those chakra arms of his are too unpredictable.' he saw Naruto throw more chakra arms at him and he did his best to dodge them.

More of those chakra arms hit him, forcing Sasuke to run away for now. To prevent Naruto from using more chakra arms he blew some Phoenix Flower at Naruto but with Naruto increased speed it proved to be too difficult even with his incredible aiming.

Another came at him and jumped before dodging several others in the air and flip in the air, he landed gracefully in the water but before he could congratulate himself for that, Naruto ran around rapidly around him, making waters appear around him, concealing Naruto.

Sasuke carefully looked at the water. 'Ok, let's see here, Naruto using some weird chakra… I think I heard about it but I can't be sure, he lost his mind, I can't seem to read his chakra arms movement and he seems to be using that to his advantages… yeah I'm screwed.' but Sasuke didn't let that get to him. Despite the fact that he was in a very obvious disadvantage, he did try to dodge the chakra arms.

He succeeded for a short while before one came from under the water and grabbed him and smashed him yet again to a wall.

"Ok, what's with you and smashing me to wall, if my spine is not broken I will get you back for this." Sasuke muttered to himself, he felt a presence above; he looked up and was surprised to see a giant chakra hand coming down on him. "Oh come on!" he started to run as fast as his legs could carry him before he dived at the last moment before the hand smashed the spot he was on a moment ago.

Sasuke started to pant heavily. "Damn… that was too close…" the curse mark started spreading around him. "I guess I have to go level two… what a bo-" a chakra hand suddenly grabbed him and Sasuke looked ahead to see Naruto there, his glare ever present.

"Crap!" Naruto pulled his hand back, bringing Sasuke towards himself who screamed. "STRANGER DANGER!" Naruto reared his hand back before unleashing another of his strongest punches.

Sasuke got hit square in the face and crashed to a wall… again.

Sasuke growled. "That does it… you really piss me off." the mark made his skin dark gray and his hair grew to the middle of his back and turned gray-blue. His sclera turned pitch black but his irises is still red due to his sharingan. The power of the seal already filled Sasuke, he chuckled evilly.

"This is the end." he said.

"Please…" Naruto said. "I had been beating your ass the whole time."

"Oh, I see that chakra of yours didn't made you mute." Sasuke chuckled evilly again. "Give up now, you can't beat me now." Sasuke grinned.

"We'll see about that!" Naruto used his speed and ran towards Sasuke, for some reason trailing his hand at the ground.

He finally reached him and the impact made them both rocket towards Madara's leg, breaking it.

Naruto stood still, looking at the giant… thing that blocked his attack, before Naruto could wonder about that it twitched. Naruto quickly jumped back before he was hit by the same thing, the thing had enough power to throw Naruto the Hashirama's leg.

Naruto grunt in pain as he looked at his left arm. 'Damn it… can't… move it…' Naruto looked at Sasuke and gasped, he looked at Sasuke which had a hand-like wing coming from his left shoulder, and another one grew from his right shoulder.

"Sasuke… you're a monster." (Exact quote in Japanese and English I think) Naruto said in shock.

Silence fell the both of them.

"Goddamn hypocrite." Sasuke muttered. "What does it matter, no one will see me anymore." Sasuke said.

"Come on Sasuke, snap out of it!" Naruto shouted. "It's not too late!"

"Uh, I just turned into a 'monster' with hands for wings and black sclera… yeah it's too late for me." Sasuke said with an annoyed look but quickly replaced it with a smirk. "Besides, you should be more worried about returning to your supposed home." Sasuke made three hand sign and thrust his hand downward. "Chidori." He growled, the blue lighting ball appearing in his hand.

Naruto held out his arm and concentrated, soon enough a Rasengan started to form in his hand but instead of being a brilliant blue it was a sickly purple.

Sasuke chidori also changed where it was blue it turned to an evil black and the birds chirping turned to crow's wings flapping.

They both glared at each other with all the hatred in the world, Sasuke aiming to kill Naruto while said boy was aiming to injure Sasuke enough to bring him back.

With one mighty heap they both jumped towards each other, Sasuke using his hand-like wings to keep himself afloat while Naruto leap was strong enough to keep himself afloat.

