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Trina Who?
A Victorious Oneshot

You're both singers, you and Tori, famous singers with record deals and fans.

With Tori, just mention her first name and people know who you're talking about. With you, however, it's 'Trina' as well as 'Vega', sometimes even adding in 'Tori's sister' afterward before people start catching on.

You start reminiscing on the good old days, when it was just T r i n a. Then Tori was born, and suddenly it's Trina&Tori. You're not used to sharing the spotlight, but you try to adjust in the best way you can as you slowly notice the light slowly fading on you. [She wasn't supposed to steal it all.] And now, people look at you and they think you're cute - they see Tori and she's b e a u t i f u l. Silently, you just smile and nod because that's what perfect girls - like Tori - do.

Days slip by and suddenly you're about to start school for the first time. But kids there just tease you, and you find yourself not wanting to be so good anymore. You want to be selfish. You want them to see the b e a u t i f u l y o u. You take up acting and singing, hoping that it'll be the thing to finally help you shine. [You know you're horrible, but it's better to have little than no talent at it - like Tori - right? &will someone ever say RIGHT?]

Tori starts next year and she doesn't even defend you. You think it's because she's jealous.

Before you know it, it's no longer Trina&Tori - it's Tori&Trina. "It just flows better, Tri, nothing to cry about." [You're just surprised they were even paying enough attention to see those tears as they flooded your not-so-perfect face.]

Years pass you by and now you're in high school. Not just any high school - like Tori, you add - but Hollywood Arts. It's just the start you need to a p e r f e c t life, like you've always wanted since the spotlight turned from you completely. It's a beautiful mess, but you figure, you'll improve.

[Surprise, surprise, Tori's here]. Hasn't your little sister ruined enough?

Not long after the crowd finally stops screaming Tori's name, you find she's instantly found a group of friends, while you've been here for years and have yet to find one. And what's worse - the sweetly adorkable boy you've been kinda crushing on - not that you'd ever admit it, you're supposed to hate his kind - is all over Ms. Tori Vega, just waiting to make her Mrs. Tori Shapiro. It makes you sick.

So now you've graduated, Trina. Why aren't you doing anything with your life? You can't act, you can't sing. What's wrong with you?

Tori landed a record deal right out of high school.

You feel so angry, but yet relieved when you get a call from the same guy that signed Tori. He wants to sign you, and you're so good he didn't even have to listen to know that you were his next little star. "Tori Vega's sister? She must be amazing!" [You don't say a word except "yes", and when he finally finds out you sing like a dying cat, it's too late for him anyway].

And here you are now - "famous" in the most technical meaning of the word, with a few...hundred...fans. "Druggies," most assume. "So high they could listen to nails on a chalkboard and find it amazing."

You smile, like you're told, and pretend you don't hear even the nicest people stab you with their cruel, unforgiving words. [Just until your deal runs out...you know you won't be signed again.]

But on the bright side, the world doesn't know you as Tori&Trina anymore. Now, it's just T o r i.

I'm not really sure how I feel about this. But Trina is my favorite character (Jade second), so I figured I needed to write something about her! Not with dialogue because I haven't watched many of the episodes and this was out-of-character enough, thankyou.

Lots of Love, PrincessRotation!