"What do you mean Spencer is in the hospital?" Elle asked, cradling her phone between her ear and her shoulder. She shouldn't have been surprised, though. Reid was always throwing himself into sticky situations- at least, it seemed that way.

"He had an, um- encounter?- with an unsub on this case we're on. Wanted to try to coerce him into coming with us peacefully- you know how he is. He didn't see the gun the guy had tucked under his shirt. Apparently our guy didn't like the way Spencer "looked" at him," Emily answered as she waited for Hotch and the rest of the team to get to the hospital, where she was waiting for news from the doctor. "The bullet somehow managed to hit near his armpit, right where the Kevlar stops so that your arms can go through. The EMTs said it looked like it wasn't a major hit, but there was so much blood they weren't sure. I'm at the hospital waiting for the rest of the team to get here and for a doctor to come tell me what's going on."

"Oh," Elle started, not really sure why Agent Prentiss was calling her. They'd never worked together, and although she met up with Spencer occasionally when she was in town and obviously cared about his health and safety, she didn't understand why she seemed to be the first one receiving a call.

Evidently her confusion was conveyed in the one syllable she had spoken, because Prentiss was quick to speak.

"I'm sorry, I just- they gave me Spence's messenger bag when we got off of the ambulance, and my phone was dead so I was going to call Garcia off of Spence's phone but I saw that he had a missed call from you and Garcia would have freaked out if I had called her in the state I was in when I first got here and I thought you would like to know-" Prentiss rambled, and Elle realized that the agent really just needed someone to talk to. Judging by the use of "Spence" in reference to the injured agent, and the fact that she was comfortable going through his messenger bag, on top of the slight edge of panic in her voice, Elle could safely assume that there was more than a co-worker's relationship going on between the two.

"No, no, Agent Prentiss- Emily," she said after the agent told her to call her by her first name. "It's okay. I'm glad you called to tell me. Really."

"Oh, okay. Good. I just called you without really thinking about it- I know he had a missed call from you, but knowing him that could have been from a month ago and you guys might not even really keep in touch like you used to-"

"Emily, it's really fine. We do keep in touch. I'm glad you called to let me know what was going on. If you hadn't, I would never have even known he'd been in the hospital. Thank you."

She heard the agent breathe a sigh of what could be relief, but not quite relief just yet, because Spencer was still not okay. "You're welcome- oh! Hotch, I'm over here! Elle, the team just got here. I need to go tell them what's going on. Do you want me to call and update you when we know more?"

"Yeah, that would be great actually- I'll stay by the phone. Thanks, Emily," Elle responded, but as soon as Emily had heard the word "yeah" she had pulled the phone away from her ear, and Elle could hear the team approaching her.