They finally reach other and with one final thrust…



The attacks collided as a black sphere covered both of them; more of the Valley has been destroyed because of the sheer power of the dark sphere.

Sasuke was about to impale Naruto with the remainder of the chidori but at the last moment he simply punched him in the chest; even he didn't know why he did that. Naruto flinched from the punch and tried to scratch Sasuke but he have been feeling groggy from the punch and scratched Sasuke's headband.

After a while of the black sphere tearing shit up. It suddenly stopped with Naruto on the ground unconscious and Sasuke standing over him.

'Why didn't I kill him?' Sasuke asked himself. He looked at Naruto with an emotionless face. 'I boasted the whole time about killing him and he's still breathing on the ground… why's that…' Sasuke began to think.

"I am you friend… your best friend!" Sasuke flinched, hearing Naruto's voice in his head. "You wrong…" Sasuke looked confused. "I do understand you." Sasuke glared at him. "Because you are my best friend." Sasuke gripped his head. "Because… I trust you with my life." Sasuke was slightly taken back. "We're teammates, we're friends, we'll always watch each other's back…" Sasuke dropped his head.

'I can't kill him… because he's my best friend?' Sasuke looked at Naruto again then Ino's face appeared in his head. He flinched when he saw drops on the ground. 'Am I… crying?' more drops fell to the ground before it started to rain, he looked up at the dark clouds. He stared at it for a while before turning to the road ahead.

"I should probably leave… if they catch me it'll be a miracle if they let me live." Sasuke started to walk off into the road towards Orochimaru, to the road to darkness (Cliché isn't it).

Hours later Kakashi appeared in the spot, the rain already stopped by now. Kakashi looked around.

"It seems like Sasuke left." Pakkun said.

Kakashi nodded in shame, he looked down to see Naruto lying there. He picked up Naruto and put him on his back. "Let's go back."

Pakkun looked confused. "You're not going to try?" Pakkun asked.

Kakashi shook his head. "He's not worth it; I need to focus on bringing Naruto back and saving him." Kakashi said and started to jump towards the leaf village.

Pakkun nodded.

(Leaf village)
Sakura and Ino was sitting on a bench with Sakura breathing heavily, hours ago Sakura randomly collapse on the ground and Ino got bombarded with question so she dragged Sakura to a bench and had her sit down just minutes it have Sakura woke up yet she doesn't seem to be acting like herself, she claimed how she could barely breath.

An hour passed before Sakura stopped breathing heavily.

"Sakura, are you ok?" Ino asked.

"I don't know… something seem to be harming me internally." Sakura replied.

Ino thought about for a couple of minutes. "Nothing pops to mind."

"Neither to me." Sakura admitted.

They both gave a simultaneous sigh.

Ino stayed quiet for a while but a question still bothered her. "Do you think the team will get Sasuke back?" she asked.

Sakura smiled at her. "Of course, they all have gotten really strong, especially Naruto, he'll try his best to get Sasuke back." she said.

Ino nodded. "You're right, I don't know why I was even worried." she said.

They both stood and turned to walk before…

"Hey, did you hear?"


"The Sasuke retrieval team is back." almost immediately Sakura and Ino were by the guy's side.

"What was that about the retrieval team?" Ino asked.

"Uh…" the guy looked confused.

"Do you know who came back?" Sakura asked.

"No… all I got was that the team came back, they didn't tell me who came back."

Both Sakura and Ino got a twinkle in their eyes, imagining reuniting with their love ones.

"You think they are in the hospital?" Sakura asked Ino.

"Most likely, let's go!" they both dashed towards the Konoha hospital.

(Several minutes later)
They both walked into the hospital while sipping sodas.

"Do you think it was a good idea to stop in McDonald?" Ino asked.

"Yeah it was… we should've stop in Burger King."

"Totally." they both threw the soda away and walked to the receptionist.

"Excuse, can you locate the room of Sasuke Uchiha and Naruto Uzumaki?" Sakura asked.

"And you are?" the receptionist asked.

"I wasn't aware we were supposed to give out names?" Ino asked with a questioning look.

"I wasn't aware that there were two demon lovers in this world, guess we're all surprised today." the receptionist said sarcastically.

