Title: Reversal (1/?)

Series: BtVS

Author's name: Rebecca Anne

Author's E-mail: beca917@aol.com

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Rating: PG-13

Pairing: Willow/Spike

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Dedication: To all my fellow Willow/Spike fans

Author's Notes: This story takes place after Dru left in season 5. I'm pretty sure the episode was called 'Crushing'. Tara is only Willow's friend and Spike has the chip in this story. If you have questions just e- mail me!

Deep in the woods outside Sunnydale, a dark haired Vampiress sat in the middle of a circle of blood. She placed the many body parts around the circle and giggled at the dead and mutilated body across the room.

"Dear, dear, you didn't need these did you?" She said smiling before giggling again like a crazed maniac. She poured more blood around the circle and all over her hands. Then, she started to chant as she raised the many body parts.

To the one who has betrayed his own kind,

I bind his heart with a beating one

I bind his veins with his own flowing blood

I bind his soulful mind with a soul

As he finally becomes what he truly is;

To the one who stole him away from his own kind,

I take away your beating heart

I take away your own blood and fill you with thirst

I take away your soul to be replaced with a demon

As you finally are punished to become what you fear the most;

Druscilla fell to the ground in tire with a maniacal smile on her face. She started to giggle lightly as she picked herself up off of the ground. She walked to the window and looked out over the lights of Sunnydale.

"It's time to pay for what you did Spikey."


Across the town in Spike's crypt…

Spike woke up in the middle of the night with a blinding pain. He cried out in shear pain. He fell out of his bed and onto the floor grasping the cement floor in pain.

His cries of pain continued on through out the cemetery.

In a dark bedroom, a loud cry of pain sounded out. She fell to the ground in pain as a searing pain cut through her. Willow cried out as her life was slowly taken from her.


Willow felt the sharp pain on the side of her arm and she gasped. Willow opened her eyes to see the sunlight streaming in. It hit her arm and she screamed as her shirtsleeve caught on fire. Willow quickly jumped up and rolled to the corner of the room that was still shaded. She grabbed a towel and put out the fire on her sleeve. She stood up slowly with her eyes wide.

"What is the matter with me?" She whispered cautiously. Willow looked down at her hands to find them abnormally pale. She then turned to the mirror behind her and gasped. She could not see herself; all she could see was the room. She then collapsed to the ground in shock.

Spike woke up in his crypt slowly. He groaned at the sharp pain he felt in his head.

"Ugh…bloody hell…what happened last night?" He questioned slowly getting up. Spike remembered collapsing to the ground in pain and then he fell unconscious.

He walked over to his jacket and pulled out a cigarette. He frowned as his stomach rumbled. 'What is that about?' Spike lit the cigarette and inhaled. Spike brought cigarette away from his mouth as he started to cough. He placed his hand on his chest as he continued to cough.

"What the hell?" Spike questioned as he held his hand over his chest. He felt a slight thumping. "I bloody have a heartbeat!" He cried in surprise. Spike quickly walked over to his mini- fridge and pulled out a pint of blood. He took a sip and quickly spit the blood out in disgust. His stomach rumbled again and Spike groaned.

Spike eyed the door curiously and walked over to it. He opened the door slowly. As the sun hit his face he didn't feel pain. No pain at all. He brought his hand up to his face to shield his eyes from the bright sun. Spike gave a bright smile as he walked out into the day.

"Bloody hell…I'm human."

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