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Chapter 6 – Reinforcements

Morning came and Willow lay in bed staring up at the ceiling. The Summers' guest room was pitch black with a large, thick curtain hanging over the window, blocking out the morning sun. She stared at the mirror and saw just the bed. No girl. Not anymore. She was a monster, a monster with a soul. 'Is this what Angel feels like? If so, no wonder he's all broody.' With a sigh, she turned over and laid her head on the pillow and closed her eyes. She usually dreamt of Spike and her dreams usually involved Spike kissage. 'Hopefully I can have another dream like that.'

A knock at the door went off and she sat up. "Come in." 'Maybe its Spike.' With that she smiled in excitement. 'Just Xander.'

"Hey Will? We're down here gearing up. We've got the windows covered if you want to come down?" She nodded silently and followed him down. In the lamp-lit living room, Buffy was pulling out weapons and handing them off. Dawn was sitting on the couch munching on a bowl of cereal and Anya sat in the chair sharpening a stake. Xander went to join Buffy and started loading himself up with crosses, holy water, and stakes. 'Wait a sec.'

"Where's Spike?" No one answered. "Where's Spike?" This time, her eyes flashed amber and a growl vibrated in her throat.

"Uh…we thought he was out." At Buffy's comment, Willow shook her head furiously and panic started to rise in her throat. 'What if he had left? What if something had happened to him?' Questions filled her mind quickly and she started to pace.

"No! He's a human now, and he wouldn't abandon us! He knows we need him. I need him! Where is he? Buffy!" She pleaded to her friend and Buffy sat her down on the couch.

"Okay, we just have to think rationally about this. He went out last night to find you and when you came back…we just thought—

"You just thought? You just thought! Buffy, I love him and you just thought!" Her screaming had become louder and more violent as she went on.

"Wait…you love him? Willow loves Spike? Since when?" Dawn smacked Xander on the head as Buffy tried to calm Willow down.

"Druscilla probably has him. We have to get him Buffy. I can't handle this. I can't. I'm a vampire! And I'm in love with Spike. And I can't handle this. Did I just say that? I do! There, I said it! I love Spike!" On the inside, Buffy laughed. Even as a vampire, Willow was….Willow. And she was hurting. Buffy liked Spike well enough, but her friend was in love with him so that set her a new resolve. But before she could start a new game plan, the door opened.

"Need some assistance?" Angel, Cordelia, Wesley, and Gunn stepped in.

Part 2

He was chained to the wall with a sack on his head. He didn't need his eyesight to know exactly where he was and who exactly had him.

"Druscilla, I know you're here. I might be human again, thanks for that by the way, but I do know you're here, love. Be a good princess and take this bloody thing off of me!" He heard footsteps and with a rough kick, the sack was pulled off of and he could see around him. Factory. How brilliant, Dru. He looked around. The vampire that had kicked him stood there with his arms crossed. Merely a fledgling, he thought and scoffed. The vampire Spike would have had him killed in an instant, but he was human now. A weakling.

"Spiiiike. You've hurt me, love." A rolled his eyes at his ex-lover as she slowly walked over to him. She growled at him with a smile and slapped him on the face.

"Not that I care, Druscilla, but why are you doing this? Why make me a vampire? Vengeance? Seems to me like I should be the one hurting you, love." Druscilla laid her head in his lap and rubbed his legs.

"Oh Spike, you fell in love with a pathetic girl…I'm so ashamed….the stars told me and I came to save you." She caressed his face and he closed his eyes briefly. 'This woman had been his queen for almost two centuries and her touch still made him weak, but he didn't love her. Never had truly loved her. Vampires couldn't love, could they?' He pulled away from her hand quickly.

"You save me by turning me human? I don't see the logic, Dru." She stood up and started shaking.

"Your tree is mad. She's very angry. She'll be coming for you. But I won't let her have you. I'll kill her Spike. Spiiiike, do you want me to kill her? I will and then we can be together again. Her stinch reeks of goodness…oh love, how could you fall in love with the stinch?" Her mumblings continued on as she glided out of the room.

Spike, suddenly feeling very helpless slammed his head against the wall. Druscilla was very capable of killing his Willow. Hopefully Buffy would be there to protect her.

Part 3

"Angel! What are you doing here?" Buffy cried running to him.

"Cordelia had a vision about Willow being a vampire and we immediately packed our stuff up. Wait, Willow?" Angel walked over to her and leaned down. She looked up at him and crumpled into his embrace. He held her until her crying subsided.

"Angel, they have Spike. Spike is a human again. And I'm a vampire! If we switch back, Spike has to be a vampire again. He doesn't want to be now that he's a human. But I can't stay this way. I can't. Oh Angel, Druscilla is going to kill him." He jumped up in alarm.

"Druscilla is behind this? She switched Willow and Spike?" Buffy nodded and Ange sighed. "Willow, she won't kill Spike. She did this as revenge on him. She'll torture him maybe, but she won't kill him. If anything, this is a trap for you. She wants you dead."

"But why? Willow has nothing to do with Spike?" Wesley questioned walking in and setting his bags on the ground. Willow blushed and Angel picked up on it.

"You're in love with him aren't you?" Cordelia questioned stepping forward and placing a hand on Willow's back. Willow nodded.

"Well, that's Druscilla's reasoning then." Anya commented flipping through a magazine.

"So, can we kill Druscilla and the vamps she's packing? Cause I sure could use a good fight." Gunn said all this while pulling out a stake and flipping it around. Cordelia rolled her eyes and sat down next to Anya, peering over her shoulder at the article on Brad Pitt.

Angel pulled Buffy aside by the arm and started talking slowly. "Whatever we're gonna do, we need to do it now. I think we should head out tonight and save Spike. Between you, me, and Gunn plus everyone else we should be able to take the vamps. I can handle Druscilla."

"What makes you say that?" Buffy questioned and a look of maliciousness crossed his eyes.

"Because daddy's in town."

"Alright, we're gonna save Spike tonight. Gunn, Wesley, Xander you guys will have to take down as many of the minions as possible. Cordelia and Anya, you get Spike out. Me and Buffy can handle the rest." Everyone nodded and Willow stood up.

"What about me?" Angel shook his head no.

"You're staying here. Druscilla wants you dead remember?" Willow's eyes flashed amber and Angel growled at her.

"If I remember, everytime you've left someone behind, it's been a trap and the people who are left behind usually get kidnapped!" Angel took Willow by the arms and sat her down.

"Listen, someone needs to stay with Dawn. I promise we'll get Spike. He's mine too, you know." Willow nodded at the sincerity in Angel's eyes.

"Alright, well, I suggest we start gearing up. Night fall will be in about 3 hours and I want to be out of the house long before then." Everyone nodded and got to work.

Willow took that time to fall asleep in the chair dreaming about Spike kissage.