Sakura narrowed her eyes dangerously. "If you call my boyfriend that one more time, I will-"

"Alright alright." the receptionist said with a wave of her hand, annoying Sakura more. "He's in room B-12 (How many fanfics use the same room?)." she said. "Good ahead and get rape for all I care."

Sakura went to lunge at the woman but Ino quickly stopped her.


"Thank you for your time!" Ino yelled before dragging Sakura way.

Sakura was fuming while muttering colorful swears that even Ino didn't know existed.

They finally reached Naruto's room with Naruto awake and full of bandages.

"NARUTO-KUN!" Sakura yelled in surprise.

Naruto turned only to get tackled by his girlfriend.

"Hey Sakura-Chan." Naruto said cheerful. 'At least one good thing comes from today.'

"So glad your back!" Sakura said with tears running down her eyes.

"Yeah, me… too…" Naruto's eyes widen when he notice Ino on the door. 'Sasuke, why didn't you kill me!?' Naruto thought.

"Good to see your alive Naruto. Where's Sasuke?" Ino asked with a beaming smile that almost tore a hole in his hearts… well Sasuke almost did that but, she doesn't need to know that.

"Uh…" Naruto still stared at Ino in shock.

Ino's smile started to vanish. "Hello? Naruto, where is Sasuke?" she asked.

Naruto looked away from Ino, his eyes full of pain. Sakura looked confused for a while before the realization dawned on her.

"Naruto?" Ino asked again, this time her smile is completely gone. Realization reached her. "You… didn't get him back didn't you?" Naruto's flinched proved her point. "Sasuke is… actually gone?" she asked.

Naruto turned to Ino but immediately turned away. "Ino… I…"

"Shut it!" Ino yelled. "You made a promise to bring Sasuke back, so where is he huh!?" Ino asked.

"Ino quit it." Sakura said.

"Stay out of this!" Ino yelled, Sakura flinched. "Well!?"

"I'm sorry, I couldn't bring him back, he was too-"

"Too strong for you?" Ino asked with narrowed eyes. "Coming from the guy that's laughing in Sasuke's face that he's stronger than him!" Naruto looked more ashamed. "Not only were you the reason Sasuke left, making fun of him and all about being stronger, but when you go and say you couldn't defeat him because he was stronger is just pathetic in your part!"

"Hey, at least Naruto tried!" Sakura yelled.

Ino turned her glare to Sakura. "Naruto said he is stronger than Sasuke and laughed in his face for it and now he couldn't bring Sasuke back because he was too weak!? How the hell could you still stand up to Naruto after this was his whole fault!" Ino asked, tears falling down her eyes.

"Uh… well…" Sakura was actually stuck in a way to back up Naruto. "But uh… he didn't…"

"Forget it…" Ino turned. "This is a waste of time." she left after that.

Sakura continue to look at the door then at Naruto who didn't look better at all, Sakura slowly wrapped her arms around him.

"Sorry." Naruto muttered.

"It's… ok… you'll get to see him soon, trust me." Sakura released Naruto. "Even though Sasuke left, our bond is still intact, Sasuke spared you and that has to say something…" at that moment Naruto figured that Sakura was right, Sasuke kept telling Naruto that he was going to kill him and it wasn't for the Kyuubi then Naruto could really be dead, but at the last moment, Sasuke actually spared Naruto. "So even so we are apart, our heart will stay with each other (Kingdom Hearts fan out there?)."

Naruto nodded. "I guess."

"Hey now! That's no way to show enthusiasm!" they both turned to the window to see Jiraiya.

"Pervy Sage?" Naruto asked.

"Jiraiya-sama?" Sakura also asked.

"Yes, it is I, the Toad Sage!" he introduced himself as if they meet for the first time. "Now Naruto, from what I heard you failed to retrieve Sasuke, rather pathetically if I may add." he said, Sakura glared at Jiraiya while Naruto looked more ashamed at himself.

"I'm just joking…" Jiraiya waited for Naruto's face expression to change but it never did. "I said I was joking."

"I know but… it's still my fault that Sasuke left and I also failed in getting him back." Naruto said.

