~Ichigo Kuromaru

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Preface: In this Chapter her so called boyfriend named Ray Kuromaru is cheating on poor Ichigo so sakura is going to call her at work to let her know what's going on and she takes it kind of hard but I hope you enjoy the story.

Chapter one: The Break up Between Ray Kuromaru and Ichigo Kuromaru!

Ray Kuromaru just had quitted his job and went to pick up his ex-girlfriend. Sakura just noticed that he is cheating on Ichigo so she called her friend Ichigo at work. Meanwhile Ichigo is training until one of her co-workers.

"Agent five there is a Sakura on hold and says it's important."One of the co-workers said. "I better see what it is this time."Ichigo replied. "Sakura?is everything alright?"Ichigo asked. "Ichigo Ray Kuromaru is cheating on you and you better get home right away." Sakura answered. "Ok thanks Sakura."Ichigo said as she hunged up the phone.

"I have to go it's about my boyfriend but I will be back."Ichigo said. "Is wrong agent five?" Jack Platimun asked. "Yes sir my so called boyfriend is cheating on me and I have to handle this alone sir." Ichigo answered.

So Ichigo went home and saw Ray Kuromaru's car there as she got into the house she saw Ray Kuromaru with another girl. "Ray we need to talk now." Ichigo said. "Ok Ichigo."Ray replied. Ray Kuromaru and Ichigo Kuromaru went into the kitchen.

"What the heck are you thinking Ray Kuromaru of bring that girl here and Sakura told me that your cheating on me." Ichigo answered. "Ok I know this looks bad but she's only my friend Ichigo." Ray Kuromaru said.

"I thought you were over her but I was wrong Ray Kuromaru your not over her."Ichigo said as her voice sounded broken and given up all hope as it seems. "What are you saying Ichigo?"Ray Kuromaru asked. "Were over Ray Kuromaru and this it's for good."Ichigo replied.

"It can't be over Ichigo please give me another chance." Ray Kuromaru said. "No more chance cause every chance that you had with me it feels like it's a lie between us so just stay away from me Ray Kuromaru I don't want you to come near me again Ray Kuromaru." Ichigo answered. "Please Ichigo I can change I don't want to be away from you." Ray Kuromaru replied.

Ichigo went upstairs and packed her things to go back to her parents house. "I'm sorry Ray Kuromaru but there is no more us you are on your own now good luck with your new girlfriend."Ichigo answered. Rei Kuromaru came to get his daughter.

"Ichigo what's wrong?" Rei asked. "I'll explain on the way dad I just don't want to go near him anymore." Ichigo replied. "What did you do to my daughter Ray Kuromaru?" As Rei Kuromaru said.

"It's not what it looks like."Ray Kuromaru answered. "Stay away from my daughter she looks like she's upset about something that you did." Rei Kuromaru replied. So Rei Kuromaru took his daughter back home to his place. "Ichigo please tell me what's wrong?"Rei Kuromaru asked.

"Dad Ray Kuromaru cheated on me I got a phone call from work that Sakura told me so I went home and saw that he was making out with his ex-girlfriend I didn't know what to do Dad."Ichigo answered as she sounded really upset. Rei Kuromaru held his daughter. "Don't worry Ichigo you'll find someone better than him I promise." Rei Kuroamru said. "You think so Dad?"Ichigo replied.

"Yes I do kiddo no one should have ever cheated on you like that and I hate to see you this upset not like this." Rei Kuromaru answered. Machaiah wondered of why her daughter is upset. "Rei what's wrong with Ichigo?" Machaiah Kuromaru asked. "Ray Kuromaru is cheating on her so they broke up." Rei Kuromaru answered.