Jiraiya stayed silent for a minutes, he turned away and looked outside. "Forget about Sasuke…" Naruto and Sakura looked at Jiraiya in shock.

"What!?" Naruto and Sakura asked.

"I said forget about that revenge-driven guy, he's gone and there's nothing no one can do about it…" Naruto glared at Jiraiya. "I'm gonna take you with me on a training trip, but I'll only do it if you give up on Sasuke, chasing after that boy is more stupider than the time Justin Bieber decided to be a rapper." Jiraiya said.

Sakura stepped forward. "Do you really think Naruto-kun will just give up on Sasuke!? You must've gone deranged from your old age! Naruto-kun would never give up on his friend, no matter wh-"

"Fine…" Sakura turned to Naruto in surprised.


Naruto gave a hard look at Jiraiya. "If chasing after Sasuke makes me stupider than Justin Bieber then gives me a microphone, I'm officially a rapper." he said. Sakura looked at Naruto in admiration while Jiraiya sighed.

"Of course you would choose the dummy's way out." he said. Jiraiya sighed again. "Fine… once your healed be ready…" Naruto had a confused look. "This training trip won't be easy, and you won't see your friends for a long time so make sure you give your goodbyes." he said.

Naruto and Sakura saluted. "Yes sir!" they both said.

"Not you Sakura."

Sakura's jaw fell to the ground. "Why not!? Naruto-kun is my boyfriend!" Sakura yelled.

"Because I'm only taking him."

"But that's not fair! I want to be able to bring Sasuke back!"

"Look, either he goes or neither goes!" Jiraiya said. That stopped Sakura, though she isn't happy.

Sakura turned to Naruto. "Naruto, if Jiraiya ever spar against you, kick his ass!" Sakura said.

"Hah! As if that could happen!" Jiraiya said.

"Ok Sakura-Chan, I promise."

"Ok, if you want to waste your time." Jiraiya said with a shrug. "I'll see you later." Jiraiya jumped off the window, Sakura and Naruto panicked and looked down to see Jiraiya has landed on a toad, Jiraiya waved at them before bouncing off.

"Geez, what an ass." Sakura muttered. Sakura turned to Naruto with fear in her eyes. "How long are you going to stay away?" Sakura asked.

"I don't know, but it's necessary for me to get Sasuke back."

"But why can't you stay here?" Sakura asked.

"Because… because…"


"Yeah, because the Akatsuki is on the… hey wait a minute…" Naruto and Sakura looked out the window to see Jiraiya under it, writing stuff down on a notepad.

Jiraiya stared at them and Naruto and Sakura stared back. "It's… for my new book… it's gonna have drama in it." before Jiraiya could react he was bombarded by several item, which includes but not limited to: Forks, spoons, knifes, curtains, flower vases, shoes/sandals, food trays, a nurse, and last but not least several needles.

Jiraiya was on the floor groaning in pain. "Hehe, this is nothing, Tsunade's punches break bones, my bones are intact." he chuckles victoriously.

(Days later)
Naruto put his backpack on; he looked at his home and sighed. "Hopefully you'll be intact when I come back." he said and walked out to the village gates, he saw Sakura, Hinata and Haku (Who I completely forgot was in this fanfic) waiting for him there.

"Bye Naruto." Haku said and gave Naruto a hug. "Hope when you come back you'll change your mind about the pink haired girl."

"I'm right here!"

"Uh… sure…" Naruto said, a little perplexed. He walks towards Hinata and hugged her. "See ya; hope you find a good boyfriend when I'm gone."

"I'll try." Hinata said with a light blush.

Naruto walked towards Sakura and kissed her. "You know how much I'll miss you." he said.

Sakura nodded. "Try not to die; I wouldn't be able to live without you." Sakura said.

Naruto nodded. "I won't die, trust me. It's just training…" Naruto walked towards Jiraiya. "When I come back, I'll be multiple times stronger, you'll see."

Jiraiya looked at Naruto. "Ready brat?"

"You got it Pervy Sage." Naruto said with a grin, they both started to walk away as the three girls watch him walk away. Haku and Hinata soon left but Sakura stayed there, watching the road Naruto left by, hoping for his safe return.

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